Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #7 - Walnut Hill

Enumeration of Youth, 5/24/1902

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Notes Document
Armstrong Rollie 16y, s/o H. 1252c
Beal Glenn 12y, s/o C.S. 1252b
Durbin Herman 19y, s/o G.W. 1252c
Durbin Mary 7y, d/o G.W. 1252c
Eller Alva 8y, d/o Jacob 1252c
Eller Earl 13y, s/o Jacob 1252c
Eller Millie 18y, d/o Jacob 1252c
Eller Orlie 16y, s/o Jacob 1252c
Eller Pearl 13y, d/o Jacob 1252c
Farber H.B. Twp. Clerk 1252a
Fisher Atley 6y, s/o J.J. 1252c
Fisher Julina 7y, d/o J.J. 1252c
Fisher Maurice 8y, s/o J.J. 1252c
Gaddis Herman 20y, s/o Melinda 1252b
Gaddis Iva M. 17y, d/o Melinda 1252c
Gaddis Jay 14y, s/o Melinda 1252c
Gaddis Sherman 20y, s/o Melinda 1252b
Grubb Ralph 13y, s/o Dan. 1252b
Hamilton Edith 16y, d/o Laura 1252c
Hamilton Lloyd 13y, s/o Laura 1252c
Hansen Chas. 8y, s/o G. 1252b
Hansen Pearl 17y, d/o G. 1252b
Leedy Bessie d/o E.S. 1252c
Leedy E.S. Enumerator 1252a
Leedy Edna d/o E.S. 1252c
Leedy Lela M. d/o E.S. 1252c
Leedy Tessa 9y, d/o Estella 1252b
Leedy Walter d/o E.S. 1252c
Oyster Neal 18y, s/o L.L. 1252c
Oyster Verda 7y, d/o L.L. 1252c
Schroder David J. 18y, s/o Daniel 1252b
Schroder Grover 14y, s/o Daniel 1252b
Schroder Watie 17y, d/o Daniel 1252b
Swank Hazel 10y, d/o Crist 1252c
Sweet Bessie 20y, d/o H. 1252c
Thomison Lila 7y, d/o J. 1252b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, February 07, 2008


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1252a 1252b 1252c

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