Monroe County Lookups Resources and Volunteers

Thank you, Volunteers! We appreciate all your hard work!

Guidelines for Lookup Requests
Please follow these guidelines when requesting a "Lookup."

  1. Put Monroe Co. LookUp in the subject line.
  2. Put the type of lookup (marriage, wills, cemetery, etc.) you are requesting as the first line of the message.
  3. Please limit your requests to 1 or 2 names.
  4. Please thank the volunteers for their efforts.

Guidelines for Lookup Volunteers...
Please and include:
  1. The title or description of your resource(s)*
  2. Dates your resource covers (if applicable)
  3. Email address where request is to be sent

*Note:Please be sure to check the copyright statement on your resource to see if the material can be used for LookUps. If not, please get written permission from the copyright owner.

Resource Type Date Contact
Witten Cemetery in Sardis, Ohio Cemetery earliest 1835/40 Terri Menzel
Mount Zion Evangelical Church Cemetery


Merry Ann Simmons
A Carpenter Genealogy Family Genealogy

ca 1736 - ca 1796

Patrick Carpenter

Need a paid reseacher?
Please note: This list is not an endorsement. You will need to check out their credibility, contact them for information about fees, type of research, etc.