The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 25 September 1879

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The Richland Star (Bellville) -- 25 September 1879


Source:  The Richland Star:  25 September 1879, Vol. II, No. 52 (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

Bellville Band Stand.  The band stand that now adorns the public square of Bellville surpasses in beauty the one in our Park.  It is a beautiful pagoda like structure, larger than the one in Mansfield, and more symmetrical.  It is constructed in a light airy fashion, and possesses no cumbersomeness.  It is tastily painted and its general appearance is exceedingly fine, and is a great credit to its builders.  We must say that the band stand will not suffer for the want of a good musical organization to play on it, for the Bellville Band is one that would do credit to any town or city.  The music they played on Thursday was exceedingly well rendered, and if they possessed all the instruments of the American Band they would equal it in every respect.  -- Ohio Liberal.

Court Notes.  The criminal docket of the Common Pleas was disposed of as follows, last week:  Wm. Bottomly, indicted for grand larceny, nollied;  Henry Allison, indicted for petit larceny, plead guilty and was sentenced to five days in jail on bread and water;  The case of the State of Ohio vs. John Hiltabiddle, the indictment was nollied;  Wm. Blake, the tramp who entered the residence of V. Gutzwiler, Sr., a few months ago, and indicted burglary, plead guilty;  Walter Lauderbaugh, indicted for robbery and grand larceny, plead guilty, and now awaits sentence;  Phillip Murray, one of the parties who robbed Peter Mulready of his watch, plead guilty;  Charles Jewel, indicted for attempting rape upon the person of Esther A. Kissel, aged twelve years.  The defendant was but fifteen years of age.  Trial had, which resulted in a verdict of guilty.  He will be sent to the Reform School;  Wm. Poole, two cases, continued;  Divorce suits were disposed of as follows:  Delevan C. Severns granted;  Clara A. Rose, granted;  Mary Cole, granted;  Catharine Metzger, trial had and case dismissed;  The case of John Plank vs. Hattie M. Plank, for divorce, has been dismissed for want of prosecution.

Mansfield District Appointments M.E. Church.  We have not space to give all the appointments of the North Ohio Conference, M.E. Church.  For the Mansfield District, they are as follows:  Rev. A.J. Lyon (Presiding Elder) -- F.M. Searles, Mansfield;  W.T. Lewis, Bellville;  G.W. Walker, Savannah;  A. Nelson, Shelby;  C.C. Ball, Plymouth;  J. Torbet, Shiloh;  P.F. Graham, Greenwich;  S.Z. Kaufman, Troy;  J.H. Johnson, Ontario;  B.D. Jones, Orange;  E. Persons, Ashland;  M.F. Warner and J. McNabb, Jeromesville;  F.A. Gould, Hayesville;  C.L. Russell, Olivesburg;  E. Buxton, Darlington;  I. Beebe, Goodwill.


W.A. Schafer returned to Wooster Monday.

Alexander & Zents sold over 9000 bushels of wheat last week.

Mr. L.C. Kelly, of Mansfield, honored us with a call last week.

Oscar Truckenmiller made his appearance on the street last Sunday.

H. Glosser has taken the agency of the Tiffin Mutual Aid Association.

T.M. Yearian and wife are visiting friends and relatives in Illinois and Missouri.

Miss Melva McDonald, of Fredericktown, recently visited her friend, Miss Beck.

The evening of the 17th. proved a very enjoyable one to those who attended the sociable at Levi Schafer's.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bowers, and Misses E.A. Charles and Lena Winters start for the Cincinnati Exposition to-day -- Thursday.

B.C. Brown sold over fifty dozen of baskets from Monday to Thursday, of last week, in neighboring towns.

Will Gurney is visiting his parents near Independence, and relatives and friends at this place.  He will return to his duty in about a week.

A divorce case is to be disposed of this week, in which the plaintiff, Wm. Ross, is seventy years of age, and the defendant, Jane Ross, is nearly as old.  -- [Ohio] Liberal.

Mrs. H.N. Hamilton is attending the Cincinnati Exposition.  She will be joined by her husband in a few days and they together will visit his and her friends living at different points near the Queen City.

Esq. Evarts has been summoned to appear as juror in the Northern District Circuit Court at Cleveland, the 7th. of Oct.  He has been long and favorably identified with matters of legal interest and has held the justiceship for many years, but this is his first call to act as juryman.

We have been favored with a cabinet size picture each of the Hon. John Sherman and Charles Foster, from the popular gallery of A. Whissemore, Mansfield.  These portraits being out the features and expression of the gentlemen, true to life, and show the work of a skilled artist.  Mr. Whissemore has taken pictures of the pioneers of the County, and is distinguishing himself as adept in the photographic art.

Marriage licenses:  C.H. Earl & Jennie Ceiders;  Philip Saeltzer & Emma Etz;  Sanford Gates & Kate Schmunk;  Francis M. Hammett & Rosa E. Downs;  Henry Hannon & Emma White;  Lewis G. Boardman & Georgia A. Ward;  Jos. E. Good & Olive Reed;  S.A. Redd & Sarah Gribbing;  Norman B. Smith & Hattie Gooddel;  Jas. F. Andrews & Lorenna C. Hersh;  C.J. Wheeler & Isabel A. Switzer;  Charles Bauman & Louisa Saite;  Calvin Beal & Almeda Russell;  Wm. Shade & Rachael Ralston.

H. Faus was in town last week.

G.W. Maxfield returned from the West, Friday.

The Hon. S.S. Bloom will speak at this place Oct. 9th.

Rev. W.W. Anderson is attending the Presbytery at Polk.

S. Cutting and Rev. Lander have exchanged places of residence.

Miss Frank Beck left Tuesday for Delaware, on a visit to relatives.

There was a promenade social at John Watson's Monday evening.

Miss Belle Creigh of Johnsville, was here on a visit last week.

James Rhineholt has removed to his mother's residence, on Markey Street.

Miss Amanda Weirick is staying with her step-sister in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Tuesday evening James P. Seward spoke on political issues in reply to Col. Fink.

Messrs. Charles D. and Arthur C. Oberlin, of Massillon, are visiting at J.V. Oberlin's.

The population of Burwick City is increasing rapidly -- "Still there's more to follow."

Mrs. Bowman and Mrs. McCuen and son, of Noble Co., Ind., are visiting relatives here.

R. Buckingham has removed his family to his brother-in-law's about five miles west of town.

Beachy Smith is studying German under Rev. L. Krebz [Krebs], German Lutheran Minister, at Mansfield.

Married:  On Thursday evening, Sept. 18th., 1879, at the residence of the bride's parents, south of town, by the Rev. G.M. Heindel, Mr. Calvin Beal and Miss Almeda Russell.  Joy and properity without measure to them.

A.J. Dunkle, B.F. Hamilton have completed a very fine residence, 32 X 70 ft., for William Kell, and it has received one coat of plastering.  They are also building a new house for Antony Clever, 20 X 30.  Eugene Hawley is assisting.

Married:  At the residence of John W. Zent, in Bellville, Sept. 22nd., 1879, J.J. Dean of New Castle, Pa., and Miss Mollie Alley, of this place;  Rev. W.T. Lewis, officiating clergyman.  The happy bridal party took the 4 p.m. train for their new home in New Castle, Pa.  The well wishes of a host of friends go with them.

Eliphalet (Pete.) Armstrong is ill and has left the burg for his country home.

One of W. Knox's valuable Norman horses fell into an old well Monday, and was killed.

Benjamin Shafer has employed eleven hands at times this summer in working at carpenter work.

Mrs. B.C. Brown, Mrs. Dr. Lewis and Mrs. L.L. Swank are visiting relatives in Delaware.

Jacob Lett added a story to his dwelling house this summer and is now finishing a stable 20 X 25.  He will soon be comfortably situated.

Clark has secured the services of Wm. Batterson, of Mansfield, as jeweler.  He is a good workman and a very genteel-looking young man.

Esq. Evarts and daughter, Sadie, took the train this Wednesday morning for New London, to attend the wooden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Reed.

Mrs. Susannah Leedy and son Byron, of West Independence, arrived here at 11:11 today, Wednesday to visit relatives and attend the meeting at the Dunkard church Sunday.

John Mock, Sr., died on Monday evening the 22nd. inst., after a brief illness, at the age of 76 years, 11 months and 27 days.  Funeral will take place ----<damaged paper>---- residence about two miles north of Ankneytown, today, Wednesday, at 1 o'clock p.m.  Funeral sermon at the Dunkard Church near Ankneytown at 2 o'clock to be conducted by Rev. W.B. Woodberry.

John Crist, formerly of this locality, on his way from Hamilton Co, to Chicago last February, with a car load of cattle, was injured so that he has been unable to do any work since.  When about twenty miles from the city a passenger engine ran into the caboose of the stock train, where he was sleeping and crushed him between some of the frame work of the car, seriously injuring his lungs and stomach.

Mr. R. Buckingham, our druggist, left last Tuesday to attend a term of lectures of twenty-two weeks at the Cleveland Homeopathic College.  He has been a student of Dr. J.B. Lewis, which is sufficient guaranty that he has been placed upon the right road to a true knowledge of medical science.  He is a man of character and good judgment, and we trust he may be successful in his present undertaking.


A brother of Mrs. M. Sheff visited her over Sabbath.

Lawyer Statler and family were in town over Sunday.

Chal. McLaughlin will reattend lectures at Columbus, soon.

David Baker will attend the fair and exhibit his ponies.

Mrs. H.D. Ruth and daughter-in-law visited Mrs. Dr. Hubbs last week.

Mrs. Bell McClay is very sick at this time, also Susan Thuma and Susie Baker.

Dr. R. McLaughlin talks of renting a room in Wise's building for his office.

Nancy Kile will return home this week accompanied with Mary Ann Phipps.

Emma and Anna Plank have returned to their home and are making preparations for Fall millinery and dress-making.

A Mr. Loro, of Mansfield, has opened a saloon in the Bowersox room.  Several temperance mass meetings have been held.  A committee waited on the proprietor and found him apparently willing to sell out, but no agreement was reached as to the future action of the saloonist, and so the matter stands.  We anticipate trouble if not blood-shed.  We have never before witnessed such a feeling as there is at this time.  During the last three months we have had on exceedingly quiet village, but on last Saturday night we were disturbed until midnight.  A great fire was built in front of the saloon, and the attempt of Mayor and Marshal to disperse the throng only proved a failure.  What will happen to us?

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