Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Underhill Caroline (1)                                    SB 529a
Underhill James (12)                                      SB 529a
Underhill Jane (16)                                       SB 529a
Underhill John (38)                                       SB 529a
Underhill John (9)                                        SB 529a
Underhill Joseph (10)                                     SB 529a
Underhill Martha (14)                                     SB 529a
Underhill Mary (35)                                       SB 529a
Underhill Mary (6)                                        SB 529a
Underhill Sarah (4)                                       SB 529a
Underwood Andrew (6)                                      CN 365b
Ustick Abner (13)                                         GL 513a
Ustick Sarah (15)                                         GL 513a
Utley Volney (26)                                          BE 46a
Utley Volucia (20)                                         BE 46a
Utter A.J. (10)                                            WF 14a
Utter Alexander (1)                                        WF 14a
Utter Cinderella (12)                                      WF 14a
Utter George (14)                                          WF 14a
Utter James (16)                                           WF 14a
Utter James (46)                                           WF 14a
Utter Joseph (21)                                          WF 14a
Utter Mary (50)                                            WF 14a
Utter N.J. (18)                                            WF 14a
Utter Rebecca (33)                                         WF 14a
Utter William (23)                                         WF 14a
Vail Benj. (40)                                            BE 55a
Vail Eliza (37)                                           SB 527a
Vail Elizabeth (17)                                        BE 55a
Vail Hannah (15)                                           BE 55a
Vail J. (9)                                                BE 55a
Vail James (5)                                             BE 55a
Vail John (2)                                              BE 55a
Vail Malvina (8/12)                                        BE 55a
Vail Mary (4)                                             SB 527a
Vail Mary (7)                                              BE 55a
Vail Mary (37)                                             BE 55a
Vail Susan (6)                                            SB 527a
Vail William (5)                                          SB 527a
Vail William (28)                                         SB 527a
Valentin Catharine (55)                                   CN 367a
Valentin Charlotte (19)                                   CN 367a
Valentin Henry (61)                                       CN 367a
Valentin William M. (9)                                   CN 367a
Valentine Frances (30)                                    CN 372b
Valentine James (1)                                       CN 372b
Valentine John (6)                                        CN 372b
Valentine Samuel (34)                                     CN 372b
Valentine Sarah E. (8)                                    CN 372b
Valentine William (3)                                     CN 372b
Valley John P. (65)                                       CN 376a
Van Amburg Isaac (46)                                     NB 405b
Van Amburg Susan (47)                                     NB 405b
Van Brimer Amanda (6)                                      WF 17a
Van Brimer Delight (10)                                    WF 17a
Van Brimer Lester (8)                                      WF 17a
Van Brimer Martha (4)                                      WF 17a
Van Bummer John (12)                                        WF 7a
Van Duser Abraham (73)                                     PU 65a
Van Duser Dorus (44)                                       PU 65a
Van Duser Phebe (73)                                       PU 65a
Van Sickle Elizabeth (32)                                  PU 63a
Van Sickle Huldah (8)                                      PU 63a
Van Sickle John (4)                                        PU 63a
Van Sickle Newton (10)                                     PU 63a
Van Sickle Orran (32)                                      PU 63a
Van Sickle Peter (59)                                      PU 62a
Van Sicle John (15)                                        PU 59a
Van Vorkuss Caroline (20)                                 WA 353a
Van Wert Alexina (4)                                      GL 514a
Van Wert Georgia Ann (6)                                  GL 514a
Van Wert Betsy (35)                                       GL 514a
Van Wert Clara (9)                                        GL 514a
Van Wert Edgar (1)                                        GL 514a
Van Wert John (35)                                        GL 514a
Van Wert William (11)                                     GL 514a
Vanandu Carmi (18)                                        FR 484b
Vanandu Caroline (1)                                      FR 484b
Vanandu Catharine (37)                                    FR 484b
Vanandu James (41)                                        FR 484b
Vanandu Joel (14)                                         FR 484b
Vanandu John (10)                                         FR 484b
Vanandu Mary (8)                                          FR 484b
Vanandu Rebecca (5)                                       FR 484b
Vanandu Salu (17)                                         FR 484b
Vanarnum Elizabeth (23)                                   GL 509b
Vanati Catharine (20)                                     WA 353b
Vanati Christian (28)                                     NB 396b
Vanati Edward (2)                                         CN 371b
Vanati Elizabeth (9)                                      WA 353b
Vanati Elizabeth (48)                                     WA 353b
Vanati Hannah (18)                                        WA 352b
Vanati James (8/12)                                       NB 396b
Vanati James (22)                                         WA 353b
Vanati John (49)                                          WA 353b
Vanati John (30)                                          NB 396b
Vanati John (10)                                          CN 371b
Vanati Joseph (12)                                        WA 353b
Vanati Margaret (24)                                      NB 396b
Vanati Mary (64)                                          WA 353b
Vanati Mary (17)                                          WA 353b
Vanati Mary (60)                                          NB 396b
Vanati Newton (6)                                         WA 353b
Vanati Nicholas (25)                                      WA 352b
Vanati Sarah (14)                                         WA 353b
Vanati Sarah (32)                                         CN 371b
Vanati William (17)                                       CN 374a
Vanbuskirk Andrew (23)                                    FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Andrew J. (1)                                  PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Ashur (23)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Benjamin (2)                                   PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Catharine A. (24)                              PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Catharine (30)                                 PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Catharine (74)                                 PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Daniel (15)                                    FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Eliza (7)                                      PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Elizabeth (29)                                 PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Elizabeth (46)                                 PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Elizabeth (21)                                 PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Harvey (3)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Jacob (1)                                      PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Jacob (47)                                     PR 435b
Vanbuskirk John (49)                                      PR 431a
Vanbuskirk John (7)                                       PR 435b
Vanbuskirk John (31)                                      FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Joseph (25)                                    FR 493a
Vanbuskirk Josephine (2)                                  FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Josiah (39)                                    PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Laben (10)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Lafayette (7)                                  FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Louisa (15)                                    PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Lucinda (5)                                    FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Malvina (2)                                    PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Margaret (56)                                  FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Mary A. (36)                                   PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Mary (12)                                      PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Mary (4)                                       FR 493a
Vanbuskirk Rachel (19)                                    PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Rhoda (17)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Rufus (16)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Samantha (12)                                  PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Samuel L. (5/12)                               PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Samuel (14)                                    PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Sanab (14)                                     PR 431a
Vanbuskirk Sarah (14)                                     PR 435b
Vanbuskirk Sarah (30)                                     FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Sarah (21)                                     FR 493a
Vanbuskirk William (10)                                   PR 431a
Vanbuskirk William (16)                                   PR 435b
Vanbuskirk William (63)                                   FR 490b
Vanbuskirk Williams (1)                                   FR 493a
Vandmark Hemaetta (17)                                    FR 487a
Vandmark Leon (60)                                        FR 487a
Vandoran Esther (59)                                      CG 473a
Vandoran Freedom (16)                                     CG 473a
Vandoran Malissa (20)                                     CG 473a
Vandoran Nelson (18)                                      CG 473a
Vandoran Philo (23)                                       CG 473a
Vandoran William (64)                                     CG 473a
Vandoren Cordelia (1/12)                                  CG 474b
Vandoren Elizabeth (24)                                   CG 474b
Vandoren George (4)                                       CG 474b
Vandoren Nathaniel (29)                                   CG 474b
Vandoren Permelia (2)                                     CG 474b
Vanhorn Craven (42)                                       GL 509a
Vanhorn Hubbert (2)                                       GL 509a
Vanhorn James (15)                                        GL 509a
Vanhorn John (14)                                         GL 509a
Vanhorn Mary (33)                                         GL 509a
Vanliees Dennis (19)                                      PR 429b
Vanliees Dunbar (13)                                      PR 429b
Vanliees Ellen M. (8/12)                                  PR 429b
Vanliees Ellen (22)                                       PR 429b
Vanliees Francis M. (4)                                   PR 429b
Vanliees John (59)                                        PR 429b
Vanliees Julia (55)                                       PR 429b
Vanliees Margaret J. (26)                                 PR 429b
Vanliees Mary (2)                                         PR 429b
Vanliees Ogden (26)                                       PR 429b
Vanliees Sansberry (29)                                   PR 429b
Vannati Elizabeth (45)                                    CG 459b
Vannati George (6)                                        GL 502b
Vannati Harriet (4)                                       GL 502b
Vannati James (17)                                        CG 459b
Vannati John (10)                                         GL 502b
Vannati John (19)                                         CG 459b
Vannati Joseph (44)                                       CG 459b
Vannati Lemuel (14)                                       CG 459b
Vannati Letta (5)                                         CG 459b
Vannati Lydia (5/12)                                      CG 473b
Vannati Martha (10)                                       CG 459b
Vannati Mary (15)                                         CG 459b
Vannati Randolph (3)                                      CG 473b
Vannati Sarah (3)                                         GL 503a
Vannati Sarah (21)                                        CG 473b
Vannati Smith (7)                                         CG 459b
Vannati Washington (24)                                   CG 473b
Vannati Washington (14)                                   CG 476a
Vannati William (12)                                      CG 459b
Vanornam Clark (5)                                        CG 470a
Vanornam Eliza (14)                                       CG 470a
Vanornam Esther (15)                                      CG 470a
Vanornam Jasper (41)                                      CG 470a
Vanornam Lewis ()                                         CG 470a
Vanornam Mary (41)                                        CG 470a
Vanornam Nancy (7)                                        CG 470a
Vanornam Rachel (12)                                      CG 470a
Vansicle Edwin (18)                                       GL 512a
Vantries George (11)                                      CN 367b
Vantries Hannah (45)                                      CN 367b
Vantries John (40)                                        CN 367b
Vantries Samuel (19)                                      CN 367b
Vantries Susan (1)                                        CN 367b
Vaughn James (71)                                         GL 500a
Vaughn Joanna (23)                                        GL 500a
Vaughn Joseph (18)                                        GL 500a
Vaughn Lindley (15)                                       GL 500a
Vaughn Rhoda (59)                                         GL 500a
Vaughn Ulity (20)                                         GL 500a
Verman Mary (14)                                          SB 516b
Vernon Jesse (39)                                          PU 60b
Vernon Patience (36)                                       PU 60b
Vernon Rachael (4)                                         PU 60b
Vernon Sarah (6)                                           PU 60b
Vernon Thomas (1)                                          PU 60b
Vincent James (57)                                        CR 394b
Vincent John (15)                                         CR 394b
Vincent Sarah (8)                                         FR 485b
Vining Ansel (15)                                          BE 45a
Vining Aurelius (10)                                       BE 45a
Vining Calvin (51)                                         BE 46b
Vining Clara (3)                                           BE 46b
Vining Electa (16)                                         BE 45a
Vining Elias (26)                                          BE 46b
Vining Francis (21)                                        BE 45a
Vining Jane (22)                                           BE 46b
Vining Luther (60)                                         BE 45a
Vining Mary (15)                                           BE 46b
Vining Mary (45)                                           BE 46b
Vining Murilla (18)                                        BE 45a
Vining Phebe (13)                                          BE 46b
Vining Saah (8)                                            BE 46b
Vining Samantha (22)                                       BE 45a
Vining Samuel (10)                                         BE 46b
Vining Sarah (74)                                          BE 46b
Vining Sybel (55)                                          BE 45a
Vining William (17)                                        BE 46b
Vinny Emmerson (3)                                         BE 43b
Vinny Hallet (1)                                           BE 43b
Vinny John (5)                                             BE 43b
Vinny Lucy (26)                                            BE 43b
Vinny Samuel (50)                                          BE 43b
Vinson Ellen (3)                                          SB 527b
Vinson Eveline (2/12)                                     SB 527b
Vinson Hannah (30)                                        SB 527b
Vinson James (17)                                         SB 527b
Vinson John (44)                                          SB 527b
Vinson John (14)                                          SB 527b
Vinson Keziah (19)                                        SB 527b
Vinson Margaret (6)                                       SB 527b
Vinson Marion (10)                                        SB 527b
Vinson Mary (f)                                           SB 527b
Vinson Rebecca (2)                                        SB 527b
Virtue David (1)                                           HA 38a
Virtue Isabella (56)                                       HA 38a
Virtue Margaret (38)                                       HA 38a
Virtue Robert (34)                                         HA 38a
Virtue Samuel (8)                                          HA 38a
Virtue Sarah (7)                                           HA 38a
Virtue William (3)                                         HA 38a
Voore Harrison C. (15)                                    TR 419a
Voorhies Catharine (16)                                    BE 57a
Voorhies Esther Jane (18)                                  BE 54b
Voorhies James (49)                                        BE 57a
Voorhies Jardin (11)                                       BE 57a
Voorhies Jonathan (27)                                     BE 54b
Voorhies Mary (20)                                         BE 54b
Voorhies Mary (18)                                         BE 57a
Voorhies Reuben (2)                                        BE 54b
Voorhies Samuel (7)                                        BE 57b
Voorhies Susan (49)                                        BE 57a
Voorhies Thomas (3/12)                                     BE 54b
Voorhies William (14)                                      BE 54b
Voorhuies Eliza (19)                                      WA 361a
Voorhuies Lyman B. (29)                                   WA 361a
Vore James (10)                                           GL 513a
Vore Rachel (7)                                           GL 513a
Waddel Jane (25)                                           WF 13a
Waddel John (25)                                           WF 13a
Wade Eliza (28)                                           CH 455a
Wade William W. (31)                                      CH 455a
Wadsworth Eliza (20)                                       BE 55a
Wadsworth George (3/12)                                    BE 55a
Wadsworth Samuel (35)                                      BE 55a
Wadsworth Samuel (61)                                      BE 54b
Wadsworth Sarah (63)                                       BE 54b
Wadsworth Susan (25)                                       BE 55a
Waggman David H. (3)                                      TR 421a
Waggman Lazerus (5)                                       TR 421a
Waggman Malinda (22)                                      TR 421a
Waggman Margaret (18)                                     TR 421a
Waggman Martha E. (1)                                     TR 421a
Waggman William (31)                                      TR 421a
Waggoner catharine (22)                                   PR 435b
Waggoner Christina (49)                                   PR 422b
Waggoner Elizabeth (20)                                   PR 422b
Waggoner Elizabeth (13)                                   CH 452a
Waggoner George W. (4/12)                                 PR 435a
Waggoner George (32)                                      PR 424b
Waggoner Henry (4)                                        PR 422b
Waggoner Jacob (35)                                       CH 454b
Waggoner James (1)                                        CH 436b
Waggoner Jasper (5)                                       PR 424b
Waggoner John (12)                                        PR 422b
Waggoner John (49)                                        PR 422b
Waggoner John (28)                                        PR 435b
Waggoner Joseph (27)                                      CH 436b
Waggoner Joseph (7)                                       CH 454b
Waggoner Margaret (13)                                    PR 422b
Waggoner Margaret (24)                                    PR 424b
Waggoner Maria (26)                                       CH 436b
Waggoner Marilla (4)                                      CH 454b
Waggoner Mary A. (7)                                      PR 424b
Waggoner Nancy E. (3)                                     PR 424b
Waggoner Peter (25)                                       PR 435a
Waggoner Samuel (8)                                       PR 422b
Waggoner Sarah C. (8/12)                                  PR 424b
Waggoner Susan (24)                                       PR 435a
Waggoner Susan (34)                                       CH 454b
Waggoner Susannah (10)                                    CH 454b
Waggoner Sylvester (2)                                    CH 436b
Waggoner Valentine (21)                                   PR 422b
Waggoner William (6)                                      CH 454b
Wait Allice (6/12)                                        FR 485b
Wait Almy (29)                                            FR 486b
Wait Alonzo (30)                                          FR 485a
Wait Annis A (3)                                          FR 486b
Wait Edwin (27)                                           FR 485b
Wait Elizabeth (6)                                        FR 485b
Wait Emily (7)                                            FR 486b
Wait Harriet (6)                                          CR 387b
Wait John (32)                                            FR 486b
Wait Lewis M. (4)                                         CR 387b
Wait Louisa (29)                                          CR 387a
Wait Mary (31)                                            FR 485b
Wait Olin (7)                                             FR 485b
Wait Sarah (28)                                           FR 485b
Wait Wallace (1/12)                                       CR 387b
Wait Walter (1/12)                                        CR 387b
Wait Willet R. (21)                                       CR 387a
Wait Willet R. (7)                                        CR 387b
Wait Yelverton (5)                                        FR 486b
Wait Zachariah (2)                                        FR 485b
Waldorf Alma (5)                                          GL 502b
Waldorf Ann (8)                                           GL 505b
Waldorf Catharine (15)                                    GL 505b
Waldorf Cyrus (1)                                         CN 369b
Waldorf Elizabeth (31)                                    GL 505b
Waldorf Emeline (3)                                       GL 505b
Waldorf Erastus (15)                                      GL 502b
Waldorf Esther (17)                                       GL 502b
Waldorf Joseph (40)                                       GL 502b
Waldorf Julia (17)                                        GL 502b
Waldorf Louisa (5)                                        CN 369b
Waldorf Maria (37)                                        CN 369b
Waldorf Martha (7)                                        GL 502b
Waldorf Martha (38)                                       GL 502b
Waldorf Martha (2)                                        GL 505b
Waldorf Mary (9)                                          GL 505b
Waldorf Samuel (10)                                       GL 505b
Waldorf Samuel (35)                                       CN 369b
Waldorf Sarah (7)                                         GL 505b
Waldorf William (38)                                      GL 505b
Waldorf William (5)                                       GL 505b
Walke George (19)                                         CR 394a
Walke Harriet (18)                                        CR 394a
Walker Caroline (17)                                      WA 350a
Walker Catharine (27)                                     WA 352a
Walker Charlotte (17)                                     CH 455a
Walker Christopher (62)                                   PR 429a
Walker Elie (12)                                          SB 517a
Walker Elizabeth (62)                                     CH 436b
Walker Emaline (10)                                       SB 517a
Walker Ephraim (29)                                       PR 433a
Walker Gabriel (18)                                       PR 429a
Walker Gideon (23)                                        PR 429a
Walker Harriet (2)                                        PR 433a
Walker Henrietta (6)                                      SB 517a
Walker Isabella (64)                                      WA 350a
Walker James (67)                                         WA 350a
Walker Jane (19)                                          WA 350a
Walker John (30)                                          WA 352a
Walker John (4)                                           PR 433a
Walker John (13)                                           HA 34a
Walker John (66)                                          CH 436b
Walker John (21)                                          CH 436b
Walker John (26)                                          CR 394a
Walker Julia (2)                                          SB 517a
Walker Laura (50)                                         CH 455a
Walker Lester (5/12)                                      PR 433a
Walker Louisa (8)                                         SB 517a
Walker Lucy (43)                                          SB 517a
Walker Madison (39)                                       SB 517a
Walker Malvina (21)                                       PR 429b
Walker Margaret (33)                                      PR 433a
Walker Mary (56)                                          PR 429a
Walker Priscilla (5)                                      PR 433a
Walker Rachael (8)                                         HA 34a
Walker Robert (45)                                         HA 34a
Walker Ruth (35)                                           HA 34a
Walker Smith (7)                                          SB 517a
Walker Uretta (11)                                        SB 517a
Walkerman Adam (34)                                       TR 414a
Walkerman Mary (27)                                       TR 414a
Walkerman Mary (1)                                        TR 414a
Wall Laurance (24)                                        GL 511a
Wallace Abavilla (1)                                      CR 387a
Wallace David (18)                                        NB 404a
Wallace Electa (16)                                       NB 404a
Wallace Elizabeth (45)                                    NB 404a
Wallace Elizabeth (6)                                     NB 404a
Wallace John W. (2)                                       NB 404a
Wallace Marinda (14)                                      NB 404a
Wallace Miranda (9)                                        BE 46a
Wallace Oscar A. (1)                                      CR 387a
Wallace Ruth (21)                                         CR 387a
Wallace Sarah (20)                                        CR 387a
Wallace Thomas (23)                                       CR 387a
Wallace William (10)                                      NB 404a
Wallace William (45)                                      NB 404a
Waller Abigail (18)                                        LN 24b
Waller Cordelia (9)                                        LN 25a
Waller Cornelius (1)                                       LN 25a
Waller Daniel (14)                                         LN 25a
Waller Florinda (6)                                        LN 25a
Waller Horace (23)                                         LN 25a
Waller Julia (4)                                           LN 25a
Waller Martha (46)                                         LN 25a
Waller Matilda (11)                                        LN 25a
Waller Minerva (7)                                         LN 25a
Waller Nancy (42)                                          LN 24b
Waller Rosalia (15)                                        LN 24b
Waller Silas (50)                                          LN 24b
Waller William (46)                                        LN 25a
Walter Ephraim (8)                                        NB 412a
Walter John E. (16)                                       NB 412a
Walter Rebecca (43)                                       NB 412a
Walter Ruth (19)                                          NB 412a
Waltermire Amos (11)                                       HA 30a
Waltermire Fountain (15)                                   HA 30a
Waltermire Hiram (17)                                      HA 30a
Waltermire James (16)                                      HA 30a
Waltermire Jane (8)                                        HA 30a
Waltermire Margaret (2)                                    HA 30a
Waltermire Margaret (39)                                   HA 30a
Waltermire Michael (22)                                    HA 30a
Waltermire Samuel (5)                                      HA 30a
Waltermire Samuel (46)                                     HA 30a
Walters George (25)                                       GL 512b
Walters Lucinda (20)                                      GL 512b
Wands Ann (35)                                             HA 31a
Wands Ephraim (5)                                          HA 31a
Wands Franklin (12)                                        HA 31a
Wands Jacob (34)                                           HA 31a
Wands John (10)                                            HA 31a
Wands Lydia (8)                                            HA 31a
Wands Margaret (2)                                         HA 31a
Warner Almira (20)                                         LN 25b
Warner Benj (4)                                            LN 27b
Warner Benjamin (70)                                       HA 37b
Warner Betsy (28)                                          LN 27b
Warner Catharine (3)                                      NB 402b
Warner Daniel (31)                                         LN 27b
Warner Henry (15)                                         NB 402b
Warner Jacob (10)                                         NB 402b
Warner John (8/12)                                         LN 27b
Warner John (43)                                          NB 402a
Warner John (6)                                           NB 402b
Warner John (64)                                           LN 25b
Warner Julia (64)                                          LN 25b
Warner Laner (12)                                         NB 402b
Warner Levi (18)                                          NB 402a
Warner Mary (40)                                          NB 402a
Warner Mary (18)                                           LN 25b
Warner Merrit (30)                                        SB 525a
Warner Ruth (69)                                           HA 38a
Warner Whitney (8)                                         LN 27b
Warren Alva (2)                                           CH 452b
Warren Harris (27)                                        CH 452b
Warren Martha A. (26)                                     CH 452b
Wasbrin Ozius (28)                                         WF 13a
Washburn Charles V. (10)                                  CN 373b
Washburn Charlotte (31)                                   CN 367b
Washburn Mary (8)                                          WF 14a
Washburn Mary (11)                                        CN 367b
Washer Elizabeth (33)                                     GL 506a
Washer Mary (6)                                           GL 506a
Washer Peter (37)                                         GL 506a
Waterhouse Benjamin (13)                                  NB 398a
Waterhouse Elizabeth (15)                                 NB 398a
Waterhouse George C. (17)                                 NB 398a
Waterhouse James P. (8)                                   NB 398a
Waterhouse John N. (22)                                   NB 398a
Waterhouse Margaret (19)                                  NB 398a
Waterhouse Mary E. (1/12)                                 NB 398a
Waterhouse Permelia (44)                                  NB 398a
Waterhouse Thomas (4)                                     NB 398b
Waterhouse William B. (10)                                NB 398a
Waterhouse William P. (53)                                NB 398a
Waterman Almina (8)                                       FR 482b
Waterman George (4)                                       FR 482b
Waterman John (45)                                        FR 482b
Waterman Mary (42)                                        FR 482b
Waterman Sarah (6)                                        FR 482b
Waters Alonza (21)                                        GL 514a
Waters George (19)                                         LN 23a
Waters Mary (22)                                           LN 23a
Waters Mary (1)                                           GL 514a
Waters Rachel (21)                                        GL 514a
Watkins James (54)                                        FR 485a
Watkins Lovina (19)                                       FR 485a
Watkins Margaret (21)                                     FR 485a
Watkins Prudence (56)                                     FR 485a
Watson Adaline (23)                                        PU 61a
Watson Alexander (57)                                     CG 469a
Watson Alexander (11)                                     CG 469a
Watson Barbara (9)                                        CN 374a
Watson Barbara (42)                                       CN 374a
Watson Caroline (11)                                      FR 481b
Watson Catherine (6/12)                                   CN 374a
Watson David (16)                                         CN 374a
Watson Emily (17)                                         CG 469a
Watson George (13)                                        CN 374a
Watson Harriet (1)                                        CN 374a
Watson Isabel (9)                                         FR 481b
Watson Jacob (3)                                          CN 374a
Watson James (7)                                          CG 469a
Watson John (21)                                          CN 374a
Watson Jonas (19)                                         CN 374a
Watson Joseph (25)                                        WA 361a
Watson Joseph (43)                                        CN 374a
Watson Joseph (11)                                        CN 374a
Watson Juliann (14)                                       CG 469a
Watson Laura (40)                                         CG 469a
Watson Lewis M (4)                                        CG 469a
Watson Louisa (5)                                         CN 374a
Watson Lucy (6)                                           CG 469a
Watson Mary (35)                                          FR 481b
Watson Perry (32)                                          PU 61a
Watson Samuel (8)                                         CN 374a
Watson Wallace (2)                                        CG 469a
Watson William (15)                                       CN 374a
Watt David (42)                                           GL 509a
Watt Elizabeth (18)                                       GL 509a
Watt Esther (9)                                           GL 509a
Watt George (2)                                           GL 509a
Watt James (14)                                           GL 509a
Watt John (8)                                             GL 509a
Watt Juliett (41)                                         GL 509a
Watt Mary (12)                                            GL 509a
Watt Samuel (6)                                           GL 509a
Wattamire Catherine (40)                                   HA 39b
Wattamire David (4)                                        HA 39b
Wattamire Elizabeth (11)                                   HA 39b
Wattamire Franklin (17)                                    HA 39b
Wattamire Jacob (50)                                       HA 39b
Wattamire Martha (9)                                       HA 39b
Wattamire Mary (14)                                        HA 39b
Wattamire Sarah (7/12)                                     HA 39b
Wattamire William (6)                                      HA 39b
Watterman Margaret (18)                                    HA 36a
Wattis Catharine (64)                                     TR 414a
Wattis Jacob H. (63)                                      TR 414a
Wattis Sarah (30)                                         TR 414a
Wattman Joseph (19)                                        HA 37b
Wear Thomas (30)                                          FR 492b

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