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PITTENGER Family Bible Record

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This record comes from the copies found in the Bible Record Files of the OGS Library.  The original bible was found in the possession of the owners of Red Star Antiques of Pavonia in the 1970's.  The owners had received the bible "with the house and business".  They were not in any way related to the Pittengers.  Nathaniel Pittenger's 4th great-grandson is looking for this bible.  If anyone has any information regarding it please email at this address.  ([email protected])

Nathaniel Pittenger moved to Richland County in 1815 with his father Peter, Mother Nancy and siblings (see book- From the Annals of Richland County, pp.29-31, "The Old Settlers Meeting".  They settled in the area of Weller/Franklin Townships and we heavily involved in area farming, religion, business and politics.  Nathaniel and Elizabeth are buried behind the Old Pavonia Church.  Peter and Nancy are buried in the Osbun-Pittenger Revolutionary War Cemetery on SR545.  All entries in this bible are written in Nathaniel's beautiful script, I have copied them in the same order as they appear in the bible and have made no corrections or changes.
The bible is a "copy of the Holy Bible containing the Old & New Testaments translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised."  It was published in Philadelphia by A.J. Holman & Co., No. 930 Arch Street in the year 1874.
Inside the bible is a keepsake marriage license that reads: This is to certify that Nathaniel Pittenger of West Windsor, Richland County, Ohio and Elizabeth C. Osbun of West Windsor, Richland County, Ohio were united together in Holy Matrimony on the sixth day of Dec. in the year of our Lord one thousand and eighteen hundred and thirty two in the Presence of I Osbun & Family, H Pittenger Esq. J.P.

Births (written in)
Peter Pittenger Aug. 11th 1775
Nancy Pittenger Apr. 16th 1773
Samuel Pittenger Sept. 16th 1795
Mary Pittenger Nov. 11th 1796
Henry Pittenger Jul. 11th 1798
Sarah Pittenger May 2nd 1800
Abraham Pittenger May 24th 1802
Nathaniel Pittenger Aug. 1st 1804
Susannah Pittenger Aug. 11th 1806
Hannah Pittenger May 11th 1808
Martha Pittenger Feb. 1st 1811
Peter Pittenger Nov. 12th 1812
Nancy Pittenger Apr. 15th 1816
My Father's Family
Nathaniel Pittenger
Nathaniel Pittenger Aug. 1st 1804
Elizabeth C. Osbun June 9th 1812
Susannah Pittenger Nov. 22th 1833
Josiah W. Pittenger Feb. 28th 1835
Sarah Pittenger Oct. 2nd 1836
Emily A. Pittenger June 7th 1838
Lemuel O. Pittenger Mar. 15th 1840
Martha M. Pittenger Feb. 19th 1842
Isaac Mc. Pittenger Nov. 14th 1843 
Roland N. Pittenger Sept. 18th 1845
Abigail O. Pittenger Nov.27th 1847
Nancy A. Pittenger Sept. 18th 1853
Elizabeth C. Wife of Nathaniel Pittenger Feb.25 1867
Sarah Dau. of Nathaniel & Elizabeth C. Apr 23 1864
Emily A. "                                      " Dec. 25 1851
Martha M. "                                    " Apr. 3 1878
(Rest of entries at bottom of page, Center of page blank)
Infant Son "                                     " Jan. 20th 1841
"     " Dau. "                                    " Jul. 25th 1851
"                                                     " Jan. 22nd 1852

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