Salem Township Directories

Salem Township Directories

These directories were abstracted from various other sources by Ione Bradford Supplee with notes provided by her. Most of this information is available in various census records for Salem township.

Salem Township Directory

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, M432, Roll #717, listing the occupations of Salem township residents other than farming and stock raising.

Ault, AndrewCarpenter
Barton, FrancisBlacksmith
Barton, Arthur Teamster
Barton, WilliamBlacksmith
Beatty, AbrahamMerchant
Bois, Robert Merchant
Boileau, James Cooper
Bundle, WilliamGunsmith
Burley, Isaac Tailor
Carney, Thomas J.Peddler
Collins, George A.Stonemason
Coloin, William D.Teacher
Cone, Jared, Jr. & sons
Milton, Morton & Hamilton
Coultrap, David,Carpenter
Coultrap, Henry,Carpenter
Crane, Evin J. -Teacher
Crozgay, Michael,Shoemaker
Cunningham, James P.Merchant
Darner, JacobCarpenter
Decker, HenryPhysician
Draper, JohnSaddler
Ellis, SilasGunsmith
Fitz, Alvin C.Carpenter
Fitz, SamuelSaddler
Frazer, MartinMarble Polisher
Garling, HenryMarble Polisher
Gaumer, AdamCarpenter
Gaumer, JonathanCarder
Handal, NicholasGrocer
Johnson, RobertCarpenter
Johnson, SamuelCarpenter
Kinney, JacobTailor
assisted by Benjamin F. Warmsley
King, SeldonStonemason
Leslie, James H.Wagon Maker
assisted by William J. Green
Lester, WilliamTanner
McCurdy, William & son
McClure, ThomasTanner
Mitchell, Daniel P.M. E. Minister
Mills, JohnPhysician
Nelson, Thomas & son
Wagon Makers
Reasoner, HarmonClerking
Reasoner, JacobPhysician
Rechel, PeterLock Maker
Rechel, PhilipShoemaker
assisted by Michael Donly
Richardson, James C.Shoemaker
Richie, WilliamChair Maker
Rodecker, John & son
Roff, Henry S.Merchant
Rorick, JesseShoemaker
Rorick, JonasTailor
assisted by Cornelius Bowers
Rorick, PerryTailor
Ross, DenisonMerchant
Sedwick, WilliamBaptist Minister
Shirer, George W.Cabinet Maker
Shirer, Henry C.Cabinet Maker
Shirer, James M.Carpenter
Shirer, Quincey A.Carpenter
Shrigley, William,Cooper
assisted by Noah Shrigley & Henry, Mangold
Snoots, Addison,Blacksmith
Stenger, Jacob & son
Jacob, Jr.
Stiers, IsaacMerchant
assisted by John 0. Shrigley & John Adams
Stiers, John W.Clerk
Sturtz, Jacob & son
Switzer, JohnShoemaker
Tomlinson, Adam C. & sons
James & Thomas
assisted by Joseph Osler, John McCurdy & Daniel Spicer
Tomlinson, Phineas & sons
John C. & William H.
Turner, JamesShoemaker
Wages, SilasTailor
Wahler, FrederickSaddler
Watts, William W.Blacksmith
assisted by John McCully & Isaac Misior
Whissle, William H.Stonemason
Whissle, SamuelStonemason
Williams, AsherChair Maker
Wolf, John L. C.Saddler
Zimbelman, JohnShoemaker
assisted by Walter Kelly, Jacob Piper,
George Miers & Levi Prince

Adamsville Directory 1860

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, M653, Roll # 1018

Ault, AndrewCarpenter
assisted by Franklin Celey
Baker, Philip A.Physician
Boileau, JosephCooper
Barton, Francis & son
Benjamin W.
Barton, Anne M.Milliner
Bouts, Ann & SarahSeamstresses
Corral, Daniel A.Stone Cutter
Coulter, ElijahMill Wright
Coulter, JamesApprentice Mill Wright
Coulter, Jane M.Teacher
Decker, HenryPhysician
Decker, Mary E.Milliner
Desselims, W.Carpenter
Fitz, SamuelSaddler
Force, HarrisTanner
Forch, W. V.M. E. Minister
Graves, DavidHarness Maker
Harris, SamuelTombstone Maker
Hensey, WilliamPainter
Huston, JohnM. E. Minister
Kelly, WalterShoemaker
Littick, JosephCarpenter
McGaw, H.D.Painter
Mackey, RobertTeacher
Mangold, HenryCooper
Meyer, CharlesGunsmith
Mozer, AdamGrocer
Munch, LouisTeacher
Neisanger, JacobTinner
Nimms, AsaHarness Maker
Nimms, LeonardSaddler
Oden, JosephShoemaker
Piper, JacobShoemaker
Richards, John P.Bookkeeper
Richardson, DavidMerchant
Roff, H.S. & son
Roff, John W.Blacksmith
Rorick, JesseShoemaker
Rorick, JonasTailor
Rorick, R.P.Tailor
Ross, RobertTeamster
Sandel, JacobWagon Maker
Sedwick, WilliamBaptist Minister
Shirer, Hanry C.Cabinet Maker
Shirer, James M.Carpenter
Shirer, Quincey A.Carpenter
Shrigley, NoahMerchant
Shrigley, PenelopeMilliner
Sidle, JohnPhysician
Snoots, Jacob A. & son
George W.
George P. Werts was apprentice in their shop
Stiers, John W.Merchant
Stiers, LucindaMilliner
Stoner, L.D.Merchant
Sturtz, CatharineWeaver
Sturtz, JacobPeddler
Sturtz, ValentineDaguerian Artist
Thomas, GeorgeCabinet Maker
assisted by William J. Jackson
Tomlinson, Adam C.Boot & Shoemaker
Wages, SilasTailor
Watts, W. W. & son
George W.
Wells, GeorgeTeacher
Werts, Jacob H.Wagon Maker
Whitcraft, Mary A.Seamstress
Wires, GeorgeShoemaker
Other tradesmen living in Salem township in 1860 were:
Ailer, ChristopherStonemason
Bartholomew, AbrahamE. L. Minister
Bratton, JamesMiller
Collins, George A.Plasterer
Duff, LewisGrocer
Hummager, WilliamCarpenter
Jackson, HiramCarpenter
McCurdy, WilliamBlacksmith
Orndorf, WestfaleCarpenter
Reasoner, ElizabethMilliner
Vernon, NancyMilliner
Winn, NancyMilliner

Adamsville Directory 1866

Abstracted from 1866 Atlas of Muskingum County, Ohio, page 8

Geo. W. DilleyDealer in Gen'l. Merchandise
A. JordanDry Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes
Adam MoserGrocer & Dealer in Liquors
Miss Lou MoserMilliner, East St.
Asa NimsSaddles, Harness, Whips, etc.
Jacob NuxingerManuftr. Tin & Sheet Iron Ware
David RichardsonJustice/Peace, Propr. Hotel & Gen'l. Dealer
W. SedwickPastor Baptist Church
Wm. B. ShaneSchool Teacher
H. C. ShirerUndertaker, Cabinet Maker & Dealer in Furniture & Chairs
Enoch ShrigleyManuftr. & Dealer in Boots & Shoes
J. A. SnootsAll kinds Blacksmithing & Machine work done to order
J. B. SpellmanP. M. & Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.
Adam C. TomlinsonManuftr. & Dealer in Boots & Shoes
W. W. WattsAuctioneer & Blacksmith

Adamsville Directory 1870

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, M593, Roll #1250

Aler, ChristianStonemason
Ault, AndrewCarpenter
Baker, Philip A.Physician
Baker, SamuelGrocer
Bartholomew, Adam N.Lutheran Minister
Beck, CharlesMiller
Cazer, JohnCarpenter
Churchill, John F.Silversmith
Decker, HenryPhysician
Dodd, Charles N.Cooper & Tinsmith
Gaumer, Lyman & son
Hager, F.Cigar Maker
Harris, SamuelStonemason
Hastings, A.Music Teacher
Jones, JohnStonemason
Jordan, AugustusDry Goods Dealer
Mangold, HenryCooper
May, EdwinShoemaker
Mills, MiltonMiller
Moser, AdamGrocer
Moser, MaryMilliner
Neisanger, JacobTinner
Nimms, Asa & sons
Leonard & David
Harness & Saddle Makers
Oden, JosephShoemaker
Piper, JacobShoemaker
Rechel, JohnButcher
Roff, Henry S.Dry Goods Dealer
Rorick, JonasTailor
Russell, JamesM.E. Minister
Schuler, HenryWagon Maker
assisted by George V. Kern & Lyman J. Aler
Sedwiclk, WilliamBaptist Minister
Sedwick, LorindaDress Maker
Shirer, Henry & son
Cabinet Makers
Shirer, James M. & son
Shrigley, PenelopeMilliner
Snoots, Jacob A.Blacksmith
Spillman, John B.Dry Goods Dealer
Tomlinson, AdamShoemaker
Trittipo, Oliver M.Blacksmith
Watts, GeorgeBlacksmith
Wiles, F. M.Grocer
Yeager, ArehartGrist Mill Engineer
Zimmer, DavidHotel Keeper
Other tradesmen living in Salem township in 1870 were:
Carlisle, WilliamJourneyman Miller
Gaumer, RileyCarpenter
Jackson, HiramHouse Carpenter
Mitchell, JohnSchool Teacher
Osler, EthelGoverness (Wm. Denison's)
Sandle, AdelineDress Maker
Shirer, QuincyCarpenter
Whitcraft, FrancisStonemason
Winn, Bishrod F.Cooper

Adamsville Directory 1875

Abstracted from 1875 Atlas of Muskingum County, Ohio, page 121

Name Location SettledNativityBusinessAddress
Armstrong, WilliamSec. 12 1812Ireland FarmerAdamsville
Adams, W. W. Sec. 16 1822Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Ailer, C. F. Zanesville St.1838Germany StonemasonAdamsville
Armstrong, Mary Sec. 19 1810Ireland FarmerNorwich
Buker, C. H. Sec. 1 1845Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Bainter, J. A. Sec. 10 1834Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Barclay, Samuel Cambridge St. 1841Ohio Physician-Surgeon 
Baker, P. A. Village 1832Ohio Physician-SurgeonAdamsville
Baker, A. L.
& Bro.
Main St. 1852Ohio Carriage, House
& Sign Painting
Brock, E. Sec. 20 1841Ohio FarmerNorwich
Denison, Wm. S. Sec. 15 1810Mass. Farmer & Stock RaiserAdamsville
Garrett, John W. Zanesville St.1835Ohio Merchant, Druggist
& P. M.
Gerber, David Zanesville St.1860SwitzerlandSaddler & Harness MakerAdamsville
Hardy, J. A. Sec. 18 1827Ohio Farmer, Dealer
in Boots & Shoes
Flat Rock, IL.
Hanes, R. J. Sec. 18 1831Ohio Stock Dealer
& Farmer
Knicely, Hannah Sec. 1 1827Pa. FarmerAdamsville
Knicely, Isaac Sec. 1 1827Pa. Farmer Stock RaiserAdamsville
Knipe, Philip Sec. 18 1842Pa. FarmerAdamsville
Lowe, J. W. Sec. 2 1859Va. FarmerAdamsville
Roff, H. S. Zanesville St.1831Pa. MerchantAdamsville
Rechel, Philip Sec. 16 1837Germany Farmer (Retired)E. Greenwood
Stotts, S. Sec. 18 1846Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Snoots, G. W. Zanesville St.1843Ohio Mfr. Carriage
& Wagon
Schuler, H. Zanesville St.1861France Wagon Mfr.Adamsville
Spencer, E. Zanesville St.1849Ohio Music Teacher
& Director in
Musical Instruments
Shroyer, P. C. Sec. 1 1839Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Shrigley, J. O. Sec. 10 1823Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Spragg, Mary Sec. 2 1814Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Shirer, Q. A. Sec. 3 1827Ohio FarmerAdamsville
Trittipo, O. M. Zanesville St.1840Ohio BlacksmithAdamsville
Winn, James Sec. 20 1822Va. Farmer
& Stock Raiser
Wheeler, Henry Sec. 7 1820Md. Farmer
& Stock Raiser
Williams, W. S. Sec. 13 1817Ohio Farmer 
Weber, John Zanesville St.1873Germany Evangelical
Lutheran Minister
Wine, J. V. Sec. 3 1841Va. Farmer
& Stock Raiser

Adamsville Directory 1880

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, T9, Roll #1054

Aler, C. F.Stonemason
Ault, AndrewCarpenter
Ault, J. A.Blacksmith
Baker, WilbertPainter
Boileau, JohnVagrant
Decker, HenryPhysician
Fitz, James WTinsmith
Garrett, John W.Druggist
Gaumer, LymanCarpenter
Gaumer, T.Physician
Geyer, C. A.Dry Goods Dealer
Gurber, DavidHarness & Saddle Maker
Hanks, C. H.Miller
Hoover, J. R.M. E. Minister
Hurdle, A. J.Harness & Saddle Maker
Jordan, AugustusDry Goods Dealer
Jordan, LucyTeacher
Kern, Geo. V.Wagon Maker
King, HughDry Goods Dealer
Lowe, H. T.Butcher
Lowe, R. H.Butcher
Mangold, Henry W.Cooper
May, E. D.Shoemaker
Nimms, AsaHarness & Saddle Maker
Prince, John W.Shoemaker
Rader, H. M.M. E. Minister
Rorick, ElnoraTailoress
Rorick, JonasTailor
Rorick, J. M.Wagon Maker
Ross, HomerPainter
Ross, H. H.Barber
Ross, MaryMilliner
Schuler, HenryWagon Maker
Shirer, H. C. & son
J. W.
Cabinet Makers
Shirer, W. S.Carpenter
Skinner, J. C.Baptist Minister
Shoemaker, Geo. W.Township Assessor
Snoots, HarveyBlacksmith
Snoots, HomerTeacher
Snoots, J. A. & sons
Howard & G. W.
Spencer, EdwardTeacher
Swill, T. V.Carpenter
Tomlinson, A.C. & son
M. F.
Dry Goods Dealers
Trittipo, O. M.Blacksmith
Trittipo, Wm.Shoemaker
Weber, C. S.Painter
Weber, JohnLutheran Minister
Yeager, ArheartGrist Mill Engineer
Other tradesmen living in Salem township in 1880 were:
Atwell, J. W.School Teacher
Baughman, J. W.Carpenter
Gaumert Daniel H.Teacher
Gaumer, RileyCarpenter
Hanks, J. D.Tiller
Hanks, A. B.Stock Dealer
Hunter, Anna M.Teacher
Smith, James W.Saw Mill Worker

Adamsville Directory 1882

Abstracted from Everhart's History of Muskingum County, Ohio, published 1882, page 465

Aler, ChristianPlasterer
Baker, WilliamPainter
Decker, HenryPhysician
Fitz, J. W.Tinner
Garrett, John W.Post Master, Druggist & Barber
Gaumer, ThomasPhysician
Gerber, DavidHarness & Saddle Maker
Geyer, C. A.Store
Hanks, J. D.Grist Mill
Harrison, RichardBaptist Minister
Hoover, J. R.M. E. Minister
Hurdle, A. J.Store
Jordan, A.Store
Kern, Geo. V.Wagon Maker
Lowe, Robert A.Butcher
Nimms, AsaHarness & Saddle Maker
Prince, JohnShoemaker
Rader, H. M.M. E. Minister
Rechel, JohnShoemaker
Rerick, JonasTailor
Ross, HenryBarber
Ross, MollyMillinery
Sedwick, LauraDress Maker
Shirer, H. C.Furniture and Undertaker
Shirer, W. S.Carpenter
Shuler, GeorgeWagon Maker
Snoots, J. A.Blacksmith
Spencer, Prof. E.Normal School Educator
Tomlinson, A. C.Store
Trittipo, OliverBlacksmith
Weber, John,Lutheran Minister

Adamsville Directory 1890

Abstracted from the Business Review of Muskingum County, Ohio, published in 1890, taken from pages 87, 88 & 89

STURTZ & FERREL Hardware, Farm Implements & Machinery. This business was established in February of 1889. John P. Sturtz and Elbert S. Ferrel, dealers in general hardware embracing farmers' and mechanics' tools, table and pocket cutlery, tinware, heating and cooking stoves, house furnishing goods, pumps, fencing, blacksmiths' and builders' hardware, paints, oils and varnishes; builders of farm machinery, wagons, carts etc.
W. C. WATERS, M.D. Resident physician and surgeon. He began his medical practice in 1879 with Dr. A. L. Jackson of Otsego, and later attended Columbus Medical College, graduating in 1881, and soon after opened his office at Adamsville.
J. W. SHIRER Manufacturer & Dealer in Household Furniture and Undertaker. John William Shirer was born in 1853. After completing his schooling he was hired by his father, Mr. H.C. Shirer, succeeding him in business in 1880. A dealer in household and cabinet furniture including uppolstered goods and fine woods, and the manufacture of office or bar furniture. In the undertaking department: plain wood and cloth covered caskets, burial cases and trimmings. Two good hearses and outfits prepared to conduct funerals in town or in the country at reasonable prices.
KEYES & SNOOTS General Blacksmithing; started first by Mr. J.A. Snoots who was bought out by Mr. T. D. Keyes in 1888. He operated the business up to October, last, when the present partnership was formed with Mr. G. W. Snoots who is acting foreman assisted by Mr. Eugene Prince and Mr. W. U. Geller. Specializing in horseshoeing and other general blacksmithing, job work and repairing; dealers in Eureka mowers, Champion farm wagons, spring wagons, carts, etc.
A. C. TOMLINSON & SON General Merchandise; the business was started by the senior member of the firm in 1873. In 1882 he admitted his son M. F. Tomlinson as a partner. A. C. Tomlinson was born in the county in 1826. He learned the shoemaking trade which he followed until he established his business which carries a complete line of foreign and America dry goods, ladies' and mens' furnishings, wraps, cloaks, boots, shoes, rubbers, dry goods, ready-made clothing; hats, caps, glassware, hardware, groceries, country produce, tobacco, cigars and notions.
W. P. HOSICK, M. D. Resident physician and Surgeon. He was born 1858 in Guernsey county on a farm, and spent his earlier life farmng and teaching. He commenced the study of medicine with Dr. A. E. Walker of Plainfield, Coshocton county, and attended Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, graduating in 1887. He located at Adamsville in April of 1889, over the drug store of J. W. Garrett.
KERN & SHIRER Planing Mills, Wagons & Carriage Works. Mr. George V. Kern was born 1848 in Loudoun Co. Va. on a farm. He learned the trade of wood-working and came to Ohio in 1868, where he settled at Adamsville where he started his business. On March 17, 1890, he formed a partnership with Mr. W. S. Shirer, adding a complete set of Planing mill business to the firm. Mr. Shirer was born 1847 in Adams township. His skill at wood-working and slate roofing has been applied to the erection of many private and public buildings.
ASA NIMS Occulist & Manufacturer & Repairer of Harness & Saddlery. Mr. Nims was born 1832 in Zanesville, learned the trade of saddler at a very early age. He located at Adamsville in 1850. Suffering from an affliction of his eyes, for many months in 1861, he urnderwent treatment at an eye infirmary at Xenia, Ohio, where he devoted his attention to treating diseases of the eyes. He has had thirty years of experience in treating such cases and is able to furnish testimonials from well-known persons at home and abroad.
ADAMSVILLE HOTEL J.P. Sturtz, Proprietor. Mr. John P. Sturtz took charge of this business April 1, 1890, placing it in good repair and furnishing it to meet agreeable standards as a good stopping place for transient guests and regular boarders. Clean and comfortable beds and a well supplied table are among the home comforts which greet the guests of this house where reasonable charges prevail. Good stabling is found in connection.
E.H. MANGOLD Harness & Saddlery, Corner of Dresden & Zanesville streets. Mr. Mangold was born 1867 at Adamsville, where he learned his trade. He established his business in June of 1888, making a specialty of handmade work, repairing, carries a stock of light & heavy harnesses, collars, bridles, halters, check reins, whips, robes, blankets, harness oils and general saddlers' hardware.

Adamsville Directory 1882-1890

In Mr. Norris F. Schneider's historical account of Adamsville which he wrote for the Times Recorder, April 13, 1969, he included a directory for the village which he had abstracted from a Zanesville city directory, but the date of this directory was not given. However, I have determined it must have been sometime between 1882 and 1890, because Dr. Henry Decker is not listed in the 1890 directory; he died January 8, 1892.

Aler, C. F.Stone Mason
Cassidy, L. L.Druggist
Decker, HenryPhysician
Elsea & WinnGeneral Store
Jackson, A. & A. L.Physicians
Geyer, C. A.General Store
Tingle, G. T.Physician
Tomlinson, A. C.General Store
Tomlinson, R. B.Director of Adamsville Cornet Band
Wisecarver, EdwardGeneral Store
Wortman, KateMilliner

Adamsville Directory 1900

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, T623, Roll #1054

Allen, StephenClergyman
Atkinson, George B.House Painter
Bachman, Henry H.Clergyman
Bradford, James A.Carpenter
Browning, JamesSchool Teacher
Cazer, Clayton S.Clock & Watch Repair
Cazer, John E.Carpet Weaver
Dayton, John A.Barber
Doughty, BensonLumber Dealer
Eaton, John S.Clergyman
Elsea, John W.Secretary/Ind. Co.
Garrett, John W.Druggist
Gerber, DavidHarness Maker
Gerber, Anna K.Dress Maker
Gerber, Laura M.Dress Maker
Geyer, CyrusGeneral Merchandise
Geyer, RaymondGeneral Merchandise
Hosick, William R.Physician
Jordan, EdgarNewspaper Editor
Kern, George V.Wheelwright
Keyes, Thomas D.Blacksmith
King, Charles W.Salesman
Lane, SamuelTeamster
Mangold, EdwardHarness Maker
Mangold, WilliamBaker
Milstead, J. ThomasTeamster
Moser, John D.Cabinet Maker
Moser, RenaSchool Teacher
Nims, AlonzoTeamster
North, AlonzoTeamster
Rechel, CharlesHostler
Rechel, Clark C.Restaurant Clerk
Richardson, JamesCarpenter
Roberts, WilliamHardware Salesman
Sedgwick, LaurindaRag Carpet Weaver
Shirer, John W.Cabinet Maker
Shirer, MiltonStore Dealer
Snoots, George W.Blacksmith
Stotts, CharlesCoal Miner
Tomlinson, AdamDry Goods Merchant
assisted by his son Morton F.
Trittipo, AlbertU. S. Mail Carrier
Trittipo, John L.Blacksmith
Trittipo, Oliver M.Hotel Keeper
Wagner, Charles A.Typesetter
Winn, Franklin P.General Store
Wisecarver, LewisTeamster
Wortman, William J.House Painter

Adamsville Directory 1910

Abstracted from Federal Population Census, Muskingum County, Ohio, T1224, Roll #1221

Bagent, John H.Sawmill Worker
Baker, William H.Barber Shop
Border, Lowell M.Teamster
Browning, Myrville A.Cook at Hotel
Burnham, James W.Physician
Cazer, Adah I.Dress Maker
Dayton, EllaLaundress
Elsea, William J.Insurance Representative Mutual Ins. Co.
Garrett, John W.Druggist
Garrett, Wade M.Stock & Grain Dealer
Gerber, Anna C.Dress Maker
Gerber, Laura M.Dress Maker
Geyer, AugustusRetail Merchant
Geyer, RaymondRetail Merchant
Gosser, Edward H.General Store
Haudenschield, Frederick W.Physician
Hudnell, Richard P.M. E. Minister
John, Edward J.Lumber Teamster
Jordan, Anna V.Typesetter
Jordan, EdgarNewspaper Editor
Kern, George V.Wagon Maker
Ketchum, Charles W.Coal Miner
Ketchum, SadieDressmaker
Kinner, Willis C.Physician
McKnight, William H.Telephone Linesman
Mangold, Edward H.Harness Maker
Matchett, CurtisStock & Grain Operator
Nims, AlonzoHouse Painter
Nims, NealLumber Teamster
Nulton, John D.M. E. Minister
Rechel, DaisyProprietor of Confectionary
Redman, Jesse W.Carpenter
Richardson, James C.Carpenter
Richardson, Harry W.Telephone Linesman
Roberts, Wm. A.General Store
Rumbarger, John S.Lutheran Minister
Saffell, WalterMusic Teacher
Sedgwick, LaurindaCarpet Weaver
Shirer, John W.Undertaker
Shirer, Harry E.Undertaker
Slack, Jesse A.High School Professor
Smith, Willard C.Teamster
Smyth, Willis H.Mill Sawyer
Snoots, Charles P.Apprentice Blacksmith
Snoots, George W.Blacksmith
Stotts, CapitolaLaundress
Tomlinson, MabelMusic Teacher
Tomlinson, Morton F.General Store
Trittipo, Albert J.Teamster
Trittipo, EllaDress Maker
Trittipo, John L.Blacksmith
Wisecarver, Frank S.Teamster
Wisecarver, Louis S.Hotel Proprietor
Wisecarver, CatharineHotel Landlady
Young, Walter C.Teamster

Adamsville Directory About 1920

This list is from Ione Bradford Supplee's memory. They are businesses she remembers operating in the 1920s.

Bradford, Willis R.Barber Shop
Browning, GordonMerchant
Darner, PaulFeed & Grain Mill
Geller, Wm.Blacksmith
Hunt, F. O.Physician
Jordan, EdgarNewspaper Editor
Jordan, Anna V.Postmistress
Kern, George V.Wheelwright
Lyons, LeslieElectrician
McDowell, CurtiePaint & Paper hanging contractor
McKnight, Wm. H.Linesman & Painter
Rechel, BernardConfectionary
Roberts, Wm. A.Merchant
Saffell, WalterMusic Teacher
Sarbaugh, CharlesMerchant
Shepfer, SamuelMerchant
Shirer, Harry E.Undertaker
Wheeler, AliceChief Telephone Operator
Winn, Mrs. MatildaHotel Proprietor

Adamsville Directory About 1930

This list is from Ione Bradford Supplee's memory. They are businesses she remembers operating in the 1930s.

Bradford, Isaac O.Carpenter
Bradford, Willis R.Barber Shop
Bradford, Mrs. NancyClerk & Music Teacher
Buker, AnnaPostmistress
Buker, HerbertNewspaper Editor
Buker, MaryTypesetter
Buker, RonaldTypesetter
Doughty, BruceStock Dealer
Hunt, F. 0.Physician
Littick, ChesterManager of Abbott's Store
Littick, RalphU. S. Mail Carrier
Keyes, DorothyTelephone Operator
Lyons, LeslieElectrician
McDowell, CurtiePaint & Paper Contractor
McKnight, Wm. H.Linesman & Painter
Radcliffe, PaulFeed & Grain Mill
Sarbaugh, CharlesMerchant
Shepfer, SamuelFord Agency & Filling Station
Shinn, J. M.Merchant
Shirer, Harry E.Undertaker
Wheeler, AliceChief Telephone Operator

Adamsville Directory About 1940

This list is from Ione Bradford Supplee's memory. They are businesses she remembers operating in the 1940s.

Bradford, Isaac 0.Carpenter
Bradford, Mrs. NancyClerk & Music Teacher
Doughty, BruceStock Dealer
Grimm, ViettaChief Telephone Operator
Cole, WilliamMechanic, Shepfer's Garage
Hatfield, MarionMechanic
Littick, RalphU.S. Mail Carrier
Lyons, LeslieElectrician
McDowell, CurtiePaint & Wallpaper Contractor
Radcliffe, PaulFeed & Grain Mill and Store
Shepfer, SamuelFord Dealer, Garage & Filling Station
Shinn, J. M.General Merchandise & Grocery Store
Shirer, Harry E.Undertaker
Shirer, GeraldUndertaker
Smith, FrankGeneral Merchandise & Grocery Store
Thompson, C. HerbertSales Representative for Farm Machinery
Vernon, ClydetManager Abbott's General & Grocery Store
Vernon, Lillie (Ross)Beauty Shop

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