Montgomery County OGS - Dayton Newspaper Article (Pierson)
Pierson 50th Anniversary (1916)

Dayton Daily News - Sunday, April 23, 1916


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Mr. and Mrs. John Pierson of Brookville, Ohio, recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Each is past 72 years of age. They were married in '66 and are popular with many friends in the community.

A most pleasant occasion was observed in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Pierson at their country home north of Brookville by a large number of relatives and friends last Sunday, April 16. The aged couple, smiling and happy, welcomed numerous guests who began to arrive early Sunday morning from the surrounding towns. The affair was made more cheerful by Mr. and Mrs. Bell of Dayton, O. who rendered beautiful selections on stringed instruments. In the center of the large hospitable dining table, loaded down with the best of the flourishing old homestead, a large bouquet of red carnations presented by their charming grandchild, Miss Mary Hesseman, topped the scene with a flourish. Two large wedding cakes, one marked "Father" and the other "Mother" were novel and attractive features of the elaborate dinner. The aged couple received several beautiful gifts and were wished many happy returns of the day. Those present were:

Mr. and Mrs. Pierson
Mrs. Sarah Ann Carmony
Mr. Harvey Arnett
Mr. and Mrs. David Carmony
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hesseman
Mr. Henry Hesseman
Miss Emma Hesseman
Miss Mary Hesseman
Mr. John Schleipeck
Mr. Jacob Carmony
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Ehrstine
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Young
Mr. and Mrs. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. George Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ehrstine
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hubler
Miss Edna Ehrstine
Miss Urma Ehrstine
Mr. Wm. Bard
Mr. Clarence Carmony
Plamie Pierson
Miss Ruth Carmony
Miss Mildred Young
Arlie Carmony
Chalmer Pierson
Mrs. Harvey Arnett
Mrs. Bertha Pease
Virgil Pease
Chester Pease
Mrs. Anna Pease
Mr. Jesse Carmony
Miss Treva Huffman
Miss Treva Carmony
Miss Mable Carmony
Emma Carmony
Mary Arnett
Mrs. Orien Fry
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carmony
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lamme

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