Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #2 - Steel School

Teacher's Term Report - 11/21/1870 - 3/3/1871

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
---- John 5969a
---- S---- 5969a
---- Willie 5969a
---- Willie 5969a
Caster Martin 5969a
Egerman Ema 5969b
Gatton ---- 5969a
Gatton Madison 5969a
Narris Lizzie 5969b
Shafer Adam 5969a
Shafer Allice 5969b
Shafer Annie 5969b
Shafer Candis 5969b
Shafer Cassie 5969b
Shafer Dimant 5969a
Shafer Elmer 5969a
Shafer Ema 5969b
Shafer Frank 5969a
Shafer Gideon 5969a
Shafer Jacob 5969a
Shafer Lorette 5969b
Shafer Manda 5969b
Shafer Mary 5969b
Shafer Menzie 5969a
Shafer Miller 5969a
Shafer Samuel 5969a
Steel Clinton 5969a
Steel Edmon 5969a
Steel Mattie 5969b
Stuff Jacob 5969a
Stuff John 5969a
Stuff Sarah 5969b
Stuff Willie 5969a
Thrailkill B.F. 5969d

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5969a 5969b 5969c 5969d

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