The Bellville Weekly - 02 February 1877

Richland Co., Ohio

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The Bellville Weekly - 02 February 1877


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 02 February 1877, Vol. V, No. 44  (source documents held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)


Mrs. N.A. SAXTON found a gold dollar in a cake of Gold Soap purchased at Swank & Son's.

JOHN KELSO had his shoulder dislocated.

MAXFIELD says he has sold a number of the coupon tickets to various points.

A.J. GERHART and wife, of West Salem, are visiting friends in this place.

The M.E. Church, of this place, will be re-opened one week from next Sabbath (Feb. 11th.), by the pastor Rev. G.W. WALKER, who will deliver the dedicatory sermon at 10 o'clock A.M.  Everybody is invited to attend.

MADISON GATTON informs us that he has a lamb that weighted twenty-five pounds when two weeks old.

A house and lot for sale cheap.  Inquire of A.H. REDDING, Esq.

ISAAC BOWERS and JAS. McKINLEY have decided to move their Portable Steam Saw Mill on to land belonging to D. AUNGST, near to A.J. SHAFER's residence.

Miss NELIE MOORE of this place, while cleaning a glove with benzine last week, got her hand badly burned.  She had the glove on her hand and held it near the fire to drive, when it took fire.

A meeting at Worthington Chapel, near Newville, under charge of Rev. D.F. CENDER, is being well attended day and night, and is meeting with good success, quite a number having made a start in the new life.

(Communicated)  GRAND LITERARY RALLY -- There will be a debate at Steel's School House, Feb. 8th., 1877.  A good time is expected, and all are cordially invited.  -- O.L.S.

There is to be an Old Folks Singing at the Salem Lutheran Church, 2 miles west of Bellville, on Saturday evening, Feb. 10th., 1877.  The books to be used is the old Masouri [sic.] Harmony.  All are invited to attend.

Mr. M.M. HAMILTON, nephew of JOHN HAMILTON, is stopping in this place.  He is an extensive cattle dealer in the southern part of Texas.  He has one hundred and six thousand acres fenced in.  He says the immigration to Texas is immense.  The soil is rich and productive, and the climate is delightful.  Cattle can graze the year round.

Religious services have been held at the Presbyterian Church, each evening since the week of prayer.  A good interest has been manifested.  Communion services were held last Sabbath.  The Church was filled to overflowing.  The following persons united with the church:  Mr. A. OLDFIELD and wife, Mrs. MARY H. SHAFER, Mrs. WAYT, Miss LAURA BEATTIE, Mr. C. BLANFORD and Miss LUCY BLANFORD.  The services still continue this week.

MARRIED, At the parsonage in Lexington, on the 25th. of Jan., 1877, by Rev. GEO. W. WALKER, Mr. M.J. KEYES and Miss EMMA V. LEWIS, both of Knox County, Ohio.

MARRIED, At the bride's parents in Galion, O., Jan. 25th., 1877, by Rev. E.P. ELCART, Mr. V.H. REISINGER of Bellville, O., and Miss MATTIE A. MACKEY, of the former place.

DIED, Near Bellville, Ohio, Jan. 31st., 1877, BATHSHEBA HOWARD, wife of JOHNSON HOWARD, aged 56 years and 7 months.

DIED, In Wisconsin, Jan. 22d., 1877, Mrs. SARAH JANE KINNEY, aged 31 years and 26 days.  SARAH JANE LONG was born, Jan. 27th., 1845, in Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio.  Was married to DANIEL KINNEY, May 16th., 1865.  Moved to Wisconsin and lived there four years.  Was brought to Bellville to her brother on the 27th., and was taken to the Evangelical Church three miles west of Bellville, followed by many of the citizens of Bellville and her old neighbors in the country.  Funeral sermon by the writer from Job 7th. chap. 10th. verse.  "I would not live always."  She leaves a husband and four motherless children and many relatives to mourn.  -- Rev. D.F. CENDER.  << poetry omitted >>

DIED, January 14th., 1877, LYDIA CATHARINE CARLILE, aged 18 years, 2 months and 5 days.  LYDIA was a member of the U.B. Church, at Worthington Chapel, near Newville.  Of her it may be truly said she was a faithful Christian.  The Church will miss her.  The writer must say he never saw a young person when drawing near the close of life, manifest such an interest for the salvation of her friends and associates as did Lydia, and so willing that the will of the Lord be done.  <<scripture omitted>>

RECEIPTS ON SUBSCRIPTION.  A.W. FRY, Bellville, O., $1.25;  JOHN CHARLES, Hastings, O., $1.25, R.B. MORROW, Winchester, Ind., $1.25,  WM. WEAVER, Bellville, O., $1.25,  H.E. GIBSON, Fredericktown, O., $1.25,  MICHAEL STUFF, Bellville, O., $1.25,  Miss ELLA BOWERS, Bellville, O., $1.25,  SAM'L BOWERS, Danville, Ill., $1.35, THOS. YEARIAN, Bellville, O., $1.25.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.  The firm of O. HOWARD & Son, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.  -- O. HOWARD and H.W. HOWARD.  // The undersigned will continue the Planing Mill business at the old stand.  Public patronage is solicited.  -- H.W. HOWARD.

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