The Bellville Weekly - 15 September 1876

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The Bellville Weekly - 15 September 1876


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 15 September 1876, Vol. V, No. 24 (source documents held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Society)

LETTER FROM IOWA -- Stuart, Iowa, Sept. 11th., 1876.  Editors Bellville Weekly:  Some time has passed since I have had the pleasure of reading the Bellville news.  I have not seen but one copy since the first of June, and that rather insinuated that Mr. CUTTING made hay on the Sabbath.  If he will come to our prairies and make hay no person will molest him.  I am at Stuart, a thriving little town located about 40 miles west of Des Moines on the C.R.I. & P. R.R., in a good farming country.  The times are fearful dull, the wheat crop being nearly a failure, only averaging four bushels per acre, consequently there is no money in the country.  The corn crop is abundant;  early frosts have visited the low lands in various localities, not doing much damage to the crops.  The main topic of conversation is concerning the grasshoppers.  Last week they came in countless numbers, the wind blowing from the north-west about nine o'clock in the morning, they began coming, and continued until the wind ceased in the evening, the bulk passing over, yet they lit to the ground and remain here yet.  They do not seem to eat the green vegetables much, but are busy laying eggs, people watching to keep the little devils out of their houses to save carpets, clothing, &c.  It is a curiosity to see how they deposit their eggs.  They back into the hard ground in the road as far as their wings will let them, having their wings spread, there deposit from 30 to 70 eggs, then move to another place until they deposit about 500 eggs, each egg containing two hoppers.  If this is correct, and I believe it is, for I examined the whole performance, extracted a sack of eggs from the ground with a pin and examined closely with a glass.  Report says the pleasant weather this fall will hatch these eggs and the cold weather will destroy the entire lot.  It is hoped this will prove true, yet the outlook for the next year is gloomy.  It has checked business of all kinds.  Mr. ED. CROSS and myself ate chicken last Sunday at Mr. G.H. FITTING's.  we found Mr. FITTING hopping about on crutches, suffering from eresypelas [erysipelas] in his feet.  Mrs. FITTING was very pleasant and courteous.  All Bellville people should call on them when coming this way.  Yours in baste.  More anon.  -- DANDIE MARKS.

Mr. J.C. POTTS is erecting an addition to his office building, to be occupied by Dr. ARMENTROUT.

Mrs. A. CLEVER is quite ill.

Mrs. BELL WRIGHT left for a visit East, on Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

A. HENDRICKSON offers for sale four full blood Chester White pigs.

T.J. POTTS started for home last Tuesday evening.

Mrs. MARY GOSS, of Lancaster, O., is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Mrs. L.A. DEAN's address, 333 Eddy St., San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. JOSEPH NEILY and Widow MARY KNOX, are seriously ill.

A.A. PATTERSON started for New York and the Centennial last Monday, via. the B.&O. R.R.

A Proclamation is issued for the election of a Mayor, to serve out the unexpected [sic.] term of JACOB SWANK, to take place next Tuesday, Sept. 19th.

The clerical labors of both Rev. J.H. AUGHEY, Presbyterian, and Rev. H.W. CONLEY, of the M.E. churches, terminated last Sabbath.

C.L. MILLER is a bridle-maker [as] well as auctioneer and farmer.  He showed us a sample of his work Wednesday, and we will say it is as neat as any we ever saw.

JNO. B. STEWART and wife, of Buda, Ill., have been east visiting friends and the Centennial;  also in this neighborhood.  They left here on last Friday accompanied by Mrs. N.B. SWEET, who intends making her home with them.

On Sabbath last, Sept. 10th., Mr. M.L. BONAR, Miss EDITH I. BROWN and Miss NELLIE G. ELSTON, were baptized in the M.E. Church;  and together with Mr. JACOB KLOTZ, Mrs. S.B. FAUS and Mr. CHARLES H. BERRY, on examination, were received into the members of the church.

On last Tuesday Mr. S.B. DONNEL fell from the second story of the Grange building to the ground, a distance of thirteen feet.  He was carried home very much hurt, but we believe there were no bones broken.

PROBATE NOTICE -- The undersigned has been duly appointed Assignee for A. ORDWAY's estate.  All persons having claims against said A. Ordway will present them. -- JOHN W. ZENT, Assignee.

PROBATE NOTICE - The Estate of GEO. C. HOWARD, Deceased.  The Administration of the Estate of the above-named decedent has been entrusted by the Probate Court to the undersigned.  Any persons having claims against said estate are requested to present them to the undersigned within one year.  -- N.O. SMITH and WM. F. MADDEN.

Z.B. CAMPBELL entered Princeton (N.J.) Seminary, on Friday of last week.

Rev. Mr. BLACK, visiting with his brother, WM. BLACK, preached at the M.E. Church last Sabbath evening.

Miss JENNIE WEAVER has returned to her home in Bellville.

NIMROD NEWLIN, an old and well known citizen of this Township, died on Wednesday of last week.

The Richland Association of Universalist, will be held at the Universalist church in Bellville, beginning on Friday evening of this week and closing Sunday evening.  Rev. W.S. RALPH of Columbus will preach Friday evening, Rev. F. EVANS on Sunday.

Miss LIBBIE LOCKHEART left for Granville, O., on Wednesday, to attend school.

M.E. STEARNS and family have moved into a part of Dr. N.D. WHITCOMB's house.

The funeral of Mrs. PIPER, which took place last Sunday, was very large, notwithstanding the heavy rain.  She was an old citizen, and was well known and esteemed for her amiable disposition, and care and attention of the sick in all the neighborhood around.  Her illness was very short, not giving her friends much chance to minister to her wants.  She is gone, her deeds do follow her.

ROLL OF HONOR - The following persons have subscribed and paid for THE BELLVILLE WEEKLY for one year, since we last published the roll of honor:  NEW -- L.D. AUNGST, Bellville, O.;  V.H. REISINGER, Bellville, O.;  Mrs. N.B. SWEET, Buda, Ill.  RENEWAL -- S.K. GARBER, Bellville, O.;  L.G. HOOVER, Butler, O., 2 yrs.;  H. WEAGLEY, Bellville, O., 2 yrs.;  D. SHECKLER, Bellville, O.;  Samuel PHIPPS, Butler, O.

MARRIED -- CARLILE-HAYS -- At Hastings, Richland County, Ohio, September 7th., 1876, by Rev. P. BERRY, Mr. ALBERT I. CARLILE and Miss LAVINA HAYS.

DIED -- In Washington Township, Richland County, Ohio, September 8th., 1876, Mrs. MARTHA PIPER, aged 57 years, 11 months and 20 days.

DIED -- This morning at his residence, near Ottumwa, DAVID WHITCOMB, aged 81 years, 3 months.  Mr. W. was among the first settlers in Wapello County.  He first settled on a farm 5 miles north of this city, where he resided until some five years ago, since which time, owing to age and general debility, he has given up farming and resided at his suburban residence near this city.  He was a man universally respected by all who knew him, and leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn his departure.  -- Ottumwa (IA) Daily Courier, Sept. 6th.

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  • L.W. Nevius (dentistry)
  • S.P. Dyer (gunsmith
  • G.S. & R.W. Bell (dry goods)
  • Globe House (hotel)
  • Lane & Shafer (blacksmith)
  • J.P. Walsh (saddles)
  • Irwin Fisher (groceries)
  • John Null (blacksmith)
  • Cunningham & Little (lumber yard)
  • James Rhinehalt (blacksmith)
  • J.B. Lewis, M.D.
  • Dr. S.R. Stofer
  • W.H. Smith (livery)
  • C.L. Miller (auctioneer)
  • James C. Lee, M.D.
  • Van Dorn & Waddell (drugs)
  • J. Rinehart (fabric)
  • Lucy Clark (hats)
  • B.F. Hines & Sons (boots and shoes)
  • H. Glosser (jewelry)
  • Dr. V.H. Reisinger
  • O.B. Rummel (hardware)
  • Wm. H. Elston (tailor)
  • Dr. James R. Bristor (of Mansfield)
  • A.H. Condict (fabric)
  • Singer's (hats)
  • A.J. Flaharty (hides)
  • G.M. Wilkinson (jewelry, at Mansfield)

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