Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Willis Ann (51)                                            BE 43a
Willis Henry (57)                                          BE 43a
Willows Andrew (58)                                       NB 407b
Willows Andrew (13)                                       NB 407b
Willows Carolina (4)                                      NB 407b
Willows Catharine (3)                                     NB 407b
Willows Catharine (22)                                    NB 407b
Willows Elizabeth (51)                                    NB 407b
Willows Henry (8)                                         NB 407b
Willows Jacob (21)                                        NB 407b
Willows Lewis (17)                                        NB 407b
Willows Lewis (7)                                         NB 407b
Willows Peter (32)                                        NB 407b
Willson Alfred (11)                                         WF 6b
Willson Emily (24)                                          WF 6b
Willson F.M. (6)                                            WF 6b
Willson Samantha (4)                                        WF 6b
Willson Theda (1)                                           WF 6b
Wilmow Jacob (8)                                          CG 475b
Wilmow John (4)                                           CG 475b
Wilmow Michael (39)                                       CG 475b
Wilmow Peter (9)                                          CG 475b
Wilmow Rebecca (40)                                       CG 475b
Wilson Abijah (56)                                          WF 7b
Wilson Alfred (14)                                         BE 48a
Wilson Ann (18)                                           CG 461a
Wilson Ann D (1)                                          CG 461a
Wilson Benjamin (21)                                      FR 485a
Wilson Benjamin (14)                                      CG 461a
Wilson Caroline M. (11)                                   CH 442a
Wilson Catharine (22)                                     GL 510a
Wilson Catharine (14)                                      BE 48a
Wilson Charles (47)                                       GL 498a
Wilson Charlotte (47)                                      BE 48a
Wilson Charlotte J. (25)                                  CR 393a
Wilson Christopher (45)                                    BE 48a
Wilson Clark (17)                                           WF 7b
Wilson Cornelia (20)                                        WF 7b
Wilson Daniel (44)                                        CG 461a
Wilson Daniel (12)                                        CG 461a
Wilson David (38)                                          PU 59b
Wilson David (1)                                           BE 48a
Wilson Edward (42)                                        CG 461a
Wilson Elias (16)                                          BE 47b
Wilson Eliza (22)                                           WF 7b
Wilson Eliza (24)                                          PU 59b
Wilson Eliza (47)                                         GL 498a
Wilson Eliza (11)                                          BE 48a
Wilson Elizabeth (69)                                     CH 448a
Wilson Elizabeth (24)                                     CR 381a
Wilson Elizabeth (20)                                     CR 392b
Wilson Elizas (59)                                         BE 47b
Wilson Emily A. (2)                                       CR 381a
Wilson Francis E. (1)                                     WA 353b
Wilson Fredom (12)                                         BE 47b
Wilson George (15)                                        WA 353b
Wilson Hannah (4)                                         FR 480b
Wilson Hannah (18)                                         BE 47b
Wilson Harriet (40)                                       CG 461a
Wilson Harriet (12)                                        BE 48a
Wilson Harriet (3)                                         BE 47b
Wilson Huldah (8)                                         FR 480b
Wilson Isaac C. (2)                                       CR 393a
Wilson Isaac F. (27)                                      CR 393a
Wilson Isaac J. (41)                                      CR 392a
Wilson J.H. (26)                                            WF 7b
Wilson James (4)                                          CG 461a
Wilson James (47)                                          BE 48a
Wilson Jane (13)                                           BE 47b
Wilson Jesse (16)                                         CG 461a
Wilson John C. (20)                                       WA 353b
Wilson John W. (9)                                        CH 442a
Wilson Jonathan (15)                                      WA 353b
Wilson Jonathan (49)                                      WA 353b
Wilson Lenfield (2)                                       FR 480b
Wilson Louisa (1/12)                                       PU 59b
Wilson Lydia (43)                                         CR 392a
Wilson Malvina (11)                                        BE 48a
Wilson Martha J (10)                                      WA 353b
Wilson Mary (3/12)                                        GL 510a
Wilson Mary A. (8)                                        WA 353b
Wilson Mary A. (13)                                       CH 442a
Wilson Mary J. (5)                                        CR 393a
Wilson Mary (38)                                          CH 441b
Wilson Mary (39)                                           BE 48a
Wilson Mary (43)                                           BE 48a
Wilson Mary (9)                                            BE 48a
Wilson Melinda (24)                                         WF 7b
Wilson Nancy (36)                                         WA 353b
Wilson Nancy (12)                                         FR 480b
Wilson Nancy (19)                                         FR 485a
Wilson Olive (7)                                           BE 48a
Wilson Peter (17)                                         CR 394a
Wilson Phebe (14)                                          BE 48a
Wilson Polly (10)                                          BE 47b
Wilson Roselinda (7)                                       BE 47b
Wilson Samuel S. (1)                                      CH 442a
Wilson Samuel (41)                                        CH 441b
Wilson Sarah (2)                                          GL 510a
Wilson Sarah (8)                                          CG 461a
Wilson Simeon (3)                                         CG 461a
Wilson Susan (22)                                         CG 461a
Wilson Thomas P. (15)                                     CH 441b
Wilson Thomas (63)                                        CH 448a
Wilson Thomas (16)                                         BE 48a
Wilson Thomas (21)                                         BE 47b
Wilson Vesta (15)                                          BE 48a
Wilson Weatthy (45)                                        BE 47b
Wilson William E (20)                                     CG 461a
Wilson William (10)                                       GL 498a
Wilson William (25)                                       GL 510a
Wilson William (5)                                        FR 480b
Wilson William (5)                                        CH 442a
Wilson William (10)                                        BE 48a
Winanda Cynthia (25)                                      PR 431b
Winanda George B. (3)                                     PR 431b
Winanda John (60)                                         PR 431b
Winanda John (29)                                         PR 431b
Winanda Polly (53)                                        PR 431b
Winanda Sarah J. (5)                                      PR 431b
Winanda William N. (11/12)                                PR 431b
Windbigler Ann M. (1)                                     TR 416a
Windbigler Catharine (43)                                 TR 416a
Windbigler Daniel (10)                                    TR 416a
Windbigler Elizabeth (4)                                  TR 416a
Windbigler Ellen (14)                                     TR 420b
Windbigler George (5)                                     TR 420b
Windbigler Hannah J. (1)                                  TR 420b
Windbigler Harriet (6)                                    TR 414b
Windbigler Henry (35)                                     TR 416a
Windbigler Henry (18)                                     TR 420b
Windbigler James (9)                                      TR 420b
Windbigler Jeremiah (30)                                  TR 420b
Windbigler John (12)                                      TR 416a
Windbigler John (7)                                       TR 420b
Windbigler John (55)                                      TR 420b
Windbigler Louisiana (13)                                 TR 414b
Windbigler magdalina (46)                                 TR 414b
Windbigler Margaret (20)                                  TR 420b
Windbigler Martha (26)                                    TR 420b
Windbigler Mary (54)                                      TR 420b
Windbigler Polly (21)                                     TR 414b
Windbigler Priscilla (19)                                 TR 414b
Windbigler Valentine (8)                                  TR 416a
Windbigler William (14)                                   TR 416a
Windbigler William (15)                                   TR 414b
Windbigler William (48)                                   TR 414b
Windbigler William (13)                                   TR 420b
Winegard Elizabeth (25)                                    HA 37b
Winegard George (5)                                        HA 37b
Winegard Levi (3)                                          HA 37b
Winegard Philip (2)                                        HA 37b
Winegard Samantha (4)                                      HA 37b
Winegard Samuel (29)                                       HA 37b
Wing Aaron (17)                                           NB 400b
Wing Adam (47)                                            NB 400b
Wing Adam (15)                                            NB 400b
Wing Alary (13)                                           NB 400b
Wing Catharine (10)                                       NB 407a
Wing Charles (1)                                          NB 400b
Wing Elizabeth (11)                                       NB 400b
Wing Henry (8)                                            NB 400b
Wing Jacob (5)                                            NB 400b
Wing Mary (44)                                            NB 400b
Wing Sophia (3)                                           NB 400b
Winget Charles (12)                                       CG 462b
Winget Franklin (28)                                      CG 463a
Winget William (9)                                        CG 460b
Wink Mary A. (2)                                          CN 374b
Wink Rachel (21)                                          CG 462a
Wink Richard (27)                                         CN 374b
Wink Sarah (19)                                           CN 374b
Wintermote Abraham (43)                                    HA 35a
Wintermote Edmon (14)                                      HA 35a
Wintermote Eleanor (38)                                    HA 35a
Wintermote George (9)                                      HA 35a
Winters Caroline (2)                                      FR 491a
Winters Diana (35)                                        FR 491a
Winters Gilbert (28)                                      GL 514a
Winters Lewis (37)                                        FR 491a
Winters Mary (21)                                         GL 514a
Winters Olivers (14)                                      FR 491a
Wiseman Adam (30)                                          LN 24a
Wiseman Avarintha (5)                                      LN 24a
Wiseman B.A. (5)                                            WF 4a
Wiseman Christiana (23)                                     WF 4a
Wiseman Emaline (17)                                       LN 24b
Wiseman Hannah (9)                                         LN 24a
Wiseman Hannah (55)                                        LN 24b
Wiseman Heman (4)                                          LN 24a
Wiseman Isaiah (13)                                        LN 24b
Wiseman James (1)                                           WF 4a
Wiseman John (68)                                          LN 24b
Wiseman John Jur (19)                                      LN 24b
Wiseman Joseph (28)                                         WF 4a
Wiseman Laura (29)                                         LN 24a
Wiseman Martha (2)                                         LN 24a
Wiseman Sarah (8)                                          LN 24a
Wiseman Sarah (11)                                         LN 24b
Wiseman Vashti (7/12)                                      LN 24a
Wisick Catharine (15)                                     PR 424b
Wisick David (19)                                         PR 424b
Wisick John (44)                                          PR 424b
Wisick Rachel (9)                                         PR 424b
Wisick Rosanna (13)                                       PR 424b
Wisick Sarah (20)                                         PR 424b
Wisick Valentine (17)                                     PR 424b
With* Thomas (20)                                          PU 61a
Witham Coleman (16)                                        BE 47a
Witham Eli (15)                                            BE 54b
Witham Eli (3)                                             BE 54b
Witham Elizabeth (54)                                      BE 47a
Witham Flora (17)                                         SB 516b
Witham John (28)                                           BE 54b
Witham Julian (20)                                         BE 48a
Witham Loisa (22)                                          BE 54b
Witham Mary (1)                                            BE 54b
Witham Peter (26)                                          BE 48a
Witham Sarah (1)                                           BE 48a
Witham William (15)                                        BE 47a
Wogamon Efi (20)                                          TR 414a
Wolf Abner (37)                                           SB 520b
Wolf Admin (42)                                             WF 7a
Wolf Amelia (8)                                             WF 7a
Wolf Andrew (50)                                          TR 419b
Wolf Augusta (12)                                         SB 520b
Wolf Augustus (8/12)                                      SB 527b
Wolf Caroline (20)                                        TR 419b
Wolf Christiann (24)                                      TR 415a
Wolf Christianne (23)                                     TR 420a
Wolf Columbia (7)                                         SB 520b
Wolf Daniel (18)                                          TR 419b
Wolf Edmaline (10)                                          WF 7a
Wolf Elizabeth (37)                                         WF 7a
Wolf Elizabeth (22)                                       TR 419b
Wolf Frederick (6)                                        TR 415a
Wolf George (27)                                          SB 527b
Wolf Jacob (27)                                           TR 420a
Wolf Jeremiah (10)                                        TR 420a
Wolf Joanna (23)                                          SB 527b
Wolf John (4)                                             TR 415a
Wolf Josephine (10)                                       SB 520b
Wolf Lemay (5)                                            SB 520b
Wolf Mary (28)                                            TR 419b
Wolf Mary (4)                                             SB 527b
Wolf Mary (31)                                            SB 520b
Wolf Ruth (12)                                            TR 420a
Wolf Sabrina (17)                                           WF 7a
Wolf Sarah A. (16)                                        TR 419b
Wolf Sarah E. (1)                                         TR 420a
Wolf Sarah (53)                                           TR 419b
Wolfe Abraham H. (9)                                      CR 394b
Wolfe Anna (35)                                           CR 394b
Wolfe Charles (35)                                        CR 394b
Wolfe Elizabeth (7/12)                                    CR 394b
Wolfe Frederick (39)                                      TR 414b
Wolfe Mary (12)                                           CR 394b
Wolfe Sarah (5)                                           CR 394b
Womstuff Daniel (12)                                        WF 4a
Womstuff Daniel (56)                                        WF 4a
Womstuff Harvey (18)                                        WF 4a
Womstuff Noah (17)                                          WF 4a
Womstuff Peter (14)                                         WF 4a
Womstuff Rhoda (50)                                         WF 4a
Wood A.J. (16)                                              WF 5a
Wood Addison (5)                                           PU 62b
Wood Adelaide (5)                                          PU 67a
Wood Albert (17)                                           WF 10b
Wood Almina (25)                                           PU 59a
Wood Amanda (1)                                            HA 34a
Wood Amanda (18)                                          FR 482a
Wood Amos (23)                                             BE 42b
Wood Ann (45)                                             GL 501a
Wood Anson (24)                                            PU 67b
Wood Ava (16)                                             GL 500b
Wood Barton (8)                                            PU 62b
Wood Benjamin (19)                                         BE 42b
Wood Benson (30)                                           HA 34a
Wood Beulah (5)                                           GL 500b
Wood C.E. (3)                                               WF 6a
Wood C.N. (8)                                               WF 6a
Wood Caroline (30)                                         PU 62b
Wood Charles (50)                                           WF 5a
Wood Charles (7)                                           WF 10b
Wood Chauncy (16)                                           WF 5a
Wood Clementine (33)                                       LN 28b
Wood Daniel (20)                                           WF 10b
Wood Daniel (11)                                           PU 62b
Wood Daniel (51)                                           PU 62b
Wood Daniel (26)                                          GL 500b
Wood David (10)                                           GL 500b
Wood David (10)                                           GL 501a
Wood Delilah (53)                                           WF 5a
Wood Ebenezer (69)                                         PU 67b
Wood Edwin (6/12)                                          PU 62b
Wood Elijah (51)                                            WF 5a
Wood Elizabeth (29)                                        PU 60b
Wood Elizabeth (14)                                        PU 67a
Wood Elizabeth (52)                                        PU 62b
Wood Elizabeth (17)                                       GL 501a
Wood Emily (13)                                            WF 10b
Wood Emily (14)                                            LN 28b
Wood Esther (10)                                           PU 62b
Wood Esther (3)                                           GL 501a
Wood Esther (52)                                          GL 500b
Wood Eunice (12)                                          GL 500b
Wood Francis (22)                                         GL 500b
Wood Frederick (41)                                         WF 2a
Wood George (19)                                           PU 62b
Wood George (2)                                            LN 28b
Wood Griffith (15)                                        GL 501a
Wood H.A. (4)                                               WF 5a
Wood Hannah (7)                                           GL 501a
Wood Henry (19)                                           GL 501a
Wood Isaac (12)                                             WF 2a
Wood Isabella (20)                                         PU 67b
Wood Israel (2)                                            PU 62b
Wood Israel (53)                                          GL 500b
Wood Jabez (34)                                            LN 28b
Wood James (5)                                             LN 28b
Wood Jane (35)                                             HA 34a
Wood Jerusha (67)                                          PU 67b
Wood John (3)                                               WF 2a
Wood John (8)                                              HA 34a
Wood Jonathan (16)                                        GL 500b
Wood Jonathan (48)                                        GL 501a
Wood Jonathan (21)                                        GL 500b
Wood Jonathan (59)                                         BE 42b
Wood Julia (33)                                            PU 67a
Wood Keziah (41)                                            WF 6a
Wood L.H. (7)                                               WF 5a
Wood L.M. (11)                                              WF 5a
Wood Larnera (2)                                          GL 501a
Wood Levi (55)                                             PU 62b
Wood Lindley (12)                                         GL 501a
Wood Lucy (8)                                              LN 28b
Wood Lydia (19)                                           GL 500b
Wood M.F. (15)                                              WF 2a
Wood Mabel (4/12)                                          WF 10b
Wood Mahala (37)                                           WF 10b
Wood Marion (6)                                             WF 2a
Wood Martha (63)                                           BE 42b
Wood Mary (10)                                              WF 6a
Wood Mary (3)                                              HA 34a
Wood Mary (50)                                            GL 500b
Wood Mary (45)                                            GL 501a
Wood Melville (1)                                          PU 67b
Wood N.P. (8)                                               WF 5a
Wood Nancy (2)                                             PU 67a
Wood Peleg (14)                                           GL 501a
Wood R.D. (6)                                               WF 6a
Wood Rachel (16)                                          GL 501a
Wood Rachel (24)                                          GL 500b
Wood Reuben (11/12)                                       GL 501a
Wood Reuben (41)                                           PU 67a
Wood Rhoda (22)                                           GL 501a
Wood Rhoda (14)                                           GL 500b
Wood Richard (29)                                          PU 59a
Wood Ruth (14)                                            GL 500b
Wood Sally (59)                                             WF 5a
Wood Samuel (10)                                            WF 2a
Wood Samuel (24)                                          GL 500b
Wood Sarah Ann (5)                                        GL 501a
Wood Sarah (25)                                            PU 62b
Wood Sarah (5)                                             HA 34a
Wood Sophia (36)                                            WF 2a
Wood Stephen (44)                                          WF 10b
Wood Stephen (18)                                         GL 500b
Wood Stephen (20)                                         GL 501a
Wood Theodore (13)                                          WF 5a
Wood Thomas (17)                                           PU 62b
Wood Thomas (23)                                          GL 501a
Wood William (5)                                           WF 10b
Wood William (11)                                          LN 28b
Wood William (21)                                         GL 501a
Wood Zeno (10)                                             WF 10b
Woodbury Charles (12)                                     CG 473b
Woodbury George (9)                                       CG 473b
Woodbury James (7)                                        CG 473b
Woodbury Jane (5)                                         CG 473b
Woodbury Margaret (3)                                     CG 473b
Woodbury Mary (10)                                        CG 473b
Woodbury Sarah A (14)                                     CG 473b
Woodbury Sarah (40)                                       CG 473b
Woodbury William (47)                                     CG 473b
Woodcock Allen (15)                                       GL 499b
Woodcock Amos (18)                                        GL 499b
Woodcock Anna (29)                                        GL 499a
Woodcock Hannah (4)                                       GL 499b
Woodcock Mary (19)                                        GL 499a
Woodcock Robert (31)                                      GL 499a
Woodcock Robert (59)                                      GL 499b
Woodcock Simeon (6)                                       GL 499b
Woodcock Smith (13)                                       GL 499b
Woodcock William (29)                                     GL 499a
Woodward Ezekeil (4)                                      CH 451b
Woodward Ezra (33)                                        CH 451b
Woodward Hannah J. (33)                                   CH 451b
Woodward Ruth A. (2)                                      CH 451b
Woodward Ruth (80)                                         BE 44b
Woon E.M. (23)                                              WF 3a
Woon Elizabeth (60)                                         WF 3a
Woon P.B. (20)                                              WF 3a
Worcester Esther A. (30)                                  PR 432b
Worcester Fidelia M. (7)                                  PR 432b
Worcester John (33)                                       PR 432b
Word Israel (2)                                            BE 42b
Word Lyphius (6)                                           BE 42b
Word Mary (4)                                              BE 42b
Word Priscilla (29)                                        BE 42b
Word Samuel (33)                                           BE 42b
Word Sarah (1/12)                                          BE 42b
Worden Lucinda (25)                                       CN 376b
Worden Mary E. (5)                                        CN 376b
Worden Richard (28)                                       CN 376b
Worden Sarah F. (3)                                       CN 376b
Worlins Harriet (11)                                      CR 391a
Worth Mary Ann (29)                                        PU 64a
Worth Mary (58)                                            PU 64a
Worth William (23)                                         PU 64a
Wouthworth John (66)                                       WF 13b
Wrenn Adelbut (9)                                         GL 503b
Wrenn Alfred (7)                                          GL 510a
Wrenn Alfred (39)                                         GL 510a
Wrenn Eugene (1)                                          GL 512a
Wrenn Frances (25)                                        GL 512a
Wrenn George (5)                                          GL 510a
Wrenn Harrison (20)                                       GL 511b
Wrenn Leroy (2)                                           GL 512a
Wrenn Lucinda (4)                                         GL 503b
Wrenn Margaret (9)                                        GL 510a
Wrenn Martha (6)                                          GL 503b
Wrenn Martha (54)                                         GL 509b
Wrenn Martha (12)                                         GL 510a
Wrenn Mary (27)                                           GL 503b
Wrenn Mary (38)                                           GL 510a
Wrenn Richard (33)                                        GL 503b
Wrenn Richard (58)                                        GL 509b
Wrenn Richard (10)                                        GL 510a
Wright Adah (53)                                           BE 51a
Wright Anna (24)                                          CG 470b
Wright Aurelia (26)                                        LN 18b
Wright David (29)                                         CG 473a
Wright Demas (59)                                         FR 489b
Wright Edmund (26)                                        FR 489b
Wright Elizabeth (25)                                     FR 489b
Wright George (32)                                         LN 18b
Wright George (25)                                        CG 470b
Wright Harrison (16)                                       BE 51a
Wright Irena (20)                                         CG 473a
Wright James (58)                                         CG 470b
Wright John (4)                                            LN 18b
Wright Juliann (3)                                        CG 470b
Wright Lydia (45)                                         FR 489b
Wright Mary (58)                                          CG 470b
Wright Mary (2)                                           CG 473a
Wright Olive (2)                                          FR 489b
Wright Patience (1)                                        LN 18b
Wright Robert (27)                                         BE 51a
Wright Ruth A (13)                                        CG 470b
Wright Sarah (3)                                           LN 18b
Wright William (19)                                       CG 470b
Wyble Barbara (29)                                        PR 425a
Wyble Daniel (5)                                          PR 425a
Wyble Jeremiah (9)                                        PR 425a
Wyble John (30)                                           PR 425a
Wyble Marion (2)                                          PR 425a
Wyrick Alexander (25)                                     GL 502a
Wyrick Barbara (54)                                       GL 502a
Wyrick Barbara (6)                                        GL 505b
Wyrick Catharine (20)                                     GL 504b
Wyrick Catharine (17)                                     GL 505b
Wyrick Elizabeth (15)                                     GL 502a
Wyrick Ephraim (19)                                       GL 505b
Wyrick Eve (18)                                           GL 502a
Wyrick George (25)                                        GL 504b
Wyrick Jacob (52)                                         GL 502a
Wyrick Jacob (22)                                         GL 504b
Wyrick John (8)                                           GL 505b
Wyrick Malinda (4)                                        GL 505b
Wyrick Mary (36)                                          GL 505b
Wyrick Nathaniel (39)                                     GL 505b
Wyrick Peter (15)                                         GL 505b
Wyrick Susan (10)                                         GL 502a
Y*g Jacob (21)                                            WA 362b
Yachem Catharine (23)                                     TR 414b
Yachem Peter (25)                                         TR 414b
Yates Susan (34)                                          CH 438a
Yeast Adam (44)                                           NB 410b
Yeast Susan (65)                                          NB 410b
Yocum Andrew (38)                                         TR 415b
Yocum Barbara (3)                                         TR 415b
Yocum Barbara (38)                                        TR 415b
Yocum Catharine (10)                                      TR 415b
Yocum Jacob (6/12)                                        TR 415b
Yocum Peter (7)                                           TR 415b
Young Aaron (61)                                          TR 419b
Young Alonzo (11)                                         CR 380a
Young Amidon M. (1)                                       CH 441a
Young Benjamin (47)                                       CH 441a
Young Benjamin Jr. (4)                                    CH 441a
Young Clark (8)                                           CH 441a
Young Daniel (13)                                         CH 441a
Young Eliza (32)                                          CN 369a
Young Elizabeth (63)                                      NB 405b
Young George (33)                                         CN 369a
Young Harriet (20)                                        CH 441a
Young Hiram (18)                                          CR 380a
Young Isaac (49)                                          CR 380a
Young John (24)                                           TR 419b
Young John (37)                                           GL 507b
Young John (7)                                            CN 369a
Young Joshua (7)                                          CH 441a
Young Lucy A. (1)                                         CN 369a
Young Madora C. (2/12)                                    CH 438a
Young Malissa J. (3)                                      CR 380a
Young Mary (54)                                           TR 419b
Young Mary (3)                                            CN 369a
Young Maxly (18)                                          WA 361a
Young Phebe (f)                                           GL 507b
Young Rachel (37)                                         CH 441a
Young Ruth (46)                                           CR 380a
Young Samuel (11)                                         CH 441a
Young Sarah A. (19)                                       CH 441a
Young Sarah (17)                                          CH 438a
Young Victoria (9)                                        GL 507b
Young Walter (7)                                          GL 507b
Young William (23)                                        CH 438a
Youngblood George (15)                                    SB 521b
Youngblood Jacob (36)                                     SB 521b
Youngblood Mary (13)                                      SB 521b
Youngblood Sarah (38)                                     SB 521b
Youngblood William (23)                                   SB 521b
Yuher George (30)                                           WF 9a
Zediker Albert (8)                                        FR 493b
Zediker Andrew (29)                                       FR 493a
Zediker Elmore (5)                                        FR 493b
Zediker Mary (9)                                          FR 493a
Zediker Otilla (3)                                        FR 493b
Zediker Sarah (32)                                        FR 493a
Zediker Zachariah (3)                                     FR 493b
Zehring Adam (2)                                           LN 27b
Zehring Betsy (4)                                          LN 25b
Zehring Christianna (20)                                   LN 27b
Zehring Elizabeth (23)                                     LN 27a
Zehring Euthania (26)                                      LN 25b
Zehring George (30)                                        LN 27a
Zehring Joseph (6/12)                                      LN 27b
Zehring Mary (2)                                           LN 25b
Zehring Mary (5)                                           LN 27b
Zehring Samuel (26)                                        LN 25b
Zehring Zeruah (10/12)                                     LN 25b
Zehriny Adam (60)                                          WF 10a
Zehriny Adwin (14)                                         WF 10a
Zehriny Christina (56)                                     WF 10a
Zehriny David (17)                                         WF 10a
Zehriny Henry (9)                                          WF 10a
Zehriny Jacob (12)                                         WF 10a
Zehriny John (19)                                          WF 10a
Zehriny Nancy (11)                                         WF 10a
Zeigler Adam (14)                                         PR 427a
Zeitz Elizabeth (14)                                      NB 403b
Zeitz john (11)                                           NB 403b
Zeitz Mary (34)                                           NB 403b
Zeitz Michael (44)                                        NB 403b
Zent Elizabeth (57)                                       GL 502b
Zent John (63)                                            GL 502b
Zent Polly (16)                                           GL 502b
Zent Sarah (11)                                           GL 503a
Zent William (16)                                         GL 502b
Zigler Mary (20)                                          CG 475a
Zimmer Caroline (10)                                      PR 434a
Zimmer Catharine (49)                                     PR 434a
Zimmer Daniel (16)                                        PR 434a
Zimmer Gideon (55)                                        PR 434a
Zimmer Mary (20)                                          PR 434a
Zimmerman Elizabeth (51)                                  CG 472b
Zolman Jacob (32)                                         CG 469b

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