Richland County Persons Admitted to the Toledo Asylum, 1891 (partial year)

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Richland Co. Persons Admitted to the Toledo Asylum, 1891

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10 January xx Monday.  This morning Judge Mack received notice of the admission of Wm. Wallace to the Toledo Asylum.  Wallace will be taken there tomorrow. 
17 January - Tuesday.  Yesterday afternoon an inquest of lunacy was held on Mrs. Emma H. Seward, the widow of Thomas Seward;  and she was adjudged insane.  She is at present confined to the jail awaiting admission to the Toledo Asylum.
    Wednesday.  Sheriff Tressel today took Mrs. Seward and Andrew Wolfe to the Toledo Asylum.  He was accompanied by Mrs. Tressel and Frank Neff.
    Thursday.  An inquest of lunacy was held on Mrs. Mary Hall, of Cass Township, in Probate Court this afternoon.  She was adjudged insane and application has been made for her admission to the Toledo Asylum.  Mrs. Hall's insanity, which is said to be hereditary, has come upon her gradually and has been getting worse within the past two months.
    Saturday.  In Probate court this afternoon Andrew Wolf, of Newman's Addition, was adjudged insane.
    HIS REASON DETHRONED.  About 11:30 this forenoon several gentlemen from Lexington arrived at the court house carrying one of their townsmen, Wilson B. Hill, who was violently insane.  An inquest of lunacy was immediately held and Mr. Hill was adjudged insane by Judge Mack and taken to the jail by Deputy Sheriff Guthrie.  An application was immediately made for his admission to the Toledo Asylum.  The SHIELD man was informed by a bystander that Mr. Hill for a number of years had been one of the most prominent men of Lexington.  Until about a year ago he was the street commissioner of the village.  About the time he retired from that office he quit using tobacco and stopped the moderate use of liquor.  This, it is thought, brought on a sort of nervous attack from which he has been suffering since.  About two months ago it was noticed that he was losing his mind and he frequently became violently angry at members of his family, something that was never known of him before.  He has a wife and four children and the other day he told his youngest son, a little fellow, 14 years old, to get the butcher knife for him as he was going to kill the whole family.  The neighbors then became alarmed, and, upon learning that last night he drove the whole family from the house, they determined to have him sent to the asylum.  When they started to this city with him this morning the idea came upon him that he could not walk.  Consequently he was carried to the train at Lexington and from the cab, in which he was brought up town, into the court house.  Hill served in a California regiment during the civil war, having gone to that state in 1851.
    Monday.  Sheriff Tressel took Wilson B. Hill, of Lexington, to the Toledo Asylum this morning.  He was accompanied by George Snyder, a brother-in-law of the patient.
07 February   Thursday.  Mrs. Samantha Fitz, who has been in the Toledo Asylum since Nov. 3d., 1890, returned to her home in this city last night fully recovered.  This is the second time Mrs. Fitz had been in the asylum, having been sent there Feb. 1st., 1890, remaining only a few months.
07 March   Wednesday.  Andrew Wolf, of Newman's Addition, who has been at the Toledo Asylum for nearly two months, has been discharged from the institution and is now at his home in this city.
04 April   Thursday.  Thomas Wright was adjudged insane in Probate court this forenoon and application was made for his admission to the Toledo Asylum.
11 April   Wednesday.  Thomas Wright, who has been adjudged insane, was taken to the asylum at Toledo this morning.
    Monday.  Thomas Wright, who was adjudged insane in Probate Court last Thursday and who has been kept in the jail until he can be taken to Toledo, yesterday took his own overcoat and that of Sheriff Tressel and ran out of the jail.  He was recaptured at Third and East Diamond Streets, and when asked where he was going said "Cleveland".

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