The Bellville Star:  31 May 1883, Vol. VI, No. 35

Richland Co., Ohio

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e The Bellville Star -- 31 May 1883  f


Source:  The Bellville Star:  31 May 1883, Vol. VI, No. 35 (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

State and Neighborhood News.

Magdaline Slaybaugh died at Shelby recently, aged 93 years.

John A. Connolly, of Mansfield, has been admitted to practice in the U.S. Court.

Isaac Adams, a pioneer of Cass Township, visited his friends between two paralytic strokes, the last of which caused his death on the 23rd. inst.


John Blair, conductor on the B.&O., has quit the road.

Mrs. Eugene Haviland, will join her husband at Ithaca, N.Y., this week.

Dr. and Mrs. S.R. Stofer, of Danville, visited her parents near town Sunday.

Mrs. Landis, of New Philadelphia, is visiting her sister, Mrs. G.W. Maxfield.

Mr. Dimon, the gallant stave merchant in time past, is now a brakeman on the O.C. railroad, so said.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Jos. Mutersbaugh & Sarah Urich, Milton H. Drake & Mary R. Pluck, Edward Berno & Hettie L. Baker.

An attempt was made to burn Jerry Gatton's grocery at Chicago Junction, a few mornings since, but the fire was discovered in time to save the store.

Mrs. Sarah Hamilton died at the residence of her son Samuel, Saturday evening last, in her 83rd. year, and the burial took place Monday.  Sermon by Rev. H.L. Canfield, at the church.

George Sickinger has applied for a divorce from his wife, alleging neglect of duty and willful absence.  Not long since he brought suit for damages against his wife's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bottomly, for alienating her affections from him, but was unsuccessful, the jury finding the wife had just cause to leave.

Rev. Anderson of this place will preach at Trinity Chapel in Mr. Clever's neighborhood next Sabbath at 3 p.m.

John Neptune, of Richland County, was visiting his brothers north of town the first of the week.  -- Loudonville (OH) Advocate.

C.D.Purvis, the fine looking gentleman who managed a skating rink here last winter, was married the 16th. inst., to Miss Maggie Bell, an accomplished Cardington (OH) belle.

The delegates from this township to the Republican County Convention to be held at Mansfield, June 2nd., are:  Reuben Evarts, Alex. Steel, G.W. Little, S.C. Shafer, W.F. Madden, S.B. Donel, W.H. Batterson, D.W. Wilson and John B. Edwards.

A Coroner's inquest was held at Cleveland the 24th. inst., over the body of Mrs. Charles W. Seymour, resulting in the following verdict:  "I find that Julia Seymour came to her death from the result of an abortion, caused and produced by the agency of Sylvia L. Webster and Charles W. Seymour."  On Friday the accused were brought into police court, and after a preliminary examination, were bound over to Common Pleas Court:  Seymour in the sum of $500 and Webster $1000.  The case against them is considered a weak one.

Jacob Goodheart, of Perry Tp., is visiting a sick brother in the Keystone State.

W.C. Hamilton is leading the Lexington band this Wednesday -- Memorial Day.

Miss Mary Dyer and her sister, Amanda, of Mt. Vernon (Ohio), will remove to this place soon and engage in dress-making.

Will Payne, of Mansfield, visited his sister Anna Monday.

Will and Emma McCready, of Independence, were the guests of Nettie McCreary Sunday.

Mrs. James Lafferty was in Mansfield, Decoration Day, the guest of her brother, C.A. Patterson.


The following are very sick:  Mrs. Martin Spohn, Mrs. Tommy Pritchard, and Rev. John Secrist.  It is our desire to see them all get well.

Mrs. Laura Wise went to Columbus this week to make some new selections of goods for Wise & Co.

Lew Switzer began repairing his dwelling house last week.

Perry Walsh, wife and daughter, of Bellville, visited friends here Sunday.

Eph. Grubaugh is plastering James Daugherty's new building.  Mr. G. is a first-class workman.  He formerly worked with Wm. Reed, of North Liberty.

Married, at the residence of the bride's parents, on May 27th., 1883, by Rev. J.G. Staunton, J.P., Mr. Edwin F. Davis and Miss Sarah E. Garber.

George and Tom McBee were in town Monday on business.

Miss Mary Williams is on the sick list.

A 4-lb. boy at Simon Garber's last week.

We can report late additions to the following families:  John Remmy's, a boy;  W.A. Pearce's, a boy;  John Long's, a girl;  Jacob Spohn's, a girl;  and all are doing well.

Mr. David Hagerman, of Illinois, an uncle of Mr. Dan Yarger visited here this week.

While John Mishey and Daniel Grubb, of North Liberty, were fishing in Ramsey's bottom, Mr. Mishey's horse fell on a snag which penetrated his side to the depth of six inches.  The animal will die.

A valuable steer of E. Smith's came home recently from Newville and suddenly died. 

Sam. Harden, the printer, will put in a novelty press which was bought recently at Centerburg, by him.

Monday night Dr. Hubbs assisted by Dr. Anderson, of Mansfield, amputated Dore Plank's finger that was bitten by Pat O'Hearn several weeks ago.  The doctor deserves credit for his earnest efforts to save Mr. Plank's life and we are glad to hear that he is bringing him out with only the loss of a finger.

Mt. Olive.

Mrs. Jennie Brake, of Crawford Co., visited her relatives here recently.

Mrs. Eliza Rummell, of Crestline, is visiting her friends here.

Winfield Hildebrand, eight years old, sawed off his little toe while sawing wood.

Clyde Secrist, of Westerville (OH) has been visiting his grand-father, Mr. David Secrist.

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