The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 04 March 1880

Richland Co., Ohio

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The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 04 March 1880


Source:  The Richland Star:  04 March 1880, Vol. III, No. 23  (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)


S.B. Donel has been suffering from erysipelas.

Bro. Baughman, of the Call, was here Sunday.

B.F. Hines & Son have adopted the cash system.

A.R. Lydy spent Sunday with relatives at North Liberty.

Jacob Long left Tuesday morning to visit relatives at Waldron, Michigan.

J.B. Henry has gone to Pennsylvania to sell rights of the Colvin Clothes washer.

J.M. Pisel has shipped his goods to Forest.  He owns a farm near that place.

Reports have it that S.S. Leedy, of Pierceton, Indiana, was recently married.

Ed. Schafer arrived from Emporia, Kansas, Saturday.  He will remain two weeks.

Jacob Myers and wife, of Delaware, attended the funeral of Mrs. C. Ordway, and returned Monday.

R. Evarts, Esq. has been appointed administrator, with the will annexed, of the estate of the late Anna Baughman.

Milton Wiseman left for his home in Hancock County Thursday last, accompanied by E.L. Leedy, who will remain several weeks.

Miss Sadie Fordney, of Lexington, started Tuesday to visit relatives in Bryan.  For the past few weeks she was the guest of Miss Sadie Farquhar.

C.W. Waters, of Putnam County, W. Pealer, Miss Jennie Pealer, Miss Samantha Gatton, Miss Ollie Wright, F. and S. Warren, visited Miss Frank Beck's school Thursday of last week.

Every class of Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., give a Grand Banquet in some city, once a year.  The class of '81, of which our friend J.W. Lanehart is a member, gave a supper at Concord, February 21st.  Mr. L. was orator of the occasion.

Wm. Mock and J.C. Stilwell will have public sale at their residence, one mile south-west of Palmyra, Tuesday, March 9th., commencing at 9 o'clock.  A steam sawmill, stock, and 200 gallons of cider vinegar, are among the articles to be offered for sale.  The parties intend moving to Michigan.

Since D.J. Rummel took hold of the Independence Mill a second time, the same has been put into good repair, and everything done to facilitate business.  His former connection with the mill and the quality of flour produced are so well remembered, that a mere mention of his having assumed control again, is enough to secure him a return of former patronage.

Dr. J.C. Lee is very feeble.

W.S. Bradford, of Mansfield, was here the first of the week.

W.H. Odell now occupies the house that Jerry M. Pisel vacated.

R. Buckingham is again at his post in the drug store.

Enos Stoffer, of North Liberty, was in this vicinity Monday.

Pat. Sharkey shipped a car load of cattle from this place Tuesday.

Messrs. Steel, Hosack and Merkle, of Fredericktown, "took in" Bellville Sunday.

Jacob Moree is very sick.  A. Ordway is doing well.  So too is S.B. Young's little boy.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Henry Glosser, Saturday, Feb. 28th., a son.  Henry says he is a republican.

Mrs. P.H. Horn and Miss Sadie Evarts left to-day, Wednesday, to visit friends at New London, Ohio.

Seiler will take a picture of the Red Brush School on closing day, Thursday, March 11th.  A good time is expected, and all are invited to attend.

Friends to the number of fifty honored B.G. Leedy and wife with their presence last Monday evening.  They will remember the occasion with pleasure when at their new home, near Darlington.

Miss Lou V. Boyer left Monday for a week's visit to friends in Columbus, London, and Springfield.  She will return with the new Spring styles in dresses.

Frank Shafer has entered suit against A.J. Flaharty for $140 back rent on tannery. 'Squire Hamilton's court will convene this Wednesday to hear the case.

Mrs. A.T. Borden, of Centerburg, visited her mother, Mrs. White, from Friday till Tuesday.  Her little brother, Curt, went home with her for a two week's visit.

The following letters remain unclaimed at the Bellville Post office:  H.R. Challinor, Miss Mary A. Culverston, James Graham, Miss Ida Kissinger, S.L. Miller, H.S. Mitchell, J.M. Mathews, Miss Hanner, A. Stout, Miss Maggie Smith.

Mrs. J.M. Osborn, of Sanborn, Col., is visiting relatives here and at Independence.  She left home some time ago, and stopped to see friends in Indiana.  The lady prizes her home in Colorado very much, surrounded with plenty and an invigorating atmosphere.  We understand that her husband is owner of a quartz mill.

George Ecklor was immersed by the Disciples last Tuesday.

Mrs. S.M. Flaharty, arrived Saturday and remained with friends until this Wednesday, afternoon when she returned to her home in Bucyrus.

In putting out the flames in his drug store last Monday, Mr. Bowers inhaled so much of the gas as to make him very sick during the afternoon and following night.

W.M. Gerlach is remodeling his blacksmith shop.  The old forge in the end of the shop was torn out and two new ones are being built.  The shop will contain three forges when these are completed.  He will soon commence to erect a structure to accommodate the other branches of his increasing business.

It was known only to some twenty that a birthday surprise would be given at the commodious residence of D.J. Rummel, Monday evening, in honor of Miss Luella, who had reached that period notable as "sweet sixteen".  At an opportune hour, Miss L. found the parlor full of her lady and gentleman friends, all as merry as she.  Every room was thrown open to the visitors and many games passed, amusing to see, and more to indulge in.  Thus all enjoyed themselves forgetful of the passing hours, stopping only for refreshments, until the hour of twelve.  The company will long remember the occasion, for its many pleasures;  of the lady-like attentions bestowed by Miss Luella;  and for the hearty welcome at the hands of the hostess.

No small degree of excitement was occasioned Monday noon by a cry of fire from Bowers' drug store.  Mr. B. was locking the door to go to dinner, when a trap-door in the rear of his store, opening into the cellar, was violently thrown open, and the room filled with a large volume of fire and smoke.  He gave the alarm promptly and soon a great many willing hands were at work.  Men formed into lines and passed water from pumps.  The force pump and hose were brought into requisition, and Bro. Potts, with the babcock [sic.] fire extinguisher strapped to his back, rendered efficient service.  The floor of the store was shopped through, and the cellar deluged with water, extinguishing the fire in a short time, but with much difficulty.  Had Mr. B. opened the door, and gave air to the flames, it is more than probable that the building would have been consumed, for the cellar contained several barrels of highly inflammable oils, and other combustible material.  The cause of the combustion can only be assumed.  It is probable that the fire originated from the lamp which was in the cellar, setting fire to gas off rose oil.  This is one hypothesis, and another is that spontaneous combustion took place in the saturated sawdust with which the floor of the cellar is covered.


Grand Jury - - H.H. Shriner, W.H. Smith and Benjamin Orton, Sharon Twp.;  W.A. Richey, Jonas Smith and John Murphy, Madison Twp.;  Wm. McClellan and P. Mengert, Worthington Twp.;  S.M. Armstrong, Bloominggrove Twp.;  J.B. Williams, Troy Twp.;  Jno. C. Roseberry, Springfield Twp.;  John Fulton, Washington Twp.;  John Garber and Solomon Boals, Jefferson Twp. 

Petit Jury - - David Wiley, Springfield Twp.;  Barth. Flanner, C.W. Lewis, George A. Burd, W.E. Cox, H.W. Patterson and S.S. Balliet, Madison Twp.;  Hiram Wilson and H.B. Mattoon, Sharon Twp.;  George Drennan, Plymouth Twp.;  Henry Dickson, Troy Twp.;  J.E. Howard, Jefferson Twp.;  P. Kirkendall, Bloominggrove Twp.,  Sam'l. Ferguson, Washington Twp.

At the close of the beautiful afternoon of Thursday last, a procession of wagons, buggies, &c., might have been seen making their way down the valley of the Honey Creek, and just as "fair Scynthia" was pushing her resplendent face above the eastern hills, they drew rein at the homestead of our worthy Land Assessor, whose occupants were wholly unconscious of any impending event out of the usual tenor of their existence.  they were engaged in their usual avocations.  The intruders were joined by others from nearly all points of the compass, and soon the premises were occupied by a talking, jesting and laughing mass of humanity.  Evidently the proprietor had not anticipated an addition of seventy-eight of all ages and exes to his family at that particular time, but the doors were thrown open and all things possible under the circumstances were done for the comfort of the visitors.   In the course of the evening the host and his companion were invited into their parlor, in the midst of which was a table, an on it a beautiful China set of gold band finish, which 'Squire Evarts in an appropriate speech begged them to accept as a slight token of the friendship and esteem of their assembled guests.  During his remarks the 'Squire referred to some of the notable surprises of history, and related some reminiscences of the early days in the immediate neighborhood, which included some surprising stories of the wonderful capacity of this beautiful valley in the production of honey, and hence the name of the stream by which it is drained.  In the kitchen, tables were spread and filled with the choicest of earth's productions, of which all partook, and much that had been provided was taken away untasted by reason of the great abundance.  The affair was planned for the purpose of commemorating an event which occurred some twenty years previous, in which G.W. Aungst and Samantha Swank were the parties most interested, and was a very pleasant and joyous one throughout.


J. Thoma's daughter is not expected to survive.

Maranda Laird, nee Palm, died last Friday at the residence of her husband in Mansfield.  She had only been married about two months.  Maranda was an excellent school teacher, and will be missed very much by her former scholars.

C.K. Kinsey will move his family to Fredericktown this Spring.  He has a job of milling there.

Mrs. Mike Crowner is on the sick list.

J. McCullough is putting up the frame of a new house, on his lot near the Cemetery.

Mrs. Martin Spohn is very sick.

Miss Sadie Wohlford is visiting Emma Plank of this place.

Charley Carr, who has been making his home at Mr. Gleason's, started for Kansas last Tuesday.

Ed. Switzer has removed to Bellville, and his brother moved into the house he vacated.

Jerry Byerly will remove on John Kanaga's farm.

John Newcomer is a straight-out candidate for Assessor.

George Darling and Mrs. D.D. Ames, of Centerburg, spent a few days here last week.

Dan. Yarger will move on B.F. Oberlin's farm.

H. Tresham has rented one of Lester Traxler's houses, and will start a boarding house by the first of April.

John Long has bought George Wolf's property, formerly T.E. Mix's and will move this spring.

A lot of pork was stolen from the smoke house of H.C. Secrist last Monday.  The thief was tracked one and a half miles away.

Dr. Hubbs will move in the residence opposite his office -- south -- formerly occupied by Lue Switzer.

Israel McCoy will move to our city.

Mrs. L.C. Ball is very sick.  She suffers from spasms and hemorrhage of the lungs.

Scheff and Switzer talk of building a large business block on the Andrews corner.

A smoke house of Wm. Greenwood's burnt to the ground last week.

Oak Hall.

Margaret A. Leeper is on the sick list.

Meeting is in progress at Bethany Chapel.  Mrs. Winfield Kanaga was baptized last Saturday.

The county bridge near Independence is undergoing repair, by Martin Sharp.

Thomas Keller lost his best horse, a short time ago.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Norris, a daughter, Feb. 28th.

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