Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Weatherby Ann (5)                                         FR 491b
Weatherby Cornelia (1)                                    FR 491b
Weatherby Cornelius (2)                                   FR 491b
Weatherby Dorcas (41)                                     CH 456a
Weatherby Edmund (8)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Eliza (20)                                      FR 477b
Weatherby Elvina (21)                                     FR 493b
Weatherby Felena (1/12)                                   FR 491b
Weatherby George (26)                                     FR 477b
Weatherby Hannah (76)                                     FR 491a
Weatherby Hannah (12)                                     CH 456a
Weatherby Lewis (20)                                      FR 493b
Weatherby Lydia (15)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Merry (8)                                       FR 491b
Weatherby Morgan (3)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Peter (10)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Peter (21)                                      CH 456a
Weatherby Rhoda (11)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Samuel (43)                                     CH 456a
Weatherby Sarah (41)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Sophia (36)                                     FR 491b
Weatherby Susan (15)                                      FR 491b
Weatherby Theodore (5)                                    FR 491b
Weatherby Thomas (40)                                     FR 491b
Weatherby Thomas (7)                                      CH 456a
Weatherby William (16)                                    FR 491b
Weatherly Henry (55)                                      FR 481b
Weatherly Marada (52)                                     FR 481b
Weaver 25 (f)                                             NB 396b
Weaver Archy (8)                                           BE 49a
Weaver Aurelia (11)                                        BE 49a
Weaver Benjamin (9)                                       FR 485a
Weaver Benjamin (48)                                      FR 485a
Weaver Benjamin (10)                                       BE 49a
Weaver Betsey (7)                                         GL 502a
Weaver Betsy (33)                                          BE 49a
Weaver Catharine (51)                                     GL 502a
Weaver Catharine (11)                                     GL 502a
Weaver Catharine (21)                                     GL 499b
Weaver Cyrus (6)                                          SB 518a
Weaver David (25)                                         GL 502a
Weaver Dennis (32)                                         BE 49a
Weaver Eliza (34)                                          BE 49a
Weaver George (26)                                        SB 517b
Weaver George (12)                                        GL 502a
Weaver Henry (3/12)                                       NB 396b
Weaver Henry (2)                                           BE 49a
Weaver Hiram (14)                                         FR 485a
Weaver Isaac (22)                                         GL 502a
Weaver Jacob (18)                                         GL 502a
Weaver Jane (22)                                           BE 49a
Weaver John (46)                                          NB 396b
Weaver John (53)                                          GL 502a
Weaver Jonathan (35)                                       BE 49a
Weaver Julius (7)                                         CH 452a
Weaver Leonard (3)                                        NB 396b
Weaver Leonard (4)                                        GL 502a
Weaver Lois Amelia (16)                                   FR 485a
Weaver Lorinda (29)                                        BE 52b
Weaver Lovina (20)                                        GL 502a
Weaver Lucie (11)                                         FR 485a
Weaver Lucy (47)                                          FR 485a
Weaver Malvina (3)                                        SB 518a
Weaver Maria (16)                                         GL 502a
Weaver Mary L. (13)                                       CH 452a
Weaver Penelope (54)                                       BE 49a
Weaver Polly (9)                                          GL 502a
Weaver Rebecca (26)                                       SB 518a
Weaver Samuel (23)                                        GL 502a
Weaver Susannah (14)                                      GL 502a
Weaver Warton (58)                                         BE 48b
Weaver William (13)                                        BE 49a
Weaver Wright (30)                                         BE 52b
Webb Dewitt (25)                                          GL 511b
Webb Margaret (21)                                        GL 511b
Webber Agnes (32)                                         GL 514b
Webber Alice (9)                                          GL 514b
Webber Elenora (5)                                        GL 514b
Webber George (3)                                         GL 514b
Webber Jacob (34)                                         GL 514b
Webber James K. (4)                                       CN 372b
Webber John (31)                                          CN 372b
Webber Lydia (8)                                          CN 372b
Webber Mary (30)                                          CN 372b
Webster Charles (12)                                      GL 496b
Webster Delila (12)                                       GL 496b
Webster Emily (18)                                        GL 507b
Webster John (9)                                          GL 496b
Webster Joseph (16)                                       GL 496b
Webster Julia Ann (33)                                    GL 507b
Webster Maria (38)                                        GL 496b
Webster Marvin (45)                                       GL 496b
Webster Mary (18)                                         GL 496b
Webster Matilda (17)                                      GL 507b
Webster Rosewell (42)                                     GL 507b
Webster Sarah (37)                                        GL 507b
Webster Susannah (20)                                     GL 496b
Weibling Catharine (32)                                   PR 435a
Weibling Edwin (12)                                       PR 435a
Weibling Ellen (9)                                        PR 435a
Weibling John (7)                                         PR 435a
Weibling John (35)                                        PR 435a
Weibling Louisa (1)                                       PR 435a
Weibling Marget (4)                                       PR 435a
Weiner Celestia (5)                                        WF 17a
Weiner Harriet (21)                                        WF 17a
Weiner Reuben (30)                                         WF 17a
Weiner Siantha (3)                                         WF 17a
Weisenborn Catharine (23)                                  BE 57a
Weisenborn John (33)                                       BE 57a
Weisenborn Luther (3)                                      BE 57a
Weisick Aaron (35)                                         LN 23b
Weisick Clark (5)                                          LN 23b
Weisick Harriet (10)                                       LN 23b
Weisick Harrison (9)                                       LN 23b
Weisick Lucinda (6)                                        LN 23b
Weisick Margaret (31)                                      LN 23b
Weisick Mary (3)                                           LN 23b
Weisick Matilda (7)                                        LN 23b
Weisick Nancy Jane (6/12)                                  LN 24a
Weisick Sophia (2)                                         LN 24a
Welch Alvin (7)                                             WF 1b
Welch Enos (16)                                             WF 1b
Welch George (47)                                           WF 1b
Welch Henry (18)                                            WF 1b
Welch Limon (11)                                            WF 1b
Welch Maria (43)                                            WF 1b
Welch Mary (20)                                             WF 1b
Welch Milo (14)                                             WF 1b
Welch Olinthus (4)                                          WF 1b
Welch Sarah (1)                                             WF 1b
Welker William (25)                                       CN 367a
Welling Catharine (3)                                     GL 506b
Welling Gabriel (39)                                      GL 506b
Welling Hamilton (6)                                      GL 506b
Welling Martha (14)                                       GL 506b
Welling Mary (10)                                         GL 506b
Welling Melville (1/12)                                   GL 506b
Welling Rebecca (12)                                      GL 506b
Welling Sarah (40)                                        GL 506b
Wells Abner (32)                                          GL 495b
Wells Benjamin (23)                                       GL 495b
Wells Deporah (31)                                        GL 495a
Wells Elie (1)                                            GL 513a
Wells Elisabeth (7)                                       GL 495a
Wells Eliza (22)                                          GL 512b
Wells Elizabeth (56)                                      CN 377a
Wells George (27)                                         GL 512b
Wells George (29)                                         FR 491b
Wells Hannah (1)                                          GL 495b
Wells Henery (5)                                          GL 495a
Wells Ira (2)                                             FR 491b
Wells Isaiah (65)                                         CN 377a
Wells Job (30)                                            GL 495a
Wells Mary (3)                                            GL 513a
Wells Prudence (54)                                       GL 495b
Wells Richard (13)                                        GL 495b
Wells Richard (56)                                        GL 495b
Wells Samantha (20)                                       FR 491b
Wells Sarah (2)                                           GL 513a
Wells Thomas (18)                                         GL 495b
Wells Thomas (3)                                          GL 495b
Wells William (16)                                        GL 495b
Welsh James (28)                                          CR 392b
Werz John (57)                                            FR 482a
Werz Mary (50)                                            FR 482a
Wesler George (34)                                        NB 408b
Wesler Sarah (22)                                         NB 408b
West Amanda (3)                                            HA 39b
West Ann (15)                                              HA 39b
West Charlotte (42)                                        HA 39a
West Comphrot (6)                                          HA 39b
West D. (12)                                               WF 12b
West David (10)                                            HA 39b
West Elizabeth (6)                                         WF 12b
West Elizabeth (14)                                        HA 39b
West J.F. (1)                                              WF 12b
West James (40)                                            WF 12b
West Jane (11)                                             HA 39b
West Japheth (41)                                          HA 39a
West John (5)                                              HA 39b
West Martha (20)                                           HA 39b
West Michael (17)                                          HA 39b
West N.E. (10)                                             WF 12b
West Rebecca (34)                                          WF 12b
West Stephen (8)                                           HA 39b
West William (8)                                           WF 12b
Westbrook Abraham (16)                                    SB 528a
Westbrook Albert (9)                                       PU 59b
Westbrook Alon (13)                                       SB 528a
Westbrook Ann (22)                                        SB 526b
Westbrook Ann (22)                                        CH 443b
Westbrook Catharine (28)                                   BE 53b
Westbrook Catharine (1)                                    BE 53b
Westbrook Cornelia (20)                                   SB 520b
Westbrook Elizabeth (10)                                  SB 528a
Westbrook Freeman (19)                                    SB 526b
Westbrook George (6)                                       BE 53b
Westbrook Harriet (20)                                     PU 59a
Westbrook Hiram (43)                                      SB 528a
Westbrook James (28)                                       BE 53b
Westbrook Jane (15)                                        PU 59b
Westbrook Jonathan (4)                                     BE 53b
Westbrook LaFayette (20)                                   PU 59a
Westbrook Leroy (7)                                       SB 528a
Westbrook Malvina (4/12)                                  SB 528a
Westbrook Maria (42)                                      SB 528a
Westbrook Mary (4)                                        SB 528a
Westbrook Mathena (55)                                     PU 59a
Westbrook Rosadell (6/12)                                  PU 59a
Westbrook Samuel (72)                                     SB 520b
Westbrook Silliam (17)                                    SB 520b
Westbrook Solomon (51)                                     PU 59a
Westbrook William (18)                                     PU 59b
Westcott Candace (11)                                      LN 20b
Westcott Chauncy (12)                                      LN 20b
Westcott Cyrus (18)                                        LN 20b
Westcott Mary (48)                                         LN 20b
Westcott Stephen (46)                                      LN 20b
Wetherly Adna (13)                                        CH 439a
Wetherly Cerrel (43)                                      CH 439a
Wetherly Edmund (46)                                      CH 439a
Wetherly Harriet (3)                                      CH 439a
Wetherly Olive (20)                                       CH 439a
Wetherly Philancy (18)                                    CH 439a
Wetherly Samuel (9)                                       CH 439a
Wheeler 42 (f)                                             LN 28a
Wheeler Almond (26)                                         WF 1b
Wheeler Alonzo (6)                                         LN 25a
Wheeler Caroline (5)                                       WF 16b
Wheeler Caty Ann (15)                                      WF 16b
Wheeler Edwin (11)                                          WF 9a
Wheeler Electa (31)                                         WF 9a
Wheeler Eliza (15)                                         WF 16b
Wheeler Eliza (9)                                          LN 28a
Wheeler Elizabeth (46)                                    GL 494b
Wheeler Emalinea (38)                                      LN 25a
Wheeler Emily (6/12)                                       LN 25a
Wheeler Evaline (16)                                       WF 16b
Wheeler Felty (62)                                         WF 16b
Wheeler George (19)                                        LN 28a
Wheeler Harmon (12)                                        WF 16b
Wheeler Harvey (16)                                        WF 16b
Wheeler Henry (13)                                         LN 25a
Wheeler Hiram (10)                                         WF 16b
Wheeler Jacob (17)                                        GL 494b
Wheeler James (u)                                         GL 494b
Wheeler Jane (6)                                            WF 9a
Wheeler Jane (16)                                          LN 25a
Wheeler John (36)                                           WF 9a
Wheeler John (38)                                         SB 518b
Wheeler John (21)                                          LN 28a
Wheeler John (50)                                         GL 494b
Wheeler L.A. (3)                                            WF 9a
Wheeler Leander (10)                                       LN 25a
Wheeler Lewis (16)                                          WF 8a
Wheeler Lyman (11)                                         LN 28a
Wheeler Lymon (6/12)                                        WF 1b
Wheeler Mahala (17)                                        LN 28a
Wheeler Maranda (4)                                        WF 16b
Wheeler Maria (5)                                          LN 28a
Wheeler Mariette (1)                                       LN 28a
Wheeler Martha (13)                                       GL 494b
Wheeler Mary (14)                                           WF 9a
Wheeler Mary (7)                                           LN 28a
Wheeler Milly (8/12)                                        WF 9a
Wheeler Nelson (34)                                        LN 25a
Wheeler Nelson (11)                                       GL 494b
Wheeler Olive (14)                                          WF 1b
Wheeler Polly (13)                                         WF 16b
Wheeler Rachael (1)                                        WF 16b
Wheeler Rachael (15)                                       LN 28a
Wheeler Rosanna (7)                                         WF 8a
Wheeler Sally (17)                                         WF 16b
Wheeler Sarah (9)                                         GL 494b
Wheeler Thomas (15)                                       GL 494b
Wheeler William (7)                                        WF 16b
Wheeler William (24)                                       LN 28a
Wheeler William (4)                                       GL 494b
Whip James (12)                                           FR 486a
Whipple Adelaide (1)                                       PU 66b
Whipple Almira (24)                                        PU 66b
Whipple Barton (50)                                        PU 64b
Whipple Charles (2)                                        PU 66b
Whipple Cordelia (6)                                       PU 66b
Whipple Eliza (51)                                         PU 64b
Whipple Eliza Jane (18)                                    PU 64b
Whipple Euselia (8/12)                                     PU 67a
Whipple Harriet (8)                                        PU 66b
Whipple James (34)                                         PU 66b
Whipple Jefferson (8)                                      PU 64b
Whipple Lewis (10)                                         PU 64b
Whipple Lewis (34)                                         PU 66b
Whipple Lydia (28)                                         PU 67a
Whipple Mary Ann (32)                                      PU 66b
Whipple Mary (21)                                          PU 64b
Whipple Reuben (75)                                        PU 66b
Whipple Sally (72)                                         PU 66b
Whipple Samantha (3)                                       PU 66b
Whipple Simon (23)                                         PU 67a
Whipple Steuben (15)                                       PU 64b
Whipple Warren (10)                                        PU 66b
Whipple Wesley (5)                                         PU 66b
Whisler Barbara (8)                                       FR 477a
Whisler Elijah (41)                                       FR 477a
Whisler Flavius (1)                                       FR 477a
Whisler Margaret (12)                                     FR 477a
Whisler Sarah (34)                                        FR 477a
Whisler William (10)                                      FR 477a
Whistler Amity (1/12)                                     FR 483a
Whistler Eliza (2)                                        FR 483a
Whistler Harriet (4)                                      FR 483a
Whistler Joseph (35)                                      FR 483a
Whistler Mary (1)                                         FR 483a
Whistler Sarah (27)                                       FR 483a
Whit* Amanda (10)                                          BE 45a
Whit* Daniel (8)                                           BE 45a
Whit* Elizabeth (6)                                        BE 45a
Whit* Harriet (5)                                          BE 45a
Whit* Hester (16)                                          BE 45a
Whit* Sarah (34)                                           BE 45a
Whit* Timothy (33)                                         BE 45a
Whitaker Lucy (11)                                         PU 60a
Whitaker Phebe (38)                                        PU 60a
White Abiel (47)                                          CR 378b
White Adaline (2)                                          WF 15a
White Adaline (16)                                        CR 381b
White Addelbert (7)                                       CR 393a
White Albert (5)                                           PU 59b
White Albert (2)                                          GL 494b
White Albert (22)                                         CR 378b
White Albert (17)                                          BE 55b
White Allen (18)                                          CR 381b
White Almeda (20)                                          PU 58b
White Alonzo (5)                                          CR 378b
White Alson (7)                                            BE 55b
White Anna (1)                                             LN 27b
White Benjamin (47)                                       NB 398a
White Calista (41)                                        CR 381b
White Charles (22)                                         WF 15a
White Charles (30)                                        CG 466b
White Daniel (42)                                          LN 27b
White David (56)                                           PU 59b
White David (8)                                           NB 398a
White Edward (4)                                           LN 27b
White Edwin (4)                                            LN 27b
White Elasha (21)                                          WF 15a
White Electa (9)                                          CR 381b
White Elias (30)                                           LN 21b
White Elie (16)                                           CR 378b
White Elizabeth (16)                                       PU 59b
White Elizabeth (24)                                      CG 475a
White Elizabeth (40)                                      CR 378b
White Ephraim (36)                                        CG 475a
White Esther (11)                                         CR 381b
White Frances (53)                                        CR 381b
White George (21)                                          LN 27b
White Hannah (40)                                         GL 494b
White Harriet (46)                                         PU 59b
White Harriet (13)                                        NB 398a
White Harriet (22)                                        CG 466b
White Harriet (6)                                         CR 381b
White Hena (39)                                            BE 55b
White Hira (37)                                           CR 393a
White Horace B. (39)                                      CR 393a
White Howland (34)                                        CR 387a
White Ira (2)                                             NB 398a
White James (25)                                           PU 58b
White James (16)                                          GL 494b
White James (10)                                          CR 378b
White Jeremy (12)                                          BE 55b
White John B. (11)                                        NB 398a
White John S. B. (13)                                     CR 390b
White John (5)                                            GL 494b
White Julia Ann (7)                                       CR 381b
White Juliann (2)                                         CG 466b
White Lester (1)                                          CR 381b
White Lewis (6)                                           NB 398a
White Linona (2)                                           PU 59a
White Loretta (5/12)                                       WF 15a
White Lucinda (1)                                         CR 381b
White Lucy (7)                                             LN 27b
White Luther (30)                                         CR 381b
White Lydia (34)                                           LN 21b
White Mahala (27)                                         CR 381b
White Mahlon (49)                                          BE 55b
White Margaret (9)                                         PU 59b
White Margaret (68)                                       CR 387a
White Margaret (13)                                       CR 387a
White Margaret (18)                                       CR 393a
White Mary J. (13)                                        CR 381b
White Mary (13)                                            PU 59b
White Mary (2)                                             LN 21b
White Matilda S. D. (15)                                  CR 390b
White Matilda (36)                                        CR 390b
White Melvina (1)                                         CG 475a
White Morgan (12)                                          LN 27b
White Nancy (62)                                           WF 11a
White Nancy (43)                                           LN 27b
White Nancy (15)                                          CR 378b
White Noah (56)                                           CR 381b
White Noah P. (4)                                         CR 390b
White Norman C. (8)                                       CR 390b
White Oliver (14)                                          LN 27b
White Orpha (35)                                          NB 398a
White Orrison (20)                                        CR 378b
White Peter F. (10)                                       CR 381b
White Peter L. (10)                                       CR 390b
White Peter (84)                                          CR 381a
White Peter (39)                                          CR 390b
White Richard (45)                                        CR 381b
White Ruluff (3)                                          CR 378b
White Samuel (42)                                         GL 494b
White Sarah (16)                                           LN 27b
White Sardis (23)                                         CR 387a
White Seth (18)                                           CR 378b
White Sidney (23)                                         CR 381b
White Sidney (18)                                         CR 381b
White Susannah (19)                                       CR 387a
White William (2/12)                                       LN 21b
White William (21)                                         PU 59b
White William (10)                                         LN 27b
White Zebulon (11)                                        CR 381b
Whitney Alfred (15)                                       SB 527a
Whitney Asahel (16)                                        LN 27a
Whitney Colphronia (35)                                    LN 27a
Whitney George (11)                                       SB 527a
Whitney Harriet (13)                                       LN 27a
Whitney Mary (33)                                          BE 49a
Whitney Nathan (5)                                        SB 527a
Whitney Pierpoint (41)                                     LN 27a
Whitney Samuel (48)                                       SB 527a
Whitney Sarah (2)                                         SB 527a
Whitney Selah (17)                                        SB 527a
Whitney Simon (19)                                        SB 527a
Whitney Susan (37)                                        SB 527a
Whitney Thomas (71)                                        LN 27a
Whitney Thomas (1)                                         LN 27a
Whitney Wheeler (44)                                       BE 49a
Whitney William (7)                                       SB 527a
Wickiser Andrew (7)                                       CN 373a
Wickiser Catharine (6)                                    CN 373a
Wickiser George W. (5)                                    CN 373a
Wickiser John (8/12)                                      CN 373a
Wickiser Lydia A. (3)                                     CN 373a
Wickiser Rebecca (28)                                     CN 372b
Wickiser Samuel (29)                                      CN 372b
Wickizer Charlie (14)                                     CN 367b
Wickizer Conrad (16)                                      CN 367b
Wickizer Conrad (55)                                      CN 367b
Wickizer Hannah (10)                                      CN 367b
Wickizer Hannah (22)                                      CN 367b
Wickizer Lydia (8)                                        CN 367b
Widget Sophia (48)                                        CG 460b
Wigton Abiram (5)                                          PU 68b
Wigton Elizabeth (3)                                       PU 68b
Wigton Jane (28)                                           PU 68b
Wigton Joseph (2)                                          PU 68b
Wigton Maria (4/12)                                        PU 68b
Wigton Melvin (28)                                         PU 68b
Wilbling Betsy (28)                                       PR 429a
Wilbling Christina (69)                                   PR 429a
Wilbling Jesse (21)                                       PR 429a
Wilbling Nelly (24)                                       PR 429a
Wilbling Samuel (29)                                      PR 429a
Wiley Clarissa (43)                                       TR 419a
Wiley Thomas (58)                                         TR 419a
Wilh* Henry (17)                                          CR 379a
Wilhelm Angeline J. (1)                                   PR 434a
Wilhelm Clarissa B. (6)                                   PR 434a
Wilhelm John M. (27)                                      PR 434a
Wilhelm Mary M. (3)                                       PR 434a
Wilhelm Sarah J. (27)                                     PR 434a
Wilison Clizabeth (19)                                    FR 480a
Wilison Hessina (41)                                      FR 480a
Wilison Richard (17)                                      FR 480a
Wilison Sylvester (15)                                    FR 480a
Wilison William (43)                                      FR 480a
Wilkin Anna (46)                                          CG 470b
Wilkin Artimus (2/12)                                     CG 469b
Wilkin Ira (20)                                           CG 469b
Wilkin James (55)                                         CG 470b
Wilkin John (13)                                          CG 470b
Wilkin Lucinda (11)                                       CG 470b
Wilkin Maria (16)                                         CG 470b
Wilkin Mary E. (18)                                       CG 469b
Wilkison Ann S. (f)                                       CR 391a
Wilkison Henry H. (16)                                    CR 391a
Wilkison John G (44)                                      CR 390b
Wilkison John G. (4)                                      CR 391a
Wilkison Louisa (3)                                       CR 391a
Wilkison Margaret J. (13)                                 CR 391a
Wilkison Sarah C. (1)                                     CR 391a
Wilkison Susanna (39)                                     CR 391a
Willay James (4)                                          CN 377b
Willet Isaac (33)                                         CG 459b
Willet John L (6)                                         CG 459b
Willet Samantha A (18)                                    CG 459b
Willet Susan (35)                                         CG 459b
Willet Syntha (1)                                         CG 459b
Willets Clayton N. (5)                                    CR 390b
Willets Cynthia (44)                                      CR 390b
Willets Deborah (13)                                      CR 390b
Willets Elvira (15)                                       CR 390b
Willets Esther A. (8)                                     CR 390b
Willets Joel (45)                                         CR 390b
Willets John (21)                                         CR 390b
Willets Samuel (17)                                       CR 390b
Willets Sarah N. (2)                                      CR 390b
Willets Wendel (10)                                       CR 390b
Willets William (19)                                      CR 390b
Willhelm Catharine (68)                                   CG 471b
Willhelm Peter (68)                                       CG 471b
William Francis (41)                                       HA 38b
William Hiram (42)                                         HA 38b
Williams 61 (m)                                           CH 442b
Williams A.G. (18)                                          WF 7b
Williams A.I. (1)                                           WF 6b
Williams Abigail (42)                                      BE 55b
Williams Amanda (5/12)                                    CG 468b
Williams Angeline (13)                                    CH 441a
Williams Annastatia (6/12)                                CR 386a
Williams Asa (36)                                          PU 59b
Williams B. (21)                                            WF 7b
Williams Bartholomew (24)                                  BE 46a
Williams Benjamin (38)                                     LN 18b
Williams Benjamin (13)                                    CH 437b
Williams Benjamin (19)                                     BE 55b
Williams Christy (17)                                     NB 408b
Williams David (20)                                       CG 468b
Williams Elijah (45)                                        WF 7b
Williams Elizabeth (2)                                    CG 468b
Williams Elizabeth (15)                                   CN 370b
Williams H.L. (4)                                           WF 6b
Williams Hester (27)                                       BE 46a
Williams James (10)                                        LN 18b
Williams Jane (28)                                        CR 386a
Williams Jefferson (6)                                     LN 18b
Williams Jenkin (36)                                      CR 386a
Williams Joanna (13)                                      CH 437b
Williams John (25)                                          WF 6a
Williams John (52)                                        NB 408b
Williams John (8)                                          LN 18b
Williams John (28)                                        CG 468b
Williams John (6)                                         CN 370b
Williams John (16)                                         BE 55b
Williams John Q. (1)                                      NB 408b
Williams Joseph (35)                                      NB 408b
Williams Josephine (2)                                     BE 46a
Williams Juliann (27)                                     CG 468b
Williams L.E. (16)                                          WF 7b
Williams Lavina J. (5)                                    CG 468b
Williams Lucinda (42)                                     NB 408b
Williams M.M. (49)                                          WF 7b
Williams Margaret (54)                                    CH 442b
Williams Marion (2)                                        LN 18b
Williams Martha (32)                                       LN 18b
Williams Martha (11)                                      CH 446b
Williams Mary (4)                                         CG 468b
Williams Mary (14)                                         BE 55b
Williams Mary R. (8)                                      CH 437b
Williams Miles (15)                                       NB 408b
Williams Monroe (4)                                        LN 18b
Williams Nancy J (17)                                     CN 370b
Williams Patrick (28)                                     WA 351b
Williams Rachel (54)                                      CG 468a
Williams Rachel (44)                                      CN 370b
Williams Rebecca (16)                                     CG 468b
Williams S.A (3/12)                                         WF 6b
Williams Sarah (28)                                         WF 6a
Williams Thomas Y. (10)                                   CN 370b
Williams Valentine (18)                                   CG 468b
Williams Viola (5/12)                                      BE 46a
Williams W.I. (9)                                          WF 12a
Williams William (2/12)                                    LN 18b
Williams William E. (3)                                   CR 386a
Williams William E. (20)                                  CN 370b
Williams William (59)                                     CG 468a
Williams William (49)                                     CN 370b
Williams William (18)                                      BE 55b

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