Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Teeple Alexander (16)                                     CG 473b
Teeple Anna (15)                                          CG 473b
Teeple Charlotte (2)                                      CG 473b
Teeple Cyntha (13)                                        CG 473b
Teeple Elias (38)                                         CG 473b
Teeple Elizabeth (7)                                      CG 473b
Teeple Jane (14)                                          CG 473b
Teeple Louisa (10)                                        CG 473b
Teeple Margaret (8)                                       CG 473b
Teeple Margaret (45)                                      CG 473b
Teeple Marques (11)                                       CG 473b
Teeple Mary (5)                                           CG 473b
Teets Charles (38)                                         PU 65a
Teets Cornelia (31)                                        PU 65a
Teets Edward (2)                                           PU 65a
Teets Henrietta (9)                                        PU 65a
Teets Rigdon (4)                                           PU 65a
Tent Allen (6)                                            CN 374b
Terrell Elijah (23)                                       GL 514a
Terrell Jerome (1)                                        GL 514a
Terrell Mary (22)                                         GL 514a
Terry H.I. (10)                                             WF 6a
Terry James (49)                                            WF 6a
Terry Roana (43)                                            WF 6a
Tharp Maranda A. (11)                                     CN 373a
Tharp Nancy (38)                                          CN 373a
Tharp Rebecca (12)                                        CN 373a
Thatcher Daniel (42)                                      CR 383b
Thatcher Eliza R. (7)                                     CR 384a
Thatcher Frances E. (5/12)                                CR 384a
Thatcher John W. (19)                                     CR 383b
Thatcher Lorenzo (13)                                     CR 384a
Thatcher Louisa R. H. (4)                                 CR 384a
Thatcher Louisa (46)                                      CR 383b
Thatcher Nancy J. (14)                                    CR 384a
Thayer Caroline E. (20)                                   WA 362b
Thomas Abner (17)                                         FR 484a
Thomas Albert (15)                                        FR 484a
Thomas Ann (1)                                            CH 446a
Thomas Armstead (30)                                      GL 497a
Thomas Barton (23)                                        FR 477b
Thomas Benjamin (24)                                      SB 528a
Thomas Bruce (4)                                          CH 446a
Thomas Cassus (7/12)                                      GL 495a
Thomas Catherine (26)                                     GL 495a
Thomas Celina (30)                                        SB 519a
Thomas Charles (19)                                       FR 484a
Thomas Daniel (38)                                        SB 519a
Thomas Daniel (40)                                        CH 449a
Thomas David (38)                                         CH 446a
Thomas Davis (8)                                          CH 449a
Thomas Editha (5/12)                                      FR 484a
Thomas Elizabeth (29)                                     SB 528b
Thomas Elizabeth (28)                                     GL 509a
Thomas Elizabeth (49)                                     FR 484a
Thomas Elizabeth (30)                                     CH 446a
Thomas Elizabeth (35)                                     CH 446a
Thomas Enoch G. (11)                                      CH 446a
Thomas Francis (4)                                        SB 519a
Thomas Hannah (25)                                        GL 495a
Thomas Henry (11)                                         SB 519a
Thomas Henry (42)                                         GL 512b
Thomas Hugh (28)                                          FR 484a
Thomas Jane (20)                                          FR 484a
Thomas John (35)                                          SB 528b
Thomas John (4)                                           FR 484a
Thomas Julia O. (3)                                       FR 477b
Thomas Keturah (21)                                       FR 477b
Thomas Lana A. (11)                                       CH 449a
Thomas Lane (65)                                          CH 442a
Thomas Louisa (4)                                         SB 528b
Thomas Malinda A. (8)                                     CH 446a
Thomas Margaret A. (14)                                   CH 449a
Thomas Margaret (12)                                      FR 484a
Thomas Marilla (23)                                       SB 528a
Thomas Martin (4/12)                                      SB 528a
Thomas Mary A. (36)                                       CH 449a
Thomas Mary E. (5)                                        CH 449a
Thomas Mary (10)                                          SB 519a
Thomas Mary (50)                                           HA 38b
Thomas Mary (6)                                           CH 446a
Thomas Mary (2)                                           CH 446a
Thomas Matilda (4)                                        GL 497a
Thomas Mordica (1)                                        GL 497a
Thomas Morgan (7)                                         SB 519a
Thomas Nancy (2)                                          SB 528b
Thomas Nancy (9)                                          FR 484a
Thomas Nancy (6)                                          CH 446a
Thomas Peter (42)                                         SB 519a
Thomas Philip (64)                                        GL 496b
Thomas Richard (2)                                        GL 497a
Thomas Ruth (21)                                          FR 484a
Thomas Sarah (58)                                         GL 496b
Thomas Sarah (27)                                         GL 497a
Thomas Smith (29)                                         GL 509a
Thomas Stephen (28)                                       GL 495a
Thomas Thomas (35)                                         HA 38b
Thomas Victoria (2)                                       GL 495a
Thomas Walter (412)                                       GL 509a
Thomas Wilber (1)                                         SB 528a
Thomas William (14)                                       FR 484a
Thomas Zachariah (32)                                     CH 446a
Thompson Abe (15)                                         FR 491a
Thompson Almeda (4)                                       SB 522a
Thompson Amos (30)                                         HA 34b
Thompson Ann (22)                                          HA 30b
Thompson Ann (29)                                          HA 30a
Thompson Augustus (8)                                     SB 522a
Thompson Barnes (24)                                       BE 55b
Thompson Benton (7)                                        HA 34b
Thompson Charles (1)                                       PU 58b
Thompson Clara (10)                                       SB 522a
Thompson David (18)                                       TR 418a
Thompson David (56)                                       TR 418a
Thompson Dudley (8)                                        PU 58b
Thompson Elenora (4)                                      SB 522a
Thompson Eli (17)                                         FR 490b
Thompson Elizabeth (13)                                   TR 418a
Thompson Elizabeth (36)                                   FR 488a
Thompson Elizabeth (13)                                   FR 491a
Thompson Elizabeth (22)                                   CG 462b
Thompson Ellen (26)                                       SB 522a
Thompson Esther (25)                                      CG 468a
Thompson Eunice (16)                                      SB 522b
Thompson Francis (6)                                      SB 522a
Thompson George B (9)                                     CG 463a
Thompson George (10)                                      FR 488a
Thompson George (58)                                      CG 462b
Thompson Harris (34)                                      SB 522a
Thompson Hudson (5)                                        HA 34b
Thompson Isaac (90)                                       SB 526b
Thompson James (6)                                         HA 40b
Thompson James (35)                                       CG 463a
Thompson James (14)                                       CR 393a
Thompson John (28)                                        SB 521b
Thompson John (2)                                         SB 522a
Thompson John (17)                                        SB 532b
Thompson John (29)                                        CG 468a
Thompson John (54)                                        CR 393a
Thompson John R (8)                                       FR 488a
Thompson John S (4)                                       CG 463a
Thompson Joseph (17)                                      TR 418a
Thompson Levi (16)                                        CR 393a
Thompson Lewis (41)                                       FR 488a
Thompson Lucy (46)                                        CR 393a
Thompson Lucy (6)                                         CR 393a
Thompson Luther (22)                                       BE 55b
Thompson Lydia (1/12)                                      HA 30b
Thompson Lydia (31)                                       CG 463a
Thompson Lydia (48)                                        BE 46a
Thompson Margaret A. (4)                                  CR 392a
Thompson Margaret (56)                                    TR 418a
Thompson Margaret (20)                                    TR 418a
Thompson Margaret (18)                                    CG 462b
Thompson Martha (9/12)                                     HA 30a
Thompson Martha (2)                                        HA 30b
Thompson Martha (54)                                       BE 55b
Thompson Mary E (6)                                       CG 463a
Thompson Mary E. (19)                                     CR 393a
Thompson Mary J. (39)                                     CR 392a
Thompson Mary (24)                                        TR 418a
Thompson Mary (33)                                         PU 58b
Thompson Mary (2)                                         FR 488a
Thompson Mary (42)                                        FR 490b
Thompson Mary (25)                                        CG 462b
Thompson Matilda (28)                                     SB 522a
Thompson Melinda (29)                                      HA 30b
Thompson melissa (9)                                      CR 393a
Thompson Nadman (44)                                       HA 30a
Thompson Nathan (36)                                       PU 58b
Thompson Newton (22)                                      CR 392a
Thompson Nye (6)                                           PU 58b
Thompson Phylanda (6)                                     FR 491a
Thompson Rockwell (17)                                     BE 46a
Thompson Rollin (7)                                       SB 522a
Thompson S.H. (27)                                         HA 30b
Thompson Samuel (26)                                       HA 30b
Thompson Samuel (49)                                       BE 46a
Thompson Sarah (20)                                       SB 529b
Thompson Sarah (3)                                         HA 30a
Thompson Sarah (11)                                       FR 491a
Thompson Susan (30)                                        HA 34b
Thompson Susan (24)                                        BE 55b
Thompson Thomas C. (37)                                   CR 392a
Thompson Viola (3)                                        FR 488a
Thompson William (2)                                      SB 522a
Thompson William (3)                                      FR 491a
Thompson William (40)                                     FR 490b
Thompson William (8)                                      CG 463a
Thornberg James (28)                                        WF 7b
Thornberg Maria (23)                                        WF 7b
Thornburg Addison (5)                                      LN 28a
Thornburg Adelia (4)                                       LN 28a
Thornburg Charlotte (6)                                    WF 14b
Thornburg Irene (27)                                       WF 14b
Thornburg Jane (33)                                       CN 373b
Thornburg Joseph (30)                                      WF 14b
Thornburg Lois (34)                                       CR 379b
Thornburg Louis (3)                                        WF 14b
Thornburg Marietta (2)                                     WF 14b
Thornburg Martha E. (6)                                   CN 373b
Thornburg Nancy (13)                                      CR 379a
Thornburg Nathan (5)                                      CR 379b
Thornburg Samuel (33)                                     CN 373b
Thornburg Ursula (24)                                      LN 28a
Thornburg William B. (3)                                  CN 373b
Thornburg William (26)                                     LN 28a
Thornburg William (10)                                    CR 379b
Throckmorton Archibald (45)                               SB 516b
Throckmorton Elizabeth (13)                               SB 516b
Throckmorton John (115)                                   SB 516b
Throckmorton Ruth (5)                                     SB 516b
Throckmorton Ruth (41)                                    SB 516b
Throckmorton Welsy (11)                                   SB 516b
Thruston Charles (4)                                      GL 508a
Thruston David (7)                                        GL 508a
Thruston Elizabeth (2)                                    GL 508a
Thruston Elizabeth (34)                                   GL 508a
Thruston Jane (11)                                        GL 508a
Thruston John (5)                                         GL 508a
Thruston Levi (45)                                        GL 508a
Thucher John (90)                                          PU 64a
Thuma Elizabeth (15)                                      PR 436a
Thuma Eve (40)                                            TR 420a
Thuma George (8)                                          TR 420a
Thuma Henry (4)                                           TR 420a
Thuma Jacob W. (36)                                       TR 420a
Thuma Mary J. (2)                                         TR 420a
Thuma Sarah (6)                                           TR 420a
Thuma Simon (10)                                          TR 420a
Thurman Elizabeth (25)                                    PR 425a
Thurman Esther (5)                                        PR 425a
Thurman John W. (11)                                      PR 425a
Thurman Simon (33)                                        PR 425a
Thurman William (2)                                       PR 425a
Thurston Elihu (25)                                        PU 67a
Thurston Martha (23)                                       PU 67a
Timermaker Elizabeth (7)                                  WA 358a
Timermaker George (10)                                    WA 358a
Timermaker Margaret (31)                                  WA 358a
Timermaker Philip (37)                                    WA 358a
Timmaker Catharinea (20)                                  WA 361a
Tinkam Elias (3)                                           BE 53a
Tinkam Gilbert (10)                                        BE 53a
Tinkam Leroy (7/12)                                        BE 53a
Tinkam Loomis (33)                                         BE 52b
Tinkam Margaret (6)                                        BE 53a
Tinkam Sarah (29)                                          BE 52b
Tinkam Weatty (8)                                          BE 53a
Tinkum Abel (65)                                           BE 51b
Tinkum Jacob (18)                                          BE 51b
Tinkum Margaret (61)                                       BE 51b
Tinkum Triphena (21)                                       BE 51b
Tinnemaker Aley E. (17)                                   WA 361a
Tinnemaker George (29)                                    WA 361a
Tinnor E.G. (23)                                            WF 8a
Tinnor Sarah (22)                                           WF 8a
Titus Elmore (6)                                          FR 483b
Titus Harland (32)                                        CG 462b
Titus Jane E. (27)                                        CG 462b
Titus Jennet A. (4)                                       CG 462b
Titus Luzetta (7)                                         FR 483b
Titus Mary E (7)                                          CG 462b
Titus Rollin (2)                                          FR 483b
Titus Sarah (333)                                         FR 483b
Titus Thomas (35)                                         FR 483b
Titus William (75)                                        CG 462b
Toatshall Daniel (62)                                      WF 12b
Toatshall George (15)                                      WF 12b
Toatshall Hannah (52)                                      WF 12b
Toatshall Henry (9)                                        WF 12b
Toatshall Leah (13)                                        WF 12b
Toatshall Lewis (7)                                        WF 12b
Toatshall Mary (17)                                        WF 12b
Tobias Caroline (20)                                      TR 415a
Tobias Elizabeth (2)                                      TR 415a
Tobias Franklin R. (27)                                   TR 415a
Tobias martha (9/12)                                      TR 415a
Todd Calista (3)                                          CN 373a
Todd Emily J. (13)                                        CN 373a
Todd Joel (49)                                            CN 373a
Togle Ann (22)                                            CH 448a
Togle Henry (33)                                          CH 448a
Togle Margaret (1)                                        CH 448a
Tolbert Isaac (32)                                        CN 371a
Tope Ellen (31)                                           WA 359b
Tope George (38)                                          WA 359b
Tope John (11/12)                                         WA 359b
Tope Sarah J. (2)                                         WA 359b
Torrey Michael (35)                                       NB 398b
Townsend Abigail (28)                                     GL 496a
Townsend Allen (7/12)                                     TR 417a
Townsend Benjamin (2)                                     GL 496a
Townsend David (5)                                        GL 496a
Townsend Eli (27)                                         GL 496a
Townsend Levi (4)                                         GL 496a
Townsend Margaret A. (21)                                 TR 417a
Townsend Mary L. (2)                                      TR 417a
Townsend Samuel (27)                                      TR 417a
Townsend William (4/12)                                   GL 496a
Travis Isaac (32)                                          BE 54b
Travis Margaret (30)                                       BE 54b
Travis Mary (3)                                            BE 54b
Travis Sarah (9)                                           BE 54b
Trembly Hannah (71)                                       FR 481a
Trembly Joseph (76)                                       FR 481a
Trembly Margaret (38)                                     FR 481a
Trenalee John (40)                                         BE 42b
Trenalee Louis (37)                                        BE 42b
Trenalee Lydia (10)                                        BE 42b
Trenalee Malinda (5)                                       BE 42b
Trenalee Martha (6)                                        BE 42b
Trenalee Pamelia (3)                                       BE 42b
Trenalee Triphena (9)                                      BE 42b
Trimble Amanda (16)                                       GL 513a
Trimble Ella Idelia (1)                                   GL 513a
Trimble James (31)                                        GL 513a
Trimble Margaret (24)                                     GL 513a
Trimby Abraham (4)                                        CH 446a
Trimby John (30)                                          CH 446a
Trimby Lovina (20)                                        CH 446a
Trimby Sarah J. (3)                                       CH 446a
Trimby William (8/12)                                     CH 446a
Trindle Ann (54)                                            WF 8a
Trindle James (18)                                          WF 8a
Trindle Nancy (24)                                          WF 8a
Trindle Sarah (26)                                          WF 8a
Trindle W.B. (16)                                           WF 8b
Trip Agnes (39)                                           FR 476b
Trip Foloran (8/12)                                       FR 476b
Trip James (32)                                           FR 476b
Trip John (4)                                             FR 476b
Trip Samuel (2)                                           FR 476b
Tripp Lucy H. (18)                                        WA 353a
Tripp Mary E. (12)                                        WA 353a
Tripp Stephen S. (15)                                     WA 353a
Trowbridge Elizabeth (45)                                 CH 446b
Trowbridge Jane (23)                                      CH 449b
Trowbridge Joseph (25)                                    CH 449b
Trowbridge Samuel (47)                                    CH 446b
Trowbridge Sylvester (15)                                 CH 449b
Troxler Catharine (17)                                     HA 33a
Troxler Elias (14)                                         HA 33a
Troxler Elizabeth (39)                                     HA 33a
Troxler George (4)                                         HA 33a
Troxler George (40)                                        HA 33a
Troxler Jane (10)                                          HA 33a
Troxler John (12)                                          HA 33a
Troxler Lyman (1)                                          HA 33a
Troxler Mary (16)                                          HA 33a
Troxler William (8)                                        HA 33a
Truax Bethena (19)                                        CG 458b
Truax Delila (21)                                         CG 458b
Truax Elizabeth (16)                                      CG 458b
Truax Hiram (14)                                          CG 458b
Truax John P (52)                                         CG 458b
Truax Lacy (26)                                           CG 458b
Truax Lucetta (25)                                        CG 458b
Truax Mary (9)                                            CG 458b
Truax Phebe (39)                                          CG 458b
Truax Rebecca (22)                                        CG 458b
Truesdell Charles (24)                                    CH 455a
Truesdell Charles (2)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell Emily (15)                                      CH 455b
Truesdell Esther (15)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell Harriet (9)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell Harriet (6)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell Isabel (22)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell James (7)                                       CH 455b
Truesdell James (35)                                      CH 455b
Truesdell John (8)                                        CH 455b
Truesdell Maria (36)                                      CH 455b
Truesdell Martin (6/12)                                   CH 455b
Truesdell Rebecca (42)                                    CH 455b
Truesdell Samuel (13)                                     CH 455b
Truesdell Sarah S (20)                                    CH 455a
Truesdell Sautha J (11)                                   CH 455b
Truesdell Stephen (41)                                    CH 455b
Truesdell William (14)                                    CH 455b
Truex Abalom (2)                                          WA 350b
Truex Abner (29)                                          FR 479a
Truex Amanda (5)                                           LN 25a
Truex Belinda (24)                                        CN 374a
Truex Benjamin (30)                                        LN 25a
Truex Benjamin (46)                                       GL 511a
Truex Bethena (75)                                        GL 504b
Truex Clark (1)                                           CG 463b
Truex Clark (6)                                           CN 374a
Truex Crawford (25)                                       CG 463b
Truex Elizabeth (6)                                       WA 350b
Truex Elizabeth (17)                                      FR 479a
Truex Elizabeth (56)                                      FR 479a
Truex Elizabeth (18)                                      CG 463b
Truex Elizabeth (83)                                      CG 467b
Truex Elizabeth (3)                                       CN 374a
Truex Emiliy (21)                                         CG 462b
Truex Emily (20)                                          CN 374a
Truex Francis (12)                                        GL 505a
Truex Hetty (36)                                          GL 504b
Truex James (9)                                           WA 350b
Truex Jane (19)                                           GL 504b
Truex Jane (52)                                           CG 462b
Truex Jane (19)                                           CG 462b
Truex Jemima (14)                                         WA 350b
Truex Jerusha (47)                                        GL 504b
Truex Jesse (16)                                          GL 505a
Truex Jesse (38)                                          GL 504b
Truex John (18)                                           GL 504b
Truex John (72)                                           GL 504b
Truex John (61)                                           FR 479a
Truex Johnson (3)                                         GL 504b
Truex Joseph (25)                                         FR 479a
Truex Joseph (36)                                         CN 374a
Truex Judson (7)                                           LN 25a
Truex Lavena (20)                                         CG 463b
Truex Loretta (3)                                         FR 479a
Truex Malissa (8)                                         CN 374a
Truex Maria (31)                                          FR 479a
Truex Mary J. (2)                                         CN 374a
Truex Mary (10)                                           WA 350b
Truex Mary (30)                                            LN 25a
Truex Mary (39)                                           GL 511a
Truex Nathan (15)                                         GL 511b
Truex Nelson (22)                                         CN 374a
Truex Obediah (48)                                        GL 504b
Truex Plimpton (3)                                        GL 511b
Truex Rebecca (12)                                        WA 350b
Truex Samuel (65)                                         CG 463b
Truex Sarah (36)                                          WA 350b
Truex Sarah (22)                                          FR 479a
Truex Sarah (26)                                          CG 463b
Truex Serina (16)                                         WA 350b
Truex Simon (10)                                          CG 463a
Truex Solomon (5)                                         GL 504b
Truex Thomas (2/12)                                        LN 25a
Truex William (49)                                        WA 350b
Truex William (54)                                        CG 462b
Truman Elijah (58)                                         PU 65a
Truman Elizabeth (23)                                      PU 65a
Truman Heber (21)                                          PU 65a
Truman Maria (20)                                          PU 65a
Truman Mary (56)                                           PU 65a
Trumbo Jennet (36)                                        NB 405b
Trumbo John (33)                                          NB 405b
Trumbo Jriah (9)                                          NB 405b
Tucker Adaline (33)                                       CR 387b
Tucker Adin (59)                                          CR 387b
Tucker Alva (22)                                            WF 7a
Tucker E.C. (1)                                            WF 13a
Tucker E.D. (12)                                           WF 13a
Tucker H.H. (10)                                           WF 13a
Tucker H.M. (6)                                            WF 13a
Tucker I.M. (3)                                            WF 13a
Tucker J.A. (44)                                           WF 12b
Tucker Judith (63)                                        CR 387b
Tucker Laura E. (20)                                      CR 387b
Tucker Lydia (7)                                           WF 13a
Tucker Mary (18)                                           WF 13a
Tucker Susan (35)                                          WF 13a
Tucker W.W. (15)                                           WF 13a
Tuple Euclid (8)                                          CH 452a
Tuple Sarah (34)                                          CH 452a
Tuple Silas (36)                                          CH 452a
Turney A.T. (34)                                           BE 52a
Turney Ayres (7)                                           BE 52b
Turney Fletcher (2)                                        BE 52b
Turney George (7)                                          BE 56a
Turney Jacob (5)                                           BE 52b
Turney John (18)                                           BE 51b
Turney John (48)                                           BE 56a
Turney LaFayette (11)                                      BE 56a
Turney Lewis (47)                                          BE 51b
Turney Mary (11)                                           BE 52b
Turney Mary (34)                                           BE 52a
Turney Rebecca (41)                                        BE 56a
Turney Rosilla (49)                                        BE 51b
Turney Ruth (9)                                            BE 52b
Turney William (13)                                        BE 52a
Tuttle Adaline (3)                                        WA 355b
Tuttle Alfred B. (7)                                      WA 355b
Tuttle Daniel (13)                                        WA 355b
Tuttle Ephraim (15)                                       WA 355b
Tuttle Hiram J. (8)                                       WA 355b
Tuttle Lanah (43)                                         WA 355b
Tuttle Lavina (9)                                         WA 355b
Tuttle Louisa (5)                                         WA 355b
Tuttle Margaret C. (16)                                   WA 355b
Tuttle Margreta (5)                                       WA 355b
Tuttle Milton (19)                                        WA 355b
Tuttle Milton (49)                                        WA 355b
Tuttle Nelly J. (18)                                      WA 355b
Tuttle Owen (12)                                          WA 355b
Tuttle Owen (40)                                          WA 355b
Tuttle Permelia (37)                                      WA 355b
Tuttle Phebe (24)                                         WA 355b
Tuttle Samuel A. (10)                                     WA 355b
Tuttle Sarah J. (17)                                      WA 355b
Twigs Isaac (39)                                          CH 452b
Twigs Mary E. (3)                                         CH 452b
Twigs Mary J. (23)                                        CH 452b
Twiss Caleb (34)                                           BE 44a
Twiss Charity (32)                                         BE 44a
Twiss Charles (6)                                          BE 44b
Twiss Helen (9)                                            BE 44b
Twiss Wlizabeth (72)                                       BE 44b
Ulery Caroline (12)                                        HA 34b
Ulery christiana (49)                                      HA 35b
Ulery Clara (6)                                            HA 34b
Ulery David (23)                                           HA 35b
Ulery Elanor (14)                                          HA 34b
Ulery Eli (10)                                             HA 34b
Ulery Elizabeth (15)                                       HA 35b
Ulery Freman (2)                                           HA 34b
Ulery George (8)                                           HA 35b
Ulery George (23)                                          HA 34b
Ulery Harrison (22)                                        HA 34b
Ulery Jacob (53)                                           HA 35b
Ulery John (20)                                            HA 35b
Ulery John (17)                                            HA 34b
Ulery Joseph (48)                                          HA 34b
Ulery Joseph (16)                                          HA 34b
Ulery Lucinda (17)                                         HA 35b
Ulery Maria (19)                                           HA 34b
Ulery Sarah (44)                                           HA 34b
Ulery Silas (12)                                           HA 35b
Ulery Stephen (8)                                          HA 34b
Ullom Amanda (19)                                         WA 362b
Ullom Elizabeth (13)                                      WA 362b
Ullom Joshua (15)                                         WA 362b
Ullom Nancy (34)                                          WA 362b
Ullom Nancy (8)                                           WA 362b
Ullom Rachel (17)                                         WA 362b
Ullom Shene (43)                                          WA 362b
Ullom William (10)                                        WA 362b

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