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Three Former Miamisburg Cemeteries

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The following cemeteries, formerly located in Miamisburg, were closed at various times and the remains moved, mostly to Hillgrove Cemetery, which was opened on 16 Mar 1864. Some remains were moved by the families and the rest by the city.

Schoolhouse (Canal) Cemetery

This was apparently Miamisburg's first cemetery and was started next to the log building used as a schoolhouse and church. This building was built in 1818 on land owned by Jacob Kercher and was called "Jacob�s Meetinghouse". This was at the NE corner of Central Ave. & First Street, where the Municipal Building is now located. According to Beer�s 1882 History of Montgomery Co., the cemetery was opened about 1815 on land donated for that purpose, also by Jacob Kercher. Its geographic coordinates are 39 38.51' N, 84 17.25' W.

When the Miami - Erie Canal was built, it ran through the land containing the "Schoolhouse" Cemetery, which was moved. The Cemetery then was often referred to as the Canal Cemetery. It has also been called St. Jacob�s or Lutheran Church Cemetery, referring to the church across the street to the East.

The following burials were listed in 1st Reformed Church�s records as being in the Schoolhouse Cemetery. Reference: Montgomery County OH, German Church Records, Vol. II. Numbers in parentheses ( ) pertain to references listed in this book.

EMERICK, Sarah Jane, 14 Mar 1859, 1m 13d, Miamisburg [dau of Christian & Lucy Ann, funeral 14th, buried graveyard adjoining Union Schoolhouse (2)]

GERARD, Anna, 23 Mar 1860, 2m 23d, Miamisburg, dau of Wm. & Frances [buried in the graveyard at the Schoolhouse (2)]

LYONS, Carl Wildy, 4 Aug 1858, 3m 1d, Miamisburg, son of Dr. T. V. & E. A. [Dr. Thomas V. & Elizabeth Ann (1)] [in the graveyard adjoining Miamisburg Union Schoolhouse, Wildey, funeral 5th (2)] [moved to Hillgrove Cemetery]

PENTZER, Elizabeth, 5 Oct 1858, 14y 8m 23d, Miamisburg, dau of Rev. Jacob & E. [funeral 6th, buried in the graveyard at the Union Schoolhouse (2)]

Miamisburg (Library) Cemetery

According to Beer�s History, Miamisburg Council purchased ground for a cemetery "in the eastern part of the town" per an ordinance passed 3 Feb 1840. It contained about four acres was still in use in 1882. This is the land that now forms the park North of the Library, at Central Avenue & Fifth Streets. One division of it was designated as the Potter�s Field. Its geographic coordinates are 39 38.47' N, 84 17.05' W.

Cedar Grove (Kerchner) Cemetery

Again according to Beer�s History, in 1856 the "Miamisburg Cedar Grove Cemetery" was organized and purchased seven acres of land from part of the Jacob Kerchner estate. This land was later found to be wet in places and unfit for burial purposes, and the cemetery was closed. It was located on the South side of the present Kerchner St., 600 feet East of the railroad. Its geographic coordinates are 39 38.84' N, 84 16.78' W.

Additional Burials

The following funerals were listed in 1st Reformed Church�s records as being held in Miamisburg, but no burial location was given. It is therefore assumed that most of them must have been originally buried in one of these cemeteries, since they occurred before Hillgrove was opened. Reference: Montgomery County OH, German Church Records, Vol. II.

The listing below is just a fraction of the burials of these cemeteries. Other church records, newspapers, and other records in general might fill in some of the other names.

ANDERSON, Alfred, 31 Jul 1859, 3y 4m 11d, Miamisburg, son of Jas. & Eliza [funeral 1 Aug, son of James & Eliza (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

BOLTIN, Miss Sarah, funeral 26 Dec 1859, 63y 1m 27d, M. E. Church, Miamisburg with Rev. A. T. Thompson (2) [Hillgrove Cemetery]

BREWER, Mary Adalaide, 8 Mar 1864, 4y 19d, Miamisburg, dau of Achy W. & M. A.[4y 1m 19d, dau of Mary A. (1)]

BROUGH, Emma, 10 Mar 1864, 4y 7m 5d, Miamisburg, dau of Sam'l & Mary [Hillgrove Cemetery]

COOK, Anna Maria, 26 Jul 1860, 1y 3m 19d, Miamisburg, dau of Collin & Sarah [funeral 27th (2)]

COOK, Collin Jr., 2 Aug 1863, 2y 3m 10d, Miamisburg, son of Collin & Sarah [Hillgrove Cemetery]

COOK, Maggie, 13 Jun 1862, 4y 9m 6d, Miamisburg, dau of Collin & Sarah [Hillgrove Cemetery]

DUBBS, Elizabeth, 8 May 1858, 42y 10m 11d, Miamisburg, wife of Samuel [funeral 10th, 42y 10m 10d (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 28 Jun 1815]

EMERICK, Margaret Cinderella, 16 Dec 1860, 5y 6m 6d, Miamisburg, dau of Aaron & Reb. [funeral 18th, at home, mother Rebecca (2)]

EMERICK, Nancy C., 19 Aug 1863, 3y 3m 29d, Miamisburg, dau of C. & L.

FITZGERALD, Margaret J., 3 Aug 1860, 33y 3m 21d, Miamisburg [funeral 4th, dau of Anthony & Jane CARTWRIGHT, born 13 Apr 1827, Dayton, mar twice; 1st to Elias GEBHART 24 Aug 1843, after his death to James Fitzgerald 7 Aug 1851 (2)]

FOCHT, John, 20 Jun 1855, 77y 7m 10d, Miamisburg [funeral 21st (2)]MEASE, Lewis Thomas, 20 Dec 1855, 63y 1m 16d, St. John's Church [funeral 22nd, of Miami Twp (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 1792, d. 20 Jun (sic)]

FORNSHELL, Minerva, 28 Aug 1858, 1y 13d, Miamisburg, dau of Jas. W. & A. E. [1y 1m 13d (1)] [funeral 29th, 1y 13d, Ann E. (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery record: 1857-1858]

GEBHART, Bertha Oletta, 6 Sep 1859, 10m 6d, Miamisburg, dau of Isaac & Cath. [funeral 7th at Miamisburg, Catharine (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: bur. 8th] IMBODEN, Charles Edwin, 16 Oct 1859, 1y 3m, Miamisburg, son of Wm. & Mary A. [1y 3m 1d (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

GEBHART, Catharine, 14 Oct 1858, 9m 20d, Miamisburg, dau of David & Harriet [funeral 15th, buried "old graveyard", Miamisburg, resided Hamilton, Butler Co. (2)]

GEBHART, Flora Elizabeth, 9 Aug 1856, 1y 8m 26d, Miamisburg, dau of David & Harriet [1y 8m 24d (1)] [funeral 10th, 1y 8m 24d (2)]

GEBHART, Mary Edna, 11 Mar 1859, 1y 4m 7d, Miamisburg, dau of Levi & A. M.[Anna Maria (1)] [funeral 12th, lung fever (2)]

GEBHART, William, 24 Feb 1861, 3m, Miamisburg, son of David & Harriet [3m 1d (1)]

HEINEMAN, Mary E., 15 Sep 1856, 3y 2m, Miamisburg, dau of Henry & S. [3y 2m 1d (1)] [Mary Elizabeth, born 27 Jul 1853, buried 16 Sep in new graveyard in Miamisburg, dau of Henry & Sophia (2)]

HEINKE, Rev. Henry, 10 Jul 1859, 65y 6m 25d, Miamisburg, Lutheran minister at Miamisburg [funeral 11th, ministers present; Rev. D. Winters, Rev. J. A. Leiss, both of Reform Church, Rev. A. Henkel, of Lutheran Church (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

HOOVER, Frederick Adam, 29 Apr 1861, 86y 5m 22d, Miamisburg [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 7 Nov 1774]

HOOVER, Sarah, 30 Jul 1859, abt 83 years, Miamisburg, wife of Fred. A. [Frederick Adam (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

HUBER, Doretta C., 10 Dec 1854, 18y 3m 3d, Miamisburg, dau of John B. & A. E. [funeral 12th (2)]

HUBER, John B., 16 Sep 1863, 59y 7m 15d, Miamisburg, killed by sand bank caving in [Hillgrove Cemetery - L. Brien: age 59y 6m 16d]

HUBER, Martha Anna, 27 Sep 1863, 2y 11m 2d, Miamisburg, dau of Jacob & M. A.

KERCHER, Jacob, 26 Apr 1855, 69y 8m 19d, Miamisburg [funeral 28th (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 7 Aug 1785]

KERCHER, Margaret, 14 Jul 1859, 72y 6m 24d, Miamisburg, widow of Jacob [mother of Rev. John Kercher of Marshall Co., IL (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 20 Dec 1786]

KISER, ______, 30 Oct 1860, 24 years, Miamisburg [KEISER, funeral 31st, with Rev. A. Henkel, Volunteer (Military) Co. present, and 8 members of the Temple of Honor with regalia acted as pallbearers (2)]

KUNZ, Mary Magdalene, 17 Jul 1859, 10m 24d, Miamisburg, dau of John & E. [Magdalena, dau of John & Elizabeth (1)]

LEITER, Daniel, 23 Jun 1863, 42y 1m 4d, Miamisburg [Hillgrove Cemetery]

LYONS, Arabella Melissa, 13 Mar 1859, 6y 6m 6d, Miamisburg, dau of Dr. T. V. & E. A. [Thomas V. & Elizabeth Ann (1)] [ born 7 Sep 1852, bap 23 Feb 1853 by Rev. W. K. Zieber, funeral 14th (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

LYONS, Elizabeth Ann, 28 Mar 1863, 32y 6m 15d, Miamisburg, wife of Dr. T. V. [Thomas (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: 1830-1863]

MEASE, Daniel Nevin, 14 Jan 1864, 1y 7m 29d, Miamisburg, son of Lewis & Sarah A.

MEDLAR, Hannah, 29 Oct 1862, 75y 11m 6d, Miamisburg, widow of Daniel [Hillgrove Cemetery: Hannah H., b, 1787]

MEDLER, Daniel, 28 Feb 1855, 76y 10m 20d, St. John's Church (1) [funeral 2 Mar (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

MILLER, Alfred Cornelius, 1 Feb 1864, 9y 6m 11d, Miamisburg, son of Samuel & Cath.[Catharine (1)]

MILLER, Amanda, 5 Jan 1863, 1m 22d, Miamisburg, dau of John B. & Hannah [Hillgrove Cemetery: 1868, 2 mo, dau J. D. & H. M.]

MILLER, Mrs. Catharine, funeral 17 Aug 1859 at Miamisburg, abt 20 years (2)

MILLER, Catharine, 31 Dec 1863, 32y 4m 5d, Miamisburg, wife of Samuel [Hillgrove Cemetery: d. 30 Dec 1863]

MILLER, George, 25 Mar 1855, 22y 24d, Miamisburg [22y 1m 24d (1)] [funeral 26th, 22y 24d (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: George W., b. 1 Mar 1833, d.? 24 Mar]

MILLER, Jacob M., __ Sep 1863, 26y 6m, Miamisburg, bur. 30 Jan, Sargent Co. E 94th Reg O.V.I. [26y 6m 1d, drowned 25 Sep in TN River 8 miles below Chattanooga TN while on duty (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

MILLER, Samuel, 12 Apr 1862, 71y 11m 28d, Miamisburg

PANSING, Sophia W., 25 Aug 1856, 18y 10m 27d, Miamisburg [funeral 26th, Miss Sophia Wilhelmina (2)]

PENTZER, George, funeral 18 Feb 1859, young man, Miamisburg (2)

PHILLABAUM, Catharine, 29 Dec 1860, 67y 5m 10d, Miamisburg, widow of Daniel [funeral 30th, native of PA, moved to OH in 1826, member German Reformed Ch. in PA (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: 1793 - 1860]

POMROY, Thomas Albert, 3 Aug 1860, 1y 10m 24d, Miamisburg, son of Geo. A. & M. J. [funeral 4th, Martha J. (2)]

RICHARDS, William, 19 Oct 1857, 36 yrs, Miamisburg [36y 1m 10d (1)] [buried 21st (2)] HAGER, Fernando, 17 Feb 1858, 13y 8m 21d, Miamisburg, son of S. & E. [funeral 19th, Michael & Eliza, died at G. W. WEAVER'S, who had agreed to rear & provide for him until 21, being a sister's son of Mrs. Weaver (2)]

SCHOENFELD, Margaret, 16 Dec 1859, 11m 8d, Miamisburg, dau of Dr. H. & E. [funeral 17th, Henry & Emma (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: 10m 8d, Margaret E.]

SHEPERD, Orah, __ Oct 1856, 46y 8m 1d, Indiana, wife of John [15 Oct (1)] [dau of Andrew & Elizabeth GEBHART, funeral 16 Nov at Miamisburg, 46y 8m 11d (2)]

SNIDER, Sarah Jane, 11 Mar 1856, 13y 11m, Miamisburg, dau of Adam & Mary [13y 11m 1d (1)] [funeral 13th at church (2)]

STALEY, Clara Ann, 15 Jun 1855, 1y 11d, Miamisburg, dau of David & Susanna [born 4 Jun 1854, funeral 16th, Susanna, dec'd. (2)]

STALEY, George, 13 Apr 1862, 78y 6m 1d, Miamisburg

STALEY, Martin, 19 Dec 1863, 20y 2m 6d, Miamisburg, Sergeant Co. E. 93 Reg. O.V. I. [Hillgrove Cemetery]

STEPHENS, Elizabeth, 2 Oct 1863, 55y 10m 9d, Miamisburg

TICKLE, Benjamin Walter, 11 Jul 1861, 4m 26d, Miamisburg, son of Wm. H. & N. A.

TREON, John Harvey, 29 Jun 1861, 25y 5m 3d, Miamisburg, son of Dr. Isaac & Reb. [25y 5m 4d, Rebecca (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery]

UMBENHAUER, Henry, 26 May 1861, 29y 4m 16d, Miamisburg [killed by a rifle shot by T. Allen 21 May (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: Henry G. or C.]

WAGNER, William Charles, 12 Aug 1862, 2y 8m 16d, Miamisburg, son of Jacob M. & Cath.

WEIDNER, John David, 7 Sep 1861, 3y 9m 20d, Miamisburg, son of Eml. & Sus. [son of Emanuel & Susanna (1)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 17 Nov 1857, d./bur. 29 Aug?]

WINEBRENNER, David, 3 Mar 1856, about 34 yrs [buried 5th at Miamisburg, funeral 16th at M. E. Church (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: 33y 3m 11d, b. 1823]

WITMEYER, Kate Elizabeth, 21 Aug 1861, 1y 9d, Miamisburg, dau of Cyrus & A. [1y 1m 9d (1)]

WOODS, Franklin, 19 May 1859, 11m 23d, Miamisburg, son of Sam. & Julia A. [Samuel & (1)] [funeral 20th, Juliana (2)]

WOODS, Samuel, 26 Dec 1862, 11m 24d, Miamisburg, son of Sam'l & Julia A.

ZIMMER, Otto Myers, 3 Oct 1861, 13y 1m 2d, Miamisburg, son of Jacob & Mary M. [funeral 5th (2)] [Hillgrove Cemetery: b. 1 Sep 1848]

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