Muskingum County, OH Newspapers


Muskingum County, OH Newspapers

Newspapers are an excellent source of genealogical records prior to when the state took over the keeping of vital records. The Ohio State University Library and the Ohio Historical Society have the largest collection of Ohio newspapers, some which can be purchased or borrowed through inter-library loan. The LDS FHC also has many newspapers on microfilm and fiche.

You may also wish to contact the local libraries in Muskingum county for a listing of their archived newspapers. Questions can be addressed to the Reference Desk. Note: Some libraries do provide lookup services and there is a fee associated with this - please contact the library directly for this information.

User Submitted Articles of Historical Note appearing in Muskingum County Newspapers

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Current Newspapers

Historical Newspapers in the County

Dates in parentheses may not be accurate to actual dates of operation. They are in the dates that are available on microfilm and may have operated before or after those dates but no editions are available to be archived on microfilm.

If anyone has any more information on any of these papers and would like to contribute to this page, please contact Denny Shirer.

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