Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Seisford Hetty (12)                                         WF 9b
Selby Byram (12)                                          SB 527b
Selby Elizabeth (35)                                      SB 527b
Selby Isaac N. (1)                                        SB 527b
Selby John (37)                                           SB 527b
Selby Louisa (12)                                         SB 527b
Selby Loyd (3)                                            SB 527b
Selby Ophelia (9)                                         SB 527b
Selby Pelizza (7)                                         SB 527b
Sell Adam (50)                                            NB 406a
Sell Adam (22)                                            NB 406a
Sell Amos (7)                                             NB 406a
Sell Jacob (23)                                           NB 406a
Sell John (10)                                            NB 406a
Sell Maria (17)                                           NB 406a
Sell Polly (40)                                           NB 406a
Sell Rachel (13)                                          NB 406a
Sellars Agnes (33)                                         HA 39a
Sellars David (25)                                         HA 37b
Sellars David (65)                                         HA 37b
Sellars David (6)                                          HA 35a
Sellars Ellen (5)                                          HA 39a
Sellars Evaline (8)                                        HA 39a
Sellars George (16)                                        HA 37b
Sellars Henry (53)                                         HA 37a
Sellars Hester (1)                                         HA 37a
Sellars John (36)                                          HA 35a
Sellars John (2)                                           HA 39a
Sellars John Sr (48)                                       HA 39a
Sellars Juliann (11)                                       HA 39a
Sellars Luretta3 (f)                                       HA 37a
Sellars Margaret (26)                                      HA 37a
Sellars Mary (28)                                          HA 35a
Sellars Nancy (4)                                          HA 37a
Sellars Randall (13)                                       HA 39a
Sellars Sarah (17)                                         HA 37b
Sellars Sarah (50)                                         HA 37b
Sellars Thomas (9/12)                                      HA 35a
Sellars Wesley (5)                                         HA 39a
Sellars William (19)                                       HA 37b
Sellers Almina S. (2)                                     CH 447b
Sellers Elizabeth (27)                                    CH 447b
Sellers Elizabeth (26)                                    CR 387a
Sellers Epha (44)                                         CR 386a
Sellers George (17)                                       CR 386a
Sellers Isaac (14)                                        CR 386a
Sellers Jane (22)                                         CR 385b
Sellers John (22)                                         CR 385b
Sellers Joseph (30)                                       CH 447b
Sellers Margaret (20)                                     CR 386a
Sellers Mary J. (7)                                       CH 447b
Selover Candace (4)                                       FR 489a
Selover Catharine (26)                                    FR 489a
Selover Daniel (1)                                        FR 489a
Selover Elizabeth (25)                                    FR 486a
Selover Garret (27)                                       FR 486a
Selover Hannah (68)                                       FR 486a
Selover Isaac (33)                                        FR 489a
Selover James (3)                                         FR 486a
Selover William (68)                                      FR 486a
Serplus Dianna (38)                                       FR 478b
Serplus Eli (4)                                           FR 478b
Serplus John (10)                                         FR 478b
Serplus NN (1)                                            FR 478b
Serplus Robert (45)                                       FR 478b
Serplus Thomas (7)                                        FR 478b
Shackleford Byram L. (5)                                  CH 438a
Shackleford Dorcas (15)                                   CH 438a
Shackleford Elizabeth (17)                                CH 438a
Shackleford George (13)                                   CH 438a
Shackleford Harriet (23)                                  CH 438a
Shackleford James N. (8)                                  CH 438a
Shackleford John W. (10)                                  CH 438a
Shackleford Lucinda (48)                                  CH 438a
Shade Amelia (25)                                         CG 464a
Shade Ann (60)                                            CG 464a
Shade George (17)                                         CG 464a
Shade Henry (22)                                          CG 464a
Shade Robert (23)                                         CG 464a
Shaeffer Elizabeth (33)                                   NB 403a
Shaeffer Elizabeth (1)                                    NB 403a
Shaeffer George (45)                                      NB 403a
Shaeffer George (9)                                       NB 403a
Shaeffer Henry (18)                                       NB 403a
Shaeffer Jacob (12)                                       NB 403a
Shaeffer Levi (10)                                        NB 403a
Shaeffer Mary J. (4)                                      NB 403a
Shafer Aaron (24)                                         WA 361a
Shafer Abraham (29)                                       NB 396a
Shafer Amy (6)                                            CH 455b
Shafer Andrew J. (21)                                     WA 351b
Shafer Ann (10)                                           CH 455b
Shafer Carolina (11)                                      WA 355a
Shafer Catharine (35)                                     WA 355a
Shafer Catharine (2)                                      NB 396b
Shafer Conrad (39)                                        WA 355a
Shafer Elizabeth (13)                                     WA 355a
Shafer Elizabeth (25)                                     NB 396a
Shafer George C. (12)                                     WA 351b
Shafer George (19)                                        NB 409a
Shafer George W (13)                                      CH 455b
Shafer James (16)                                         CN 372b
Shafer John A. (8/12)                                     NB 406a
Shafer John (59)                                          WA 351b
Shafer John (3)                                           WA 355a
Shafer John (17)                                          PR 431b
Shafer John (4)                                           NB 396b
Shafer John V. (14)                                       WA 351b
Shafer Louisa (9)                                         WA 355a
Shafer Lyna (7)                                           WA 355a
Shafer Mary A (19)                                        NB 406a
Shafer Mary (39)                                          CH 455b
Shafer Matilda (15)                                       PR 431b
Shafer Orpha (16)                                         WA 351b
Shafer Orpha (52)                                         WA 351b
Shafer Samuel (7)                                         NB 396b
Shafer Sarah A. (20)                                      WA 351b
Shafer Tobias (48)                                        CH 455b
Shafer William (3)                                        CH 455b
Shaffer Adam (67)                                         CG 470b
Shaffer Alma (25)                                         CG 470b
Shaffer Amanda (6)                                         LN 25a
Shaffer David (10)                                         LN 25a
Shaffer George (47)                                        LN 25a
Shaffer Hannah (70)                                       CR 384b
Shaffer Henry (30)                                        CG 470b
Shaffer Israel (27)                                       CG 470b
Shaffer Lucinda (8)                                        LN 25a
Shaffer Margaret (25)                                     CG 470b
Shaffer Mary (32)                                          LN 25a
Shaffer Samantha (4)                                      CG 470b
Shambarger David H. (19)                                  CN 377b
Shambarger Dorcas (48)                                    CN 377b
Shambarger John H. (40)                                   CN 377b
Shank Barbara (38)                                        PR 423a
Shank Barbara E. (4)                                      PR 423a
Shank Elah (42)                                           PR 423a
Shank Elizabeth (13)                                      PR 423a
Shank Franklin (15)                                       PR 423a
Shank Henry C. (19)                                       PR 423a
Shank Jacob H. (18)                                       PR 423a
Shank John (69)                                           PR 423a
Shank John (9)                                            PR 423a
Shank John L. (1)                                         PR 423a
Shank Juliann (9)                                         PR 423a
Shank Martha (3)                                          PR 423a
Shank Mary A. (40)                                        PR 423a
Shank Mary A. (1)                                         PR 423a
Shank Mary A. (7)                                         PR 423a
Shank Moses (13)                                          PR 423a
Shank Rebecca (70)                                        PR 423a
Shank Rebecca (16)                                        PR 423a
Shank Rebecca (18)                                        PR 423a
Shank Sarah (6)                                           PR 423a
Shank William (55)                                        PR 423a
Sharp Addison (10)                                        CR 391b
Sharp Elizabeth (16)                                      CR 390a
Sharp Elizabeth (15)                                      CR 391b
Sharp Esther (46)                                         CR 391b
Sharp Fanny (13)                                          CR 391b
Sharp Hannah (43)                                         CR 390a
Sharp Harvey (4)                                          CR 391b
Sharp John (48)                                           CR 390a
Sharp Joseph W. (12)                                      CR 390a
Sharp Levi B. (15)                                        CR 390a
Sharp Mary E. (1)                                         CR 390a
Sharp Oliver (10)                                         CR 390a
Sharp Thomas (54)                                         CR 391b
Sharp Townsend (16)                                       CR 391b
Sharr Artemos (13)                                        CH 453b
Sharr Columbus (6)                                        CH 453b
Sharr Cyrus (27)                                          CH 453b
Sharr Morilla (39)                                        CH 453b
Sharr William (43)                                        CH 453b
Shaver Elanor A. (8)                                      CN 375a
Shaver Ephraim (3)                                        CN 375a
Shaver George (35)                                        CN 374b
Shaver James H. (9)                                       CN 375a
Shaver John A. (12)                                       CN 375a
Shaver Mary F. (5)                                        CN 375a
Shaver Nancy (9/12)                                       CN 375a
Shaver Sophia (14)                                        CN 375a
Shaver Susanna (32)                                       CN 375a
Shaw A.H. (9)                                              WF 11b
Shaw A.L. (9/12)                                           WF 15a
Shaw Albert (15)                                          FR 476b
Shaw Aliti (8)                                            GL 503b
Shaw Alva C. (6)                                          CN 376a
Shaw Andrew (32)                                          GL 498a
Shaw Ann (5)                                              FR 476b
Shaw Anna (24)                                             WF 15a
Shaw Asher (16)                                           FR 476b
Shaw B.A. (15)                                             WF 11b
Shaw Cassius (1)                                          GL 503b
Shaw Chloe (21)                                            WF 12a
Shaw Clarinda (10)                                        FR 476b
Shaw David (56)                                           FR 476b
Shaw Eliza (1)                                            SB 524b
Shaw Eliza (24)                                           GL 498a
Shaw Eliza (14)                                           GL 503a
Shaw Elizabeth (11)                                       SB 524b
Shaw Elizabeth (19)                                       GL 503a
Shaw Elizabeth (46)                                       FR 476b
Shaw Elizabeth (10)                                       CN 376a
Shaw Elmyra (16)                                          GL 503a
Shaw Elvia (34)                                           GL 498a
Shaw Elvira (3/12)                                        GL 498a
Shaw Emily (22)                                           FR 476b
Shaw F.C. (5)                                              WF 13b
Shaw Felix (9)                                             WF 14b
Shaw Francis (11)                                          WF 14b
Shaw Francis (11)                                         GL 512b
Shaw H.I. (17)                                             WF 11b
Shaw Hannah (50)                                           WF 14a
Shaw Hanun (25)                                           FR 476b
Shaw Harriet (7)                                           WF 15a
Shaw Harriet (40)                                         SB 524b
Shaw Henry (3)                                            GL 498a
Shaw J.L. (3)                                              WF 14a
Shaw James B. (42)                                        GL 512b
Shaw James (26)                                           CH 446a
Shaw Jesse (27)                                            WF 13b
Shaw Joel (18)                                             WF 14a
Shaw John (52)                                             WF 11b
Shaw John (3)                                             SB 524b
Shaw John (48)                                            GL 503a
Shaw John Jr. (23)                                         WF 13b
Shaw John L. (41)                                         CN 376a
Shaw Jonathan (65)                                         WF 12a
Shaw Joseph (57)                                           WF 14a
Shaw Joseph (16)                                          SB 524b
Shaw Joseph Jur (36)                                       WF 14b
Shaw Junius (11)                                          GL 503a
Shaw Kiziah (27)                                          CH 446a
Shaw L.I. (3)                                              WF 15a
Shaw Lester (2)                                            WF 14b
Shaw Lovina (11)                                          SB 519b
Shaw Luther (26)                                           WF 15a
Shaw Lydia Ann (39)                                       GL 512b
Shaw M.M. (12)                                             WF 11b
Shaw Margaret (18)                                        SB 524b
Shaw Mary E. (1)                                          CH 446a
Shaw Mary Ellen (17)                                      GL 512b
Shaw Mary (35)                                             WF 14b
Shaw Mary (10)                                            SB 524b
Shaw Mary P. (20)                                         CN 376a
Shaw Matilda (14)                                          WF 14b
Shaw Melissa (14)                                          WF 14a
Shaw Nancy (40)                                           GL 503a
Shaw Newton (23)                                          GL 509a
Shaw Nicias (5)                                           GL 503b
Shaw Pamelia (43)                                          WF 11b
Shaw Phebe (27)                                            WF 13b
Shaw Ruth (63)                                             WF 12a
Shaw S.I. (16)                                             WF 14b
Shaw Samuel (13)                                          SB 524b
Shaw Sarah (1)                                            SB 524b
Shaw Sarah (13)                                           GL 512b
Shaw Silas (16)                                            WF 14a
Shaw Socrates (12)                                        GL 503a
Shaw Susannah (23)                                         WF 13b
Shaw Sylvester B. (19)                                    CN 376a
Shaw Thomas (8)                                           SB 524b
Shaw Upton (5)                                            SB 524b
Shaw Upton (53)                                           SB 524b
Shaw W.A. (2)                                              WF 13b
Shaw William (6)                                          SB 524b
Shearer Frederick (38)                                    CH 452a
Shearer Harriet (9)                                       CH 452a
Shearer Margaret (11)                                     CH 452a
Shearer Martha (36)                                       CH 452a
Shearer Mellvillant (7)                                   CH 452a
Shearer Samuel S. (5)                                     CH 452b
Sheffer Barbara E (14)                                    CG 470a
Sheffer Benton H (3)                                      CG 470a
Sheffer Carlin M (6)                                      CG 470a
Sheffer Joshua (38)                                       CG 470a
Sheffer Margaret (10)                                     CG 470a
Sheffer Martha A (8)                                      CG 470a
Sheffer Mary E (12)                                       CG 470a
Sheffer Riley (9/12)                                      CG 470a
Sheffer Sarah (37)                                        CG 470a
Sheldon Alba (48)                                         SB 516b
Sheldon Caroline (4)                                      SB 516b
Sheldon Eliza (42)                                        SB 516b
Sheldon Ellen (2)                                         SB 516b
Sheldon Judson (12)                                       SB 516b
Sheldon L.. Nathan (5)                                    SB 516b
Sheldon Mary (10)                                         SB 516b
Sheldon Sarah (19)                                         BE 50a
Shepard James H (9)                                       FR 481a
Shepard James (32)                                        FR 481a
Shepard Johea (4)                                         FR 481a
Shepard Margaret (20)                                     FR 481a
Shepard William (7)                                       FR 481a
Sherick Abner (29)                                        WA 356b
Sherick Amanda (11/12)                                    WA 362b
Sherick Benjamin (68)                                     WA 356a
Sherick Charles (3)                                       NB 396b
Sherick Constance (60)                                    WA 356a
Sherick Finley (21)                                       WA 362a
Sherick Gardener (5)                                      NB 396b
Sherick Garrett (4)                                       NB 396b
Sherick Jackson (4)                                       WA 356b
Sherick James M. (8/12)                                   NB 396b
Sherick Joseph (34)                                       NB 396b
Sherick Martha (25)                                       WA 356b
Sherick Mary (29)                                         NB 396b
Sherick Matilda (19)                                      WA 362a
Sherick Sarah (26)                                        WA 362b
Sherick William (5)                                       WA 356b
Sherick William (25)                                      WA 362b
Sherly Albert (6)                                         FR 478a
Sherly Ephraim (4)                                        FR 478a
Sherly Harriet (1)                                        FR 478a
Sherly James (51)                                         FR 478a
Sherly Laben (13)                                         FR 478a
Sherly Matilda (35)                                       FR 478a
Sherly Peter (2)                                          FR 478a
Sherman Abbyann (25)                                       BE 49b
Sherman Abner (32)                                         BE 49a
Sherman Adaline (8)                                       CR 379b
Sherman Almond (8/12)                                      BE 47b
Sherman Amos (6)                                          CR 379b
Sherman Augusta (3)                                        BE 49b
Sherman Axel (53)                                         CR 379b
Sherman Catharine (35)                                    CR 379b
Sherman Catharine (56)                                    CR 381a
Sherman Cornelius (31)                                    CG 465a
Sherman Daniel (25)                                        BE 43b
Sherman Delano (57)                                       CR 381a
Sherman Edwin (4)                                         CR 385b
Sherman Elijah R. (2/12)                                  CG 465a
Sherman Ezra (2)                                          CR 379b
Sherman Fanny (55)                                         BE 44a
Sherman Fortunatus (17)                                   CR 379b
Sherman George (23)                                        WF 15a
Sherman Henry (13)                                        NB 406b
Sherman Henry (11)                                         BE 44a
Sherman Hope (13)                                          BE 44a
Sherman Isaac (3)                                          BE 43b
Sherman Jacob (17)                                         WF 15a
Sherman John (28)                                          BE 44a
Sherman Juda (22)                                         CR 381a
Sherman Lois (55)                                         CR 385b
Sherman Louisa (11)                                       CR 379b
Sherman Madison (4)                                       CR 379b
Sherman Mary (20)                                          WF 15a
Sherman Mason (15)                                         BE 44a
Sherman Milton (4)                                         BE 43b
Sherman Nancy (22)                                         BE 43b
Sherman Norman (3/12)                                      BE 43b
Sherman P.J. (24)                                          BE 43b
Sherman Peleg (55)                                         BE 44a
Sherman Phebe (19)                                         BE 43b
Sherman Pressman (29)                                      BE 44a
Sherman Rachel (2)                                        CG 465a
Sherman Rachel (34)                                       CG 464b
Sherman Ruth (25)                                         CG 465a
Sherman Sarah (3)                                         CG 465a
Sherman Sarah (15)                                        CR 379b
Sherman Thomas (27)                                        BE 43b
Sherman William (17)                                       BE 44a
Shern Margaret (64)                                       CH 436b
Sherwin Ezeu (22)                                          WF 11b
Sherwood D.I. (19)                                         WF 12a
Shetwill Benj (11)                                         BE 52b
Shetwill Edward (38)                                       BE 52b
Shetwill Hudson (7)                                        BE 52b
Shetwill Laura (2)                                         BE 52b
Shetwill Margaret (33)                                     BE 52b
Shiffer Adam (34)                                         NB 402b
Shiffer Banner (7)                                        NB 402b
Shiffer Barton (3)                                        NB 402b
Shiffer Dennis (1)                                        NB 402b
Shiffer Rachel (35)                                       NB 402b
Shiffer William (5)                                       NB 402b
Shipman Alfred (16)                                       FR 479b
Shipman Amlmia (14)                                       CG 461a
Shipman Anthony (26)                                      CG 468a
Shipman Bradford (14)                                     FR 479b
Shipman Clark (8)                                         CG 461a
Shipman Coleman (18)                                      FR 479b
Shipman Eliza (17)                                        CG 461a
Shipman Elizabeth (21)                                    FR 479b
Shipman Emily (7/12)                                      CG 468a
Shipman George (2/12)                                     FR 479b
Shipman Harmon (52)                                       FR 479b
Shipman Harriet (6)                                       FR 479b
Shipman Isaac (19)                                        CG 461a
Shipman Jackson (22)                                      FR 479b
Shipman James (25)                                        FR 479b
Shipman Jane (24)                                         CG 468a
Shipman Jefferson (8)                                     FR 479b
Shipman Mahlen (12)                                       CG 461a
Shipman Martha (15)                                       CG 461a
Shipman Mary (41)                                         FR 479b
Shipman Mary (33)                                         CG 461a
Shipman Sarah (3)                                         FR 479b
Shipman Sarah (44)                                        CG 461a
Shipman Silas (21)                                        CG 461a
Shipman Sylvester (12)                                    FR 479b
Shipman William (10)                                      FR 479b
Shippy Emanuel (1)                                        CG 467a
Shippy Hannah (29)                                        CG 467a
Shippy Josephine (3)                                      CG 467a
Shippy Laton M (32)                                       CG 467a
Shippy M.A. (2)                                             WF 3a
Shippy M.P. (30)                                            WF 3a
Shippy not named (1/12)                                     WF 3a
Shippy Ostenutha (4)                                        WF 3a
Shippy Samantha (24)                                        WF 3a
Shirley Henry (37)                                        PR 434b
Shoemaker Almira (14)                                       WF 2b
Shoemaker B.A. (11)                                         WF 2b
Shoemaker Charlotte (5)                                     WF 2b
Shoemaker David (11)                                       PU 67b
Shoemaker E.E. (2)                                          WF 2b
Shoemaker Elizabeth (39)                                    WF 2b
Shoemaker Elizabeth (18)                                    WF 2b
Shoemaker Hannah (16)                                       WF 2b
Shoemaker Isadore (1)                                      PU 67b
Shoemaker Jacob (46)                                        WF 2b
Shoemaker Jacob (4)                                        PU 67b
Shoemaker John (8)                                          WF 2b
Shoemaker Joseph (36)                                      PU 67b
Shoemaker Julietta (34)                                    PU 67b
Shoemaker June (20)                                         WF 2b
Shoemaker Rachael (6)                                      PU 67b
Shoemaker Sydney (15)                                      PU 67b
Shoewalter James S. (8/12)                                CH 440b
Shoewalter John A. (4)                                    CH 440b
Shoewalter Lucretia (2)                                   CH 440b
Shoewalter Mary A. (28)                                   CH 440b
Shoewalter Sarah (70)                                     CH 441a
Shoewalter William (32)                                   CH 440b
Shoop Emery (12)                                           LN 23b
Shoop George (59)                                          LN 23b
Shoop Jacob (27)                                          CR 380a
Shoop Mary (54)                                            LN 23b
Shoop Mary (14)                                            LN 23b
Shoop Polly M. (20)                                       CR 380a
Shoop Sarah (22)                                           LN 23b
Shorts Ann (58)                                           WA 358b
Shorts Elizabeth (33)                                     WA 358b
Shorts Susannah (35)                                      WA 358b
Shriner Barbara (80)                                      CG 462a
Shu* George (33)                                          CH 452b
Shu* Mary (25)                                            CH 452b
Shubb Ann (63)                                            CH 444b
Shubb Catharine (23)                                      CH 444b
Shubb Elizabeth (57)                                      CH 444b
Shubb Jacob (28)                                          CH 444b
Shubb John (42)                                           CH 444b
Shubb Mary (21)                                           CH 444b
Shubb Nathaniel (16)                                      CH 444b
Shubb Peter (65)                                          CH 444b
Shubb Richard (22)                                        CH 444b
Shull Ann (12)                                            CG 472b
Shull Catharine (17)                                      CG 472b
Shull Margaret (48)                                       CG 472b
Shull Philip (8)                                          CG 472b
Shull William (14)                                        CG 472b
Shull William (49)                                        CG 472b
Shull Wilomena (6)                                        CG 472b
Shunk Abraham H. (16)                                     CR 392a
Shunk Charlotte (23)                                      WA 361a
Shunk Edward C. (20)                                      CR 392a
Shunk Emilia (1/12)                                       WA 361a
Shunk Henry C. (7)                                        WA 361a
Shunk James G. (3)                                        CR 392a
Shunk John (46)                                           CR 392a
Shunk Mary A. (2)                                         WA 361a
Shunk Mary E. (9)                                         CR 392a
Shunk Rebecca J. (8/12)                                   CR 392a
Shunk Rebecca (42)                                        CR 392a
Shunk Saml (30)                                           WA 361a
Shunk Sarah A. (14)                                       CR 392a
Shunk Susan E. (8)                                        CR 392a
Shunk Thomas E. (12)                                      CR 392a
Shunk William (34)                                        WA 361a
Shur A.C. (15)                                              WF 7a
Shur Clotilda (7)                                          BE 45b
Shur John (45)                                              WF 7a
Shur L.H. (11)                                              WF 7a
Shur Mary (28)                                              WF 7a
Shur William (18)                                           WF 7a
Shurr Jacob J. (24)                                       CH 436b
Shurr Margaret (63)                                       CH 455b
Shurr Milton (19)                                         CH 455a
Shurr Porter (32)                                         CH 436b
Shurr Simon (68)                                          CH 455b
Shurtliff Ann (42)                                        CH 444b
Shurtliff Lydia (12)                                      CH 445a
Shurtliff Mary J. (15)                                    CH 445a
Shurtliff William (34)                                    CH 444b
Siders Catharine A. (6)                                   TR 414b
Siders Catharine (39)                                     TR 414b
Siders Eliza A. (9)                                       TR 414b
Siders John H. (15)                                       TR 414b
Siders Joseph (40)                                        TR 414b
Siders Mary A. (11)                                       TR 414b
Siders Philip J. (13)                                     TR 414b
Siders William H. (3)                                     TR 414b
Sife Aaron (7/12)                                         NB 400b
Sife Catharine (20)                                       NB 397b
Sife Elizabeth (6)                                        NB 400b
Sife Gottleib (26)                                        NB 397b
Sife Jacob (34)                                           NB 400b
Sife Jacob (9)                                            NB 400b
Sife margaret (8/12)                                      NB 397b
Sife Margaret (22)                                        NB 397b
Sife Margaret (50)                                        NB 397b
Sife Michael (30)                                         NB 397b
Sife Moris (2)                                            NB 400b
Sife Noah (4)                                             NB 400b
Sife Philip (22)                                          NB 397b
Sife Solomon (7)                                          NB 400b
Sife Sophia (33)                                          NB 400b
Sife William (11)                                         NB 400b
Sigler Caroline (14)                                      PR 429b
Sigler Catharine (50)                                     PR 429b
Sigler Celestia (12)                                      PR 429b
Sigler Christian (50)                                     PR 429b
Sigler Elie (19)                                          TR 414a
Sigler Elie (20)                                          PR 429b
Sigler Franklin (9)                                       TR 414a
Sigler Gideon (23)                                        PR 429b
Sigler Henry (8)                                          PR 429b
Sigler Jacob (11)                                         TR 414a
Sigler Jacob (29)                                         PR 429b
Sigler James (8)                                          TR 414a
Sigler Jeremiah (22)                                      PR 429b
Sigler John (4)                                           PR 429b
Sigler Lavina (16)                                        TR 414a
Sigler Malinda (26)                                       PR 429b
Sigler Malvina (20)                                       PR 429b
Sigler Nicholas (39)                                      TR 414a
Sigler Rebecca (27)                                       TR 414a
Sigler Ruhana (18)                                        PR 429b
Sigler Susanna (15)                                       PR 429b
Sigler Susanna (47)                                       PR 429b
Sign Hannah (68)                                          WA 357b
Sign Peter (73)                                           WA 357b
Sim Crockett (22)                                         GL 512b

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