The Bellville Star:  31 August 1882, Vol. V, No. 48

Richland Co., Ohio

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e The Bellville Star -- 31 August 1882  f


Source:  The Bellville Star:  31 August 1882, Vol. V, No. 48 (source document held by Bellville / Jefferson Township Historical Museum)


ELIZA GATTON.  Eliza Gatton was a daughter of John and Rachel (Norris) Gatton, who came to Jefferson Township in 1818, and shared in the danger and excitement of pioneer life.  One time Mrs. Gatton went to Mansfield with a web of linen and was followed on her return by a pack of wolves.  The horse she rode was a fast one, and it was considerable time before they came up with her.  The horse ran at a gallop, and the famished brutes would jump against his sides and legs in their attempt to fasten their teeth in the animals flesh.  The noble horse kept on in hi lightning journey, striking the wolves down with his fore feet when they came before him, and kicking behind until he arrived home, and the pests were driven off.  Mrs. Gatton says Joe. Heins shot Tom Lyons, the noted Indian on John Kanaga's farm in the southern part of Jefferson Township.  This Indian carried ninety tongues of white men as the trophies of his life career in warring against the pale face.  Eliza Gatton was married in 1847 to John Barton, who died in the army.

Neighborhood News.

D. GABLE'S BIRTH-DAY.  Last Saturday a good number of Daniel Gable's friends and relatives surprised him at his residence.  They came to make pleasant his 49th. birth-day.  They filled his residence completely although the rain kept a number from participating.  A number of useful articles were presented for which Mr. Gable returned his thanks.  Mr. & Mrs. Gable are among the most worthy of the families in the locality south of Independence, and have lived an industrious and upright life, and are generally esteemed by their neighbors.

Miss Adeline Anderson was sent from Washington Township to the Insane Asylum Friday.

Mrs. Alice Wright, of Shelby, has been appointed Matron of the Children's Home, Mansfield.

Sadie Scott wants to be divorced from Thomas Scott and Ellen J. Hively from Adam Hively.  Fannie Bowman has not had the company and support of her husband for three years, and asks for a divorce.


Jacob Fry will leave to-day for Harrisburgh, Ill. to do what ever his hands find to do.

Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Crouse, of Mansfield, were guests of Miss Cornelia Moore, Sunday.

Miss Jennie Shafer is spending a few weeks at Bloominggrove, taking instructions in organ music.

J.M. Widney and a sister, Mrs. Alice Lewis, of Auburn, IN, are spending a week with their parents.

Isaac Welty, of Wilmot, spent several days in town the past week, the guest of his daughter, Mrs. O.E. Oberlin.

David Palm, the barber, has moved back from Fredericktown and will ply his trade in the room over Walsh's harness shop.

J.H. Edwards "takes the cake", selling baskets.

Mrs. J.H. Rinehalt died at New Lisbon, and was buried Aug. 13th.  She moved with her husband from this place several months since.

Bertha D., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.P. Allen, died the 23d. inst., and was buried Friday, the 25th.  Services at the house conducted by Rev. Canfield.  Her age was 6 months and 24 days.

Information has reached us through the Newton, Iowa Journal to the effect that Milo Cowan is a gentleman of excellent standing and a candidate for collector in Scotland County, Mo.  he is a son of Hugh Cowan, deceased, and once resided here.

Born, to Wm. Griffin and wife, the 28th., a daughter.

Mrs. A.J. Rummell is here from Toledo, sojourning with her parents.

Miss Stella Spayd, of Fremont, is enjoying a month's visit with Bellville friends.

Mrs. P.E. Evans, of Hutchinson, Kansas, is here on a visit to her son, C.A. Lafferty, and others.

Dr. John Purcell and wife, of Union City, IN, are spending the week with his brother Charles Purcell.

Charles Smith had his left wrist dislocated Monday.  He was working with horses and received a kick on the elbow, which drove his arm against the stall with the above result.

A.W. Budd, a practicing physician and surgeon of Lorain (OH), was married the 23rd. inst., to Miss Nettie Mowery, of Newville.  On Saturday the newly wedded were in this place guests in the family of Wm. F. Charles.  The best wishes of their friends go with them to their future place of residence, Lorain, and we join in the hope that the union of their hearts and hands may Budd forth life's richest blessings.


It is reported that Uriah Moore is going to move his bakery and lunch room into the basement of Zartman's drug store.

Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Edward Long, a son, Sunday, Aug. 27th.

Jas. A. and H.A. Pearce went to Fredericktown Saturday evening to furnish the music for a private party.  They are excellent musicians and have all they can do in that line.

J.H. Murdock, of Cincinnati, was the guest of A. Hitchman last week, Mrs. Murdock was formerly of Ligonier, Pa.  He and Mr. Hitchman were schoolmates.

Isaac Cosner's youngest son was run over by a lumber wagon last week, and hurt pretty badly.

Mr. & Mrs. U.S. Wheatcraft, celebrated their tin wedding Wednesday, Aug. 23rd.  There were about thirty guests present and partook of a bountiful dinner in the shade of the orchard trees.

Zeph. Stofer who was hurt last week by the cars, is reported doing well.

Mt. Olive.

Andrew Hunter sold his farm and is going to Illinois to live.

James Neer has purchased the Bierly farm.


Married, the 23rd., inst. at the brides residence, Miss Nettie Mowery to Dr. A.W. Budd.  Rev. McLaughlin officiating.

Peter Paullin has obtained a patent for an attachment to plows, by which you harrow the ground as fast as you plow it.

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