George & Ella (Waring) Heckman Anniversary, 1887

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George & Ella (Waring) Heckman Anniversary, 1887

Source:  MANSFIELD WEEKLY NEWS:  27 October 1887, Vol. 3, No. 50


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It was five years ago Tuesday evening at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. George Waring, on Park Avenue East, that Mr. George Heckman, the genial clerk of the St. James Hotel, and Miss Ella Waring were wedded.  Mrs. Heckman perpetrated a very successful surprise upon her husband Tuesday evening in honor of the occasion.  A large number of Mr. Heckman's gentleman friends gathered at Dr. C.H. Snyder's dental rooms early in the evening and taking with them a fine upholstered chair and a pair of elegant vases, marched to the residence. 

Mr. Heckman was having a good time with his little boy and was surprised in a measure that can better be imagined than told when the guests arrived.  The presentation speech was made by Ex-Mayor George A. Clugston.  Mr. Heckman recovered himself sufficiently to make a very happy response.  A fine supper was served and the guests departed at a late hour, having had a thoroughly good time.

Among those present were the following:  Dr. C.H. Snyder, S.E. Bird, J.M. Jolley, W.H. Pontius, George A. Clugston, George Knofflock, J.D. Colwell, M.B. Bushnell, Jacob Cover, J.B. Franz, William Eichert, F.A. Johnston, Huntington Brown, W.H. Cox, J.A. Connolly, A.C. Cummins, T.E. Barrow, Charles Jelliff, Ed. Semour, John T. Creigh and George A. McCracken.  The ladies who had the task of taking care of the visitors were Mrs. waring, Mrs. Heckman, Mrs. William Eichert and Mrs. J.D. Colwell, assisted by Mr. George Waring, the senior, and Mr. George Waring, the junior.

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