Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Stonestreet Ashford (15)                                  NB 412a
Stonestreet Ashford (55)                                  NB 412a
Stonestreet Lavina (7)                                    NB 412a
Stonestreet Lydia (12)                                    NB 412a
Stonestreet Mary (20)                                     NB 412a
Stonestreet Mary (15)                                      LN 20b
Stonestreet Osborn (11)                                   NB 406b
Stonestreet Robert (11)                                   NB 412a
Stonestreet Ruth (41)                                     NB 412a
Storer Elizabeth (14)                                     WA 356b
Storer Esther A. (6)                                      WA 356b
Storer Griffin (19)                                       WA 356b
Storer Lucy H. (17)                                       WA 356b
Storer Mary A. (50)                                       WA 356b
Storer Nancy (36)                                         WA 356b
Storer Nathaniel (41)                                     WA 356b
Storer Nehemiah (61)                                      WA 356b
Storer Ruth A. (20)                                       WA 356b
Storer William H. (10)                                    WA 356b
Stormer Casander (13)                                     PR 428b
Stormer Hulda (19)                                        PR 428a
Stormer Jeffrey (4/12)                                    PR 428a
Stormer Joel (24)                                         PR 428a
Stoubb Abigail (16)                                       CH 437a
Stoubb Catharine (8)                                      CH 437a
Stoubb Ira (19)                                           CH 437a
Stoubb Jane (13)                                          CH 437a
Stoubb Livona (3)                                         CH 437a
Stoubb Margaret (10)                                      CH 437a
Stoubb Margaret (42)                                      CH 437a
Stoubb Nalsey S. (43)                                     CH 437a
Stoubb Rebecca (6)                                        CH 437a
Stoughteagle Alice (52)                                   FR 481b
Stoughteagle Augustus (5)                                 FR 481b
Stoughteagle Catharine (17)                               FR 481b
Stoughteagle Eliza (14)                                   FR 481b
Stoughteagle Oliver P (11)                                FR 481b
Stoughteagle Peter (65)                                   FR 481b
Stoughteagle Sarah (15)                                   FR 481b
Stout Amos (18)                                           CR 384a
Stout Catharine A. (1)                                    CR 384a
Stout Charlotte (11)                                      CR 384a
Stout Christopher (12)                                    GL 502b
Stout Emanuel (39)                                        CR 384a
Stout Gaylord (3)                                         GL 502b
Stout George (11/12)                                      GL 502b
Stout George (40)                                         GL 502b
Stout George P. (1)                                       CR 384a
Stout Jacob (10)                                          GL 502b
Stout John (7)                                            CR 384a
Stout Joseph (16)                                         CR 384a
Stout Margaret (30)                                       GL 502b
Stout Martha J. (14)                                      CR 384a
Stout Mary (8)                                            GL 502b
Stout Sarah (8)                                           CR 384a
Stout Sarah (38)                                          CR 384a
Stout Washington (14)                                     GL 502b
Stout William (5)                                         GL 502b
Stovenour Anna (9)                                         LN 22b
Stovenour Catharine (74)                                   LN 29a
Stovenour Christian (1)                                    LN 22b
Stovenour Christian (47)                                   LN 22b
Stovenour Elizabeth (37)                                   LN 22b
Stovenour Elizabeth (3)                                    LN 22b
Stovenour Frederick (16)                                   LN 22b
Stovenour Henry (8)                                        LN 22b
Stovenour John (19)                                        LN 22b
Stovenour Mary (13)                                        LN 22b
Stovenour Nancy (12)                                       LN 22b
Stovenour Sarah (7)                                        LN 22b
Stover Amelia (7)                                         GL 514a
Stover Effa E. (4)                                        CH 447b
Stover Jacob (40)                                         GL 514a
Stover John (25)                                          CH 447b
Stover Julia Ann (34)                                     GL 514a
Stover Leroy (2)                                          GL 514a
Stover Martha (26)                                        CH 447b
Stover William (2)                                        CH 447b
Stra* Samuel (58)                                         CG 462b
Stratton Alice (5)                                          WF 2a
Stratton Francis (25)                                       WF 2a
Stratton P.A. (9)                                           WF 2a
Stratton Susannah (25)                                      WF 2a
Strawbridge Abraham (14)                                  TR 415a
Strawbridge Benjamin (4/12)                               NB 411a
Strawbridge Catharine (23)                                NB 411a
Strawbridge David (3)                                     TR 415a
Strawbridge Elizabeth (9/12)                              TR 418a
Strawbridge Elizabeth (50)                                TR 415a
Strawbridge Emanuel (12)                                  TR 415a
Strawbridge Harriet (6)                                   TR 415a
Strawbridge John (16)                                     TR 415a
Strawbridge Joseph (24)                                   NB 411a
Strawbridge Mary (18)                                     TR 415a
Strawbridge Sarah (8)                                     TR 415a
Strawbridge Thomas (50)                                   TR 415a
Strawman Carolina (20)                                    CN 371b
Strawman Christina (14)                                   CN 371b
Strawman Christina (55)                                   CN 371b
Strawman Daniel (19)                                      CN 371b
Strawman Emanuel (15)                                     CN 371b
Strawman Ephraim (21)                                     CN 371b
Strawman Jacob (49)                                       CN 371b
Strawman John (23)                                        CN 371b
Strawman Jonas (17)                                       CN 371b
Strawman Samuel (12)                                      CN 371b
Street Ann (30)                                            BE 53b
Street Benjamin (48)                                       BE 53a
Street Catharine (16)                                      BE 53a
Street Elizabeth (9)                                       BE 53a
Street Ephraim (13)                                        BE 53a
Street Frances (1)                                         BE 53b
Street Hannah (13)                                         BE 53b
Street Isabella (38)                                       BE 53a
Street John (46)                                           BE 53b
Street Martha (10)                                         BE 53b
Street Mary (7)                                            BE 53a
Street Nancy (15)                                          BE 53a
Street Orange (5/12)                                       BE 53b
Street Rebecca (11)                                        BE 53a
Street Sarah (6)                                           BE 53b
Street Thomas (3)                                          BE 53a
Street Wesley (5)                                          BE 53a
Street William (5)                                         BE 53b
Strible Abram (10)                                        CH 442a
Strible Ann E. (8)                                        CH 442a
Strible Cordelia (4)                                      CH 442a
Strible Cunderilla (12)                                   CH 442a
Strible Emily (5/12)                                      CH 442a
Strible George (30)                                       CH 442a
Strible Martha (35)                                       CH 442a
Strimpson Abigail (50)                                    SB 525b
Strimpson Charles (18)                                    SB 525b
Strimpson Henry (13)                                      SB 525b
Strimpson John (23)                                       SB 525b
Strimpson Lyana (15)                                      SB 525b
Strimpson Rodelphia (14)                                  SB 525b
Strimpson Stephen (54)                                    SB 525b
Strong Ann (43)                                           CR 393b
Strong Charles (3)                                        CH 451b
Strong Charlotte (22)                                     FR 486a
Strong Coridon H. (16)                                    CR 393b
Strong Cyrus (23)                                         CH 456a
Strong Heman W. (54)                                      CH 456a
Strong Isaac (5)                                          CH 451b
Strong James (27)                                         CH 451b
Strong Lucy A. (21)                                       CR 393b
Strong Lyman C. (47)                                      CR 393b
Strong Mary R. (1/12)                                     CH 451b
Strong Nancy (27)                                         CH 451b
Strong Parthena (55)                                      CH 456a
Strong Washington (50)                                    FR 486a
Stroop Elizabeth (13)                                     CN 374a
Stroop Joshua (37)                                        CN 374a
Stroop Maria (33)                                         CN 374a
Stroup Adam (7)                                           NB 399a
Stroup Eve (9)                                            NB 399a
Stroup Henry (37)                                         NB 399a
Stroup Malinda (25)                                       NB 399a
Stroup Rosa (1)                                           NB 399a
Stroup William H. (3)                                     NB 399a
Strowels Jacob (24)                                       TR 416a
Strubb Alice (26)                                         CH 438b
Strubb Ann E. (5)                                         CH 437b
Strubb Catharine (20)                                     CH 452a
Strubb Elizabeth (26)                                     CH 437b
Strubb James A. (3)                                       CH 438b
Strubb Jesse (29)                                         CH 438b
Strubb Lafayett (5)                                       CH 438b
Strubb Mary J. (4)                                        CH 437b
Strubb Mitchel (1)                                        CH 438b
Strubb Nancy (26)                                         CH 438b
Strubb Nathaniel J. (2)                                   CH 438b
Strubb Philip (30)                                        CH 437b
Strubb Richard L. (6/12)                                  CH 437b
Strubb Sarah J. (13)                                      CH 438b
Strubb William J (2)                                      CH 437b
Strubb William (31)                                       CH 438b
Struble Caharine (19)                                     CH 453b
Struble Daniel (35)                                       CH 454a
Struble Dora A. (15)                                      CH 452b
Struble Envinia (40)                                      CH 453b
Struble George R. (13)                                    CH 453b
Struble Halsey (37)                                       CH 452b
Struble Hannah M (2)                                      CH 453b
Struble Isaac (11)                                        FR 487a
Struble Isaac (7)                                         CH 453b
Struble Isaac (49)                                        CH 453b
Struble James (11)                                        CH 453b
Struble Mary (10)                                         SB 529b
Struble Mary (27)                                         CH 454a
Struble nancy S. (12)                                     CH 452b
Struble Nancy (35)                                        FR 487a
Struble Phebe A. (34)                                     CH 452b
Struble Rebecca (9)                                       CH 453b
Struble Susan (37)                                        FR 487a
Struble Thomas (16)                                       CH 453b
Struble William E. (5)                                    CH 453b
Struble Xantha (13)                                       FR 487a
Strupe Henry (81)                                         GL 503a
Strupe Nancy (70)                                         GL 503a
Strutton Isaiah (24)                                        WF 7a
Strutton J.A. (1)                                           WF 7a
Strutton Ruhuel (23)                                        WF 7a
Stuck Betsy (39)                                           BE 49a
Stuck Catherine (16)                                       BE 49a
Stuck Cordelia (18)                                        BE 49a
Stuck Henry (8)                                            BE 49a
Stuck James (41)                                           BE 49a
Stuck Maria (4)                                            BE 49a
Stuck Mary (1)                                             BE 49a
Stuck Sarah (2)                                            BE 49a
Stuck Seely (6)                                            BE 49a
Stuck Thomas (12)                                          BE 49a
Stultz Eliza (14)                                         CG 466a
Stultz Isaac (10)                                         CG 466a
Stultz Levi (16)                                          CG 466a
Stultz Lorenzo D. (8)                                     CG 466a
Stultz Mary (18)                                          CG 466a
Stultz Moses (48)                                         CG 466a
Stultz Nancy (39)                                         CG 466a
Stultz Patience V (6)                                     CG 466a
Stultz William (12)                                       CG 466a
Sturdevant Abel (18)                                       BE 57a
Sturdevant Alvira (12)                                     BE 57a
Sturdevant Azuba (40)                                      BE 52a
Sturdevant Chloe (22)                                      BE 52a
Sturdevant Edmund (43)                                     BE 52a
Sturdevant Eunice (63)                                     BE 52a
Sturdevant Horace (22)                                      WF 5a
Sturdevant Horace (24)                                     BE 52a
Sturdevant Horace (10)                                     BE 52a
Sturdevant James (7)                                       BE 57a
Sturdevant Jeremiah (5)                                    BE 57a
Sturdevant John (10/12)                                    BE 52a
Sturdevant John (77)                                       BE 52a
Sturdevant Julia (8)                                       BE 52a
Sturdevant Lister (35)                                    GL 513a
Sturdevant Maria (3)                                       BE 52a
Sturdevant Mary (24)                                       BE 52a
Sturdevant Mary (3)                                        BE 57a
Sturdevant Mary (40)                                       BE 57a
Sturdevant Phebe (14)                                      BE 57a
Sturdevant Richard (46)                                    BE 57a
Sturdivant Lewis (2)                                       BE 47a
Sturdivant Mary (20)                                       BE 47a
Sturdivant Philo (29)                                      BE 47a
Sturdivant Sarah (7/12)                                    BE 47a
Sturgess Hannah (70)                                      SB 523b
Sturgess Jonathan (69)                                    SB 523b
Sturm David (2)                                            LN 19b
Sturm Joel (34)                                            LN 19b
Sturm John (3)                                             LN 19b
Sturm Martha (8)                                           LN 19b
Sturm Noah (7/12)                                          LN 19b
Sturm Sarah (34)                                           LN 19b
Sturr Adaline (20)                                         LN 23a
Sturr Caroline (13)                                        LN 23a
Sturr Levi (22)                                            LN 23a
Sturr Martha (8)                                           LN 23a
Sturr Mary (41)                                            LN 22b
Sturr Seymour (17)                                         LN 23a
Sturr Timothy (54)                                         LN 22b
Sullivan Bartholomus (23)                                 CR 382b
Sullivan Jeremiah (46)                                    TR 417a
Sullivan Margaret (41)                                    TR 417a
Sullivan Martha (27)                                      SB 525a
Sullivan William (6)                                      SB 525a
Summerlot *aird (25)                                      CN 366a
Summerlot Cassa A. (4/12)                                 CN 366a
Summerlot Elizabeth (22)                                  CN 366a
Summerlot John (30)                                       CN 364b
Summerlot Julia (3)                                       CN 364b
Summerlot Sarah (24)                                      CN 364b
Summers Catharine (21)                                    CG 459a
Summers Eliza (4/12)                                      CG 459a
Summers James (27)                                        CG 459a
Summers Rebecca (2)                                       CG 459a
Suter Abagail (6)                                         NB 396a
Suter Francis M. (7/12)                                   NB 396a
Suter George N. (2)                                       NB 396a
Suter John L. (4)                                         NB 396a
Suter Mary P. (8)                                         NB 396a
Suter Susan (30)                                          NB 396a
Suter Washington (33)                                     NB 396a
Suter William H. (9)                                      NB 396a
Sutton Charity (13)                                       CN 375a
Sutton Francis M. (6/12)                                  CR 381a
Sutton Francis (33)                                       CG 475b
Sutton Hiram (26)                                         CR 381a
Sutton Hulda (27)                                         CN 375a
Sutton Isabel (5)                                         CG 475b
Sutton Jane (24)                                          CR 381a
Sutton Jefferson (37)                                     CN 376b
Sutton John (61)                                          CN 375a
Sutton Lewis (28)                                         CN 376b
Sutton Mary A. (22)                                       CN 375a
Sutton Mary (22)                                          CN 376b
Sutton Milton (12)                                        CN 375a
Sutton Parmelia (22)                                      CN 375a
Sutton Permelia (55)                                      CN 375a
Sutton Rhoda (25)                                         CN 376b
Sutton Sarah (30)                                         CG 475b
Sutton Violetta (2)                                       CR 381a
Sutton William H. (10/12)                                 CN 376b
Swallom Catharine (12)                                    CG 469a
Swallom Catharine (25)                                    CG 469a
Swallom George (58)                                       CG 469a
Swallom George W ()                                       CG 469a
Swallom Huldah (21)                                       CG 469a
Swallom John (54)                                         CG 469a
Swallom Levi (19)                                         CG 469a
Swallom Marion (14)                                       CG 469a
Swallom Mary (52)                                         CG 469a
Swallom Matilda (23)                                      CG 469a
Swallom Phebe (48)                                        CG 469a
Swallom Sarah (8)                                         CG 469a
Swanger Catharine (22)                                    PR 423b
Swanger David (20)                                        PR 423b
Swanger Elizabeth (51)                                    PR 423b
Swartz Abraham (2/12)                                     PR 431b
Swartz Abraham (30)                                       PR 431a
Swartz Caroline (27)                                      PR 431b
Swartz Hannah (5)                                         PR 431b
Swartz Henry (3)                                          PR 431b
Swartz Henry (9)                                          CG 472a
Swartz Henry (38)                                         CG 472a
Swartz John (11)                                          CG 472a
Swartz Leah (4)                                           CG 472a
Swartz William (6)                                        CG 472a
Sweatland Byram (25)                                      SB 532a
Sweatland Eliza (28)                                      SB 532a
Sweatland Sarah (6/12)                                    SB 532a
Sweeny Edward (27)                                        CN 377b
Sweet Melvin (12)                                          WF 11a
Swetland Abijah (11)                                       WF 15a
Swetland Artemas (80)                                     SB 515b
Swetland Augustus (52)                                    SB 532a
Swetland Casper (21)                                      SB 515b
Swetland Clarissa (35)                                     WF 15a
Swetland Delia (18)                                       SB 532a
Swetland Eliza (3)                                         WF 15a
Swetland Franklin (10)                                    SB 532a
Swetland Giles (50)                                       SB 515b
Swetland Hannah (49)                                      SB 532a
Swetland Hilmon (9)                                        WF 15a
Swetland Iantha (6)                                        WF 15a
Swetland Lambert (8)                                      SB 515b
Swetland Livinia (13)                                     CH 453b
Swetland Lydia (96)                                       SB 515b
Swetland Lydia (17)                                       SB 517b
Swetland Mahala (13)                                       WF 15a
Swetland Mark (42)                                         WF 15a
Swetland Martha (14)                                      SB 532a
Swetland Mary (12)                                        SB 517b
Swetland Phebe (42)                                       SB 517b
Swetland Sarah (51)                                       SB 515b
Swetland Sarah (16)                                       SB 532a
Swetland Seth (42)                                        SB 517b
Swetland Warren (16)                                      SB 515b
Swetland William (11)                                     SB 515b
Swettend Elizabeth (37)                                   SB 531b
Swettend Livonia (13)                                     SB 531b
Swettend Luther (46)                                      SB 531b
Swettend Perry (16)                                       SB 531b
Swettend Samora (4)                                       SB 531b
Swingley Alfred (12)                                      FR 479b
Swingley Amelia (15)                                      FR 479b
Swingley David (36)                                       CH 455b
Swingley George (5)                                       FR 479b
Swingley George (29)                                      CH 451b
Swingley Harman (35)                                      CH 448a
Swingley Henry (42)                                       FR 479b
Swingley Josephine (7)                                    CH 448a
Swingley Leonard (70)                                     CH 451b
Swingley Lewis (2)                                        FR 479b
Swingley Margaret (8)                                     FR 479b
Swingley Maria (26)                                       CH 455b
Swingley Mason C. (2)                                     CH 455b
Swingley Miriam (36)                                      FR 479b
Swingley Prudence (70)                                    CH 451b
Swingley Ruhanna (38)                                     CH 448a
Swingley Sarah (25)                                       CH 451b
Swingley William (10)                                     FR 479b
Swisher Alonzo (8)                                        CR 394b
Swonger Columbus (3)                                      PR 432b
Swonger Elizabeth A. (12)                                 PR 432b
Swonger Elizabeth (14)                                    PR 424b
Swonger George W. (39)                                    PR 432b
Swonger George W. (17)                                    PR 432b
Swonger James M. (5)                                      PR 432b
Swonger John A. (10)                                      PR 432b
Swonger John (12)                                         PR 424b
Swonger Lafayett (1)                                      PR 432b
Swonger Sarah (33)                                        PR 432b
Swonger William F. (14)                                   PR 432b
Sylvester Eli (1)                                         FR 479a
Sylvester Eli (30)                                        FR 479a
Sylvester Elizabeth (21)                                  FR 479a
Sylvester Marcus (3)                                      FR 479a
T* Catharine (1)                                           LN 24a
T* Ssrah (29)                                              LN 24a
Tabor Anna (35)                                            LN 21b
Tabor Benj (7)                                             LN 21b
Tabor Freeman (25)                                        GL 496b
Tabor Horace (22)                                         GL 509b
Tabor James (3)                                            LN 21b
Tabor James (13)                                          GL 509b
Tabor Jane (18)                                           GL 509b
Tabor Lewis (10)                                          GL 497a
Tabor Lysander (4)                                        GL 505b
Tabor Malinda (22)                                        GL 509b
Tabor Mary (9)                                             LN 21b
Tabor Mary (23)                                           GL 505b
Tabor Nathan (27)                                         GL 505b
Tabor Phebe (1)                                            LN 21b
Tabor Pliny (1/12)                                        GL 497a
Tabor Reuben (5)                                           LN 21b
Tabor Rosaline (24)                                       GL 496b
Tabor Sarah (24)                                          GL 504b
Tabor Seaman (23)                                         GL 509b
Tabor Silas (37)                                           LN 21b
Tabor Susanna (6/12)                                      GL 505b
Tabor William (31)                                        GL 504b
Tabor William (1)                                         GL 504b
Talk Lucretia (66)                                        SB 524a
Talmage Anistasia (7)                                     GL 510b
Talmage Ann (16)                                          GL 507b
Talmage Byram (9)                                         GL 510a
Talmage Catharine (67)                                    GL 510b
Talmage Charles (33)                                      FR 486a
Talmage Colum (17)                                        GL 513a
Talmage Cornelia (4)                                      GL 507b
Talmage David (65)                                        GL 511b
Talmage David (36)                                        GL 510a
Talmage Eugene (1)                                        GL 510b
Talmage Favolius (4)                                      FR 491a
Talmage Harriet (14)                                      FR 486a
Talmage Henry (35)                                        FR 491a
Talmage Jacob (25)                                        FR 486a
Talmage James (33)                                        GL 510b
Talmage John (12)                                         GL 510b
Talmage John (20)                                         FR 486a
Talmage John (63)                                         FR 486a
Talmage Jonathan (31)                                     FR 486b
Talmage Louisa (29)                                       GL 510b
Talmage Marmaduke (8)                                     GL 507b
Talmage Mary (13)                                         GL 507b
Talmage Mary (19)                                         FR 486b
Talmage Melville (6)                                      FR 491a
Talmage Nathan (78)                                       FR 486a
Talmage Nelson (2)                                        GL 510b
Talmage Phebe (22)                                        FR 486a
Talmage Redah (59)                                        FR 486a
Talmage Sabra (3/12)                                      FR 486b
Talmage Sarah (6)                                         GL 510b
Talmage Sarah (28)                                        FR 491a
Talmage Susan (40)                                        GL 510a
Talmage Susan (38)                                        GL 507b
Talmage Susan (17)                                        FR 486a
Talmage Viola (5)                                         GL 510b
Tamblyn David (12)                                        WA 358b
Tamblyn Elizabeth (10)                                    WA 358b
Tamblyn Henry (59)                                        WA 358b
Tamblyn Jane (14)                                         WA 358b
Tamblyn John (6)                                          WA 358b
Tamblyn Mary (39)                                         WA 358b
Tamblyn Rosanna (9)                                       WA 358b
Tamblyn William H. (2)                                    WA 358b
Tannehill John (22)                                        LN 19a
Tannehill Rachael (28)                                     LN 19a
Tannehill Rebecca (1)                                      LN 19a
Tarr Charles W. (14)                                      CR 379a
Tarr John F. (10)                                         CR 379a
Tarr Levi (59)                                            CR 379a
Tarr Levi (17)                                            CR 379a
Tarr Lucinda (19)                                         CR 379a
Tarr Martha (7)                                           CR 379a
Tarr Mary A. (49)                                         CR 379a
Tarr Thomas (18)                                          CR 379a
Taylor Amelia (20)                                        SB 518a
Taylor Amelia M. (5)                                      CG 464a
Taylor Ann (16)                                           SB 518a
Taylor Ann (71)                                           GL 499a
Taylor Caroline (13)                                      SB 518a
Taylor Catherine (22)                                       WF 3b
Taylor Charles (47)                                       SB 518a
Taylor David (15)                                         GL 499a
Taylor David (17)                                         CR 388a
Taylor Elizabeth (30)                                     CG 464a
Taylor Elizabeth (46)                                     CR 388a
Taylor Elizabeth (7)                                      CR 388a
Taylor Emma (5)                                           GL 499a
Taylor George (2)                                          WF 16b
Taylor Isabella (3)                                       CR 388a
Taylor James W. (54)                                      WA 350a
Taylor James W. (22)                                      WA 350a
Taylor Jane (19)                                           BE 54a
Taylor John (6)                                           SB 518a
Taylor John (4)                                           CR 388a
Taylor John (5)                                            BE 54a
Taylor Joseph (14)                                         BE 54a
Taylor Josiah (12)                                         BE 54a
Taylor Lucy (23)                                           WF 16b
Taylor Margaret J. (20)                                   WA 350a
Taylor Martha E. (11)                                     WA 350a
Taylor Martha (12)                                          WF 4a
Taylor Martha (49)                                        WA 350a
Taylor Mary M. (15)                                       WA 350a
Taylor Mary (38)                                          SB 518a
Taylor Mary (11)                                           BE 54a
Taylor Michael (45)                                       GL 499a
Taylor Nancy A. (8)                                       WA 350a
Taylor Nehemiah (29)                                       WF 16b
Taylor Oliver (13)                                        GL 499a
Taylor Phebe (17)                                         GL 499a
Taylor Rachael (45)                                        BE 53b
Taylor Rachel (7)                                          BE 54a
Taylor Robert (12)                                        CR 388a
Taylor Robert (55)                                         BE 53b
Taylor Robert (15)                                         BE 54a
Taylor Sally (46)                                         GL 499a
Taylor Samantha (4)                                        WF 16b
Taylor Samuel (9)                                         SB 518a
Taylor Samuel (9)                                          BE 54a
Taylor Sarah A. (8)                                       CR 388a
Taylor Scott (3)                                           BE 54a
Taylor Stephen (19)                                       GL 499a
Taylor Susan (6)                                          GL 499a
Taylor Susannah (21)                                       BE 54a
Taylor Thomas (15)                                        CR 388a
Taylor William D. (25)                                    WA 350a
Taylor William (10)                                        WF 16a
Taylor William (10)                                       CR 388a
Taylor William (49)                                       CR 388a
Taylor William (22)                                        BE 53b
Taylor Zachary (1012)                                       WF 4a
Teagarden Ezekial (27)                                    FR 478b
Teagarden Parmelia (24)                                   FR 478b
Tearl Alexander (16)                                      SB 521a
Tearl Isaac (2)                                           SB 521a
Tearl Jackson (14)                                        SB 521a
Tearl James (9)                                           SB 521a
Tearl Mary (7)                                            SB 521a
Tearl Nancy (42)                                          SB 521a
Tearl Peter (18)                                          SB 521a
Tearl Sarah (5)                                           SB 521a
Tearl William (50)                                        SB 521a
Tearl William (12)                                        SB 521a

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