Muskingum County, OH Pension Records


Muskingum County, OH Pension Records

Online Records Sources

Starting January 2004, I am going to be moving all User Submitted Pension Records to the Muskingum Message Boards on Rootsweb/ This will cut down on the number of places to look for records because all posts to the boards are also sent to the mailing list and I also post the links on the Muskingum County OHGenWeb pages. They can be searched from the list archives, the Board Search utility or by searching the Muskingum OHGenWeb site. This gives the submitted records the largest audience and cuts down on the number of places a person would have to look. Searching any of these sources should find the same obits. If you have any question on how to submit to the Message Boards, see the FAQ on the Muskingum County Message Boards at:

FAQ: Posting Messages on the Muskingum County, Ohio Genconnect/Message Boards

You may also consider submitting to the OHGenWeb Archives.

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