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Golden Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bissman


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Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bissman Celebrate Their Golden Wedding Anniversary - The celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bissman is the inspiration of the charming reception which is being given this afternoon and evening at the Bissman home, 522 Park avenue west.  In anticipation of this event everything about the home has been arranged in colors of gold, great bunches of flowers being tastefully placed against a background of ferns and palms.
Mr. and Mrs. Bissman have a memorable and happy life to look back upon and the many tales of their younger days are ones of great interest to the young people of this day and generation.  Mr. Bissman was born Aug 24, 1844, in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, and it was at the age of nine years that his parents with their five sons and four daughters boarded an old sailing vessel and came to the United States and settled in Ashland county.  It was the mother of this family who insisted that they leave Germany so that her sons would not be sacrificed to the military life, and in coming to America it was necessary for her to prepare food for her large family for a period of 56 days, the time it took the sailing vessels to cross the Atlantic. 
For 53 years Mr. Bissman has made Mansfield his home, first coming here in the employ of the Tracy and Avery company.  Thirty-nine years ago the Bissman wholesale grocery company was formed.  Mr. Bissman with six other members of the First Presbyterian church share the honor of having been members of that church for fifty years.
On Nov. 20, 1843, Anna M. Hostetter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hostetter, was born at the family homestead, eight miles east of Mansfield, near Mifflin.  Shortly before this time the Hostetter family with a number of other families from Pennsylvania had come to this section, making the trip, which required six weeks, in carriages.  It was in 1867, Jan. 8 at 10 o'clock in the morning that the wedding of Miss Hostetter and Mr. Bissman was solemnized, the Rev. Thomas K. Davis officiating.  Fearing the many tricks that their friends might play on them the bride and groom of fifty years ago came to Mansfield and were united in marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yeaman, East Third street.  Martha Yeaman, later Mrs. Martha Criley, was the maid of honor upon this occasion.  Mr. and Mrs. Bissman enjoyed a wedding trip to Niagara Falls and through New York state.  Church work has always been one of the greatest pleasures of Mrs. Bissman's life.
There are only two witnesses of the wedding who today are able to be present at the celebration.  The Rev. Mr. Davis, who is 91 years of age, coming here from Wooster, and Mrs. R. L. Avery.
At the age of 31 years Mr. Bissman bought the home at 339 Park avenue west and it was there the family lived until the purchase of their present home.
Mr. and Mrs. Bissman have five children living, Miss Elizabeth Bissman, the only daughter, B. F., W. H. and John, of this city and Walter of Cleveland, and six grandchildren, Ruth and Louise Bissman, Franklin, Russell, William, Jr., and John, Jr.
Many letters and telegrams of congratulation have been received today by Mr. and Mrs. Bissman from friends whom they have met in their extensive travels, while the first of the Mansfield friends who gathered to wish them many other happy anniversaries arrived at the home shortly after 2:30 o'clock.  All through the day baskets of beautiful flowers have been arriving, at the Bissman home with expressions of the well-wishes of friends.
The guests were received by Mr. and Mrs. Bissman and Miss Bissman.  The bride of fifty years wore a very lovely gown of wisteria crepe de chine, trimmed with Duchess lace, while a shower bouquet of brides roses completed the costume.  Miss Bissman's attractive gown was of orchid satin and tulle.  Mrs. W. H. Bissman wore gray georgette trimmed in iridescent beads, Mrs. B. F. Bissman's gown was of black satin and jet and Mrs. John Bissman's frock was of white georgette, trimmed with black fur.
During the hours of the reception, which will last until a late hour, an informal reception being planned for Mrs. Katherine Robinson Ellis and Cecil Fanning after the concert this evening, a stringed orchestra is giving a wonderful program.
Nothing has been omitted in planning for the pleasure of the guests, the den on the second floor has been arranged for a smoker, while the third floor is used for dancing.  The dining room where the dainty refreshments are served is charming with its decorations of yellow, Aaron Ward roses being used.  Giving out the little favors, which were tiny golden bells , are the Misses Ruth and Louise Bissman, Marina Burns and Mary Beverstock, while in every room of the home are intimate friends of the family assisting in the entertainment of the guests.
Among the guests from away in attendance at this memorable affair in Mansfield social circles are the Rev. Mr. Davis and his daughter, Miss Bessie Davis of Wooster; Mr. English of Chicago, and J. K. Cover of Bellville.  [THE MANSFIELD NEWS: Monday, January 8, 1917; Page 8]

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