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Mr. & Mrs. Carter L. Cook

THE MANSFIELD NEWS:  25 September 1901, Vol. 17, No. 175


LEXINGTON ... The venerable Mr. & Mrs. Carter L. Cook will have, Oct. 2, experienced together the mingled joys and asperities of connubial life 52 years.  It was Oct. 2, 1849 that the Rev. Dr. Dorland performed the rites at her parent's home, four miles west of Mansfield, which united their hearts in sacred connubial bonds.  Her maiden name was Mary E. Rusk and she was born in Morgan county, Oct. 11, 1828.  Mr. & Mrs. Cook live in an ornate and spacious residence on an eminence one mile south of Lexington on the Delaware road.  There is a magnificent perspective of hill, vale and forest and the location challenges the admiration of lovers of the beautiful and picturesque in nature.  It was on the same spot Oct. 3, 1823, in a log cabin environed by the gloomy forest, that Carter L. Cook was born and there he has lived all his life and there will be probably the last scene, death, in the drama of the venerable and good man's life.   It is noteworthy that Mr. Cook's father, Jacob Cook, was a brave athletic man, whose ax and rifle first broke the silence of nature in the primitive wilderness in Lexington 85 years ago.  He reared a tavern a few rods west of the Mohican and little but the rude and sublime beauty of the wild luxuriance of nature met the vision of the bold pioneer.  But he loved to worship at nature's shrine and the sweet notes of the countless winged songsters, the soft silvery cadences of the rippling stream, the musical rustle of the foliage of the forest were more exulting to his soul than the grandest anthems ever composed by man.  In the year 1819, he located on the farm where his son, Carter L. Cook, was born and who spent his prestine vigor in subduing the forest and making it the beautiful and fertile farm that it is.  To Mr. & Mrs. Carter L. Cook seven children came as pledges of their connubial love.  One is dead and the living are the Rev. O.L. Cook, Mrs. A.C. Stewart, Mrs. T. Barnett of Lexington;  Frank and Archie Cook of Waverly, Kan., and Professor John Cook of the Warren Musical Conservatory.  The family are of the highest culture and social prestige and the venerable Mr. & Mrs. Cook's many friends hope that they will have a much longer tenure of a happy life.

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