Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Bellville Schools - High School

Teacher's Term Report -- 1/31/1876 - 2/25/1876

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Anderson Samuel 3619a
Andrews Sarah 3619b
Armstrong Libbie 3619b
Aungst Marcellus 3619b
Beck Francis 3619b
Campbell Z.B. 3619d
Charles Alcerena 3619b
Charles Ida 3619b
Charles Luella 3619b
Cunningham Lizzie 3619b
Day Flora 3619b
Day Lulie 3619b
Douglas Beach 3619a
Dyer Samuel 3619a
Edwards Edward 3619a
Edwards Rosa 3619b
Elston Nellie 3619b
Etz Gustave 3619a
Evarts Sarah 3619b
Fisher Frank 3619a
Garber Jeruah 3619b
Garn Lutie 3619b
Gatton Miller 3619a
Glosser Blanche 3619b
Groves Isa 3619b
Gurney Frank 3619a
Hamilton Millaid 3619a
Howard Emma 3619b
Kelly Robie 3619a
Lash Elwood 3619a
Lockheart Willie 3619a
Marshall Edd. 3619a
McClure Jaretta 3619b
McCoy Frank 3619a
Myers Charlie 3619a
Null Annie 3619b
Null Huston 3619a
Painter Sherman 3619a
Philpott Louie 3619b
Potts Annie 3619b
Richie Libbie 3619b
Sargent Lina 3619b
Smith Nellie 3619b
Stuff Jacob 3619a
Stuff John 3619a
Teeter Daniel 3619a
Vandorn Albert 3619b
Weagly Addie 3619b
Weagly May 3619b
Weaver Emma 3619b
Whitcomb May 3619b
Young Flora 3619b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, January 24, 2008


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3619a 3619b 3619c 3619d

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