The Bellville Star:  24 May 1883, Vol. VI, No. 34

Richland Co., Ohio

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e The Bellville Star -- 24 May 1883  f


Source:  The Bellville Star:  24 May 1883, Vol. VI, No. 34 (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

G.M. Fry is Mayor of Lexington.

B.F. Carter and H.H. Hamilton, of Lexington, are running a drug store at Shelby.

Will P. Bloom, of Shelby, and Miss Ruth Rice, of Wilkesbarre, Pa., were married at the first named place a few evenings since.  The wedding was a brilliant one.

J.J. Stotzen has opened a hotel in Shelby which is first class in all its appointments, and no doubt the new house and its landlord will become popular with the public.


H. Glosser is in Caledonia with his car.

Charles Wallace is a "big success" in Mansfield.

U.F. Armstrong visited his daughter at Shiloh, Friday.

Andrew Stevenson, Esq., Democratic candidate for Representative, was in town Friday.

Miss Ida Purcell, a typo of this office, visited relatives in Fredericktown a few days, including Sunday.

M. Sharp has bought the building of A.E. Carpenter just vacated by Wharton, the grocer, and after June 1st., Mrs. E.F. Warren will occupy it as a drug store.

Mansfield has removed her band stand over the bank to the southeast corner of the park.  If it were as beautiful as ours no such removal would have been thought of.

Mrs. Dorothy P. Whitten, familiarly known as Mother Whitten, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. Philpott, Thursday evening, aged 83 years, 9 months and 23 days.  At 11 o'clock Sunday the funeral services were held at the Universalist church, conducted by Miss Henrietta Moore, where a large number of people had gathered to pay due respect to the departed.

B.F. Thrailkill is on the road for the Buckeye Suspender Co., of Mansfield.

Harvey Eller writes from the O.P. that he likes his present abode very well.

J. Calvin Bushey swings the baton and D. Palm draws the bow, for the Caledonians this evening.

Mrs. Kitty Tuttle, of St. Louisville, returned Tuesday, after a three week's visit at Gershom Parker's.

Miss Rose Edwards is disabled by the sprain of an ankle and a fracture of one bone at the ankle joint.

Mrs. M. Hyatt, of Delaware, was here and assisted in caring for her sister, Mrs. J. Bowman, during her last days.

Joseph Eller is afflicted with a large gangrenous ulcer on his left hip.  He is altogether helpless and _akes no notice of what is going on around him.

Rapid City, Dakota, the home of J.M. and Alonzo Leedy, was visited with a terrible flood Sunday.  The city was entirely surrounded by water, and houses washed away.

While Abner Oldfield and his son-in-law, D.M. Teeter, were working on a scaffold at the barn it gave way and precipitated them to the ground, a distance of fifteen feet.  Mr. T. was not injured, but Mr. O. sustained a fracture of one leg at the ankle joint.  Dr. Sampsell was called.  The accident happened the 17th.


Fred Wiggins, telegraph operator at Shelby Junction, was visiting friends here Monday.

Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Severns, of Bellville, were in town Monday.

Francis Palm intends to take in the Dunkard excursion to Kansas, and on his way home will stop off at his brother Williams, near St. Joseph, Mo.

Samuel Greer receives $36 per month benefit from the B.&O. relief fund on account of his lame arm, which benefit will continue one year.

G.A. Flaharty is rebuilding the residence of Elah Secrist.

Daniel Loose will manufacture screen windows and door frames this summer.

Leonard Owens was taken to the poor house last week.

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