Anniversary Announcement:  Mr. & Mrs. Alfred CORTS

Richland Co., Ohio


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Mr. & Mrs. Alfred CORTS

THE OHIO LIBERAL:  03 January 1883, Vol. 10, No. 38


TWENTY FIVE YEARS WEDDED – The home of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred CORTS on West Bloom street, was the scene of a most enjoyable time last Friday afternoon and evening, the occasion being the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage.  The long residence and extended acquaintance of the host and hostess in the city, and “Alf’s” unlimited acquaintance throughout the county, served to render the number of guests very large, as over three hundred invitations were issued, part of which were for the afternoon and the balance for the evening.  The guests began to arrive before noon, and at 1 P.M. an excellent repast was served.  Other friends arrived during the afternoon and the time was very pleasantly passed in social intercourse.  About three o’clock, Rev. F.S. Wolf, of West Windsor, in behalf of Mr. And Mrs. CORTS, extended to the guests thanks for their presence and gifts, and made other remarks suitable to the occasion.  In the evening the house was crowded to its utmost capacity, not less than two hundred guests being present.  Ample accommodation had been made for the serving of refreshments and the company was well cared for in that respect.  Toward the close of the festivities, Henry C. HEDGES, Esq., in a happy little speech, in his inimitable manner, congratulated the host and hostess upon the celebration of the day, returning their thanks to their friends, and finished by reminding them that although a quarter of a century ago they had been married by a minister, they now had been married by a lawyer.  Congratulations without number were showered upon the couple by their friends, and many wishes expressive of a desire for their future prosperity and happiness were tendered.  The gifts were many and elegant, the list being as follows:

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