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Beaver Headstone

Dayton Daily News - Friday, June 10, 1904


Tombstone Tells All That is Known of Susanna Beaver
The Old House Was Built Many Years Ago
Spouting Bears Date of 1828

[transcription of article]

A number of old residents who are familiar with the brick structure that has just been demolished at teh southwest corner of Fourth and Jefferson streets, in which the tombstone of Susanna Beaver was unearthed, are of the opinion that it was built about the year 1826. That date at least was found on the rafters and other parts of the house, when it was torn down. The date 1828 was found on the spouting that was also taken down, and the inference is drawn that the house was built about that time. The spouting may have been put on two years after the house was completed.

The statement that the house had been built 40 years is taken jokingly by the venerable Dr. J. C. Reese, who says that he moved into the house 42 years ago and that it was an old house then. He lived there 12 years, and frequently saw the date, 1826, that was a part of the adornment of the house. He could have pointed out the exact spot where the date could have been found, before the house was demolished, had it been asked for. It is evident that the tombstone must have been put in long after the house was built. No one seems to know the history of the stone, nor will perhaps, it ever be known. Its secret was buried with it, and only the stone remains to indicate that a person of that name ever existed.

The stone was found by one of Contractor Philip Minnegan's men, George Paxton, his foreman, in the south wall. The above illustration depicts the stone and the spot where it was found. It probably belongs to Mr. Minnegan, and just what disposition he will make of it has not as yet been decided upon. In the picture Paxton is pointing to the spot where the tombstone was discovered. [Inscription on tombstone, taken from the drawing in the article:

Susanna Beaver
Born Dec. 31, 1782,
In Franklin Co. Pa.
May 27, 1848
Aged 66 Yrs &
26 days

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