Schwanger/Shartzer Information Wanted (1809)

Dayton Repertory - 1809

[transcription of article]

Two persons, one of the name of John Schwanger and the other called Joseph Shartzer, left Chambersburg in company, about nine weeks previous to the date of this advertisement, and the first mentioned, after that time never more was heard of. The other person called Joseph Shartzer, also shortly after disappeared. Shartzer who is supposed to be able to give information of the said John Schwanger, is requested to do the same, being in his company at John Campbell's tavern, one mile from Chambersburg, the last time he was seen by his acquaintances. Shartzer having had a notorion-acquaintance with the wife of the said John Schwanger, it is presumed that they departed from Campbell's tavern, and on the road were quarreling.

John Schwanger is a man of about five feet ten inches high, of a robust make, pale visage, black eyes and black hair; he was clothed at the time of his departure from home, with a coat of blue cloth, a striped waist coat, and coloured pantaloons. Joseph Shartzer is about five feet eight or nine inches high, of a robust make, yellow hair, and of a dark complexion. --Whoever gives information of the said Shartzer, or secures him in any jail of the United States, shall have a reward of twenty dollars, from:


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