Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #1 - Forest Hall

Enumeration Of Youth, 9/6/1883

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Andrews Silvia 5383e
Andrews Tena 5383e
Armstrong Elisabeth 5383e
Birley Ella 5383e
Bixler Cora 5383c
Bixler Jener 5383d
Charles Foyd B. 5383d
Etz Abert 5383d
Etz Franklin 5383d
Etz William 5383d
Fleming John 5383b
Flemming Calvin A. 5383c
Flemming Marion A. 5383c
Flemming Mary 5383c
Frederick Calvin 5383c
Frederick Olie 5383c
Freehafer Birt 5383e
Freehafer Mary 5383e
Freehafer Willie 5383d
Gatton Benny 5383d
Hoover Jennie 5383c
Hoover Sheridan 5383d
Hosinger Edwin 5383d
Hosinger -illie 5383d
Hosinger Rosa 5383e
Hossinger Ella 5383c
Hossinger Mary 5383c
Hots Hesakiah 5383d
Johns Omne 5383d
Jones George 5383d
Jones Minnie 5383c
Jones Willae 5383d
Kuntz Abert 5383d
Lahman Lucy M. 5383c
McBride Magie 5383c
McBride Mary 5383e
Mowrey Tilda 5383e
Riggle Anna 5383e
Riggle Benton 5383d
Riggle Charles 5383d
Riggle Ella 5383e
Riggle Grant 5383c
Riggle J. Frank 5383d
Riggle Mary 5383d
Riggle Nancy 5383c
Riggle Norah 5383c
Riggle Sarah 5383c
Riggle Tena 5383e
Robinson Anna Bell 5383c
Robinson Bertha J. 5383c
Robinson Oliva F. 5383c
Stafford Ellen 5383c
Stelts Hesekiah 5383d

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