Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School #6 ... Center Grove

Enumeration of Youth, 17 May 1902

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Bisel Earl 8747a
Bisel Lloyd 8747a
Dickson Grace 8747b
Dickson Marg. 8747b
Divelbiss Dalton 8747a
Divelbiss Dora 8747a
Divelbiss Tracy 8747a
Farber H.B. 8747d
Frasher James 8747c
Frasher Tracy 8747c
Garber Beth 8747b
Garber Essie 8747b
Garber Kittie 8747b
Garber Lum 8747a
Garber Pearl 8747b
Garber Win 8747a
Garret Bell 8747a
Gatton Gale 8747a
Gatton Meda 8747a
Gatton Mina 8747a
Lanehart Beth 8747b
Lanehart Sabra 8747b
Leedy A.B. 8747d
Leedy Mina 8747b
Leedy Noah 8747b
McCuen Earl 8747c
McCuen John 8747c
McCuen Orwell 8747c
Swank Bertha 8747b
Swank Edna 8747b
Swank Erma 8747b
Swank Floid 8747b
Swank Gale 8747b
Swank Hugh 8747b
Swank John 8747b
Swank Linie 8747b
Swank Marie 8747b
Swank Minie 8747b
Swank Oren 8747b
Swank Roz 8747b
Swank Wm. 8747b
Swank Zack 8747b
Yarger Lizie 8747b
Yarger Roll 8747b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, 11 March 2008


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8747a 8747b 8747c 8747d

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