About This Site


About This Site

This website is part of the online genealogical web project called the USGenWeb Project. The USGenWeb Project is divided into state websites and we are part of the OHGenWeb for Ohio research.

The USGenWeb and OHGenWeb projects provide free access to records for genealogical and historical research. This website is maintained by a volunteer webmaster (myself) and many submitters whose research interest is in Muskingum County, Ohio. We are not professional genealogists and we do not receive a fee for our services or our time. Some of our coordinators live in the county, but most live in other parts of the United States. We are, however, all deeply devoted to Muskingum County and it's rich heritage!

About The USGenWeb Project

The USGenWeb Project grew out of an initial desire to transcribe public domain records such as U.S. Census Schedules, Tax Lists, Passenger Lists, Birth, Marriage, and Death records and upload them to one central location so that researchers of all levels would have access to them. In June of 1996, a small group of researchers decided to create the first State Project, the Kentucky GenWeb (KYGenWeb). Soon after volunteers came forward to host other states and to recruit county coordinators. By October, nearly all 50 states had homepages and most had county coordinators.

The response by visiting researchers has been overwhelming. More and more researchers are finding the the USGenWeb Project homepages and are reaping the benefits of online genealogical research! Thanks to the thousands of USGenWeb Project webmasters, transcriptionists, and file contributors, online research is now easier and faster than traditional methods. Although online services such as this project will never replace traditional methods of genealogical research, it does provide a valuable companion resource, especially to those who are home-bound or live in areas not serviced by local societies or libraries.

To learn more about the USGenWeb Project, please visit our national homepage at http://www.usgenweb.org. You may also visit the WorldGenWeb Project, a companion project dedicated to providing international research help at http://www.worldgenweb.org.

About The OHGenWeb

The OHGenWeb Project is dedicated to providing resource and reference information for every county in the state of Ohio. The OHGenWeb Project offers thousands of pieces of history and genealogical data to researchers in this state.

If you would like to learn more about the OHGenWeb Project, visit the OHGenWeb Homepage.

What Can I Find Online?

That depends on the individual county site. The foundation of the OHGenWeb Homepages is found in the hard work and dedication of its many county coordinators. Each County Coordinator is responsible for maintaining their own local resources, reference links, and query pages. Many sites have much more information than this including Surname Indexes, Newspaper Clippings, Obituaries, Local Event Listings, Cemetery Inscriptions and such.

What Is On This Site?

This site is indexed during every update and is connected to the Muskingum County, Ohio Township Project that maintains it's own index system. If you do not find something on this site, be sure to also include a search there. We have U.S. Census schedules, cemetery records, biographies, and other county specific resource information. To search our site, just enter a keyword (surname, topic, town name, etc.) in the search box below to see a listing of related titles. Or, press the site map button and see all the materials we have online (on this host server and our associated webpages elsewhere).

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What if I Need More Help?

The volunteers who submit data to this website, as well as the webmaster, are not professional genealogists. Most work full or part-time, some are retired. However, we do not have anyone who does research for a fee nor do we maintain a lookup list. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the web site, please make sure to join our FREE E-Mail List. This is the BEST way to meet others researching your same surname as well as to ask for a look up or actual visit (to local libraries, societies, etc.).

If you need help with the web site, please feel free to click on the information at the bottom of each page. Our township coordinators or our site coordinator will be happy to help you with broken links, general questions or help you find a page or resource.

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This county is part of the USGenWeb Project, a non-profit genealogical resource web system, and is maintained by Denny Shirer

Last Revised: April 13, 2008