Van Scoy—Knapp Reunion 2013

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Van Scoy—Knapp Reunion 2013

The next meeting of the Van Scoy-Knapp reunion will be Saturday, June 15, 2013, at The Depot at the city park in Willard, Huron County, Ohio.

This is a reunion of the descendants of Abraham, Cornelius, and James Van Scoy and of Brundage Knapp, who lived in Huron County, Ohio, in the first half of the 19th century.  Cornelius and James are brothers; Abraham is their first cousin; Brundage is the father-in-law of Abraham. (And there are several friends and cousins from different families on this email list.)

Abraham Van Scoy served as a drummer in the War of 1812.  We plan to honor his service by placing War of 1812 markers or flag holders at his grave and at those of 5 of his 7 daughters.  (I joined US Daughters of 1812 in 2010 and these markings are being done as a USD1812 project.)

We'll mark the graves of Abraham Van Scoy and his daughter Alice Irena (Van Scoy) (Fancher) Pennell at Nineveh Cemetery in Greenwich Township on Saturday morning, June 15, 2013, and the grave of Lydia Ann (Van Scoy) Fish at North Monroeville Cemetery in Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio, either Friday evening, June 14, 2013, or Sunday afternoon, June 16, 2013. Lydia's husband John Fish also served in the War of 1812; his grave has previously been marked.

In June 2014 (weekend not yet determined) we plan to mark the graves of Mary Ann (Van Scoy) Fancher and Priscilla (Van Scoy) (Mead) Jamison at the Camden Cemetery, Hillsdale County, Michigan, and the grave of Abigail Harriet (Van Scoy) Eddy at the New Burlington Cemetery, Calhoun County, Michigan.

Obviously we'd like to have as many descendants of each daughter as possible present when we honor that daughter.

I have not yet documented the burial places of Sally/Sarah Ann (Van Scoy) Dury or Hannah Ada Floretta Jane (Van Scoy) Bennett.

Also, I have not yet found any living descendants of Mary Ann (Van Scoy) Fancher.  Thanks to the recently released 1940 census I've found names of some descendants born in the 1930s but have not yet tried to find current addresses for them.  Some of the recent (1900-1940) residences of her descendants are Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale,  Ingham, and Kalamazoo counties, Michigan.  Some of the family names of her descendants are Cessna, Colton, Fancher, Fillmore, Hanchett, Kinney, Lake, Lemmon, McDonald, McMahon, Parson, Sabrosky, Short, Stewart, and Whitney. (I can provide more details on who lived where when.)

Although the reunion usually meets in odd-numbered years, we'd like to have a special meeting in Michigan in June 2014 (the weekend of the grave markings) and especially invite all descendants of Abraham/Cornelius/James Van Scoy or Brundage Knapp who live in Michigan (but of course all descendants are welcome as well as those on this email list).

Here are (some!) ways you can help.

Tell as many of your fellow
descendants of your daughter of Abraham Van Scoy as possible and encourage them to attend.  (And, ask them if they are willing to be added to this reunion email list.)

Especially if you live in Huron County, Ohio, or nearby, try to find
documentation of the burial places of Sally/Sarah Ann (Van Scoy) Dury and Hannah Ada Floretta Jane (Van Scoy) Bennett.  I think Sally is buried next to her husband at the Nineveh Cemetery, but there is no monument for her.  I don't know whether there is an old record book of the Greenwich Township trustees that lists burials.  (She died in 1890.)  Hannah died in 1857, possibly in childbirth.  Soon afterwards her husband moved to Eaton County, Michigan.  I don't know whether she was buried near her father at Nineveh or near her in-laws or elsewhere.  I don't know if there are surviving church records or newspapers from the appropriate years.  (The Nineveh Cemetery was associated with a Methodist church, sometimes called the East Greenwich Church, for many years.)

Especially if you live in Michigan, do you know any
possible descendants of Mary Ann (Van Scoy) Fancher based on the family names and Michigan county names listed above?

Especially if you are a
Brundage Knapp descendant, do you know of any documentation that he also served in the War of 1812?  Apparently there is a Brundage Knapp who served.  I have not yet found details about this man to decide whether he is "our" Brundage.  (I've done a census study on all 6 men named Brundage Knapp in the census records for 1790-1880 and will glady share that information.)

If you are a
percussionist, are you willing to learn some of the drum calls that Abraham might have played  and to play those at his grave on June 15?

Let me know of
preferences for Friday evening or Sunday afternoon (June 2013) for marking the grave of Lydia (Van Scoy) Fish and of preferences for the weekend in June 2014 for a reunion and for marking the graves of Mary Ann (Van Scoy) Fancher, Priscilla (Van Scoy) (Mead) Jamison, and the grave of Abigail Harriet (Van Scoy) Eddy.  I'd also like suggestions on possible places to have a pot-luck family reunion meal in Michigan that weekend.

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