Montgomery County OGS - 1875 Atlas
Montgomery County Chapter
Ohio Genealogical Society

Business Directories of the Cities and Villages of Montgomery County
from the 1875 Combination Atlas Map of Montgomery County, Ohio

by L. H. Everts

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History of the Document

This is a database of business directories for the townships and cities in Montgomery County listed below. It is important to note that, although this is called a "Business Directory," there are many residential listings.

The database includes the name of the individual or business, the street location, the date of settlement, the person's nativity (state or country), the post office location, and a description of the business.

If you would like to see a sample of one of the original maps, click below. Scroll up and down and left to right to see the entire map:

Jefferson Township Map

City of Dayton Database

Township Database

This database includes the following townships located in Montgomery County, Ohio:

  • Butler Township
  • Clay Township
  • German Township and Germantown
  • Harrison Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Jefferson Township
  • Madison Township
  • Mad River Township
  • Miami Township
  • Perry Township
  • Randolph Township
  • Van Buren Township
  • Wayne Township
  • Washington Township
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