Fogle Cemetery-Noble Co, OH

FOGLE Cemetery-Noble Co, OH

Sharon Himes transcribed this cemetery. Her notes:

This is a complete list of the Fogle Cemetery in Noble County. Two stones the face has fallen off so could not be read.They are beside Margaret White Fogle wife of Jacob Fogle Sr.Also found four headstones buried under the ground and we uncovered them.We think there may be more.A lot of the stones are getting very hard to read.

1-Fanny Fogle=1830-1831 Daugther of Peter & Phobe Fogle
2-Elizabeth Salliday Fogle=1791-1821 Wife of Peter Fogle
3-Peter Fogle=1785-1873=Son of Fredrick M Fogle
4-Margaret White Fogle=1797-1848 Wife of Jacob Fogle Sr.
5-Elizabeth Kupin Fogle=1741-1822 Wife of Fredrick M Fogle
6-Alexander Fogle=1831-1887 Son of John G Fogle
7-John G Fogle=1801-1880 Son of Jacob Fogle
8-Sarah Mahorn Fogle=1804-18712 Wife of John G Fogle
9-Nancy Mahorn Fogle=1806-1877 Wife of Elihah Fogle
10-Sarah Wells Fogle=1826-1868 Wife of Jacob Fogle Jr.
11-Esau Fogle=1853-1873 Son of Jacob Fogle Jr.
12-Anna Fogle=1839-1861 Daugther of Jacob Fogle Jr.
13-William Fogle=1854-1873 Son of Jacob Fogle Jr.
14-Jonathan Fogle=1831-1887 Son of Elijah Fogle
15-Sally Fogle=1821-1831 Daugther of Elijah Fogle
16-Jacob Fogle=1872-1873
17-Permelia Fogle=1857-1863
18-Sarah Salladay Fogle=1832-1869 Wife of Michael Fogle
19-Elisha Fogle=1799-1871 Son of Jacob Fogle Sr.
20-Elijah Fogle=1806-1877
21-Jacob Fogle Sr=1775-1852 Son of Fredrick M Fogle
22-Peter Fogle=1830-1836 Son of Elijah Fogle
23-Nancy Fogle=1840-1871 Wife of Peter Fogle Jr.
24-Martha Fogle Darnell=1807-1844 Daugther of Jacob Fogle Sr.
25-Hilda Fogle Hickman=1831-1863 Daugther of John G Fogle-Wife of Wesley Hickman
26-Wesley Hickman=1812-1882
27-Litty Hickman=1854-1863 Daugther of Hilda Fogle Hickman
28-Rachel Fogle Rucker=1823-1896 Daugther of Peter Fogle-Wife of Owen Rucker
29-Rachel Rucker=1861-1866
30-Lavina Rucker=1851-1909
31-Bates=1843 Son of J.& R.
32-Barry Infant=1870-Son of B.& S.
33-Benjamin Barry=1795-1865

Sharon Himes=Florida

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