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The Bellville Weekly - 28 September 1877


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 28 September 1877, Vol. VI, No. 25  (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

OBITUARY -- MARY (MUNCY) KNOX, relict of JOHN KNOX, who resided about half way between Lexington and Bellville, Richland County, O., died 23rd. Sept., 1877.  The funeral service took place at the house Tuesday 25th., conducted by Rev. W.W. ANDERSON, pastor of Bellville Presbyterian Church, from Job 7th. chapter and part of the 16th. verse, "I would not live always."  The house was filled and many outside, after which the remains were conveyed to the Troy Cemetery, two and one-half miles northwest of Lexington, and deposited beside her husband and two sons.  Mrs. KNOX moved with her husband from Penn. to Ohio in 1821, and settled on the farm where they both resided until their death, except the short time Mrs. K. lived in town.  A part of the house that is now standing was built by them in an early day.  It is of logs and was afterwards weatherboarded with clapboards.  Some of which can yet be seen under the upper porch.  She gave birth to fifteen children, ten of whom still survive.  She had sixty-six grand children, fourteen of whom are dead and twenty-nine great-grand children, seven of whom are dead.  She was a Woman in every sense of the word;  a kind and affectionate mother, and a practical Christian.  She united with the Presbyterian Church in 1814, afterward removing within the bounds of the Associate Reform and remained a consistent member to her death.  After her husband died she purchased a property in Bellville adjoining that of her daughter, Mrs. WM. BEATTIE, where she lived a short time until the death of her daughter when she went back to the farm.  She was attacked with dropsy and suffered very much for some months before her death.  Some five days previous however, she became comparatively easy, gangrene having set in.  Everything was done to make her condition as comfortable as possible.  She was quite sensible up to the day of her death.  Her youngest son J. Milton, was her constant attendant, together with her grand daughter, Miss JENNIE KELSO, JOHN, WILSON and Mrs. KELSO were also in attendance much of the time.  Her husband at his death, left the entire control of the property in her hands, which she managed very judiciously.  The following record is found in KNOX's Family Bible:  "JOHN KNOX, SR., born 25th. May 1784, died 25th. April 1865.  MARY (MUNCY) KNOX, born 17th. July 1794, married 27th. May 1813.  Children:  ELIZABETH, born 14th. March 1814.  WILLIAM, born 25th. Sept., 1815.  THOMAS, born 11th. Sept. 1817, died 7th. June 1852.  JANE, born 14th. Sept. 1819.  TRANEY MARTHA, born 9th. Dec. 1820.  JAMES JOHNSON, born 16th. Feb. 1824.  MARGARET MAGILL, born 22nd. Dec. 1825, died 11th. Oct. 1852.  NANCY, born 8th. Feb. 1828.  MARY, (BEATTIE) born 3rd. July 1829, died 8th. Aug. 1876.  UNITY ANN, born 4th. March 1831.  GEORGE WASHINGTON, born 17th. June 1833.  He enlisted in the late war under Capt. R.C. BROWN, 64th. Reg., and died at Savannah, Tenn., 1st. May 1862.  WILSON BUFFINGTON, born 17th. Nov. 1835.  JOHN, born 8th. Feb. 1836.  CHILD, born 19th. Feb. 1839, died 27th. Feb. 1839.  JOSEPH MILTON, born 1st. Nov. 1841."  The following is from a printed slip pasted on the inside of the Bible lid:  "Died, at his residence near Lexington, Richland County, Ohio, 25th. April 1865, JOHN KNOX, SR., aged 81 years.  The parents of the deceased emigrated from Ireland about the time of "American Independence" and in the 1784 settled in Washington County, Pa., where Mr. KNOX was born.  In 1813 he was united in marriage to Miss MARY, daughter of JAMES and ELIZABETH MUNCY, who still survives.  In 1821 they removed to Ohio to the farm where they have since resided.  Mr. and Mrs. KNOX were among the first who composed the A.R. Congregation of Troy, in which connection they have continued ever since.  The deceased was a man highly respected in the community where he lived, a good neighbor and a good citizen, and in his removal society has lost one of her most valuable members.  Some weeks before his death, standing in the back door of his barn, he accidentally fell out some eight feet to the ground, from the effects of which he never recovered.  On the day of his burial a sermon was preached by the pastor, Rev. RICHARD GAILY, of the Congregation, from the words "Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty," after which a long train followed the remains to the old cemetery at Troy, where his body is now awaiting the voice of the Arch-Angel and the trump of God.  "When those that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him." "

J.M. COLEMAN came home last week with chills and fever, but is improving.

We notice WILL COLE out on the streets again after quite a severe sickness.

ISAAC RANDOLPH is attending the warehouse at Plymouth, this county.

WILL SHOEMAKER left on last Tuesday morning for Syracuse, Ind., to work for M. BOLLINGER.

Capt. WILSON, H. WRIGHT and ED. SIMPSON were in town this week.

H.C. McCLUER and wife arrived home from a trip west last week.

Rev. J.A. KAULL was appointed to this district by the M.E. Conference.

Mr. C.H. BERRY left yesterday (Thursday), for Nashville, Mich., to take charge of a dry goods store.  May success follow him.

A Miss NORMAN has been visiting ROSE EDWARDS in this place.

ROBERT MALONEY, wife and sister-in-law, of Avilla, Ia., are visiting in this vicinity.

PHILIP McKINNEY is returning from Michigan where he had moved some time ago.  His family has already arrived.

School commenced Monday with an attendance of 205 scholars.  high School 33, Grammar 36, Intermediate 45, Primary 41, Second Primary 50.

On account of the serious illness of her brother, Mrs. A.J. RUMMEL was telegraphed for and arrived Thursday a.m.

H. CHARLES' full blood "Mowhawk" received first premium at the Richland Fair for general purposes.

M.E. SHULL, the Principal of the Schools, arrived Friday.

Dr. REISINGER paid the village a flying visit Tuesday on business.  He has been suffering from sickness since he left here.

LANEHART's new furniture building has its galvanized cornice and iron roof on.  Mr. BUSH, of the firm of BUSH & HARRIS, Mansfield, superintended the work.

Miss THOMAN arrived from her home in Danesville, N.Y., to take charge of the school Saturday.

The timbers are now up for the roof of the Town Hall.  It is self supporting with a deck 12x42 feet.  This building is going up under the direct supervision of O. HOWARD, and it is truly substantial in every respect.  A building that Jefferson Township may well be proud of.

JAMES MARSHALL has started a new Harness Shop with WM. GUYSELMAN as foreman.  JAMES EDWARDS is also looking for a room on the street.  This would make four harness shops for Bellville.

Miss DELLA PETTIT, of Sandusky, O., is visiting her relatives, SIMPSONS, in this place.

MAY WHITCOMB is quite ill.  Last Wednesday, when all hopes of his recovery were gone he rallied, and some simptoms [sic.] are better.  WM. EPERLY is convalescent.  Mr. EPPERLY himself is ill.

SHERMAN BIXLER presented us with a sample of very fine potatoes which he propagated from the apple of the Early Rose variety to fifth year, and what is remarkable, there were two distinct varieties, one of which was purple fleshed.  The productions is entirely different from the original.  This is the only way to get a perfect variety.  Mr. S. will sell a few pounds to any who may desire this perfect seed.

SAMUEL SHAFER has decided to make a trip west to see his children and the country.

FRANCIS MURPHY will lecture in the Congregational Church, Mansfield, Wednesday evening, Oct. 3rd., 1877.  Tickets 50 cents.  For sale at CONDICT's and this office.

To Whom It May Concern, we reprint certain resolutions pertaining to R. EVARTS, Esq.

Two tramps entered S. CUTTING's house on last Friday afternoon in the absence of the family and took some shirts, a new hat and a revolver.

An Historical discourse of the Presbyterian Church in this place will be given by the present pastor, Rev. W.W. ANDERSON, next Sunday at ten and a half o'clock a.m.  This will no doubt be quite interesting to many.  All are invited.  There will also be an historical exercise of the Sunday-school in the evening, conducted by A.H. CONDICT.  The members of the original Choir have been requested to sing some of the "good old pieces"  Rev. J.O. PROCTOR is expected to be present.

Mrs. ABIGAIL STUCK, of Sigourna [sic.], Iowa, is visiting friends in and around Bellville.  Not withstanding her 26 years absence, she finds a few familiar faces and places, especially the house where she was born.  Mrs. STUCK is the only surviving daughter of TIMOTHY EVARTS, who was one of the early settlers in Bellville.  She is now stopping at her uncle REUBEN's and would be pleased to see any of her early schoolmates and others that may favor her with a call.

MARRIED, On Thursday evening, Sept. 20th., 1877, at the residence of the bride's parents, near Johnsville, by Rev. G.M. HEINDEL, Mr. S.S. LINDSEY, of Lexington, O., to Miss M.R. MILLER, of Morrow County.

DIED, In Barry County, Mich., on Sept. 10th., 1877, SARAH HIRST, daughter of ALEXANDER ROBINSON, aged 37 years.  They moved from Van Wert last fall. 

DIED, At her late residence in Washington Township, Sept. 23rd., 1877., Mrs. MARY (MUNCY) KNOX, aged 83 years, 2 months and 6 days.

DIED, In Bellville, O., Sept. 26th., 1877, GEORGANA, daughter of JACOB and HANNAH PATMAN, aged 5 years, 1 month and 20 days.

ASSIGNEE'S SALE.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Assignee of ASA GATTON, an insolvent, will sell at Public Auction the following Real Estate, to-wit:  One equal one half of the north part of lot number forty-eight (48), and one equal one half of lot number one (1).  Both parcels in the town of Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, on the premises on the 17th. day of October, 1877, between the hours of 12 M. and 4 o'clock P.M.  This is the Brick Hotel property near the depot, in the village of Bellville, O.  Appraised value, twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500).  Terms of sale, cash.  -- JERRY GATTON, Assignee.

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  • Wm. Lanehart (furniture / undertaking)
  • Gerlack & Bousard (carriages)
  • A.H. Redding (attorney)
  • Dr. W.T. McMahon
  • G.S. & R.W. Bell (dry goods)
  • J.F. Christ (tailor)
  • A.J. Flaharty (tanner)
  • H.O. Sheidley (carriage shop)
  • W.A. Schafer (saddles)
  • J.B. Lewis, m.D.
  • James C. Lee, M.D.
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  • Irwin Fisher (groceries)
  • Cunningham & Little (lumber yard)
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  • J.F. Green
  • Schafer & Son (meat market)
  • A.H. Condict (clothing)
  • Norton's
  • Farber & Horn (platform wagons)
  • G.I. Clark (stoves)
  • H. Faus (boots and shoes)
  • John Coleman (hats)
  • Hendrickson & Secrist's (crockery and queensware)
  • S. Wagener (American Sewing Machine agent)
  • Bevington's Drug Store

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