Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Simmons Almond (2)                                        WA 362a
Simmons Hannah M (6/12)                                   WA 362b
Simmons James (30)                                        WA 362a
Simmons Sarah (28)                                        WA 362a
Simpson Abraham (58)                                       PU 63b
Simpson John (19)                                          PU 63b
Sims Alexander (10)                                       SB 515b
Sims Andrew (14)                                          SB 515b
Sims James (43)                                           SB 515b
Sims John (16)                                            SB 515b
Sims Joseiah (8)                                          SB 515b
Sims Lydia (12)                                           SB 515b
Sims Malinda (4)                                          SB 515b
Sims Sarah (45)                                           SB 515b
Simson Abigail (10)                                       SB 526a
Sinclair Adaline (9)                                       WF 13b
Sinclair Caroline (7)                                      WF 13b
Sinclair Earnest (11)                                      WF 13b
Sinclair Eliza (9)                                         HA 30b
Sinclair Hannah (55)                                       HA 30b
Sinclair Israel (36)                                       HA 30b
Sinclair John (12)                                         HA 30b
Sinclair L.A. (5)                                          WF 13b
Sinclair L.A. (37)                                         WF 13b
Sinclair Richard (7)                                       HA 30b
Sinclair Ruth (57)                                         HA 30b
Sinclair Samuel (71)                                       HA 30b
Sinclair W.D. (44)                                         WF 13b
Sine Melville (3)                                          LN 26b
Sine Nancy (51)                                            LN 26b
Sine Narcissa (1)                                          LN 26b
Sine R. HEber (6)                                          LN 26b
Sine Richard (32)                                          LN 26b
Singer Amy (12)                                           TR 421b
Singer Andrew J. (20)                                     TR 421b
Singer Catharine (47)                                     TR 421b
Singer Catharine V. (53)                                  CR 381a
Singer Elinor (21)                                        CR 381a
Singer George M. (23)                                     CR 381a
Singer Jacob (83)                                         TR 421b
Singer James H. (18)                                      TR 421b
Singer Jefferson (11)                                     CR 381a
Singer John A. (22)                                       TR 421b
Singer John J. (13)                                       CR 381a
Singer Margaret H. (18)                                   CR 381a
Singer Samuel (56)                                        CR 381a
Singer Thomas (49)                                        TR 421b
Singer Vinson V. (22)                                     CR 381a
Singer William H. (9)                                     CR 381a
Singery Alice (23)                                        PR 431b
Singery Benton (9)                                        PR 432a
Singery Catharine (36)                                    PR 428a
Singery David (28)                                        PR 431b
Singery Eliza (28)                                        PR 432a
Singery Emily (20)                                        PR 428a
Singery Ingold (67)                                       PR 432a
Singery Jacob (17)                                        PR 428a
Singery James (6)                                         PR 432a
Singery Jane (1)                                          PR 432a
Singery John (36)                                         PR 428a
Singery John (4)                                          PR 432a
Singery John (7)                                          PR 432a
Singery Joshua (34)                                       PR 432a
Singery Rachel (68)                                       PR 432a
Singery Sarah A. (35)                                     PR 431b
Sipe -- (1/12)                                            CR 383b
Sipe Alvira (21)                                           LN 21b
Sipe Amos (24)                                            WA 352b
Sipe Barbara (16)                                         NB 396b
Sipe Caleb (11)                                           WA 352b
Sipe Christopher (6)                                        WF 5a
Sipe Daniel (32)                                          CR 383a
Sipe Elizabeth (26)                                         WF 5a
Sipe Elizabeth (17)                                       WA 352b
Sipe Elizabeth (3)                                        WA 352b
Sipe Elizabeth (24)                                       WA 352b
Sipe Elizabeth J. (9)                                     CR 383a
Sipe Emily (2)                                             LN 21b
Sipe Ephraim (29)                                         NB 396b
Sipe Ezra (3)                                               WF 5b
Sipe Farnettus (30)                                         WF 5a
Sipe Hannah (53)                                          NB 396b
Sipe Henry (6)                                              WF 5b
Sipe Henry (26)                                            LN 21b
Sipe Henry M. (53)                                        WA 352b
Sipe Henry W. (10)                                        NB 396b
Sipe Hyle (15)                                            WA 352b
Sipe Isaiah (14)                                          NB 396b
Sipe Jacob (7)                                              WF 5a
Sipe Jacob (25)                                           WA 352b
Sipe John (31)                                              WF 5a
Sipe John (10)                                              WF 5a
Sipe John M. (50)                                         NB 396b
Sipe Jonathan (57)                                          WF 5a
Sipe Joshua (13)                                          WA 352b
Sipe Levi (8)                                               WF 5a
Sipe Margaret A. (32)                                     CR 383a
Sipe Margaret (5)                                         WA 352b
Sipe Margaret (54)                                        WA 352b
Sipe Margaret (21)                                        NB 396b
Sipe Martin (29)                                          NB 396b
Sipe Mary (5)                                               WF 5b
Sipe Mary (6)                                             CR 383b
Sipe Matilda (59)                                         CG 467b
Sipe Peter (60)                                           CG 467b
Sipe Phebe L. (1)                                         WA 352b
Sipe Samantha A. (2)                                      CR 383b
Sipe Sarah A. (24)                                        WA 352b
Sipe Susan E. (4)                                         CR 383b
Sipe Susanna (3/12)                                       WA 352b
Sipe Violetta (2)                                         WA 352b
Sitzler Elizabeth (41)                                    CG 458a
Sitzler Jacob (14)                                        CG 458a
Sitzler John (12)                                         CG 458a
Sitzler John (52)                                         CG 458a
Sitzler Lydia (10)                                        CG 458a
Skelton Benjamin (4)                                      NB 411a
Skelton Elizabeth (32)                                    NB 411a
Skelton William (36)                                      NB 411a
Skingel Abraham (46)                                      WA 357b
Skingel Abraham D. (6)                                    WA 357b
Skingel Angeline (11)                                     WA 357b
Skingel Hannah M. (20)                                    WA 357b
Skingel Mary J. (15)                                      WA 357b
Skingel Nancy (47)                                        WA 357b
Skingel Robert C. (13)                                    WA 357b
Skinner Abigail (50)                                       LN 19a
Skinner Castella (1)                                       LN 22b
Skinner Clarissa (5/12)                                   GL 514b
Skinner Daniel (48)                                        LN 19a
Skinner Daniel (11)                                        LN 19a
Skinner Everilla (10)                                     GL 514b
Skinner George (18)                                        LN 19a
Skinner George (5)                                         LN 22b
Skinner Harriet (28)                                       LN 22b
Skinner Henry (38)                                        GL 514b
Skinner Isaac (13)                                         LN 19a
Skinner John (4)                                           LN 22b
Skinner Mary (30)                                         GL 514b
Skinner Nancy (15)                                         LN 19a
Skinner Norton (25)                                        LN 22b
Skinner Reason (20)                                        LN 19a
Skinner Sarah (6)                                         GL 514b
Slack Adaline (17)                                        CH 456a
Slack Almeda (22)                                         SB 524b
Slack Cyrene (20)                                          WF 16a
Slack Daniel (25)                                         SB 524b
Slack Ezekiel (18)                                         WF 16a
Slack Franklin (1)                                        SB 524b
Slack Hannah (23)                                         SB 524a
Slack Henry (28)                                          SB 523b
Slack Joseph (2)                                          SB 524b
Slack Leroy (12)                                           WF 16a
Slack Mercy (4)                                           SB 524b
Slack Moses (3)                                            WF 16a
Slack Rhoda (47)                                           WF 16a
Slack Sarah (20)                                          SB 523b
Slack Susan (12)                                          CH 448a
Slack Viola (1)                                           SB 523b
Slack William (46)                                         WF 16a
Slack William (34)                                        SB 524a
Slacks Nelson (13)                                        SB 515b
Sliter Mary J. (22)                                       CR 386a
Sliter Trelon H. (25)                                     CR 386a
Sloan Archibald (40)                                      CN 378a
Sloan Dennis H. (29)                                      CR 386a
Sloan Francis (4)                                         CR 386a
Sloan Harriet (6)                                         CR 381b
Sloan Harvey (54)                                         CR 381b
Sloan Harvey (25)                                         CR 394a
Sloan Margaret (22)                                       CR 394a
Sloan Mary (47)                                           CR 381b
Sloan Nancy J. (11)                                       CN 378a
Sloan Newton (8)                                          CR 381b
Sloan Norman (8)                                          CR 381b
Sloan Rhoda (9)                                           CR 386a
Sloan Ruth A. (28)                                        CN 378a
Sloan Sally (25)                                          CR 386a
Sloan William (16)                                        CR 381b
Slocumb Amos (5)                                            WF 1b
Slocumb Elizabeth (46)                                      WF 1b
Slocumb Lydia (8)                                           WF 1b
Slocumb Thomas (53)                                         WF 1b
Slott Asenath (35)                                        CG 468b
Slott Benjamin (2)                                        CG 468b
Slott Charles (6)                                         CG 468b
Slott Elizabeth (4)                                       CG 468b
Slott John (37)                                           CG 468b
Smail Cassa (36)                                          CG 473a
Smail General (3)                                         CG 473a
Smail James (3/12)                                        CG 473a
Smail Mary (2)                                            CG 473a
Smail William (39)                                        CG 473a
Small Jacob Jr. (33)                                      CG 473a
Smart Elie P. (22)                                        WA 352a
Smart James (10)                                          WA 352a
Smart Jeremiah (20)                                       WA 352a
Smart Joseph (15)                                         WA 352a
Smart Nancy (53)                                          WA 352a
Smart William (19)                                        WA 352a
Smart William (45)                                        WA 352a
Smelker Conrad (1)                                        NB 401b
Smelker Elizabeth (12)                                    NB 401b
Smelker Elizabeth (40)                                    NB 401b
Smelker Jacob (44)                                        NB 401b
Smelker Jacob (8)                                         NB 401b
Smelker John (4)                                          NB 401b
Smelker Laner (9)                                         NB 401b
Smiley Andrew R (4)                                       CG 456b
Smiley Eliza (10)                                         FR 491b
Smiley Hannah (25)                                        FR 491b
Smiley Isaac (14)                                         FR 491b
Smiley John (50)                                          FR 491b
Smiley Martha (3)                                         FR 491b
Smiley Mary (8)                                           FR 491b
Smiley Samantha (12)                                      FR 491b
Smiley Sarah (39)                                         FR 491b
Smiley Susan (32)                                         CG 456b
Smiley Wellington (32)                                    CG 456b
Smiley William (1)                                        FR 491b
Smith Aaron (47)                                          CR 382a
Smith Abel (3)                                             BE 57a
Smith Abigal (48)                                         FR 483b
Smith Abigal (3)                                          FR 483b
Smith Abraham (67)                                        CG 466b
Smith Adaline M. (25)                                     CR 385a
Smith Adam (25)                                           NB 407a
Smith Addison (1)                                          PU 67b
Smith Albert (7/12)                                        WF 17a
Smith Albert (8/12)                                       WA 359b
Smith Albert (5)                                           LN 25b
Smith Alen (5)                                             WF 16a
Smith Alfred (10)                                          WF 16b
Smith Allen W. (25)                                       CR 385a
Smith Almira (35)                                          WF 16b
Smith Almond (3)                                           WF 16b
Smith Alonzo (15)                                          LN 28a
Smith Amelia (3)                                          GL 509a
Smith Amos (32)                                           CR 379a
Smith Andrew (21)                                         GL 497a
Smith Andrew (32)                                         GL 509a
Smith Angeline (11)                                       CH 445b
Smith Ann (1)                                              LN 28b
Smith Ann (20)                                            CN 370a
Smith Anna (58)                                             WF 9a
Smith Annis (3)                                            PU 67b
Smith Artamissa (1)                                       CH 445b
Smith Augustus (4)                                        CR 382a
Smith Beman (21)                                           WF 17a
Smith C.L. (1)                                             WF 14b
Smith Caroline (19)                                         WF 9a
Smith Carpenter (28)                                      WA 361a
Smith Catharine (26)                                      NB 403a
Smith Catharine (37)                                      FR 485a
Smith Catharine (38)                                      CN 370a
Smith Charles (15)                                        NB 401b
Smith Charles (15)                                        NB 403b
Smith Chloe (14)                                           WF 16b
Smith Christopher (12)                                     BE 57a
Smith Clarissa (15)                                        WF 17b
Smith Clarissa (15)                                        WF 17a
Smith Clarissa (11)                                        LN 28a
Smith Clermont (9)                                         WF 16a
Smith Cliv* (32)                                          WA 350b
Smith Cordelia (11)                                       GL 509a
Smith Cynthia (18)                                        CR 382a
Smith Daniel (20)                                         GL 508b
Smith Daniel (9)                                           BE 57a
Smith David (37)                                           WF 16a
Smith David (11)                                           BE 51a
Smith David (48)                                           BE 51a
Smith Deborah (54)                                         LN 28a
Smith Denerza (14)                                         BE 51a
Smith Diannah (9/12)                                      NB 406b
Smith Ebenezer (26)                                       SB 523a
Smith Ebenizer (51)                                        WF 17a
Smith Edmund (3)                                            WF 3b
Smith Edmund (10)                                          WF 17b
Smith Edward (52)                                          HA 37a
Smith Edwin (2)                                             WF 3b
Smith Electa (51)                                          PU 68b
Smith Elena (9)                                            BE 53b
Smith Elenor (28)                                         SB 523a
Smith Eli (40)                                            FR 485a
Smith Elijah (22)                                          PU 68b
Smith Elipah (32)                                         CH 448b
Smith Eliza J. (9/12)                                     WA 361b
Smith Elizabeth (13)                                        WF 3b
Smith Elizabeth (51)                                        WF 3b
Smith Elizabeth (4)                                        WF 11a
Smith Elizabeth (10)                                       WF 17a
Smith Elizabeth (5)                                       PR 426a
Smith Elizabeth (79)                                      PR 436a
Smith Elizabeth (23)                                       LN 25b
Smith Elizabeth (10)                                      FR 483b
Smith Elizabeth (39)                                      CH 445b
Smith Elizabeth (36)                                      CR 382a
Smith Elizabeth (5)                                        BE 57a
Smith Ellen (18)                                          CN 370a
Smith Elmore (22)                                           WF 9a
Smith Emanuel (7/12)                                      NB 403a
Smith Emily E. (7/12)                                     CR 382a
Smith Emily (4)                                           CR 385a
Smith Enos (20)                                            BE 53b
Smith Ephraim (2)                                         NB 403a
Smith Ephraim (24)                                         LN 25b
Smith Esther (25)                                           WF 9b
Smith Esther (33)                                         GL 501b
Smith Eunice (49)                                          WF 17a
Smith Eunice (5)                                           WF 17b
Smith Eunice (23)                                          PU 67b
Smith Finley (14)                                         CR 382a
Smith Frances (54)                                        CR 386b
Smith George (7/12)                                       CR 385a
Smith George A. (10)                                      CN 374b
Smith George (2)                                          SB 527a
Smith George (27)                                         SB 531b
Smith George (23)                                         NB 411b
Smith George L. (60)                                      NB 411b
Smith George W. (2)                                       CR 387b
Smith Hannah (7)                                           WF 16a
Smith Hannah (49)                                         PR 425b
Smith Hannah (20)                                         NB 403b
Smith Hannah (18)                                          BE 49b
Smith Hannah (13)                                          BE 49b
Smith harriet (49)                                         HA 37a
Smith Harriet (10)                                        PR 425b
Smith Harriet (16)                                        CN 370a
Smith Harrison (14)                                        WF 17a
Smith Helen (11)                                           WF 16a
Smith Henrietta (8)                                       PR 426a
Smith Henry C. (5)                                        CR 387b
Smith Henry D. (17)                                       CR 382a
Smith Henry (46)                                          WA 359b
Smith Henry (32)                                          NB 406b
Smith Henry (15)                                           BE 53b
Smith Henry W. (7)                                        WA 361b
Smith Hiram (23)                                           LN 25b
Smith Hiram (14)                                           LN 26a
Smith Hiram (4)                                           CN 371a
Smith Hulda (57)                                          CR 382a
Smith Ira (37)                                             BE 57a
Smith Jacob (12)                                          WA 359b
Smith Jacob (12)                                          CN 370a
Smith James (1/12)                                         HA 34b
Smith James (5)                                           SB 532a
Smith James (26)                                           PU 67b
Smith James (28)                                           LN 28b
Smith James (6)                                           GL 511a
Smith James (17)                                          FR 483b
Smith James (58)                                          FR 483b
Smith James (9)                                           FR 485a
Smith James P. (4)                                        NB 403b
Smith Jane (19)                                           NB 403b
Smith Jane (39)                                            BE 51a
Smith Jasper (12)                                          WF 17b
Smith Jefferson (44)                                      CN 370a
Smith Jefferson M. (5)                                    CN 370a
Smith Jeremiah (4)                                        NB 406b
Smith Jeremiah (54)                                        HA 33a
Smith Jeremiah (2)                                        CN 370a
Smith John A. (39)                                        PR 426a
Smith John B. (5)                                         CR 382a
Smith John (26)                                             WF 3b
Smith John (1)                                            PR 426a
Smith John (1)                                             LN 25b
Smith John (21)                                            HA 34b
Smith John (23)                                           GL 511b
Smith John (22)                                           FR 483b
Smith John (40)                                           CH 445b
Smith John (10)                                           CN 370a
Smith John (65)                                           CN 374b
Smith Jonathan (11)                                       NB 403b
Smith Joseph (23)                                         PR 425b
Smith Joseph (7)                                          NB 406b
Smith Joseph (40)                                         NB 406b
Smith Joseph (2)                                          NB 407a
Smith Joseph (20)                                          LN 28a
Smith Joseph (36)                                         GL 511a
Smith Joseph (2)                                          GL 511a
Smith Joseph (54)                                         CR 386b
Smith Josephine (4)                                         WF 9b
Smith Julia Ann (6)                                       CR 382a
Smith Julianne (2)                                        NB 406b
Smith Kidr* (5)                                            PU 59b
Smith Laura (7)                                           SB 532a
Smith Leander (4)                                          HA 33b
Smith Levi Jr (35)                                         BE 45a
Smith Levi (60)                                            BE 49b
Smith Lewis (2)                                           CR 379a
Smith Lewis (7)                                            BE 51a
Smith Louia (16)                                           WF 16b
Smith Lucidus (2)                                           WF 9b
Smith Lucinda (9)                                         PR 425b
Smith Lucy S. (24)                                        WA 361a
Smith Lydia (30)                                          WA 350b
Smith Lydia (15)                                          PR 425b
Smith Lyman (20)                                           WF 16b
Smith Lyman (24)                                           BE 53b
Smith Madison (8)                                          HA 33b
Smith Mahala (9)                                          NB 403b
Smith Manley (3)                                          SB 523a
Smith margaret (58)                                       NB 411b
Smith Margaret (17)                                        WF 17a
Smith Margaret (3)                                        WA 359b
Smith Margaret (20)                                       SB 521a
Smith Margaret (1)                                        GL 497a
Smith Margaret (1)                                        FR 485a
Smith Margaret (9)                                        FR 486b
Smith Maria (11/12)                                       CH 448b
Smith Maria (38)                                           WF 16a
Smith Marin (23)                                           WF 14b
Smith Marin (41)                                           WF 16b
Smith Martha (6)                                           WF 17a
Smith Martha (30)                                         SB 532a
Smith Martha (5)                                          NB 403b
Smith Martha (55)                                          HA 33a
Smith Martha (7)                                          FR 485a
Smith Martha (30)                                         CH 448b
Smith Martha (14)                                         CN 370a
Smith Martin (5)                                           BE 45a
Smith Martin (12)                                          BE 53b
Smith Mary A. (3)                                         WA 361b
Smith Mary A. (15)                                        NB 411b
Smith Mary A. (41)                                        CR 379a
Smith Mary E. (4)                                         CH 445b
Smith Mary E. (10)                                        CH 448b
Smith Mary F. (11)                                        CR 382a
Smith Mary Jane (22)                                       BE 53b
Smith Mary (16)                                            WF 17a
Smith Mary (23)                                           SB 531b
Smith Mary (33)                                           PR 426a
Smith Mary (3)                                            PR 426a
Smith Mary (22)                                            LN 25b
Smith Mary (3)                                            FR 485a
Smith Mary (24)                                           CR 382a
Smith Mary (10)                                           CN 368a
Smith Mary (28)                                           CN 374b
Smith Mary (28)                                            BE 45a
Smith Mary (1)                                             BE 45a
Smith Maryann (48)                                         BE 53b
Smith Mathew (10)                                         GL 511a
Smith Matilda J. (5)                                      WA 359b
Smith Matilda (43)                                        WA 359b
Smith Matilda (17)                                        NB 403b
Smith Melissa (2/12)                                       LN 25b
Smith Melissa (8)                                          WF 16b
Smith Myron (23)                                            WF 3b
Smith Nabby J. (7)                                        CH 445b
Smith Nancy J. (7)                                        CN 370a
Smith Nancy M. (22)                                       WA 359a
Smith Nancy (29)                                          WA 361b
Smith Nancy (21)                                           HA 33a
Smith Nancy (10)                                          FR 485a
Smith Nathaniel (6)                                        BE 51a
Smith Nehemiah (47)                                        WF 16b
Smith Oliver (49)                                          LN 28a
Smith Olrick (49)                                         PR 425b
Smith Olrick (17)                                         PR 425b
Smith P.M. (4)                                             WF 14b
Smith Perry (14)                                           HA 33a
Smith Phebe (9)                                            LN 27b
Smith Phedera (2)                                           WF 9a
Smith Polly (34)                                          GL 511a
Smith Rachael (29)                                         PU 59b
Smith Rachel (10)                                         WA 359b
Smith Randal (30)                                         WA 361b
Smith Rebecca (11)                                        PR 426a
Smith Rebecca (36)                                        CN 371a
Smith Reuben (12)                                          WF 16b
Smith Rhoda (18)                                          CG 466b
Smith Rosanna (21)                                        GL 497a
Smith Russell (14)                                         PU 68b
Smith Ruth (23)                                             WF 3b
Smith Sally (33)                                           BE 57a
Smith Salome (6)                                            WF 9b
Smith Samuel (12)                                         PR 425b
Smith Samuel (25)                                         CG 466b
Smith Sarah A. (39)                                       NB 403b
Smith Sarah A. (5)                                        CR 379a
Smith Sarah (12)                                           WF 17a
Smith Sarah (30)                                          NB 406b
Smith Sarah (25)                                           LN 28b
Smith Sarah (23)                                           HA 34b
Smith Sarah (28)                                          GL 509a
Smith Sarah (67)                                          CG 466b
Smith Sarah (23)                                           BE 49b
Smith Seeley (33)                                           WF 9b
Smith Seneca (13)                                          WF 16a
Smith Sophronia (4/12)                                      WF 3b
Smith Sullivan (26)                                        WF 14b
Smith Susan (14)                                          PR 426a
Smith Susan (23)                                          NB 407a
Smith Sydney (12)                                          HA 33b
Smith Sylvanus (16)                                       NB 403b
Smith Thomas (14)                                         FR 483b
Smith Ursula (10)                                          HA 33b
Smith Victoria (7)                                        SB 523a
Smith Warren (11)                                          PU 68b
Smith Warren (50)                                          PU 68b
Smith wesley (6)                                           WF 16b
Smith Wesley (1)                                          CN 371a
Smith William A. (29)                                     NB 403a
Smith William C. (7)                                      NB 403b
Smith William H. (7)                                      WA 359b
Smith William J. (21)                                     WA 359a
Smith William J. (5)                                      WA 361b
Smith William Jr (5)                                       BE 53b
Smith William W. (26)                                     WA 350b
Smith William (10)                                         WF 16b
Smith William (8)                                          WF 17a
Smith William (9)                                         GL 509a
Smith William (40)                                        CR 382a
Smith William (9)                                         CR 379a
Smith William (20)                                        CR 382a
Smith William (46)                                         BE 53b
Smith Wilson (3/12)                                         WF 9b
Smith Wright (2)                                           PU 59b
Smith Yappath (5)                                         SB 516b
Smithers Eliza (14)                                        BE 49b
Smithers Esther (34)                                       BE 49b
Smithers Wm (40)                                           BE 49b
Smoke Dewit (20)                                          FR 476b
Smothers Leonard (12)                                      BE 50a
Smothers Wayne (8)                                         BE 50a
Smothers Wilson (10)                                       BE 50a
Snell Aryann (41)                                         CG 469b
Snell Asenith (22)                                        CG 462a
Snell Caroline (10)                                       SB 527b
Snell Catharine (20)                                      CG 462a
Snell Daniel (6)                                          SB 527b
Snell David (12)                                          SB 527b
Snell David (46)                                          SB 527b
Snell Elizabeth (18)                                      SB 527b
Snell Elizabeth (48)                                      SB 527b
Snell Elizabeth (43)                                      CG 461b
Snell Hannah (15)                                         SB 527b
Snell Isaac (50)                                          CG 461b
Snell Isaiah (58)                                         CG 462a
Snell Jacob (23)                                          SB 527b
Snell Lewis (12)                                          CG 469b
Snell Lydia (16)                                          CG 462a
Snell Lydia (39)                                          CG 468b
Snell Margaretta (25)                                     SB 527b
Snell Mary (21)                                           SB 527b
Snell Shedrach (14)                                       CG 469b
Snell Zarah (6)                                           CG 469b

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