Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #7 - Walnut Hill

Teacher's Term Report, 6/30/1871

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Notes Document
---- ---- 10y 1278a
---- ---- 11y 1278b
---- Elisabeth 7y 1278b
---- Jonathan -- 1278a
Armstrong ---- 17y 1278b
Armstrong ---- 5y 1278b
Armstrong Alice 13y 1278b
Armstrong Ida 11y 1278b
Beal ---- 15y 1278b
Beal Ada 5y 1278b
Beal Benton 12y 1278a
Beal Ella 10y 1278b
Beal Sarah 19y 1278b
Donaugh ---- 10y 1278b
Eller George 12y 1278a
Eller Harvey 12y 1278a
Fry ---- 5y 1278a
Fry Eva 7y 1278b
Fry John 4y 1278a
Garber ---- 12y 1278b
Garber ---- 7y 1278b
Garber Alice 13y 1278b
Garber Clara 10y 1278b
Garber Edward 4y 1278a
Garber Elisabeth 14y 1278b
Garber Florence 6y 1278b
Garber Horatio 6y 1278a
Garber Hortense 9y 1278b
Garber Ida 9y 1278b
Garber Quintila 4y 1278b
Garber Salinda 6y 1278b
Garber Samuel 10y 1278a
Garber Verda 4y 1278b
Hamilton ---- 11y 1278a
Hamilton ---- 10y 1278a
Hamilton ---- 5y 1278b
Hartman ---- 12y 1278a
Hartman Barbara 8y 1278b
Hartman Freeman 15y 1278a
Hartman Sarah 10y 1278b
Humphrey Clement 7y 1278a
Iser ---- 7y 1278a
Iser Laura 9y 1278b
Kinney Mary 7y 1278b
Kinney Perry 9y 1278a
Leedy ---- 10y 1278a
Leedy ---- 8y 1278a
Leedy ---- 7y 1278b
Leedy Rodger 8y 1278a
Leedy Stanton 6y 1278a
Long Matilda 12y 1278c
Loupp Elisabeth 7y 1278b
Loupp Maggie 5y 1278c
Loupp Mary 12y 1278c
Loupp William 10y 1278a
Lydy Leah 19y 1278c
Robinson Nancy A. Teacher 1278d

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, February 07, 2008


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1278a 1278b 1278c 1278d

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