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Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Tressel

THE OHIO LIBERAL:  02 January 1884


WOODEN WEDDING AT LUCAS – On Wednesday night the residence of Mr. Leonard Tressel, of Lucas, was the scene of festivity and merry making, the occasion being the celebration of the fifth wedding anniversary of the host and hostess.  The fifth mile stone in the matrimonial journey isn’t a stone at all.  It is a wooden post, ad all the gifts were of the same material.  It would be in accordance with the eternal fitness of things that the guests should be a set of block heads, more in harmony with the occasion, so to speak, but we are glad to say that none with whom we are acquainted will come into that category.  

The host and hostess, with smiling faces, stood ready to welcome the coming guests whose name was Legion.  It was a “feast of reason” with unlimited turkey, and a flow of soul and plenty of coffee.  After supper the company adjourned to the hall on the upper floor, and then Mr. S.M. Douglass, of Mansfield,  on behalf of the donors, presented the gifts which were numerous and useful.  Mr. A.A. Douglass responded on the part of Mr. & Mrs. Tressel, with a neat little speech in which he appealed to the girls to make some aggressive Leap Year movements to the end that the ranks of the wretched miserable, buttonless bachelors might be thinned out, and the army of happy, comfortable, henpecked Benedicts might be recruited, and wedding anniversaries become family institutions.  Mr. Tressel though “no orator as Brutus is” seconded the efforts of his spokesman in a very able way, thanking the assembled guests for the testimonials of friendship, of which he was the grateful recipient.  The devotees of the art Terpsichorean, began whirling like dervishes to the strains of the orchestra, and after wishing our host and hostess many happy returns of the day we went away carrying pleasant recollections of the occasion.

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