The Bellville Star -- 12 April 1883

Richland Co., Ohio

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e The Bellville Star -- 12 April 1883  f


Source:  The Bellville Star:  12 April 1883, Vol. VI, No. 28 (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)

Golden Days.  On Saturday, April 7th., the golden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Aungst was pleasantly celebrated at their home five miles southeast of town, some sixty being present to enjoy the occasion and pay merited honor to the couple of half a century.  The invaders advanced upon Mr. A., and wife early in the morning and remained until late in the afternoon, and what transpired will time and again gladden the hearts of the aged twain.  Seated in two cozy rocking chairs, presents from their children, the two listened to a clever and impressive speech from Rev. H.L. Canfield, tendering for their acceptance some beautiful and valuable gifts.  To the wife was given a pair of gold spectacles and to the husband a gold headed cane, besides other cherished mementoes.  A very befitting response expressing the recipient's warmest gratitude was made by Mr. U.F. Armstrong, who once was a boarder of Mr. & Mrs. Aungst's, and will always remember their kindness.  He implored the richest blessings upon their present and future life and wished that they might be has happy in the future as their deeds have been illustrious in the past.  The dinner that was served was unsurpassed in excellence and variety, and made whole the inner man.  Mr. & Mrs. Aungst have long lived in this neighborhood, and richly earned the honor bestowed upon them.  Their course in life has been such as to draw around them many steadfast friends, and in their contentment scarcely seem to realize that golden days are passing by.

Died, March 30th., at her residence four miles northwest of Johnsville, after a lingering illness of two years, Mrs. Sarah Eckler, wife of Wm. Eckler, aged 65 years, 3 months and 19 days.  The remains were interred at Shauck's grave yard.  Rev. Wilhelm conducting the services.  She leaves a husband and two daughters.


Frank Hamilton has moved to North Liberty.

Reb. P.D. Brush is spending a few days in Erie County.

Mrs. A.B. Oberlin is visiting her mother near Massillon.

John Sipe is mail carrier between Johnsville and Galion.

Mr. G.S. Hall, of Fredericktown, called at our den Friday.

Miss Florence Craven is teaching school in the Center Hall district.

Mrs. Maggie Hill opened a term of school at Pleasant Hill Monday.

A.H. Redding has been appointed administrator with will annexed of the estate of John Fox.

Demus Garber, of Montevallo, Mo., was in town last week.  He is very well pleased with his new home.

Winfield Teeter of this vicinity, has gone to Buckeye City to engage in business.  He has bought a half interest in a planing mill.

Misses Mettie McCluer and Leah Shaler have obtained certificates from the School Examiners of Knox County, and the former opened a term of school at Caywood schoolhouse Monday.

John Lucas died at his residence on Bell St., Friday morning, of consumption, aged 36 years, 5 months and 4 days, and was buried at Johnsville on Sunday.  Mr. Lucas was a member of the Johnsville lodge I.O.O.F., and during his long sickness was kindly cared for by members of that lodge and the Bellville lodge.  The funeral ceremonies were conducted by the order, some twenty following the remains from here to the place of burial.  The Johnsville lodge was out in full numbers to pay proper respect to a departed brother.  Remarks at the house were made by Rev. W.W. Anderson, and at the Shauck's church, Johnsville, by Rev. M.L. Wilhelm.  The church would not contain half the people who attended the obsequies.  Mr. Lucas did an insurance business here.

Moses Walters has returned from a visit in the West.

Mrs. G.W. Maxfield has returned from New Philadelphia.  She left her mother much improved.

J. Neff, Kanaga, of Mansfield, was in town Tuesday.  He intends working on a fruit farm near the city this summer.

Mrs. Susan Fox, the divorced wife of John Fox, deceased, is making an effort to get hold of one-third the property he left.

Mr. Meckley has sold his interest in the grocery business and will work at the carpenter trade with Donel and Britchard.

Thomas Bottomly was arrested the 9th. inst. for trotting horses across the iron bridge.  He was fined $10 and costs, $17.90 in all.

T.P. Dodd the hardware dealer, is out with a new advertisement this week.  He was recently elected Clerk by a handsome majority, but that will not prevent him from selling new goods at big bargains.

At a meeting of the Fire Company Monday evening officers were elected for the ensuing year as follows:  Chief, A. Lanehart;  Foreman of Engine, Frank Stevens;  1st. Asst., W.H. Smith;  2nd. Asst., D. Castatyr;  Foreman of Hose Reel, S. Donel, Jr.;  1st. Asst., Will Myers;  2nd. Asst., Ezra Walker;  Treas., G.I. Clark;  Sec., E.A. Brown.

Miss Anna Payne has resumed her position in Thompson's store.

H.O. Sheidly left Thursday for Kansas City to see his brother B.A. Sheidly, who was very sick.  He took the 4 p.m. train and at Tiffin, O., met his sister Mrs. L. Seitz, who accompanied him.  They arrived at Kansas City Sunday morning.  Mrs. Sheidly received a telegram Monday evening stating that his brother died that morning.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Alva Hafer & Alice Currad;  John A. Linser & Mary C. Butler;  Daniel Henry & Laura Coopp;  Henry Hetler & Grizzie Bailey;  Henry M. Herring & Marelda J. Neff;  Albert R. Murphy & Anna J. Guile;  Daniel McCarthy & Bridget O'Leafy;  Ernest P. Lersch & Anna Sites;  Jacob B. Lewis & Matilda M. Cretser.


We are glad to notice that Mrs. Anna Switzer has recovered from her severe illness.

Miss Hattie Greer will take charge of the Grammar school this summer.

David Zimmerman attempted to cross the creek during the high water last week and came near being swept away.  Mr. Ramsey came to his rescue and also succeeded in getting horses and wagon out.

We have to report this week on the sick list, Mr. David Cosner, sprained back;  Oscar Wise, rheumatism;  Dr. O.A. Hubbs, lung trouble;  Mrs. G.W. McBee, neuralgia;  and Samuel Teeter's child.

Harvey Leedy shipped his goods to Michigan Monday where he will shortly go himself.

Jonathan Dawsey, one of our citizens, will in the future try country life.  He removes to the Leedy farm.

James Dougherty laid the foundation for a new building on Monday which he will occupy with a shoe maker's furnishing store.

U. Moore sold his restaurant to T.E. Mix when he moved his billiard table having bought his partner's interest.

Mr. Charles Weant is putting a new roof on his house which will add much to its appearance.

Miss Libbie McLaughlin returned home last week.

Mr. A. Hitchman, traveling salesman for Stearns & Co., was in town last week.  He has now the State of Ohio to work instead of Pennsylvania.

C.M. Wise and wife will go to Cleveland this week to select their spring stock of dry goods and millinery, &c.

A ripple of excitement was caused last Monday by an alarm of fire.  The flames were on the roof of D. Baker's dwelling and soon extinguished by Mr. Volunteer's bucket brigade.


At our district election, Monday, A.H. Wheeler was elected for one year, John Freeman for three.

Mrs. Taylor is sick with pulmonary troubles.  Samuel Reed's youngest child is emaciated from congestion of the lungs and softening of the brain.

____ Black, of Nashville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Simmons.

Jessie Manner opened school at Center Hall last Monday.

The Possum Slide school is without a teacher.  Send one around.

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