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Dee McNees provided this listing:

Her comments:"I visited the Morris Cemetery in Jefferson Township,Noble County,Ohio.This is a very old cemetery,I don't think anyone has been buried there since the 1920s.This is another place I have found most of my family members.I took the time to clean my family stones,and in the process of getting a new veteran stone.While I was there I mapped most of the stones,some very had to read.This is what I got,and this is my own work. Also I videotaped the cemetery

1.George Linton b.Aug.12,1819 d.Dec.07,1877
2.Phebe Linton w/o George b.June 24,1825
3.William Harryman b.Dec.01,1832 d.Oct.16,1906
4.Mary Ann Harryman w/o William b.March 20,1841 d.Aug.10,1899
5.Dolly (can't make out last name looks like Clark) d.April 21,1888
6.John s/o ?? Harryman d.April 10,1865 or 85
7.James Luke b.1795 d.1863
8.Mahala Morris w/o A.N.Morris d.June 09,1885
9.William E.Morris b.?? d.??-Very wore..
10.Jonathan Morris d.Dec.10,1885- age 18 years.
11.Ann Morris d. Nov.19,1851-aged 21 years 1 month 19 days
12.Thomas F.Morris d.Oct.31,1851-aged 11 years 11 months 21 days
13.Melissa Morris d/o T&E Morris-could not read anything but the name,very wore.
14.Andrew - couldn't make out last name..
15.John F.Morris b. In England Oct.30,1829 d.May 11,1893- aged 64 years.
16.Cynthia A.Morris w/o John F. b.Feb.03,1836
17.A.E.Morris 1864-1928-64 years old
18.Elias Clark d.Sept.09,1864.
There are five stones that I could not read, they are very small and weather wore.

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