The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 29 January 1880

Richland Co., Ohio

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The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 29 January 1880


Source:  The Richland Star:  29 January 1880, Vol. III, No. 18  (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

Events of the Neighborhood.

Augustus Buttoff [sic.], last Saturday, was taken to the Penitentiary for three years and Joseph Walter for four years.  -- Herald.

Charles Burgan, aged fourteen years, died suddenly at Shiloh last Thursday, after suffering untold agonies for several months from rickets, brought about while an inmate of the Deaf & Dumb Asylum at Columbus.

Hezekiah Branon was arrested in Mansfield Monday for stealing brass boxes and similar matter from the tool-house of the Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Companies.  About fifty pounds, belonging to the former company, was found in his possession.

The County Commissioners awarded contracts Saturday afternoon, for the erection of a jail and Sheriff's residence, to cost $40,000.  The successful bidders were:  Hancock & Dow, of Mansfield, stone work;  Diebold Safe & Lock Company, of Canton, iron works;  Bush & Harris, of Mansfield, plumbing and galvanized-iron work;  H. Knof, of Columbus, painting;  Mower & Webber, of Mansfield, carpenter work;  J.Q. McIlvain, of Mansfield, plastering.


M.H. Schrack, of Newville, gave us a call Monday.

John Swank, of Findlay, has been calling upon his relatives.

Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Israel Beal, Thursday, Jan. 22nd., a boy.

Eld. Smith and lady, of Johnsville, left for Holmes County, on Monday.

Milt. Wiseman, from Hancock County, has been visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Mrs. Margaret Popham, of Fredericktown, visited her sister, Mrs. McCrary, over Sunday.

Robie Kelly returned from his visit to Plymouth and Chicago, Wednesday, of last week.

Hamilton Steel and W.P. Gerhart both of Fredericktown, were in this place Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Holt, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Kellogg, returned to Wellington Saturday.

Mrs. Jennie Armstrong of Newark, has been visiting her parents.  Her husband was here over Sunday.

Married, Jan. 11th., 1880, by Mc. G. Paxton, at his residence in Darlington, Phillip Kochheiser and Elizabeth A. Streby.

Married, at the residence of Mr. George Bowers, near Bellville, Jan. 22nd., 1880, by Rev. G.W. Miesse, Mr. George B. Keefer and Miss Ella H. Miller.

B.G. Leedy and wife have purchased the Drake farm near Darlington, containing 160 acres, consideration $8,100.  The two fathers are giving them a liberal start.

W.C. Hamilton is spending the week at Fredericktown, assisting in the entertainments given by Harry Pease and company.  He formerly traveled with this troupe.

Licenses to marry have been granted:  Augustus Krill & Lucy Irwin, Charles Godfrey & Ellen Kooken, Geo. B. Keefer & Ella H. Miller, Charles Kline & Clara M. Snedeker, John Moore & Ellen Cronister.

Miss Minnie Leedy and Charles Beal and wife, of North Liberty, visited relatives here Friday evening and Saturday, leaving on the 4 p.m. train for Mansfield.  On Monday they took the train for a visit to friends in Hancock County.

A young son at Thomas Gatton's last Monday one week.

Mr. Gerberich, music dealer in Mansfield, was in town Monday.

Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Mowry, Thursday, Jan. 22nd., a boy.

Frederick Fitting has not been as well as usual the past few days.

Casper Swank, numbered with those nearly sick the first of the week.

Miss Clara L. Rowley, of Fredericktown, spent Sunday in this place, the guest of Miss Hattie Maxfield.

The Kelso brothers have purchased the house and 40 acres of land of D.L. Young, on the State road, for $2,500.  They have rented the place to H. Russell.

George and William Moree, who have been visiting friends in the vicinity of Palmyra, remained at John Weaver's last Friday night and returned Saturday morning to their home in Noble County, Ind.

Ed. Edwards, charged with assault, appeared in Mansfield at some opportune hour on Thursday of last week, and gave himself up to the authorities.  Bowers not being present, he paid the costs in the case, and was freed.

Mrs. M. Sharp left the depot Saturday afternoon and started up Main Street, but had taken only a few steps when she fainted and fell.  A chair was procured in which she was taken to Dr. Armentrout's office.  Stimulants were administered and she was soon revived.  She intended taking the train to attend the burial of a relative at Lexington.

Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Rhodes held a reception on Friday, Jan. 24th., at the residence of his father.  Sons and daughters-in-law, and old acquaintances, "a few of which were not invited", numbering forty-five, were present, and shared in the pleasures of the occasion as well as in the disposal of rich delicacies with which the table was spread.  The men engaged in various kinds of boyish mirth with a good relish, and everything passed off merrily.  Father Rhodes was not able to participate in the games.  My advice to the wedded is, to bare their hands and show to their determination.  -- N.S.

Born, Wednesday, Jan. 21st., to Mr. & Mrs. D.L. Young, a boy.

Mr. I.K. Moody is unable to attend business.

Mrs. B.C. Hill is again at her father, U.F. Armstrong's, under the care of physicians.

We were pleased to meet Mr. & Mrs. A. Growden upon their arrival at this place Friday.

Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Olin, Wednesday, Jan. 28th., a 10 pound boy.  Dr. McMahon attended.

Mr. Carr tells us that he expects to open a shoe store in the room now occupied by Mrs. Norton, the coming Spring.

Mrs. E. Whitford of Bellville, and Mrs. Olive Hurd, of Ashtabula, spent Sabbath in Plymouth, guests of Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Shafer.  -- Plymouth Advertiser.

Hollidaysburg (Pa.) Register:  Married, on Christmas evening, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. S.M. McHenry, Mr. Wm. A. Growden, of Richland Co., O., and Miss Jennie M. Shaw, of Blair Co., Pa.

Administration and other Probate Court settlements will be for hearing as follows on the sixth proximo:  Partial -- Wesley Fickes, adm'r of John Rice;  H. Marvin, adm'r of S. Marin;  Michael Mille, ex'r of J.F. Sonanstine;  Jacob A. Algire, ex'r of Jacob Algire;  H. Marvin, ex'r of ____ B. Marvin;  C. Shindler & Jno. Shindler, ex'rs. of C. Shindler;  Julia Aberle, guardian of Mary Aberle, C. Aberle and Catharine Aberle;  John Dempsey, assignee of T. Mickey.  Final -- Julia Aberle, guardian of Elizahbeth Aberle;  J. Dempsey, assignee of T.M. Mickey & Co.

William Altgelt died at his home near Washington last Sunday at about 3 p.m., with the typhoid fever.  He had been pursuing the study of law in Chicago, and his health failed.  To regain it he went to Colorado, and after remaining there a few months returned home.  Feeling pretty well, he ventured to go to Napoleon for the purpose of buying stock.  He took sick and was brought to Lexington last Sunday a week.  He was taken home last Saturday, and died the next day.  He was about 29 years and 8 months old.  The funeral took place from the Dutch church.


Andrew Stevenson, Esq., is preparing a lecture on Government and the Citizen.  No one will question the success which will follow Mr. Stevenson in this new departure.

About thirty school children gave the daughters of Henry Faus a surprise party last week, which was quite a pleasant affair.

J. Walton, formerly of Bellville, is located in this city.  He makes his headquarters in the law office of A.R. Kanaga.  Mr. Brown seems to have many warm friends in this place.


Web. McClay lost a bunch of keys, among which was a switch key.  The finder would confer a favor by returning them to the owner.

Fred Dawsey has secured work in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and his household goods will be shipped to him soon.

We were a little surprised last week, to see Dr. Dysert in our place again.  He only stopped off a few days as he was on his way to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he has an appointment in the Medical College.  He has improved in health.

M. Sheff was called to Loudonville last week, on account of his mother's severe illness.

Report has it that Nichols' Addition is becoming famous for rackets and family jars.

Mrs. D.D. Amos was up from Centerburg recently on a visit.

V. Brown has returned from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Sam. Bowersox is bound to "saloon" it the remainder of his days.  He was over to Loudonville recently looking for a room to engage in the liquor traffic.

Ed. Switzer was down to Buffalo, N.Y., a week ago with a car load of cattle, and was not home but a day or two until he went with a second load.

Lizzie A. Andrews, of Democracy, visited at D. Baker's last week.

Mrs. Jacob Thoma took the train here last Monday morning to visit relatives in Nevada.

R.E. Roberts, of Eenon, Pa., was the guest of his uncle John Ramsey, last week.

D.M. Snyder has taken the job of finishing James Tinkey's house, in Nichols' addition.

Eli Hess, the vocalist, will lead the Sunday School in singing at the Evangelical Church next Sunday morning.

Sam. Utley has recovered from a spell of sickness.

Will. Lemley has returned from a trip to Cleveland.


Mrs. Michael Fisher has returned from California, where she has been spending some months with her sons.

Miss Carrie Brown, of Monroeville, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Susan Sowers.

Rev. L. Boyce has resigned his charge over the Congregational Church of this place, as he has received a more lucrative position, in Illinois.

Born, to Bloomer Sowers and wife, a nine pound boy, last Wednesday morning.

Hiram, only son of Tobias Fike, died Friday evening, of congestive chills.  Aged 5 years, 2 months and 7 days.

The youngest son of B. Bachelder's is lying dangerously sick.

Joseph Day has bought the farm formerly owned by Henry Graham, the latter expects to remove to Pennsylvania.

Slater's Run.

William Teeter visited friends at Independence last week.

Fremont Teeter talks of returning to Indiana soon.

John Daugherty was the guest of Wm. Norris last week.

Born, to Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Norris, January 24, a son.

Miss Drusilla Teeter visited friends near Newville last week.

Albert Secrist, who has been sick for some time, is able to be around again.

The following persons are on the sick list:  Peter Teeter, Mother Losh, Henry Ball, and a boy of Mr. Daugherty's.


The taffy-pulling at Marion Darling's last week, proved to be an occasion of long-drawn-out sweetness to all.


A very pleasant time was had at P. Berry's last week.  Rev. G.M. Heindel, Father Berry, and several other brethren and sisters were there.

D. Harter thinks of making his home in Mansfield this Spring, and working at his trade, which is tanning.

Miss Mattie Atchison will teach the Maple Grove school the coming summer.

Wm. Donan is repairing his barn, and building an addition to it.

Mrs. Harter has a quilt containing 2,084 pieces.

C.H. Miller has a barrel of coal oil at his home to retail.

Miss Mary Hersh, of Indiana, is visiting at Rev. P. Berry's.

Mr. S. Shoup is convalescent.

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