Montgomery County OGS - Gazetteer (Sharpsburg)

Additional information about Sharpsburg: In a book titled "Montgomery County Ohio 1990" authored by the Montgomery History Planning Committee, there is an article by Arlene Smith about the stagecoach road that had been created in the early part of the 1800's where Route 35 is now. The article said that someone had realized the need for travelers and horses to have a place to eat, water, and rest on their journey and that the Stagecoach Inn in Sharpsburg had been built at the corner of what is now Route 35 and Church Street. The article also states that people who lived in Sharpsburg had to go to Dayton to get their mail because there was no post office there. Travel from Sharpsburg to Dayton via stagecoach was a five-hour journey. When the citizens petitioned for a post office, they were told that there was already another town in Ohio with that name, so the town and post office was named Medill. Two years later it was changed to New Lebanon. Arlene Smith notes at the end of her article that it was prepared from notes from Mrs. Wm. A Kettler in 1982 and Lawrence Smith in 1989.