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This is a list of place names in Montgomery County, Ohio. This information was originally compiled by Julie M. Overton and published in the Winter 1972 issue of the Miami Valley Chapter OGS Newsletter. In 1998, the document was updated by the Montgomery County Chapter OGS. This information was compiled from the following sources:

  • Map of Montgomery Co., Ohio, published by C.O.Titus, Philadelphia, 1869
  • Combination Atlas Map of Montgomery County, Ohio, published by L.H.Everts, 1875
  • History of Montgomery Co., Ohio, published by Beers, 1882
  • New Atlas Map of Montgomery Co., Ohio, published by Herman Fox, 1895
  • Montgomery County Road Record, 1804-1940 (Dayton Metro Library)
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, Centennial Edition, 1956
  • Cram's Unrivaled Atlas of the World, published by George F. Cram, 1900
  • Montgomery County, Ohio Road Map 1969

    Abbreviations for township locations are:

    BUButler TownshipMAMadison Township
    CLClay TownshipMIMiami Township
    DCDayton CityMRMad River Township
    DTDayton TownshipPEPerry Township
    GEGerman TownshipRARandolph Township
    HAHarrison TownshipVBVan Buren Township
    JAJackson TownshipWASWashington Township
    JEJefferson TownshipWAYWayne Township

    Place NameTownshipLocation Description
    AfricaDCAn area near Seely's Basin at Wayne St.
    Air HillMAA post office in the western section of the township near the Dayton & Western R.R.
    AlexandervilleMIA small town platted in 1815, on the Miami Canal, just north of Carrollton
    AmityMAA settlement along the western edge of the township, platted in 1840, post office established in 1879.
    ArlingtonCLA town platted in 1839, on the National Road, in the center of the township.
    Arlington CourtsDCAn area in the western part of the city, just east of the Veterans Administration Center.
    BachmanCLA town laid out in 1842, on the National Road at the Dayton & Union R.R. crossing.
    Baltimore An express office in 1900.
    BeavertownVBA small town in the central part of the township, surveyed in 1873.
    Beckers An express office in 1900.
    Bel(l)montDCA section of the city in the 10TH Ward, 1874.
    BerkeleyVBAn area in Moraine City, just north of Dorothy Lane.
    Berkeley HeightsVBAn area in Moraine City, just south of Dorothy Lane.
    BridgeportMIA small settlement with a railroad station, across the Miami River from Miamisburg, laid out in 1831 by Vincens Antonides.
    BrookvilleCLA large town in the extreme southern part of the township. Although it was settles before 1831, and had a post office established in 1855, it was not surveyed until 1850, and incorporated in 1874.
    Brown's ChapelGEA settlement at the crossing of Oxford Rd. and Brown's Run Road, in Southwestern corner of the county.
    BrowntownDCAn area, sometimes called Patterson, west of the Miami River and south of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, platted in 1853.
    BucklotDCFirst called "Buck Pasture", it was an area of about 37 acres of land platted and sold in 1836, between the two canals, north of Third St., to the Mill-pond and race.
    Buck PastureDCsee Bucklot.
    BuddsburyVBformer name of Beavertown.
    Burg, TheBUA sometime nickname for Chambersburg.
    Butler TownshipBUFormed in 1817 from the parts of Wayne and Randolph Townships between the Miami and Stillwater Rivers.
    CabintownDCThat part of the early town south of Third St.
    CarlisleMIAlthough this town is largely in Warren Co., about 90 acres in Montgomery Co. have been annexed by Carlisle.
    CarmontVBFormer name of Southern Hills.
    Carrollton StationJEThe railroad station east of Gettersburg
    CarrolltonMIA town on the Miami Canal, north of Miamisburg, platted in 1830.
    Carrollton Station Post OfficeMIThe post office on the C.H. & D. Railroad, just south of the Jefferson Township line.
    Centre P.O.CLThe post office at the town of Phillipsburg.
    CentrevilleWASLaid out about 1805, this large town was incorporated in 1830 and again in 1879; it is located near the center of the township.
    ChambersburgBUA small town along the Dayton & Troy Pike, platted in 1830; the post office was established in 1834.
    ChautauquaMIA point on the N.Y.C. Railroad, at the Warren Co. border.
    Clay TownshipCLSurveyed in 1825, this township was formed out of Randolph Township.
    ClaytonRAAlthough at first only the name of the post office at the town of Salem, this name of Clayton later became the name of the whole town, due to "name competition" from another, larger, Salem, Ohio. The name was officially changed in the 1950's.
    ClemensJEA hamlet on Germantown Pike at Frytown Road.
    ClementMRA point on the Pennsylvania Railroad, at the eastern edge of Dayton City.
    College HillDCAn area in western section of Dayton, along Wolf Creek.
    CommonsDCA prairie, before 1820, lying east of St. Clair St. and north of Third St., nearly to First St.
    CreagerVBA neighborhood in the southern part of the township, on the Lebanon Pike.
    Cribb's StationDTA settlement listed as part of the Old (1798 Dayton Township.
    CottersburgJEA town in southeastern part of the township; this was written on the 1874 Atlas map of the whole county; on the actual Jefferson Township map, this town is listed as GETTERSBURG.
    Crown PointJEA settlement on Eaton Pike at Princeton Drive.
    DanvilleMIA small town in the northernmost part of the township.
    Dayton CityDCThe limits of the city of Dayton, and Dayton Township, were made one and the same in 1841; the Dayton City post office was probably established in 1804.
    Dayton TownshipDTIn 1797, this included most of the present Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Clark, Champaign, Logan, and Shelby Counties; by 1807, it had been reduced to the present townships of Van Buren, Harrison, Dayton City, Mad River, Wayne, and part of Butler. It was legislated out of business March 8, 1841.
    DaytonviewDCA section of the City in the 10th Ward in 1875.
    Dean Post OfficeVBThe post office at the town of Beavertown.
    Dixie HeightsHAA new section on Troy Pike at Timber Land Rd.
    DodsonCLA town laid out in 1851, just south of the junction of the Dayton & Union Railroad with the D. & W. Railroad.
    DrexelJEA settlement on Eaton Pike, just east of Hunter Lane.
    DwyerMIA settlement on Cincinnati Pike (U.S.25 and Springboro Rd.
    East DaytonDCA section just south of the Mad River, in eastern Dayton.
    Eaton Township Formed in 1807 from Harding Township, it included all of the first and second ranges of townships between Butler and Miami Counties.
    EbenezerHAat the fork of Frederick Pike and Old 25.
    EdgemontDCA section in the southern part of the city, just west of Interstate 75.
    EldoradoHAAn area in the extreme northeastern corner of the township, east of Rip Rap Road.
    Elizabeth Township An original township, no longer in existence, it was all of that part of the county north of German and Dayton townships.
    EllertonJEThe post office established in Oct. 1879 at the village of Gettersburg; the book Road Records lists as the name of the whole town.
    EnglewoodRAA town on the Stillwater River.
    FarmersvilleJAA large town at the present time, it was settled in 1822, platted in 1832; it is located in the south central part of the township.
    FinchtownMAA settlement along the northern edge of the township, on the west side of Salem Pike.
    FindlayDCAn area just east of the Xenia Pike and East Third St. intersection, between those two roads.
    Fishburg A post office at Toll Gate No. 2, Old Troy Pike, established in 1857; less than two years later, the Postmaster, John Prill, moved to Miami Co., and the Fishburg P.O. was abolished.
    Ford/Fort StationVBA railroad station on the C.C.C. & I. Railroad, in the southwestern corner of the township.
    Fort MckinleyHAA settlement on Salem Pike at Siebenthaler Rd.
    FrenchtownDCAn area south of Second St. and the canal, to Lodwick St., and east from the canal at Webster St. to Saint Anne's Hill.
    FrytownJEA settlement at Germantown Pike and Infirmary Road, in the northeastern part of the township.
    GermantownGEEstablished in 1814, the post office established in 1818, this presently large town is on the north side of Twin Creek.
    German Township An original township, it underwent various boundary changes until 1831, after which its permanent boundaries were established.
    GettersburgJEA town in the southeastern section of the township, on the Dayton-Germantown Pike, the lots for the town were sold about 1855; the post office was called Ellerton.
    Gravel Pit An express office listed in 1900.
    GreencastleDCAn early settlement on the north side of German-town Pike, just west of Brown St.; it was listed as an express office in 1900.
    GreenmontVBAn area just north of Beavertown.
    Haines An express office in 1900, with a population recorded in 1890 of 15 people.
    Hamer's HillMRA hill settled about 1796 by the Wm. Hamer family, just south of Springfield Pike.
    Happy CornerRAThe corner of Old Salem Rd. and Union Rd.
    Harding Township Formed in 1805, it included all of the territory within the present Preble County, the latter of which was formed in 1808, thus making the township as a part of Montgomery Co., extinct.
    Harries StationMRA station on the Shore Line Railroad, just west of Harshmanville Post Office.
    HarrisburgRAA town on the National Road, close to the Stillwater River, which was platted in 1841; the post office was called Jamton.
    Harrison Township Formed out of the three-month-old Dayton City, of lands west of the Great Miami River (territory formerly known as Dayton Township, in May, 1841.
    Harshman Post OfficeMRThe post office at the settlement of Harshmanville.
    HarshmanvilleMRA settlement south of the Mad River, in the eastern part of the township.
    Hays CornerMAA hamlet at Wolf Creek and Diamond Mill Road.
    HempsteadVBA hamlet at the junction of Hempstead Rd., McConnel Rd., and Wilmington Pike.
    HighlandDCD. Webster Clegg's platt of Highland was in the 7th Ward. City of Dayton.
    Higgins StationMAA town settled in 1860 on the railroad - it is now called Trotwood.
    Hipple's MillsJAA post office established by 1837.
    Hole's StationMIThe former name of Miamisburg, formed about 1797-1798.
    Home Avenue Junction Listed as an express office in 1900.
    Hooks CornerMRA hamlet on Old Troy Pike and Harshmanville Rd.
    Huber HeightsWAYA relatively new settlement between Rts. 201 and 202.
    IndustryDCA post office established by 1837.
    IngomarGEbehind Germantown Dam about 3 or 4 miles up stream.
    IrvingtonBUAn area along Stillwater River, south of Meeker Rd.
    IrvingtonRAA settlement on Covington Pike, just north of Township Line Rd., and across the Stillwater River in Butler Township.
    Jackson Township Formed in 1814 from Jefferson and German Townships. Some of its lands were taken off in 1820 for part of Perry Twp.
    Jamton Post OfficeRAThe post office at the town of Harrisburg.
    Jefferson Township This township was formed from German Township in 1805, and included all of the present Jefferson, Jackson, Madison and Perry Townships; it assumed its present form in 1841.
    JimtownMAA Settlement along the northern edge of the township, on the east side of Salem Rd.
    Johnson's StationBUA station on the Dayton & Michigan Railroad, in the eastern part of the township.
    JohnsvilleJA & PEA flourishing town in the busy days of the stage lines from 1840-1855, located on the border of Jackson and Perry Townships; the south side (Jackson is apparently the only part that is lawfully entitled to the name, since it is the only part of the town which has been platted.
    KetteringVBA City in the eastern half of old Van Buren Township.
    KildeerWAYThe former name of Sulphur Grove.
    Kings BoroughHAA settlement on the western edge of Dayton City.
    KingsvilleMAA settlement along Miller Ave., just north of Eaton Pike.
    KinseyRAA hamlet at Kinsey Rd., and Taylorsburg-Englewood Rd.
    Kreitzer's CornerPEThe crossing of OLD Dayton Rd. and Crawford Rd.
    LambertineJEA small town in the eastern section of the township.
    LebanonPEsee New Lebanon
    Lebanon JunctionMRAn express office listed in 1900, on Woodman between Watervliet and Linden.
    LibertyJELaid out in 1815, with the post office established in 1821, this town is located in the central part of the township.
    Little RichmondPEA settlement on Little Richmond Rd. at Crawford Rd.
    Little YorkBUA town along the Stillwater River, in the southwest part of the township; it was platted in 1816 or 1817 near the mill of Adam Weymire, at the time in Randolph Twp.
    Lock's FordMRThe point where the Troy Pike crosses the Great Miami River.
    Lodwick StreetDCThe extension of Lowry St., east to the corporation line.
    Long Siding An express office listed in 1900.
    Lowry StreetDCThe extension of Fifth St., east of the canal, to Wayne St.
    McphersontownDCAn area platted in 1845 by Samuel McPherson, located on both sides of Main St., north of the Miami River.
    Madison Township This township was formed in 1809 from parts of Jefferson and Randolph townships; there was one boundary change in 1820.
    Mad River Township This township was formed from the former Dayton Township, east of the Great Miami River, in May, 1841.
    ManorWASA hamlet on Social Row Rd., at the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks.
    MexicoDCPlatted in 1845, this was the area along Third St., west of Williams St.
    Miami CityHAA section from Wolf Creek south to the Railroad, and immediately west of the Miami River, platted in 1854; it became part of the 9th Ward, Dayton City, in 1871.
    MiamisburgMIPlatted in 1818, post office established in 1822, incorporated in 1832, it is presently a large town on the Miami River.
    Miami ShoresVBA settlement on the Great Miami River, south of Moraine.
    Miami Township The township was formed in 1829 from Washington Township. A few small additions were made in 1831 and 1841.
    Miami VillaWAYA settlement at Chambersburg and Rip Rap Rds.
    Moraine CityVBA town centering on U.S. 25 and Dorothy Lane.
    Morgan PlaceRAA hamlet at Wenger Rd. and Covington Pike.
    MudlickGEA hamlet about 1 1/2 miles west of Sunsbury.
    Mummaville P.O.MAThe post office at the village of Stillwater.
    Murlin HeightsBUA settlement on Troy Pike at Little York Rd.
    National Road Station A settlement and express office of about 100 people in the 1890 census.
    New Chicago JEA hamlet on Germantown Pike.
    Newcom PlainDCA section platted by D. Webster Clegg in the 7th Ward.
    New GermanyMAA settlement in the southeastern part of the township.
    New LebanonJAA town located on the border of Jackson and Perry Townships, sometimes called Lebanon; the Perry Township section was platted in 1843, a year after the post office was started.
    New MexicoDCAn area in the same locality as Mexico, and which was platted shortly after 1845.
    North DaytonMRA section of the City in the 11th Ward, later known as Texas; it was platted in Oct. 1841.
    NorthridgeHAA settlement along New Troy Pike.
    OakdaleVBA settlement at Stroop Rd. and Wilmington Pike.
    OaklandMRAn area on the Xenia Turnpike, just outside Dayton's 7th Ward; although laid out in 1854. Beers relates that this town has never existed except on paper.
    Oak RidgeWASA hamlet on Prugh Rd., just west of Bigger-McConnell Rd.
    OakwoodVBA town in the northwestern part of the township.
    Ohmer ParkDCAn area in southeastern Dayton, just west of Smithville Rd.
    OregonDCA section in the 5th Ward, platted in 80 lots in 1845.
    PalmaMRA small settlement on Valley Pike, just south of Texas.
    PasadenaVBA hamlet along East Drive, just east of Shroyer Rd.
    PattersonDCAn area better known as Browntown.
    Patterson's PondDCAn area between the canal and river, west of the Fair Ground Hill.
    Peach Tree BendHAAn area along the Miami River, in the northeast corner of the township.
    Perry Township Formed in 1820 to include the parts of Madison and Jefferson Townships in T-5, R-4E.
    PhillipsburgCLA town in the northeastern part of the township; it was surveyed in 1836, and the post office was established in 1846.
    Phillip's HillDCThe high ground at the north end of the present Fairgrounds.
    PiersonDCPlatted in 1819, north of the Miami River; it is in the 10th Ward and is known as Dayton View.
    Pinch GutRAThe local name for Taylorsburg.
    PinchtownRAThe settlement adjacent to Taylorsburg post office at the southern edge of the township.
    PleasantBUThe settlement at the crossing of Dog Leg Rd. and Little York Rd.
    Poor HookHAFormer name of Ft. McKinley.
    Post TownMAA town in the central part of the township, directly south of Trotwood; no population was listed until 1870.
    PriggsJAA post office established by 1837, about 12 miles southwest of Dayton City.
    PyrmontPEA town platted in 1835 in thee northwestern corner of the township; a post office was established about 1840.
    Randolph Township This was formed in 1804 from Elizabeth Township; parts were taken off in 1809, 1817 and 1825 for other newer townships.
    RattlesnakeDCA small prairie at the corner of Wilkinson and Water Sts., in the early days of the city.
    ReesorvilleHAA settlement north of Dayton.
    Residence ParkDCAn area in western Dayton, north of the Veterans Administration Center.
    Ridgewood HeightsDCAn area in the extreme western part of the City, at U.S. 35.
    RiverdaleDCA section in the northwestern part of the city, between Rts. 48 and 49.
    RiversideMRA small town on Harshmanville Rd., adjacent to Wright-Patterson AFB.
    Rockingham The proposed name for Jackson Township - the petition for the name was refused.
    Rosedale A small town in 1900.
    St. Anne's HillDCThe high ground from the corner of McLean and Eagle Sts., north to Third St.
    SalemRAA town near the western edge of the township, laid out in 1816; the post office was called Clayton, and the latter name later became the name of the town as well as of the post office.
    Salem SpringsRAThe site of the first store in the township, 1810.
    Seely's BasinDCA canal built in 1832, later known as "the Ditch", connecting the canal at the East end of Wayne St., with the old basin at Fair Ground Hill.
    ShakertownVBA town along the eastern edge of the township.
    Sharpsburg Former name for another town whose name is unknown at this time. [See note.]
    ShilohHAA hamlet at Covington Pike and Shiloh Springs Rd.
    Short HillsVBAn area just south of Berkeley Heights.
    Six MileHAA settlement on Rt. 48 (Covington Pike and about 1 mile north of Shiloh.
    Six MileJEA settlement on Eaton Pike at Union Rd.
    SlidertownDCThe territory around the corner of Patterson and Brown Sts.
    SmithvilleMRThe settlement on the Mad River, the name of which was later changed to Harries (Station.
    South ArlingtonCLThe sometime name for Arlington.
    Southern HillsVBAn area centering on the intersection of Dorothy Lane and Dixie Drive.
    South ParkDCAn area along Patterson Blvd., north of the Fairgrounds.
    SpankertownBUA cluster of houses built around a carriage shop, a little east of Little York in the 1850's. A post office was established in 1880.
    SpecksburgDCThat part of the early city in the low ground west of Perry St., named after Barnhart Speck, baker.
    Steele's HillDCThe high ground north of the Miami River, on the State Road, from Bridge St. bridge around to the Covington Pike.
    Spring SummitVBAn area on the dividing ridge between the two Miami Rivers - the site of the Jones quarry.
    Still Water JunctionMAA hamlet on Wolf Creek Pike at the Pennsylvania Railroad.
    Stop EightHAA settlement on Troy Pike at the southern edge of the township.
    StringtownMAA small town dating back to about 1818, north of Trotwood; it was the location of David Miller's tannery.
    String TownWASA hamlet at Spring Valley Pike and Clyo Rds.
    StrongsvilleCL?A hamlet on a stream.
    Sulphur GroveWAYA very small village near the geographic center of the township; a post office was started here about 1879.
    Sun(s)buryGEAlthough not laid out until 1825, it was the point of the first settlement of German Township, is on the south side of Twin Creek, across from Germantown.
    SwanktownCLA settlement at the crossing of the National Rd. and Salem Pike.
    Swartzell SettlementJAProbably the earliest settlement in the township, located near the side of present Farmersville.
    Tadmer StationBUThe Railroad station on the Dayton and Michigan Railroad, along the eastern edge of the township.
    Tadmer/Tadmore Post OfficeBUThe post office near the Miami River, at Tadmer Station; this area was later enveloped by Vandalia.
    Tate's HillMRA point on the railroad, near Camp Corwin; the 1956 Atlas calls this "Tate's Point".
    Taylorsburg/TaylorsboroughRAA town along the southern edge of the township, on Salem Rd., laid out by Adam Rodebaugh.
    TaylorsvilleWAYA settlement between the Miami River and the Miami Canal.
    TexasMRThe area around the intersection of Brandt and Valley Pikes; listed as a village in the 1880 tax valuation.
    TiptopMRA section just outside the City of Dayton, near Oakland.
    TrotwoodMAA settlement established on the Dayton & Western R.D. Railroad about 1854, originally called Higgins Station.
    Twin ValleyGEThe area between Big Twin and Little Twin streams, which join in Germantown.
    UnionRAA town in northeastern Union Township, platted in 1816. A post office was established by 1822.
    Van Buren Township Formed in June 1841 from parts of Washington Township and Dayton Township, it is no longer in existence; its original territory is covered largely by Oakwood, Kettering and Moraine.
    VandaliaBUA town laid out in 1838 in the eastern part of the township.
    VeronaCLA town on the edge of Preble Co., just north of the Dayton & Union Railroad; possibly the new name for West Baltimore.
    Voorhees Post OfficeCLThe post office at the village of Arlington.
    Walnut HillsDCA section of the city between RT. 35 and S. Main St.
    WatervlietVBThe old name for Shakertown.
    Wayne Township Formed in 1810, its lands west of the Miami River were taken off to form Butler Township.
    Wenger LawnCLA flag station on the Dayton and Union Railroad, one mile from Bachman.
    West BaltimoreCLA town along the Preble Co. border in the north-western corner of the township; it was surveyed in 1852.
    Washington Township An original township, organized in 1803; parts were taken off in 1829 (for Miami Township and 1841 for (Van Buren Township.
    West CarrolltonMIThe present name for the town of Carrollton.
    West DaytonDCEighty lots near Third and Williams St., platted in 1845.
    West Miami CityHAListed as a separate town in the 1880 Tax valuations, it may have been so identified because it was outside the Dayton City limits, whereas Miami City proper was incorporated in the City in 1871.
    WestsideDCAn area in the western part of the city, between Third St. and Germantown Pike.
    WestwoodDCA section in western Dayton, between Hoover Ave. and Western Ave.
    Whipps CornerWASThe crossing at Dayton-Lebanon Pike and Woodbourn Rd.
    White's CornerWASThe junction of Alexandersville Pike and Wilmington Pike.
    WhitefieldJEA hamlet at Farmersville-West Carrollton Pike, and Infirmary Rd.
    Winegarden, TheGEA tract of land on the Dayton Pike, called after one of the owners, John Winegardner.
    WoodbourneWASA settlement in the northern part of the township, the first lots of which were sold in 1818.
    YorkBUThe name of a small settlement on the east side of South Branch; the post office is called Little York.