The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 04 December 1879

Richland Co., Ohio

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The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 04 December 1879


Source:  The Richland Star:  04 December 1879, Vol. III, No. 10  (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

Events of the Neighborhood.

Clara Johnson, of Iowa, dropped dead three miles east of Mansfield one day last week.  The Coroner's inquest developed a case of heart disease.

Application has been filed to admit the following Wills to Probate:  Daniel Hoover, late of Mifflin Tp., dec'd;  Ann E. Gerhart, late of Richland Co., dec'd.

Mrs. Margaret Ditwiler died at Chesterville, November 26, 1879, aged 80 years.  She moved from Franklin County, Pa., to Ohio in 1846, where she has since resided, and has been a member of the English Lutheran Church for sixty years.  The deceased was the mother of John Ditwiler, of this city.  -- Mansfield Call.


Wm. McSherry has returned.

S. Myers writes of his safe arrival in Kansas.

David Gerhart, of West Salem, visited his father last week.

Miss Lou Boyer has returned from her visit to Plain City.

B.L. Bevington, of Mansfield, visited this place Thanksgiving evening.

May Whitcomb went to Toledo Monday to visit his sister, Mrs. A.J. Rummel.

Uncle F. Fitting is improving and will soon be able to visit the streets again.

Mrs. J.G. Ewers, of Fredericktown, is visiting her brother, in Williams County.

James Richey, Sheriff, and Thos. T. Dill, Clerk, both of Mansfield, were in town Friday.

The two Misses Myers, of Shelby, visited their sister, Mrs. Bloom, returning Tuesday.

Messrs. Jehu and Henry Sell have returned from Van Wert, where they visited their brother.

Jacob Swank, son of Z. Swank, left Saturday morning on a visit, to relatives at Pierceton, Ind.

There was a surprise party at Mrs. C.C. Kellogg's last Wednesday evening, complimentary to Carrie Holt.

Mrs. Myra Lafferty, with her two children, of Allegheny City, Pa., are visiting her father, Samuel Shafer.

Cyrus Gaatton's new barn is now enclosed and partly painted.  It is 40x80 and presents a fine appearance.

George F. Stelts and family started to Kansas the first of the week.  Cowley County is their destined part.

Solomon Derhamer and Nathan Dilgarde, of Weltington [sic.], are here visiting friends, and transacting business.

The Rochester Business University recently complimented Burt Hines with a card containing some of the finest pen work we have seen.

During the few claps of thunder one evening last week, a tree was struck a few hundred feet from Levi Walker's farm and badly shattered, and another one was struck on C. Morrow's farm.

On top of the mound-like elevation west of U. Lafferty's residence, several white persons are buried, and some time ago one of the graves was robbed.  We suppose the robber thought Indians were interred there, and a few relics might be found.

Aunt S. Young is troubled considerably with rheumatism this winter.

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Kelly, of Mt. Vernon, visited Zenas Shafer's last Sunday.

Thanksgiving morning, Rev. W.T. Lewis took a dose of ammonia supposing it to be Jamaica Ginger.  This rather serious happening alarmed his family very much.  Notwithstanding all, he appeared at the M.E. Church at the proper time, and delivered the sermon according to announcement.

Bills were allowed to the amount of $47.04, at the meeting of the Council last Monday evening, as follows:  Wm. Holland 2.50, M. Claudy 3.75, from Road fund;  R.E. Kinton 4.00, P. Horn 4.00, J. Alley 4.00, from Fire Fund;  Reid & McClay 20.24, for crossing;  J.M. Klotz 2.60, from Road fund;  E.L. Barrett & Son, Blank Order Book, 5.95, from General Fund.  Mayor reported receiving 3.00 during October for license to peddle notions.

The Fire Wardens' report was accepted by the Council Monday evening.  South Dist. -- Found all in good shape, P.H. Horn;  North Dist. -- All in good shape with one exception, and the warehouse will be attended to in the Spring, R.E. Kinton;  John Alley reported four defective pipes found to be apart from eighteen to twenty-four inches on the garrets, which he put in good condition.  Mr. Alley says the people are growing more careless every year in regard to the flues.

The leading social event of Thanksgiving evening was that of an elegant party given by Dr. I.S. Sampsell and wife, for their daughter Verda.  Twenty-four invitations were extended and responded to by twenty-two persons, comprising the elite of the town.  Nearly two hours were spent in social chatting, when supper was announced and the guests repaired to the dining room below, where a magnificent repast awaited them.  After partaking heartily, interesting and amusing plays were indulged in.  Each and all greatly enjoyed themselves, and will ever remember the kindnesses conferred upon them Thanksgiving night, 1879.

Last week Jerry Gatton had his former wife, Delilah Miller, arrested for perjury, and she had a preliminary hearing before 'Squire Hamilton on Friday.  At the time of filing her petition for divorce in 1872, she made oath to Jerry having a certain amount of personal property, and a short time after made oath to the opposite, in a case against Jerry to set aside a fraudulent conveyance.  The perjury case grew out of this, but the testimony showed that Jerry had disposed of the property immediately after the woman's application for divorce, and both oaths were made in good faith.  The divorce and $500 alimony were not granted until April, 1872.  The examination lasted a full day and no evidence of guilt was found against the woman.

M. Clark is able to be around again.

Casper Swank and wife are visiting Indiana friends.

C. Moree and wife, of Albion, Ind., visited relatives in this place Monday.

H. Nail and Mr. Fluke of Crawford County, are calling on friends south of town.

John Muntis has removed to the Lockhart farm south of town, recently vacated by J. Oyster.

H.N. Hamilton has been chosen manager of the Band in place of I.K. Moody, who resigned.

J.B. Pepple and wife, of Albion, Ind., are visiting G.I. Clark's and relatives in the vicinity of Darlington.

Mr. Evarts is the little fellow's name, and Robert is happy Wednesday Nov. 26th.  Dr. Armentrout attendeant.

Married -- Thanksgiving Eve, at the residence of the Pastor of the Universalist Church, by Rev. C.A. Lander, Mr. Edwin Pearson and Miss Susie Reid, all of Bellville.

A.W. Mishey and Mr. Spayd have purchased the business hitherto conducted under the firm name of McClelland & Hunter, in North Liberty, and have taken possession.  They intend to keep a general line of groceries, hardware, oils, paints, etc.

List of unclaimed letters remaining in the Post Office at Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, Nov. 30th., 1879:  Boyer & Eichhorn, Bellville Nail Co., Isaac Baker, Robert Cavanaugh, D.O. Force, Miss Ann Hill, Smith Latherty, F.H. Lout, Chas. D. Lanty, D.H. Lee, Rosea Miller, L. Prewitt, Mr. Sweet, Wise & Gross.  - - J.W. Kelly, P.M.


I.C. Hanlon is on the sick list.

George White and brother are rusticating here.

A. Beal is buying up and shipping furs to New York City.

Samuel Cramer will winter over at Alex. Steel's near Bellville.

Mrs. J.L. Mix will move in Betsey Boyer's rooms on Main Street.

Al. Secrist is getting better, and his physicians have hopes of his recovery.

Mrs. James Craig has returned from her trip to Ft. Wayne, Ind., with one of her grand-children, Della Craig.

Mrs. A. Hitchman has born suffering from diphtheria;  so also have been a number of others.

M. Andrews, J. Dawsey and others have been discharged from the Railroad, but will get a job next spring.

Lue. Switzer has just returned from Buffalo, where he had a car load of cattle.

Jno. Redick has added a new moulding machine to his shop.  He has also partitioned a part of his shop off for a work shop.

Dan. Yarger and Jacob Swank are extensively engaged in buying and shipping poultry.

Ott. Wertz of Ashland Co., is rusticating here and assisting his brother-in-law, J. Baker, on the farm.

Israel Kanaga received a telegram last week from Ft. Wayne, Ind., that his son Winfield, who had just arrived there on a visit, had taken very sick, but on his arrival was better, and both came home Friday night.

LOST -- James Ohearn offcers a liberal reward for the return of his pocket book which he lost last Friday between Independence and his home.  It contained sixty or seventy dollars.

L.J. Flaharty of Toledo, talks of buying the grange store, in North Liberty.

Frank Gurney started to Iowa last week via Toledo, at which place he will be accompanied by his brother.

Jno. Stoffer has returned to this place from Iowa.

List of letters remaining unclaimed in the Post Office at Butler, County of Richland, State of Ohio, Nov. 30th., 1879:  Mrs. Margaret Brumsbaugh, D.M. Dysert, M.D., Miss Sady Shultz, O.F. Tucker. - - John Dilts, P.M.


C.A. Berry is on the decline.  She is very feeble at this writing.

Curtis Brennaman and Eva Weaver, of Wayne County, were guests at P. Berry's, last week.

Our house was made pleasant by the presence of Rev. Sleeper, our P.E. Rev. Orr, our Pastor, and Rev. Heindel, of Bellville, a few days ago.  Some again, brethren.

Died, in Lucas, Mrs. Mattie Lucas, aged 25 years, leaving a husband and two small children.

A happy surprise at T.N. Kenton's a young farmer.

A young seamstress at L. Fulton's arrived last week.

We, Mr. & Mrs. P. Berry, have passed through one of the dark, uninviting scenes of life, through which many pass, but through all the Lord was with us.  Little Olla is gone, but our loss is her gain.  Oh, how hard to part with "our loved ones".

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  • Amos B. Kanaga (attorney)
  • Clifton House
  • J.F. Ghrist (tailor)
  • D. Palm (barber)
  • M'Creedy & White (blacksmiths)
  • O.A. Hubbs, M.D.
  • Shafer & Mock (butchers)
  • G.I. Clark (tin shop)
  • Beach's (dolls, carriages, cradles)
  • Hilbourn's (millinery)
  • Maxwell & Young (dress goods)
  • L.L. Swank (tub oysters)
  • J.H. Knisely, Mansfield (practical shirt maker)
  • Loose & Lafferty (furniture)
  • Gerlach & Myers (carriages)

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