Montgomery County OGS - Dayton Newspaper Article (Ressler Reunion)
Ressler Reunion

Dayton Daily News - September 11, 1921
Page 10

Many Out-Of-Town Relatives at Ressler Reunion

Original picture from article.

Miss Minnie Ressler (left) and Mrs. Amelia Watson.

[transcription of article]

MIAMISBURG, O., Sept. 10 - The reunion of the Ressler family, organized into an annual institution, centers about the two sisters pictured here. These are Miss Minnie Ressler and Mrs. Amelia Watson, only surviving members of the large family of Michael Ressler, whose descendants now celebrate their kinship each year. Both sisters were born on the old Ressler homestead at the eastern edge of Miamisburg and have been lifelong and well known residents of this community.

Their family reunion last Sunday was the third annual affair and was held, as it has been on preceding occasions, at the Urias Gebhart home south of Miamisburg. Ninety-two guests dined at the tables that were given a beautiful outdoor setting. A program in the afternoon included the recounting of family history by Attorney Mahlon Gebhart, and a narrative of personal experiences in Germany by Charles Myers of Indianapolis. Election of officers resulted in returning to office the following: President, Charles Ressler; secretary, Miss Amelia Gebhart; treasurer, Mrs. A. B. Wertz; historian, Attorney Mahlon Gebhart.

A list of out-of-town relatives present includes: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bode, Mrs. Cora Bode and daughter Corrine, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ressler, of Cincinnati; James Dana and his daughter Ruth, and Mrs. Carrie Guepe of Fondulac, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers, Jr. and daughter Ruth, Frank Myers, Miss Anna Myers, Mr. and Mrs. John Myers and their children John and Willa, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers and son Robert, Mrs. Rose Montgomery, Miss Anna Frauer, Mrs. Julia Christina, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Twinam and children Walter and Clara, of Indianapolis, Ind., Mrs. Herbert Zapp and daughter Catherine of Louisville, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lesher, Mr. and Mrs. Dietz, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lesher, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lesher and son of Dayton, O., Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wertz and son Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Drayer and son Edward of Middletown, O.

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