Montgomery County OGS - Dayton Newspaper Article (Fifty Firemen)
Fifty Firemen and Building of New Firehouses

Dayton Daily News - April 10, 1939
Page 13

Fifty Are Named On Fireman List

[transcription of article]

The names of 50 applicants who successfully passed the recently completed civil service test for appointments as firemen in the division of fire were announced Monday by the civil service commission.

The list creates a new eligible setup, with the prospects that approximately half of the successful applicants may receive appointments, it is believed.

The building of five new engine houses in Dayton at this time will mean the recruiting of possibily 24 men to man three new companies, while there now exists a shortage of 22 men in the fireman list, based on normal personnel obtaining before the existing curtailment period on the part of the city government.

The three highest applicants on the list, in order of their grades, are Clifford W. Gerard, R. P. Nevitt and A. L. Jenkins.

The other 47, given alphabetically, are:

J. B. Barber, jr.
Melvin W. Brown
B. H. Butler
J. P. Cahill
William R. Cook
F. V. Cooper
Joseph L. Croy
J. N. Davis
O. F. Fraser
Clarke Fuchs
Curtis Fuchs
Robert Griesmeyer
F. E. Grothjan
V. Grusenmeyer
G. W. Hampton
L. C. Haskin
Clayton Hausfeld
L. E. Heck
M. Hilderbrand
L. H. Jones
A. E. Lehman
E. A. Mink, jr.
C. G. Morgan, jr.
Paul F. Morrin
C. G. Nash
R. A. Neff
H. O'Donnell
D. W. O'Neal
A. D. Rade
C. E. Rayner
E. A. Reese, jr.
C. J. Reichert
R. Ridenour, jr.
L. F. Rossa
U. E. Rusehau
D. J. Ryan
E. F. Skinner
R. F. Snyder
R. I. Spencer
A. V. Speransa
J. L. Stomps
W. R. Straud
Paul F. Tate
Joseph Volkert, sr.
K. E. Webber
William B. Wens
H. T. Wietzel

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