Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Snider Abraham (34)                                       NB 397a
Snider Ann M. (7)                                         CR 393a
Snider Archibald (39)                                     CG 458a
Snider Carnas (5/12)                                      NB 397a
Snider Carolin (32)                                       WA 355a
Snider Catharine (3/12)                                   CG 471b
Snider Catharine (11)                                     WA 355a
Snider Catharine (3)                                      NB 397a
Snider Catharine (3)                                      NB 396a
Snider Catharine (28)                                     CG 471a
Snider Catharine (37)                                     CG 471b
Snider Catharine (12)                                     CG 471b
Snider Daniel W (2)                                       CG 471b
Snider David (28)                                         NB 409a
Snider David (31)                                         CR 386a
Snider Denton (9)                                         GL 496b
Snider Edward (14)                                        CG 471b
Snider Eliza L. (10)                                      NB 396a
Snider Elizabeth (32)                                     NB 397a
Snider Elizabeth (6)                                      NB 409a
Snider Elizabeth (12)                                     GL 512a
Snider Elizabeth (8)                                      CG 471b
Snider Elizabeth (11)                                     CG 471b
Snider Elizabeth (17)                                     CG 471b
Snider Elizabeth M. (69)                                  PR 425a
Snider Ellen (13)                                         CG 471b
Snider Elvira (3)                                         PR 424b
Snider George (76)                                        PR 425a
Snider Hannah (8)                                         NB 409a
Snider Henry (40)                                         PR 425a
Snider Henry (26)                                         GL 510a
Snider Henry (38)                                         CG 471a
Snider Henry (10)                                         CG 471b
Snider Jacob (2)                                          WA 355a
Snider Jacob (7)                                          NB 397a
Snider Jacob (38)                                         CG 471b
Snider Jane (24)                                          CR 386a
Snider Jennet (34)                                        CG 458a
Snider John (33)                                          WA 355a
Snider John (73)                                          PR 422b
Snider John (21)                                          PR 424b
Snider John (31)                                          PR 424b
Snider John (39)                                          NB 409a
Snider John (41)                                          GL 512a
Snider Jonas (24)                                         TR 416b
Snider Jonas (2)                                          CG 471b
Snider Juliann (15)                                       CG 471b
Snider Juliann (4)                                        CG 471b
Snider Levi (9)                                           NB 397a
Snider Levilla (4)                                        CG 471b
Snider Lucinda A. (2)                                     NB 409a
Snider Magdalina (64)                                     PR 422b
Snider Marion (7)                                         CG 471b
Snider Martha (7)                                         GL 510a
Snider Mary A. (30)                                       NB 409a
Snider Mary J (4)                                         CG 458a
Snider Mary L. (8)                                        WA 355a
Snider Mary (25)                                          PR 424b
Snider Mary (38)                                          NB 396a
Snider Mary (5)                                           NB 396a
Snider Mary (24)                                          NB 409a
Snider Nancy (29)                                         GL 510a
Snider Oliver (9/12)                                      CR 386a
Snider Polly (39)                                         PR 425a
Snider Ruth (1)                                           NB 396a
Snider Samuel (5)                                         GL 496b
Snider Sarah (23)                                         TR 416b
Snider Sarah (5)                                          NB 397a
Snider Sarah (10)                                         GL 512a
Snider Sarah (1)                                          CG 458a
Snider Silas W. (4)                                       NB 409a
Snider Thomas (38)                                        NB 396a
Snider Thomas W (5)                                       CG 458a
Snider William (7/12)                                     TR 416b
Snider William H. (1)                                     PR 424b
Snow Albina (12)                                          CH 453b
Snow Bevery (7)                                           CH 453b
Snow Ellen (20)                                           CH 453b
Snow James W. (2)                                         CN 377a
Snow Jasper (14)                                          CH 453b
Snow Jurilla (4)                                          CH 453b
Snow Leonard (47)                                         CH 453b
Snow Pembrook (10)                                        CH 453b
Snow Sarah (40)                                           CH 453b
Snow Serripta O. (1)                                      CH 453b
Snyder Elizabeth (36)                                      LN 26a
Snyder Ephraim (16)                                        LN 26a
Snyder Jacob (38)                                          LN 26a
Snyder Jesse (12)                                          LN 26a
Snyder John (2)                                            LN 26a
Snyder Leah (4)                                            LN 26a
Snyder Lydia (14)                                          LN 26a
Snyder Mary (6)                                            LN 26a
Snyder Sarah (10)                                          LN 26a
Snyder Sophiah (1)                                         LN 26a
Sorrick Adam (10)                                         NB 407a
Sorrick Daniel (24)                                       NB 407a
Sorrick David (22)                                        NB 407a
Sorrick John (15)                                         NB 407a
Sorrick Lydia (46)                                        NB 407a
Sorrick Lydia (18)                                        NB 407a
Sorrick Mary A. (7)                                       NB 407a
Sorrick Rosan (12)                                        NB 407a
Sorrick Sarah (5)                                         NB 407a
Sourbner Adam (4)                                         TR 421a
Sourbner Agraham (32)                                     TR 421a
Sourbner Catharine (7)                                    TR 421a
Sourbner Henry (5)                                        TR 421a
Sourbner Jacob (6)                                        TR 421a
Sourbner Mary (2)                                         TR 421a
Sourbner Mary (32)                                        TR 421a
Sourbner Michael (3)                                      TR 421a
Sourbner Valentine (1)                                    TR 421a
Sowers Ak* M. (1)                                         PR 436a
Sowers Amy M. (27)                                        PR 435b
Sowers Elizabeth (9)                                      PR 426a
Sowers George A. (4)                                      PR 426a
Sowers George W. (3)                                      PR 436a
Sowers Henry (62)                                         PR 422b
Sowers Henry (7)                                          PR 436a
Sowers Henry (38)                                         PR 435b
Sowers Henry W. (7)                                       PR 426a
Sowers John H. (13)                                       PR 422b
Sowers John (8)                                           PR 435b
Sowers Martha A. (5/12)                                   PR 426a
Sowers Mary C. (60)                                       PR 422b
Sowers Mary E. (11)                                       PR 435b
Sowers Susan (30)                                         PR 426a
Sowers William (19)                                       PR 422b
Spade Adam (11)                                            BE 56b
Spade Dennis (6)                                           BE 57a
Spade Elizabeth (2)                                        BE 57a
Spade Frederick (49)                                       BE 56b
Spade Louisa (1/12)                                        BE 57a
Spade Martin (19)                                          BE 56b
Spade Ruth (46)                                            BE 56b
Spade Susan (14)                                           BE 56b
Spaid Susan (14)                                          SB 529b
Spalding Alma (22)                                         WF 16b
Spalding E.Ellis (19)                                      WF 16b
Spalding Matilda (56)                                      WF 16b
Spalding Sarah (18)                                        WF 16b
Spalding Warren (16)                                       WF 16b
Spangler Elizabeth M (16)                                 CN 369a
Spangler John (21)                                        CN 369a
Spear Catharine (51)                                      PR 435b
Spear Florella (29)                                       CR 394a
Spear John (25)                                           PR 435b
Spear Robert C. (32)                                      CR 394a
Spear Sophronia (20)                                      PR 435b
Spear William (52)                                        PR 435b
Spencer Edith A. (5)                                      CR 384b
Spencer Eunice D. (3)                                     CR 384b
Spencer George C. (15)                                    CR 386b
Spencer Harriet R. (23)                                   PR 435b
Spencer Henry (24)                                        PR 435b
Spencer Hyron C. (5)                                      CR 386b
Spencer Isaac (21)                                        PR 435b
Spencer John (51)                                         PR 432a
Spencer John (18)                                         PR 435b
Spencer Marget (22)                                       PR 432a
Spencer Phebe (28)                                        CR 384b
Spencer Susanna (50)                                      PR 432a
Spencer William (14)                                      PR 432b
Spencer William (28)                                      CR 384b
Spiggle Annetta (1)                                       NB 397a
Spiggle Catharine (43)                                    NB 397a
Spiggle Christina (11)                                    NB 397a
Spiggle Daniel (13)                                       NB 397a
Spiggle Elizabeth (16)                                    NB 397a
Spiggle Henry (46)                                        NB 397a
Spiggle Henry (6)                                         NB 397a
Spiggle Phebe (4)                                         NB 397a
Spiggle Samuel (9)                                        NB 397a
Spiker Henry (29)                                         PR 434a
Spiker Rosanna (20)                                       PR 434a
Spiker Siimon (25)                                        PR 434a
Spiker Susanna (35)                                       PR 434a
Spiker Theodore (3)                                       PR 434a
Sprague Charles (7)                                       SB 526b
Sprague David (40)                                        SB 526b
Sprague Inace (1)                                         SB 527a
Sprague Jason (5)                                         SB 526b
Sprague Mary (33)                                         SB 526b
Springer Jacob (42)                                       CH 437b
Squib Charlotte (4)                                       CN 376a
Squib George (7)                                          CN 376a
Squib Nancy (25)                                          CN 376a
Squib Thomas (10)                                         CN 376a
Squier Amanda J (3)                                       CH 439a
Squier ANN (27)                                           CH 439a
Squier Charles (14)                                       CH 438b
Squier Deborah A. (2)                                     CH 439a
Squier Destimony (5)                                      CH 438b
Squier Rachel (40)                                        CH 438b
Squier Talman (45)                                        CH 438b
Squier Thomas (27)                                        CH 439a
Squire Abner (33)                                          HA 40b
Squire Almond (7)                                          HA 41a
Squire Herrington (3)                                      HA 41a
Squire Mary (28)                                           HA 40b
Squire Mary (21)                                          FR 484b
Squire Mary (54)                                          FR 484b
Squire Oliver (10)                                         HA 40b
Squire Samuel (16)                                        FR 484b
Squire Thomas (1)                                          HA 41a
SStogdell Loren Scott (1)                                  LN 19b
St. Clair Amos (30)                                       GL 495a
St. Clair Jane (31)                                       GL 495a
St. Clair William (2)                                     GL 495a
St. John Amanda (36)                                      CR 391b
St. John Anson (50)                                       CR 391b
St. John David (18)                                       CR 391b
St. John James (11)                                       CR 391b
Stack Catherine (19)                                       WF 10a
Stack James (24)                                           WF 10a
Stack John (21)                                            WF 10a
Stack Patrick (30)                                         WF 10a
Stackhouse Alvina (5)                                     FR 488a
Stackhouse Daniel (25)                                    FR 493b
Stackhouse Hannah (29)                                    FR 488a
Stackhouse Hannah (34)                                    FR 487b
Stackhouse Joseph (41)                                    FR 488a
Stackhouse Sarah (66)                                     FR 487b
Stackhouse Silas (7)                                      FR 488a
Stackhouse William (1)                                    FR 488a
Staffer Elizabeth (25)                                    PR 425b
Staffer Jacob (26)                                        PR 425b
Stales Elizabeth (57)                                 CH 451b452a
Stall James (6)                                           NB 395b
Stanley Edwin (6)                                          LN 22a
Stanley Elizabeth (2)                                      LN 21a
Stanley Esther (6)                                         LN 21a
Stanley Isaiah (37)                                        LN 22a
Stanley Lydia (31)                                         LN 21a
Stanley Mary (4)                                           LN 21a
Stanley Milly (12)                                         LN 22a
Stanley Moses (9)                                          LN 22a
Stanley Nancy (35)                                         LN 22a
Stanley Robert (32)                                        LN 21a
Stanley Susannah (3)                                       LN 22b
Stanton A.M. (7)                                            WF 5a
Stanton Albert (37)                                         WF 4a
Stanton Albert (4)                                          WF 4b
Stanton C.W. (13)                                           WF 6a
Stanton D.W. (20)                                           WF 6a
Stanton David (2)                                           WF 4b
Stanton F.E. (19)                                           WF 6a
Stanton George (9/12)                                       WF 4b
Stanton George (28)                                        LN 27b
Stanton H.I. (8)                                            WF 6a
Stanton H.J. (11)                                           WF 5a
Stanton L.C. (15)                                           WF 6a
Stanton LaFayette (5)                                       WF 5a
Stanton Levi (4)                                            WF 5a
Stanton Lewis (1)                                           WF 5a
Stanton Lymon (17)                                          WF 6a
Stanton Margaret (27)                                       WF 4b
Stanton Maria (42)                                          WF 6a
Stanton Orin (34)                                           WF 5a
Stanton Susan (30)                                          WF 5a
Stanton William (25)                                        WF 6a
Starmer Elie (14)                                         PR 429a
Starmer John (10)                                         PR 429a
Starmer Malachi (8)                                       PR 429a
Starmer Peter (54)                                        PR 429a
Starmer Polly (48)                                        PR 429a
Starmer Samuel (2)                                        PR 429a
State Catharine (6)                                       FR 484b
Stateler Jacob (77)                                        LN 24a
Statelor John (25)                                         HA 34b
Statelor Mary (26)                                         HA 34b
Stater Dianna (21)                                        CH 446a
Stater Robert (23)                                        CH 446a
States Horace (37)                                        FR 486b
States Jane (30)                                          FR 486b
States Letty (14)                                         FR 486b
Staunton Catharine (23)                                    PU 65b
Staunton Jesse (61)                                        PU 65a
Staunton Mary (2/12)                                       PU 65b
Staunton Nancy (47)                                        PU 65b
Staunton William (25)                                      PU 65b
Stearner Daniel (3)                                       FR 477b
Stearner Harriet (29)                                     FR 477b
Stearner John (30)                                        FR 477b
Stearner Lamera (4)                                       FR 477b
Stearner William (10/12)                                  FR 477b
Steaver Elizabeth (25)                                    WA 361b
Steaver Mahala J. (2)                                     WA 361b
Steaver Rachel C. (6)                                     WA 361b
Steaver Samuel (34)                                       WA 361b
Steel William (40)                                        WA 355b
Steen Elizabeth ()                                         BE 56a
Steen Jane (29)                                            BE 56a
Steen John (12)                                            BE 56a
Steen Margar* (9)                                          BE 56a
Steen William (37)                                         BE 56a
Steffee Emily (19)                                        SB 531b
Steffee Lydia (15)                                        SB 532a
Steffy Margaret (18)                                      CG 471b
Steffy Rachel (f)                                         CG 471b
Steltz Caroline (1)                                       GL 514a
Steltz Ela (27)                                           GL 514a
Steltz John (3)                                           GL 514a
Steltz John (55)                                          GL 514a
Steltz Margaret (23)                                      GL 514a
Stenchcomb James (28)                                     GL 509a
Stenchcomb Minerva (2)                                    GL 509a
Stenchcomb Sarah (6/12)                                   GL 509a
Stenchcomb Sophronia (26)                                 GL 509a
Stephens Abagail (16)                                     NB 405a
Stephens Abednago (32)                                    FR 491a
Stephens Albina (4)                                       NB 405a
Stephens Alen (9)                                         FR 491a
Stephens Alexander (49)                                   CG 458a
Stephens Alfred (7)                                       NB 405a
Stephens Ama (18)                                         FR 485a
Stephens Anson (16)                                       GL 514b
Stephens Benjamin (39)                                    CG 461a
Stephens Catura (9)                                       SB 528a
Stephens Dan (15)                                         PR 423b
Stephens David (59)                                       SB 528a
Stephens Deborah (63)                                     CN 375b
Stephens Delila (1)                                       CG 461a
Stephens Edwin (17)                                       SB 528a
Stephens Elijah (10)                                      CG 458b
Stephens Elisha (30)                                      FR 485a
Stephens Elizabeth (58)                                   PR 423b
Stephens Elizabeth (21)                                   NB 405a
Stephens Elizabeth (18)                                   CG 458b
Stephens Esther (64)                                      FR 485a
Stephens George (11)                                      CR 382a
Stephens Harriet (1)                                      FR 491a
Stephens Harriet (29)                                     FR 491a
Stephens Henry (70)                                       PR 423b
Stephens Henry (14)                                       PR 423b
Stephens Hester (22)                                      FR 485a
Stephens Hiram B. (10)                                    NB 405a
Stephens Hiram (50)                                       NB 405a
Stephens James L. (1)                                     NB 405a
Stephens Joel (24)                                        NB 405a
Stephens John (6)                                         PR 423b
Stephens John (20)                                        SB 528a
Stephens Joseph (20)                                      FR 485a
Stephens Margaret (12)                                    GL 512a
Stephens Margaret (36)                                    CG 461a
Stephens Mary A (38)                                      CG 458b
Stephens Mary (23)                                        FR 491a
Stephens Mary (7)                                         FR 491a
Stephens Mary (1)                                         CG 458b
Stephens Mary (6)                                         CG 461a
Stephens Millia (57)                                      SB 528a
Stephens Nancy (53)                                       FR 491a
Stephens Nathaniel (3)                                    CG 461a
Stephens Oscar (13)                                       CG 461a
Stephens Phebe (42)                                       NB 405a
Stephens Richard (6)                                      CG 458b
Stephens Sarah A. (16)                                    PR 423b
Stephens Sarah (4)                                        FR 491a
Stephens Silvester (19)                                   FR 485a
Stephens Thomas B (17)                                    CG 458b
Stephens Van Buren (13)                                   NB 405a
Stephens William L (15)                                   CG 458b
Stephens William (24)                                     GL 512b
Stephison Cynthia (1)                                     WA 353b
Stephison Jesse (38)                                      WA 353a
Stephison Margaret (10)                                   WA 353a
Stephison Sarah (6)                                       WA 353a
Stephison Susan (38)                                      WA 353a
Stephison Thomas (12)                                     WA 353a
Stevens Jemima (47)                                       SB 526a
Stevens Samuel (23)                                       FR 490b
Stevenson Rufus (20)                                      CR 394b
Stewart Betsy (12)                                          WF 5a
Stewart Emaline (17)                                        WF 5a
Stewart Francis (55)                                       PU 61b
Stewart Isabel (18)                                       CR 390b
Stewart John (83)                                         CG 476a
Stewart Ladora (15)                                         WF 5a
Stewart Lester (47)                                         WF 5a
Stewart Rosannah (46)                                       WF 5a
Stewart Thomas (64)                                        PU 61b
Stewart Ursula (7)                                          WF 5a
Stewart William (1)                                         WF 5a
Stewart William (20)                                      CR 390b
Sticking Robert (21)                                      CR 393b
Stickney Cassius (5)                                      CH 446b
Stickney Clarinda (9)                                     CH 446b
Stickney David B. (38)                                    CH 446b
Stickney Elizabeth (47)                                   CH 446b
Stickney Jennet (7)                                       CH 446b
Stickney Julian (31)                                      CH 446b
Stickney Sarah (72)                                       CH 446b
Stickney Sophronia (5/12)                                 CH 446b
Stilley Ann (10)                                          CH 449b
Stilley Eliza A. (24)                                     CH 438b
Stilley Jeremiah (15)                                     CH 439b
Stilley Joel (14)                                         CH 440a
Stilley John (56)                                         CH 439b
Stilley Lovina (8)                                        CH 438b
Stilley Mary (55)                                         CH 439b
Stilley Mary (18)                                         CH 439b
Stilley Nancy (20)                                        CH 439b
Stilley Sampson (16)                                      CH 439b
Stilley Tobias (25)                                       CH 438b
Stillinger Catharine (6)                                  PR 429b
Stillinger Jacob (39)                                     PR 429b
Stillinger John (5)                                       PR 429b
Stillinger Matilda (28)                                   PR 429b
Stillinger Ruhana (1)                                     PR 429b
Stillinger Susan (3)                                      PR 429b
Stills Alice (1)                                          PR 435a
Stills Nancy (25)                                         PR 435a
Stills Philip (39)                                        PR 435a
Stillwell Jacob (17)                                      PR 430a
Stillwell Jeremiah (20)                                   PR 430a
Stillwell Joseph W. (45)                                  PR 430a
Stillwell Marion (13)                                     PR 430a
Stillwell Mary (55)                                       PR 430a
Stilly Ann J. (24)                                        CH 438a
Stilly Craven W. (1)                                      CH 438a
Stilly Janmes (28)                                        CH 438a
Stilly John W. (9/12)                                     CH 438a
Stilwell John (8)                                         FR 479a
Stinebough Andrew (45)                                    NB 404b
Stinebough Levilla (9)                                    NB 404b
Stinebough Margaret (48)                                  NB 404b
Stinebough Peter (19)                                     NB 404b
Stinemates Ellen (1)                                       HA 34b
Stinemates John (7)                                        HA 34b
Stinemates Leander (5)                                     HA 34b
Stinemates Martha (25)                                     HA 34b
Stinemates Simson (3)                                      HA 34b
Stinemates William (31)                                    HA 34b
Stiner Achsa (6)                                           LN 20b
Stiner David (34)                                          LN 20a
Stiner Drusilla (32)                                       LN 20b
Stiner Eliza (23)                                          LN 20a
Stiner Henry (41)                                          LN 20b
Stiner Henry (2)                                           HA 30b
Stiner Jacob (25)                                          HA 30b
Stiner John (3)                                            LN 20b
Stiner Joshua (31)                                         LN 20a
Stiner Mary (60)                                           LN 20a
Stiner Mary (17)                                           LN 20a
Stiner Matilda (9)                                         LN 20a
Stiner Parmelia (9)                                        LN 20b
Stiner Rachael (22)                                        HA 30b
Stiner Rosanah (30)                                        LN 20a
Stiner William (10)                                        LN 20b
Stiner William (10)                                        LN 20b
Stiner William (18)                                        LN 20a
Stivins David (23)                                        SB 531b
Stoal Charles (7)                                         CH 452a
Stoal Elias (31)                                          CH 452a
Stoal Jane (10)                                           CH 452a
Stoal Louisa C. (2)                                       CH 452a
Stoal Mary A. (6)                                         CH 452a
Stoal Thompson (38)                                       CH 452a
Stoal William G. (12)                                     CH 452a
Stocdale Elizabeth (37)                                   FR 481b
Stocdale Harper (32)                                      FR 481b
Stocdale James (26)                                       FR 479a
Stocdale John F. (4)                                      FR 481b
Stocdale Juliet (2)                                       FR 481b
Stocdale Lydia (21)                                       FR 479b
Stocdale Mary J (3)                                       FR 481b
Stock Conrad (66)                                         PR 434b
Stockdale Catharine (13)                                   HA 31b
Stockdale Charlotte (18)                                  CH 450b
Stockdale Daniel (8)                                       HA 31b
Stockdale Hannah (39)                                      HA 31b
Stockdale John (10)                                        HA 31b
Stockdale Robert (23)                                     CH 450b
Stockdale Sarah (19)                                       HA 31b
Stockdale William (16)                                     HA 31b
Stockdale William (49)                                     HA 31a
Stocker Aaron (21)                                        CN 373b
Stocker Abraham (62)                                      CN 377a
Stocker Angeline (19)                                     CN 373b
Stocker Electa (8)                                        GL 508a
Stocker Harvey (4)                                        GL 508a
Stocker Irwin (9)                                         GL 508a
Stocker Jerusha (37)                                      GL 508a
Stocker John W. (1)                                       CN 373b
Stocker Nancy (54)                                        CN 377b
Stocker Saripta (6)                                       GL 508a
Stocker Stephen (35)                                      GL 508a
Stocker Stephen (3)                                       GL 508a
Stod*t Albert (5)                                          BE 52a
Stod*t Eli (16)                                            BE 52a
Stod*t John (40)                                           BE 52a
Stod*t John (7)                                            BE 52a
Stod*t LaFayette (1)                                       BE 52a
Stod*t Macy (14)                                           BE 52a
Stod*t Polly (35)                                          BE 52a
Stod*t Rebecca (10)                                        BE 52a
Stod*t Wright (4)                                          BE 52a
Stodale Almira (17)                                       FR 478b
Stodale John (56)                                         FR 478b
Stodale Maria (21)                                        FR 478b
Stodale Sarah (61)                                        FR 478b
Stogdale Alva (22)                                        CG 462a
Stogdale Sarah (84)                                       CG 462a
Stogdell Anna (41)                                         LN 19b
Stogdell Eliza (17)                                        LN 19b
Stogdell Mahala (11)                                       LN 19b
Stogdell Margaret (5)                                      LN 19b
Stogdell Melinda (15)                                      LN 19b
Stogdell Samuel (41)                                       LN 19b
Stogdell Sarah (13)                                        LN 19b
Stogdell Taylor (3)                                        LN 19b
Stogdell Vashti (8)                                        LN 19b
Stogdell Zilpha (9)                                        LN 19b
Stoler Christian (44)                                     NB 397b
Stoler Christian (14)                                     NB 398a
Stoler John (9)                                           NB 398a
Stoler Margaret (18)                                      NB 397b
Stoler Margaret (43)                                      NB 397b
Stoler Mary (7)                                           NB 398a
Stoler Samuel (11)                                        NB 398a
Stoll Lucay (11)                                          GL 507b
Stone Caroline (20)                                        HA 30b
Stone Daniel (25)                                          WF 16a
Stone Daniel (15)                                          BE 54a
Stone Ella (10)                                            WF 16a
Stone Emily (30)                                           WF 16a
Stone Francis (30)                                        NB 405b
Stone Franklin (5)                                         WF 16a
Stone Harriet (18)                                        NB 405b
Stone Ira (1/12)                                           WF 16a
Stone James (71)                                          NB 405b
Stone Jane (14)                                           SB 529b
Stone Jerry L. (1)                                        NB 402a
Stone Lamira (8)                                           BE 54a
Stone Mary (47)                                           NB 405b
Stone Mary (46)                                            BE 54a
Stone Melville (12)                                        WF 16a
Stone Rebecca (16)                                        NB 405b
Stone Robert (47)                                          BE 54a
Stone S.W. (36)                                            WF 16a
Stone Sarah A. (21)                                       NB 405b
Stone Sarah (65)                                          NB 405b
Stone Sumner (4)                                           BE 54a
Stone Sydney (7)                                           WF 16a
Stone Thomas (28)                                         NB 405b

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