The Bellville Weekly - 09 June 1876

Richland Co., Ohio

Neighborhood News

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The Bellville Weekly - 09 June 1876


Source:  The Bellville Weekly, 09 June 1876, Vol. V, No. 10 (source documents held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Society)

Dr. N.D. WHITCOMB arrived home from Iowa on Wednesday evening.

Miss HILBOURN is now ready and prepared for all kinds of work in the millinery line at Condit's Store.

Rev. W.W. ANDERSON and wife, of Shelby, started for the Centennial last Monday, via Washington and Baltimore.

Mrs. Z. MILLER, who has been visiting in this place, left yesterday (Thursday), for the east.

Mr. H.E. GIBSON left for the Centennial last Thursday, via. Washington and Baltimore.

On last Monday, in Mt. Vernon, a young daughter of R.W. McWHERTER, Superintendent of the Orphans' Home, fell into an uncovered cistern, and was drowned before she could be rescued.

Closing Exercises of High School -- Young ladies of High School will give a Literary Entertainment at Presbyterian Church Thursday evening, June 16th.  Admission fee of 10 cents will be charged to bear necessary expenses.  On Friday evening Commencement exercises of Graduating Class will take place.

Our young and gentlemanly doctors, J.B. LEWIS and S.R. STOFER, have each been getting himself a new buggy, and both are securing a good practice in their profession.

Dr. A.I. BEACH has purchased of R.W. BELL twenty-two feet of ground on Main Street, adjoining G.S. & R.W. Bell's Store.

Persons having books from the school library will please return them to H. GLOSSER, as new books are being added, and they wish to record and re-number all of them.

Mr. HILBOURN, editor and proprietor of the Lakeside Register, Muskegon, Mich., who has been visiting his sister, Miss S.A. HILBOURN, in this place, gave us a friendly call last Saturday.  He owns a good printing office, turns out excellent work, and reports business in a prosperous condition.  He left on Tuesday last.

A Centenarian -- WILLIAM YOUNG, residing near Lafayette, Richland County, Ohio, is now aged about 100 years, and still enjoys good health.  His first vote for President was given for Thomas Jefferson, we learn, when he was first a candidate.  He was also present and saw Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton fight their duel.  His hearing is almost gone, and it is with great difficulty persons can converse with him.  He is supposed to be the oldest man in Richland County.  He was a native of County Doun [sic.], Ireland.  -- Shelby News.

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Advertiser's Index

  • E.D. Turner
  • Moody's (shoes)
  • J. Rinehart's (fabric)
  • W.S. Harrington (stoves)
  • H. Glosser (picture frames)
  • H.W. Conley (Dentist)
  • Rumer & Neily (stone quarry)
  • Dr. James R. Bristor (dental office at Mansfield)
  • Geddes, Fink & Geddes (attorneys at Mansfield)
  • J.C. Potts (bakery)
  • A.F. Smaltz (bakery)
  • O.B. Rummell (hardware)
  • Wm. H. Elston (clothing)

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